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on November 28, 2012
I'm a comedy nerd. I study comedy like other people study war histories and presidents and Steve Jobs; I watch, read, and listen to every bit of it I can, dissecting it, absorbing it, memorizing it, even teaching workshops on it to aspiring comedians.

And for me, "Animal Furnace" is one of the funniest comedy albums I've ever heard.

Hannibal Buress is truly one-of-a-kind. His style fluctuates between a young Tracy Morgan, saying outrageous things with a unique delivery that sells the joke better than any punchline could, and a black Patton Oswalt, taking geeky observations about rap music and people in his life and making absurd, a-to-c connections to hysterical conclusions.

Having seen him live, Buress controls a room better than almost any comic at his level, and that definitely comes into play on this record. The way he rises and falls and then explodes with his routines is so carefully considered, but comes across as so effortless, that the crowd is too caught up in the moment to question it when he makes outrageous assertions about things like masturbation and hoodies.

Truly Buress is an exciting comedic voice for our time, definitely one to watch on his road to stardom, and "Animal Furnace" is the best introduction anyone could ask for to his standalone talents.
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I loved My Name is Hannibal, Mr.Buress first album. I learned important stuff like stuff is weird is on the streets and Lil' Kim can do amazing things with a sprite can. It is one of my favorite stand up albums in my collection. He topped that by leaps and bounds with Animal Furnace. I learned more important life lessons like not to reject drunken women for they don't understand no means no, Odd Future is awesome, don't get bomb juice on your hands before flying and Hannibal's young cousin is in denial. If you are into stand up, his material is outstanding. He has a great flow and great timing. Everyone should buy this album, so everyone will get what they want except for old white dudes who get mad about apple juice hoarders.
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on May 20, 2014
I love Hannibal Buress and he does not disappoint in this stand up. He has a very blunt style stream of consciousness type stand up. I've actually listened to this several times, it never stops being funny.
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on July 19, 2013
Like the title says, I consider Hannibal to be one of the best comedians doing it right now. Everything about him is hilarious: his ridiculously laid back demeanor, the things he talks about, and the way he thinks about/views those things. It's so great to see someone maintain a level of quality on his/her 2nd CD after a brilliant debut album. I get the feeling that this guy is going to be around for a long time and I'm really looking forward to his next special or CD. Also, he kills it on the Eric Andre Show, but that show isn't for everyone. Be sure to pick up the album for the the extra material cut out of the comedy central airing.
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on June 30, 2014
Hannibal just gets better and better. This album is so funny. He dosent rely on shock like Tosh, but rather is a new age Mitch Hedberg or Steven Wright. This guy will be one of the comedies greats, if he hasnt already been recognized as one.
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on April 23, 2013
This is another killer show, but it would have been better if someone took the pains to edit out some of the not so funny stuff. Chatting about jokes he's about to tell, things that didn't really flow as well. Does it really need to be longer than hour? Either way, really funny stuff...I'd just rather see the video.
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on November 15, 2012
I previously purchased "My Name Is Hannibal" and I enjoyed it...
He's gifted and something special that fans of comedy don't get too see too often...
I think Hannibal Buress is one of the best young comics to hit the scene and I look forward to what he will bring us in his lifetime...
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VINE VOICEon August 6, 2013
I'm a fanatic for comedy albums. After playing some of my favorites to death (Norm Macdonald, Harland Williams, Jim Gaffigan, pretty much everything Louis CK and Dave Chappelle have ever done), I went off in search for more. I found some gold, some pewter, and some plain old garbage. Here are the fruits of my labors.

