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on April 24, 2012
As a raw vegan I have found that I stick to the same choices when I shop so my meals and weight have been in a rut.
Many of the Super Foods suggested as bonus additives to the base recipes make me wonder how effective a change I can expect without them. I think I will start with Matcha and add one super food at a time.
The plan is simple. The book is straighforward and I was able to finish reading it in a few hours.
My copy was on pre-order and I wasn't expecting it until May 1st. It arrived after I did my shopping for the week. What I normally buy best fits the Phase 3 recpies and I am making most of the dishes from this phase. They are yummy and filling. I can easily double them up and save some time as the week goes on. I will begin phase 1 next week when I can shop with the convient shopping list in hand.
I reccomend this book. It is my first Ani Phyo book and I chose it over her others because the preview mentioned it would contain the best dishes from her past cookbooks.
I will update my results when I complete the plan as it is designed after the first 15 days.
I am deducting 1 star.
-A few photos of the finished dishes woukd have been nice.
-Some real people before and after photos whould also have added to my confidence in the results the book promises.
-When I went to make my first meal- the Blueberry Blast Smoothie, I checked my pantry for the ingredients as they are listed the night before. I normally use rice milk in my smoothies so I have never used raw nuts in a smoothie before. I used a high-speed blender. When I tasted it, the nuts had broken down to tiny hard pieces. I discovered the nuts should have been soaked in green tea or water overnight, but it's not mentioned with the recipe. ( it is mentioned earlier in the book, but I didn't connect the info)
Also :
Phase 1 :is for day 1 & 2
Phase 2: are day's 3-7
Phase 3: are day's 8-15
I had to double check. I think if you have more than 15 pounds to lose phase 1 and 2 can be repeated over and over. I have more than 15 pounds to lose. I worry the rotation of recipes might get boring and I hope this won't be the case.

I have completed three days of the plan. Most dishes were from phase 3, but I made phase1 & phase 2 dishes when I could. Each day I have lost .9 pounds. I am loving the dishes and am upgrading my rating to 5 STARS because it is working. I also can see myself eating like this for an extended period because each thing has been just delicious. The smoothies and soups have held up for two days allowing me to prepare double portions and have food ready on the go.
I am happy I ordered this book. Already being raw vegan has given a few pantry ingredients. As someone starting from scratch I believe the plan will work without the expensive SUPER FOODS. I don't have any of them yet and I am getting results.
Photos of what I have eaten are available: rawveganeattoslim tumblr ( if you are interested )
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on April 30, 2012
I should start by saying I'm not new to raw foods, I've been eating raw food for the past 7 years on and off. For anyone new to raw a lot of this could be a little overwhelming, lots of food you may never heard of, but don't worry, you can find them in any health food store or online. Upon receiving my book I was a bit disappointed with there being no pictures. I thought maybe some testimonies would help as well, but there weren't any of those either.
I've been on the plan for 8 days now and have lost 4 lbs.
Some of the recipes I *love*, like the Coconut Tomato soup. One of the best soups ever, in my opinion:). The salads are really great too, even my husband loved them. He was eating the Spring Salad and saying over and over how it was the best salad he ever had. I made it with "Thermo Dressing". Some of the other recipes I haven't been crazy about, mainly the smoothies. I can't get used to not putting a banana in my smoothie.. so if they included a banana or nuts (for creaminess) then I was happy with them, otherwise it was like drinking slush-- except the Ginger Mango, which I made with brown rice protein and loved it.
As of today I'm in "Phase 3" where I get to add in more foods and even desserts. This is the phase the weight is supposed to "blast off".. fingers crossed.
I've found this plan easy to stick to, fun to shop for and fun to make the recipes. After reading this book I feel more inspired in general to be healthy. My sweet cravings are diminishing and I suddenly have the urge to do yoga like crazy. Crow pose and headstand finally accomplished. :)
If the book had included photos, testimonies, glossy (or just more substantial) pages I would have happily given 5 stars. The content is very informative, inspiring and effective!

