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on February 18, 2008
The original fifteen or so written novels about the Courtesan Angelique were incredibly popular worldwide in the Fifties and Sixties and the series of five motion pictures were produced in the late 1960's as a joint French-Italian-German collaboration. - The huge input of talent, budget and production values oozes off the screen. No Computer gimmicks here - just sheer gloss, action and pleasure.
I purchased the French Box Set from Amazon UK some time back and the five films were beautifully presented in original DyaliScope (CinemaScope) with restored color and French language. All five Trailers were also included.
My five taped-off-TV in the late Seventies VHS copies still play well and are still very watchable (and in English language) but were naturally only standard screen cut-downs.
If a further updated set is not in Widescreen then why bother? The French Set is worth Ten Stars and the vision supersedes any problems with not understanding the dialogue!
However, for those who have never seen these five brilliant and extremely entertaining movies, I urge anyone to buy this Box Set just to have these Classics in your Home Library.
And yes, the haunting Music Score by Michel Magne is truly wonderful - I was lucky to obtain the overseas pressing of the priceless LP at a Collectibles Fair a few years ago.
These five movies are Gems and have given me many repeated hours of pleasure over the years since 1978 both on VHS and the recent French DVD copies - several times the five have been watched in tandem - they are that entertaining.
And Michelle Mercier - a truly beautiful Actress from the late Sixties era when the films were made, who was ideally cast in the title role. Her husband is played by Robert Hussein who gives an equally lifelike performance in all five films.

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on May 21, 2008
The movies are in Widescreen and in both French and English dubbed versions. The transfers are the best you can get, as with all Lionsgate products.
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on March 6, 2008
As Eric Glasby urges anyone to buy this box set just to have these "Classics" in your home Library, I agree whole heartily; for Angelique is indeed a "Classic". Like the movies lovers who have viewed this Classic in tandem and have received hours of pleasure so have the readers of Angelique. The Angelique books proved an international success of gigantic proportions. Estimates of the total number of Angelique books sold worldwide are upwards of 150 million, and they have been translated and published in at least 63 countries, by at least 320 different publishers, in over 20 different languages. Given these numbers, there are only a small percentage of readers who are aware there is indeed an end to the series of Angelique. There are 3 more volumes that have never been translated and Anne Golon is striving to finish the end to Angelique's journey. There are millions of people that have read the Angelique series who are unaware that the story continues let alone they have been deprived of the knowing the story in its full context.
I urge anyone to visit: and [...] to learn the "rest of the story".
Happy Viewing, take the plunge. To quote Joffrey de Peyrac, as he and Angelique sailed to the shore of Quebec "Let the Journey begin".
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on March 10, 2008
Hello to all of you globally who support the memory of Angélique - I'm reproducing my review where I have also posted images - please visit and see the recent and past photos of the author, now sadly widowed and completing her series by not only writing but also researching the background.

Where can one begin a review of this iconic heroine and do her and her creators justice? I seem to have known or been involved with Angélique throughout my adult life - I read the first book when I should have been studying for my A-Levels! My sister introduced me to the books - she felt I should have outgrown my beloved Jean Plaidy and Chalet School books by that age and moved onto something a little more sophisticated - she chose Angélique for me - and what a choice! I have written reviews for these books on Amazons fabulous review facility and according to the statistics they have proved useful to several readers. I hope I may have encouraged others to seek out the now sadly out of print versions, many of which are commanding obscene amounts of money on ebay probably due to being erroneously described as erotic - shame the sellers don't read their books first!
But to the films - I saw the first film - Marquise of the Angels on BBC2 with English sub-titles - I can't remember much of that other than I was so terribly excited that the books had been transferred to film and Michele Mercier did look gorgeous - seemingly Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda had turned down the opportunity to become the eponymous heroine. Considering BBs love for animals and political acumen, she might have paid closer attention to Angéliques life which mirrors these two avenues. I digress - a failing of mine. I discovered the second film in Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains of Poland where I was on holiday with a friend of Julie Christie's - yes honestly. We were out for a stroll when we saw the weather front hurtling towards us and dived into the nearest building which happened to be a cinema coincidentally showing the film - it was dubbed into Polish with English subtitles - I loved that film to pieces, especially the visual affect of the Court of Miracles and then the complete contrast as Angélique is presented to the Sun King himself by her cousin Phillipe. As an aside just as I did not discover the existence of three more books in the series until the mid-80s [still unpublished in English despite world-wide interest], so I did not realise that there were 5 Angélique films - those I discovered when I started visiting Paris in the 90s.
It has to be said that the films are visually stunning, the music score beautiful and haunting and the fact that they are now going to be available with English sub-titles is why I am going to buy my third set of DVDs - all the others are PAL SECAM playable over here but with no sub-title facility. I've enjoyed these films because they are entertaining - the characters share the same names as the characters in the books - but the storylines differ to suit the needs of the time - this is no bad thing because thanks to the films the legend lives on and Anne Golon is not forgotten. There is agreement that Desgrez [a real historical character] is portrayed as the most believable and best cast - but we perhaps forget that this is a French invention and will be viewed differently than something like the Onedin Line which is a wholly British invention [with an Angélique-like character in the form of Jessica Benton as James' sister Elizabeth].
There are some superbly innovative ideas in the films and it has a "happy ever after" ending which is a shame because the story does continue in the New World and could have created a whole second tranche of films.
It's fun,it's not serious, it's pretty to look at - see the films, then read the books!
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HALL OF FAMEon January 5, 2010
Somewhere between the pomp and ceremony of the Romy Schneider "Sissi" trilogy, and a series of four Barbara Cartland telemovies in the late 1980's, there is ANGELIQUE. Based on the bestselling book series written by Anne and Serge Golon, we follow Angelique (played by breathtaking French actress Michéle Mercier) through several continents and five movies filled with adventure, bodice-ripping romance, and more than a dash of royal intrigue.