HANNIBAL BURESS --> My Name is Hannibal / Animal Furnace
Hannibal has a very casual, friendly delivery that is polished without seeming over-rehearsed. He's got a ton of charisma on the mike, and his jokes manage to mingle just the right amount of intelligence with an equal measure of absurdity. He reuses a few bits from one album to the next, but they're both still A-list material from beginning to end, and it all has a high replay factor. I'm looking forward to more from him in the future. FIVE STARS

TJ MILLER --> Mash Up Audiofile
TJ Miller just doesn't have enough stuff out there. He has a DVD, but I prefer to listen to my comedy, being on the go as I am. I've caught a lot of Miller on various podcasts, and I've loved his general aura enough to seek this gem out. He's got a powerful level of lunacy to his bits, but his goofy demeanor makes it super accessible. Plus, the CD contains some musical remixes of his jokes, a gimmick that I've never seen before. It doesn't work 100%, but it's still fun and infectious, like most of his comedy. FIVE STARS

KYLE KINANE --> Whiskey Icarus
Like a lot of comedians, Kyle struggles with self-image, self-acceptance, and just plain old living in general. Most comedians try to churn that material into comedy gold, but it very easily can come across as desperate and sad. Not so here. Kyle's rugged voice, easy self-deprecation, slippery insight into a misery that most people share makes the whole set seem like you're having a slightly buzzed chat with a philosopher who can't stand pretentiousness. FIVE STARS

DOUG BENSON --> Gateway Doug
I'll never give up on Doug Benson, but mainly because I think his podcast (Doug Loves Movies) is one of the most consistently enjoyable ones out there, and I'd say at this point he's given me three to four hundred hours of free entertainment just from that alone. I feel I owe the guy. That having been said, this is one of the weakest sets Doug has ever released. It doesn't have the honed strength of a batch of tried/tested/tightened material. Instead, it feels as gangly and loose as one of his podcasts, except without the guests there to riff with, Doug ends up sounding like he's just rambling stream-of-consciousness style through some random ideas. A few of the bits are winners ("No Smoking Rooms" & "Sober October" are my favorites) but overall the whole thing is pretty weak. He might want to reconsider his "release a new album every year" philosophy and work on building up an hour's worth of actual top notch material. THREE STARS

MIKE LAWRENCE --> Sadamantium
This album was a shot in the dark for me; I'd never heard of Mike before nor knew anything about his style. He's another of the self-deprecating crowd, but unlike Kyle's gritty, trailer-park-ish delivery, Mike has a nerdish, salivary twang to both his voice and his jokes. Some of it works ("Fallen Heroes") and some of it doesn't ("British Stuff"). It sounded overall like someone mingling old and new material at an open mike, and whereas Kinane immolates himself with a sort of blind, open-armed liberty, Lawrence's stabs at himself seem closed off and almost forced. In other words, Kinane's personal digs are charming because they feel genuine and unique, whereas Lawrence's distance him from the listener because he seems to be using them for the sole purpose of getting the audience to like him. Funny in parts, but the whole thing just felt like pandering to me. THREE STARS

BRIAN REGAN --> All By Myself
Still one of my favorite comedians, Regan is known for both his squeaky-clean material as well as his exaggerated, almost cartoonish delivery. He's basically a giant kid, and the results are consistently funny. In an era where it's really tough to wring laughs out of a crowd without going blue, Regan stands out as an immediately likable, inoffensive presence that manages to hit killer bits off with impressive regularity. FIVE STARS

NATE BARGATZE --> Yelled At By a Clown
I'd never heard of Nate before this album. His slow-as-chowder southern drawl and passive, teddy-bearish personality both work for and occasionally detract from his set. While his material never really hits belly buster territory, it's genuinely amusing stuff, but mostly when he's actually trying to do typical set-up/punchline type bits. When he tells stories, he makes the typically amateurish mistake of having a dry, unremarkable chunk of exposition preceding the actual funny parts. This is exacerbated by his meandering vocal style. (I wish more comedians would take their cues from Louis CK, who has the ability to tell a long, involved story, and somehow still have nearly every line of it contain some kind of joke or humor.) Not bad for what I'm assuming is a relative newbie, but also not as good as it seems like he has it in him to be. FOUR STARS