**UPDATE: I'm on day 12 and down 7lbs. My goal weight is 2 lbs away and my body has definitely transformed. Flab on triceps--gone. My calves look better than they have ever looked. I've always been extremely self-conscious of them, feeling they are too big for my small frame.. and now I'm just about ready to put on a skirt or dress that shows my legs, for the first time in many, many years. I haven't been running.. normally I will run about 3 miles a few times a week, I have only been doing yoga each day-- anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes to an hour and from that alone and with Ani's plan I have had great results. I'm definitely sticking with this lifestyle. I feel so much better this way.
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on April 23, 2012
The thing I like best about Ani's 15-Day Fat Blast is that the recipes are simple to make and delicious. I have been following the meal plans in the book for the past few days, and find it very easy to stick with the plan. Since I started, I've already lost a few pounds,and my fasting blood sugar levels are going down. (I'm a Type-2 diabetic.) No hunger - no cravings. I think this book is an exceptional way to introduce people to a high raw diet, because it's so informative, easy to follow, and does not require hours of prep work in the kitchen. Many raw food books out there have very time-consuming complicated recipes that would be particularly intimidating for people new to this diet. Not the case with this one! Although Ani's new book is targeted to people who are new to eating a raw vegan diet, people with more experience with this diet would enjoy it as well, particularly for the refreshing simplicity of the recipes. I highly recommend this title.
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on May 2, 2012
I just finished reading Ani's book. The recipes look simple and you can certainly get started without the need to buy a lot of unfamiliar and expensive ingredients immediately. Simple is the key and I'm looking forward to giving my Vitamix a workout! For that reason, I gave it four stars.

Why did I take off a star? The continual references - there were 31!! - to her other cookbooks made it seem like you couldn't really implement this fully unless you purchased more of her books. For instance:

* She suggests drinking kombucha or kefir, mentioning the expense. "Brewing your own is simple; you can find Ani's Raw Food Essentials."

* Talking about sweeteners to use with this plan, "..the best sweeteners are always whole fruits. I make my own date syrup...recipe is on page 43 of Ani's Raw Food Asia."

* "Buy sale vegetables and pickle them...You can find many pickled vegetable recipes in Ani's Raw Food Essentials and Ani's Raw Food Asia."

It's fine to plug your other books, but this began to read like a sales letter instead of a raw foods plan after the 10th reference.

There were also 6 references to only one online store for ingredients that may not be found locally. Since most books will give several suggestions in a Resource section, it would have been nice to know why this was the only company she recommended. Perhaps it's their affiliate program? It would have been nice to know.

If you already own Ani's other books, the constant references are not an issue. But if this is your first purchase, just be prepared. The carrot on a stick was not listed as one of the recipes!
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on May 14, 2012
I shed 3 pounds during the 15 days. This is definitely not for beginner vegetarians. If you haven't done something like this in the past (A detox), your in for some torture. I believe parts of the book were bologna. I.E., on page 80 when she says, "Most of my test group lost 3 to 5 lbs during Shake It Up (Days 1-3). How does one lose that much weight so quickly? It must have been water weight, however I'm very happy I lost the 3 pounds. Some of the recipes I did not care for, like some soups, grapefruit and mushroom recipes. I just don't care for those ingredients. I wish she had substitutes. So if I couldn't eat the mushroom recipes, I'd just make almond or cashew pate, which was fantastic. Sometimes I would find myself holding my nose and chugging the soup. It worked. I would also get an itch every night for my usual raw chocolate ball, but the urge went away with 1/2 of an avocado and I'd go to bed with my water. I did order the Matcha for around $30 dollars, only to find out later, there's a 2nd harvest Matcha, which is less quality and cheaper, but for smoothies. I just ordered the 2nd harvest.

I don't think I would have been able to do this without my Vitamix. The recipes were super easy and as the days went on, took a little bit more prep work. I really enjoyed spending a 1/2 hour in the evening prepping everything for the next day. I have 2 wet containers and 1 dry. Very easy to blend everything in the morning, put into plasticware and go!