A sprawling saga covering many years and a great sweep of historical events, Angelique (Mercier) is a headstrong young girl, virtually "sold" into marriage to the much older Count Joffrey de Peyrac ("Love on a Pillow"'s Robert Hossein). Covered in facial scars and walking with a limp, Angelique is horrified by her husband, but in true "Beauty and the Beast" fashion soon finds a compassionate heart underneath his less than thrilling exterior. Their happiness is short-lived however, when Joffrey is arrested on charges of sorcery, and Angelique's life is similarly endangered (having overheard a royal assassination plot). And this is only the first movie! The other four titles ("The Road to Versailles", "Angelique and the King", "Untamable Angelique" and "Angelique and the Sultan") follow Angelique's quest, across several continents and a string of lovers, to re-claim her wealth, place in society, and her missing husband.

The "Angelique" titles, churned out in quick succession between 1964-68, were highly successful in their day and still have the potential to thrill audiences with their spellbinding mix of period romance and adventure. It's a total mystery--to me at least--why Michéle Mercier never became a bigger international star, because she certainly had the necessary talent and camera personality. She's perfect as Angelique; her close-ups are stunning.

The DVD boxset is a strictly no-frills affair, but at least all five titles can again be enjoyed by fans old and new. Recommended.
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on August 6, 2013
Keep in mind that I watched with English-dubs (which seemed quite good and I hardly noticed BTW). OK, the Movie starts with Angelique all grown up. I can accept that the book set-up of Angelique's genteel poverty is avoided. Much was accurate at first. There was Angelique caught with Nicholas, her forced marriage to Jeoffry and seeing his mining endevors.

But the movie (as well done as it is) starts to depart from the books after that. Gradually at first, then greater (according to my english book translations). The movie version starts to become less faithful to the books.

Important scenes are left out. Important scenes are diminished. But most importantly, to anyone who has read the books, Joeffry de Pyrec is revealed to Angelique WAY too early. He finds her again in the Mediterranean as "Rescator" as 'Angelique In Barbary' when that NEVER happened in the books. And Colin Paturnel was shot and killed at the ending.

Granted, it made a standard movie ending, but it was very shocking and disappointing to see the plot so ruined.

And then there was the casting. Angelique is well cast. Her more minor supporting characters are well cast, The detective and the poet and family were great. But Joeffry was a little fop in the movie, completely unlike in the books. Granted, he did great work moving with his charachter's bad leg. but that was about it.

If you you want to admire the admirable Jeoffry de Peyrac, equal in every way to the outstanding Angelique of the books, you won't see it here. And you won't see the tension on them both meeting finally in the real story a few books beyond this movie.

I'm not sure how to rate this movie. On the one hand, I was glad of it and I generally enjoyed it. I have learned to forgive failures of movies to follow great books. But it really failed at the end by the books.

I have to give it a 3 at best and mostly because I love the books and are grateful there was even an attempt at a movie.

I'll give this a 3 for there just being a movie made of the first books, a 2 for casting Joeffrey de Peyrac badly, and a 2 for following the books badly. But I still want to make it a 3 for just existing.

In spite of all, I enjoyed watching it. Now I just want someome to do the books into a series of movies right the next time.
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on July 30, 2008
Each ANGELIQUE film is a wonderfully entertaining romantic adventure. The entire five movies comprise
an epic with history (the era of Louis IV), intrigue (the court of Versaille), romance (the breathtakingly
beautiful Michele Mercier as Angelique and her paramours while she looks for her true love) and adventure
(involving musketeers, pirates, slave traders, Arabic sheiks). It is unfortunate that Mlle Mercier, afraid of
being typecast, refused to do any more in the Angelique series (there are more novels which carry on
from the point the five films end). The actors (Robert Hossein, Jean Rochefort, Jean-Claude Pascal, Sami Frey,
Jean-Louis Trintignant) are all excellent as some of the men the adventuress runs into from France to North Africa. Of course, the French locations are spectacular. Superb transfers in widescreen.
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on August 7, 2008
I remember watching one or two of the movies years ago in Poland as a child. They must have made a huge impression on me at the time, so when I found on Amazon that they are available on DVD with English subtitles I bought them right away.
I love the movies and cannot wait for the books. As soon as they are published I plan to buy all of them.
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on April 24, 2008
You must purchase those dvd's, I saw this movie at least 20 times in original french, it is just SUPERB...The unforgetable music of Michel Magne will be forever in your head.Breath taking Michele Mercier, she is just perfectly gorgeous in this role; wich did ruined her acting cariere, people will only want to see her and remember her as Angelique. More than a treat for us, it will take you with her in her world...i just hope that the english dubbing is good, translation and voices, the french version is so beautiful that i'm a little "afraid" that it doesn't do to well, but will never know. I'm buying it for my 2 daughters, they saw the french version and do not understand french so I had to translate every sentences, so now they are very excited to see it in their native English.They are tell me we can't wait to see it and to finally enjoy every minute of the movies...
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on November 29, 2008
When I was a little girl, I saw this colection a 1000 times in my v.c.r. and at last after 20 years I can watch again in my dvd and this Angelique colection I purchase from you Amazon, is an exelent quality... I am so happy... thank you!!!
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