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Size: 34D|Color: Indigo Wave|Change
Price:$24.95 - $73.00
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on October 9, 2009
Okay, I will start with I am a 38-40 G and when I tell you that NOTHING holds me in, I mean NOTHING including doubling up sports bras, putting hi control bras over regular underwires and covering with a tight bra top...NOTHING. This bra does it. Enough said. The straps are wide and stay put, they don't dig in and the coverage is good, but doesn't come all the way up to my neck so that it looks weird under my workout tops. It's pricey...yup, you get used to it when you are as "well endowed" as I am. You can't find cheap bras of any kind, never mind a quality sports bra. I just ordered another one because I found myself hand washing this one and drying it so that I didn't have to wear any of my others. I won't go back. If I wanted to jog, I could...I don't, but I could. ; )
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on February 26, 2010
I purchased this bra from Lingerie Divia- Amazon, (also know as GiGi's Closet) and I love it. Finally I have a sports bra or every day bra that is comfortable and fits. No uniboob, and no bounce, no over spill. This bra is fit to your exact size. European sizes do not add 5 inches to your band size! Instead they add it to the cup.

Here is what I learned from reading other websites. Measure the circumference (not super tight) of the area just below your breasts where the band will reside. That is you band size. Then measure the circumference over the top of your breast (over the nipples). Subtract the band size from breast measurement and you have your cup size. One inch difference is a size A, two inch size B and so on.

I also found a place that specialized in bra fittings in my town. Best to double check these measurements with a professional. But once you do, the world is wide open to bras that will support you and look great too. I am no way affiliated with the above seller; I just love the product and will buy from them again.

In years of searching I have never found a sports bra that gave comfort and control like this one. Years ago I gave up on finding a regular bra that fit, so I wore for 5 years a Moving Comfort Fiona Bra. It was a step-up at the time, but mashed uni-boob prevailed. As the bras wore out there was no support to my boobs and it actually gave me back pain. This Anita bra is different. It really supports my breasts and they are not smashed. The band is true to size. Make sure that you measure under your breasts for your band size, and that is the size you should order. Do not add 5 inches to that size or you will have a bra that is way too big and will not support you! This bra should fit snug initially with wear it will stretch out so you can move it gradually to the inner hooks. Don't ever dry it, unless you want to shrink it a bit.
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on July 21, 2013
I've read reviews that say otherwise, and for me it's nonsense. Support is perfect. When I jump up and down in this bra, there's nothing, no movement.

And before you assume I must be an A-cup, like that other review insinuated, I am a 34F. Trust me: I need support.
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on March 9, 2009
This sports bra is probably one of the more comfortable ones I have tried. I still wish it had underwire support because I am a 32F and I always feel more secure with an underwire. I feel like the actual cup runs small so order one size up from what you usually wear to avoid spillover.

I ordered mine in white and I am ordering another in black. It really is worth the money to be able to run without pain. This bra kept things in place and I could still breathe!
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on July 10, 2011
Trying to put on a pullover sports bra is akin to the cat trying to squeeze herself in to the empty soda box - neither of you are getting out of it gracefully, and you may very well end up dislocating something. Add some sweat and moisture to the mix? Forget it, you're trapped in that bra for the rest of your life.

But then a friend suggested sports bras with fasteners like a regular bra, and I couldn't order fast enough. I even considered that it might be the one positive, but I might have to give up support or comfort, and was pleasantly surprised to get the full package with this bra. The fasteners make wearing this bra a breeze, the wide straps stay firmly in place without being right on your neck, and the band underneath stays firmly in place and doesn't roll up or creep in to awkward places. I also liked that it didn't just mash my chest in to being nonexistent - I don't necessarily have a lot of chest, but I like what I do have and I feel more feminine in this bra than I have in others.