I learned a lot from the book. I'm going to continue to have 3 smoothies a day and 2 very small meals. The smoothies kept my urges way down. I've learned how to prepare a couple days in advance so I don't leave the house hungry or come home hungry and confused. I've also learned how to portion control my food and condiments. And now I finally feel like a healthy vegetarian with greater self esteem. Thank you.
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on May 7, 2012
I've been a raw vegan for several years and a fan of Ani Phyo on the forefront of tasty, raw recipes. However, I needed someone to just tell me what to eat and when. I was overwhelmed with options, recipes, and got out of the simple basics. The was able to schedule meals and snacks so I ate every 2 hours. This was the easiest, tastiest "cleanse" I've ever done. My jaw dropped when my scale showed I lost 6 lbs after Phase I ...the first 3 days. (I did cheat a little but kept to my elyptical training for 30 min a day) Love the shopping list and simple ingredients! I was already raw so I had all the kitchen basics, but Ani does a great job of explanation and set-up if you are new. Usually on raw diet I can lose 1 lb a day, but it is hard and I get cravings for sweets. Ani does a great job feeding the right nutrient dense recipes in the beginning to see results and stay on track.

I did reprint the menu schedule adding the recipe page in the book, but I'm pretty organized and meticulous. Great book, putting her wisdom into practice. I've been stuck and I love being able to eat, feel full and satiated and have enough energy to exercise. I am back on track and will follow this until I reach my goal weight. Well done! 5 stars.

Update: After completion of first 7 days I lost 7.4 lbs. This is a miracle for me after going to the gym for months with no progress. I did repeat phase I twice before moving to Phase II on day 8 against book recommendations, but didn't want to waste the ingredients. And,it's so easy it wasn't hard on my body. I always prefer blending over chewing but that's just me.
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on April 27, 2012
I pre-ordered this book because it's exactly what I've been looking for, and didn't think I would receive it until sometime in May--I got it like 2 days later--way to go Ani and Amazon!! Wow. I've only tried 3 recipes so far, but they are amazing, and even better--so simple! What a relief! I've been into raw food off and on for about 7 years, so I'm not a newbie. I just completed my first day completely on plan with her program and 2 lbs. are gone! I can't tell you how much better I feel already--in my abdominal area particularly. I have a scale that shows body fat percentage, water and muscle ratios, and I didn't lose any muscle or water! Burn, baby burn... It's so great to not obsess over what to eat, preparation, etc.. High fat, low fat, fruit is bad, fruit is great..that whole debate. I find this plan to be very balanced, delicious and healthy thus far. I will update as I go! The simple strawberry shake and tomato bisque are fabulous--I mean a milkshake and restaurant worthy bisque--and this is a diet? No deprivation here!! Thanks Ani, you rock!!!
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on May 22, 2012
Out of all the diets I have done in my life, this must be the easiest, cheapest, tastiest and the one coming with the most beneficial side effects. This is one you can do on the side and still have plenty of time to cook something else for the rest of the family if they refuse to come along for the ride (and you can always use some of the soup or salad recipes as sides for the rest of the family and just add the "beef" your spouse may be looking for). You will need a Vitamix, Blendtec or other high power blender, though, unless you like drinking "chunkies" rather than "smoothies".

I am through 15 days and the thing that sticks out to me the most is that I am never hungry like on a typical "diet". In fact, I feel like I need to make sure I push a little more into me than my stomach asks for at the moment, because I was getting a little weak from not eating enough. (I am already fairly thin, though, so this may not be an issue for people that have more to burn off - this is more of a "tune-up" for me, rather than a focus on weight-loss...still have lost about 3lbs net). I am going to keep going for a few more days at least since I didn't get through all the recipes in the 15 days (some of the recipes are plenty for 2 meals for me and some I repeated) and I want to try them all!

I have done Raw Vegan cleanses before, so I can see how this way of eating may be a bit of a shock when you are used to a SAD diet, but on the other hand, I don't know a lot of people that enjoy the diet companies' nutritonal shakes that taste like cardboard. So going this route may be a little different, but so much tastier than going with the boxed stuff!