MITCH FATEL --> Public Display of Perversion [Explicit]
Mitch has officially lost me. I used to love his work. Even if it was one note (he pretty much talks only about sex), he still managed to find a freshness in it, mostly because of his on-stage persona: he does his stand-up as if he has just sustained some kind of mild head trauma, with a hint of a peach inspediment to his voice that made him sound stuck in some kind of desperately horny, adolescent limbo. Obviously an affectation, the voice still worked perfect counterpoint with his pretty risque and self-deprecating humor. That has changed with this album. Although he still has that vocal affectation, the self-deprecation in his jokes is gone, and now he's bragging about how his relative success on the comedy circuit has lead to all manner of sexual conquests, dating models and the like. The effect is a turn-off. Taking his persona from needy underdog to self-congratulatory top dog only emphasizes how stale, tired, and insincere his overall shtick really is. TWO STARS

MOSHE KASHER --> Everyone You Know is Going to Die, Then You Are
This is more than a comedian doing stand-up. There are brief sketches at the beginning and end as well as a few epistolary segments here and there in the middle. If the title of the album isn't a giveaway, Moshe tries to lean on the irony of mortality as both his opener and closer. It doesn't work, mainly because he doesn't actually write any jokes about it. He just reminds everyone they're going to die, as if the juxtaposition of a comedian being morbid is, in itself, supposed to be funny. It's not. Neither is anything else he talks about. The actual stand-up seems half-finished, with pretty much every track on this album feeling like it is all set-up with no punchline. ("Jewmany" is the most obvious example of this.) Making the whole thing worse, Moshe's on-stage persona feels only a shade lighter than carnival barker. He's got the needling bombast of a used car salesman. Even if your jokes are weak, if you've got a strong, engaging presence it makes up for a lot. Moshe's over-earnest slickness comes across as plastic and contrived, and it totally deflates what little humor there is in any of the stuff he says. ONE STAR

Helmsman of the popular Nerdist podcast, Chris Hardwick has an innate pleasantness and a personal dismissiveness that's endearing. His material has been very thoroughly refined and distilled so that it's sharp and on point but also conversational. At least two of these bits I've heard before on a Comedy Death Ray compilation that came out six years ago, though, so it's a bit sad he hasn't come up with all-new stuff in the rather long interval. When he gets overly self-aware, the set stalls a bit (both tracks about being a nerd fall flat for me), but otherwise its light, enjoyable, and quickly paced stuff that goes down easily and with a lot of verve. FOUR STARS

DEMETRI MARTIN --> Standup Comedian
Much like his very obvious influences (Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg), Martin's jokes come fast and loose and are based mostly on funny comparisons, puns, curious juxtapositions, and goofy over-analyzing of common stuff. He rarely has any extended bits, preferring a rapid, conveyor-belt style of quipping. It serves him well. Most of his jokes work really well, but when they don't, his style means the misfire isn't long remembered. Also, since he packs so many lpms (laughs per minute), his sets are almost always worth multiple replays, which is a huge plus for comedy albums. FIVE STARS

PAUL F. TOMPKINS --> Laboring Under Delusions: Live in Brooklyn
I absolutely love Paul F. Tompkins. He's smart but not smug, and he applies his well-spoken erudition to topics all across the board, whether sad, crass, classy, or just plain silly. This album follows Tompkins' career choices from school to his life as a stand-up comedian and sometimes actor, with all of it tied together by Tompkins' intense fear of being yelled at. Perfectly organized and arranged, the set is very personal without being maudlin or dramatic, and of course, it's hilarious. Here's hoping he doesn't wait another three years to put out his next album. FIVE STARS
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on September 6, 2012
His comedy is very original and givin with unexpected delivery. Things you never thought would be funny, are funny when he tells it to you! I suggest him to anybody.
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on August 20, 2013
His quick wit and crafty way of telling stories is classic. His down to earth comedy is something everyone can relate to especially people who grew up in the city.
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