Ani made sure to keep the shopping list and recipes super easy and if there is an ingredient to purchase, you WILL use it and not end up with a pantry full of stuff you will use only once. In fact, I had a bunch of stuff at home already from other raw un-cooking recipes books that I wasn't using much (e.g. Coconut oil and Miso is used a LOT in her recipes... BTW I used the South River Garlic Red Pepper Miso and it's to die for!)

I can't get myself to do the soups cold, so letting my Blendtec run a little longer warms them up just enough to give you a warm meal but keep the nutrients intact.

So far there were only a couple of recipes that I personally didn't care for (the bok choy and the souper supper soups) others I loved so much I had to make them again before moving on to the next day's recipes. Some of the ideas are so simple, yet so genius...e.g. I generally don't care for raw sauerkraut, but loved it added to a salad recipe.

Some of my favorites are the Asian Cabbage salad, the italian salad, the spring sauerkraut with thermo dressing salad, the coconut tomato soup, the bell pepper soups and the cashew pate (used romaine instead of the collard greens)...this one will be come one of my regular food standards, delicious!

My allergies are completely absent right now, which always seems to happen when I am on raw vegan foods, so this positive side effect alone is worth tackling this!

I really hope that people that are not already raw vegans will try this. I honestly can't see how anyone could do this for 15 days and not see so many positive results that they don't get motivated to keep going at least partially with this way of eating (e.g. just continue with the healthy smoothies in the morning). Your attitude to food WILL change if you give it a chance and stick with it. Which again is so different from other diets, where people often jump right back into the problem foods that got them to diet in the first place.

I own a bunch of raw cookbooks and compared to others, this one is a pretty gentle transition into raw. Another book I like a lot for the same reason is Judita Wignalls "Going Raw"

Thank you for a great book, Ani!
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on July 29, 2012
I was really happy with this book for a couple of reasons.
One, so many raw food recipes require many ingredients and are complicated. These recipes are mostly very easy and not very complicated.
So, the recipes are easy, but are they any good? The answer again is, mostly! 9 out of 10 recipes were delicious on average. One salad I make almost everyday I love it so much! And the smoothies are simple enough to make every morning. And this is saying a lot, because I don't like the recipes (or really, the combination of foods) in most of my raw food cookbooks.
I did lose 10 pounds after repeating week 1 (phases 1 & 2) twice, but after that I hit a plateau. But for me, this was more of a reintroduction to eating mostly raw foods, since it's easy to go off (for me, anyway). I've kept off those pounds and am still eating mostly raw and have gotten my enthusiasm for it back, which was what I was really looking for. And as I said, it was a really easy transition to eating raw foods again, especially since there is a 2-week meal plan.
So, overall I give the book 2 thumbs up.
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on June 24, 2012
I've been a vegetarian for about 25 years and a vegan for the last two. I also tried raw vegan for a while and the thing I didn't like about going raw was that the recipes books I was using had tons of ingredients, required a dehydrator, etc. It's almost like they were trying to make raw food very gourmet and complicated - when it's supposed to be the most natural, easy way of eating. I decided that I wasn't going to do raw anymore until I could find quick and simple recipes or simply eat raw foods whole. This is the book that does just that.
It's as easy as it gets - the shakes and soups have about 4 ingredients and are extremely satisfying and delicious. I lost 2 pounds in the 1st day and I wasn't hungry - normally, I eat a LOT of food and I was afraid I'd be starving -simply not the case. The author explains every detail so carefully that it's fool-proof. She reminds us how cleansing and healing foods can be and she has a great spirit and philosophy on food, health and gratitude.
Most of all, this is a book for EVERYONE - not just vegetarians and vegans. I encourage you to do the full 15 days - do it with a friend if it makes it easier. You will feel lighter so quickly, you'll be motivated to continue. This is a diet I can stay on for life because of its simplicity and health benefits - you'll never need a pot or pan again-just a blender, a knife and sometimes a food processor. There are additional recipes in the book if you want to continue eating in this healthy, satisfying way. You won't get bored - Vegan diets have so many options of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds herbs and spices - and you don't have to count calories - you can eat until you're satisfied. What could be more natural?
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