I got this one several months ago to test it out and I like it so much that I'm back for a second one. The first is holding up beautifully, but a second for when one is in the wash is ideal.
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on March 19, 2010
I am deployed in Iraq and really purchased this bra because of the WONDERFUL reviews it received...I am a 38D and I am required to run and perform high impact aerobic exercises routinely...I am a former two sports bra wearer and the when I saw this I jumped at purchasing it...price no issue....this bra was TERRIBLE! Zero support...more bounce than my everyday bra...for twice the I will say this...peoople read the would have to be an A-cup to get any benefits from this product...I will NEVER order anything from this brand again...if you want a GREAT sports bra for the "well endowed" girl...order the Champion Women's Powerback Underwire...same price better results! I would have given it less stars if the option were available...
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on December 29, 2011
I have a life-long struggle with trying to find bras, especially sports bras. I'm a 36H...and I'm a runner. THIS BRA IS AMAZING! Prior to this bra, I would always end up with a sports bra that has a underwire because of my large cup size--and therefore I always had a chafe spot. Not with this bra! Considering it does not have an underwire, this bra does an amazing job holding in the girls for a run/intense workout. I always wear a pull-over type sports bra over top, mostly because I'm not a fan of 'pointy'...but I'm not sure if its even necessary for extra support. I love how soft the inside of this bra feels - very comfy and wicks away moisture. This bra is great and I will buy more of them! Kudos to Anita for thinking of the well-endowed women!
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on January 15, 2011
Let me start by saying that I use this bra exclusively for exercising. I run 20+ miles a week and do yoga twice per week and I wore this bra solely for running. Usually for yoga I just wear a champion compression bra, but I need something like this to hold me while I run. I'm not a very busty gal, but I realized I need something more. It was very hard for me to enjoy my runs because I felt I was "moving" all over the place. I tried to two and then three sports compression bras at once and it felt too tight on my abdomen and I had trouble breathing, and I was still "moving". Over time, I noticed that I was sore in the breast area, so I just decided to get a better sports bra.

That was a great decision. I bought this bra shown, and initially, I did love it. I didn't "move" and my chest was comfortable enough to breathe. I wore this three times a week, and hand washed it in the sink and hung it to dry on my towel rack. Four months later, the back straps are unravelling where the hooks are and the bra is deteriorating in the breast area. I have never treated a bra nicer than I have treated this one, and it's breaking down.

I guess it's time to start shopping again.
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on December 21, 2015
This bra gives much better support than most of its competition, both wired and wire-free. It can ALMOST handle very high impact exercises, like jumping jacks. After trying on a bunch of its competition, I literally bought two of these and doubled them up for high-impact exercises. (I didn't expect to have to do that with $60 bras!) For everything else, including some running, this bra gives excellent support. It's the hard bouncing/jumping it can't quite handle. So, let's run it down...

- Very comfortable. If you like to wear your sports bra for a bit before working out and end up needing to respond to emails for two hours, you aren't going to feel chafed or uncomfortable. You could wear this all day.
- Strong support - not perfect, but very good and will handle most exercises (better than many wired sports bras I've tried)
- Some nice colors (though it peeves me that most of the great colors aren't available in my high cup sizes - I'm an H)
- Easy to put on (no 10 columns of clasps, no high-back clasps, etc.)

- Strap length slips like crazy. If you need these on the tightest setting to keep you supported during your workout, you might as well get a different bra, because halfway through your workout, the straps will have slipped to full extension. It seems to be a fabric issue.
- NOT enough support for high-impact exercises like burpees or jumping jacks (or military drills, as another reviewer pointed out)
- "Ergonomic" straps twist up and are uncomfortable if you've adjusted the strap length; in fact, they've given me friction burns (and that's never happened with another bra)
- Compression bra does minimize and reduce shape (I don't mind, but I know some might)

In short: Strong support, but not for jumping jacks or burpees (so, not "extreme" control); comfortable, but straps extend on their own, reducing support and potentially causing friction burns.
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on June 25, 2015
Disappointed with this bra. After reading reviews I ordered it more for an additional color choice, the bra that I ordered was advertised as "sochi" and showed a solid red bra, this is not what I received, another white bra, at least it has red and blue colored accents (as it is obvious I am wearing a bra while working out colors other than beige, dingy white, and black, are a bonus) The construction of the bra reminds me of a sleep or "ahh bra" the straps and bands are comfortable, for the minute I tried it on. That being said the bottom band is constructed of fifty cents worth of elastic band, the cups are shapeless cotton lined nylon spandex sacks that expand apparently from a B to an H, with the separation consisting of a line of stitching down the middle. With 4 back hooks and some side construction pieces it is 1 small step up from a uniboob off the wrack 5 dollar sports bra. Honestly not as much support as I get in my day to day wire free bra, I certainly wouldn't want to dance in it. How people run in it boggles (and joggles) my mind. they must not have 35+year old natural G cup breasts (still pretty perky as they have been properly supported since the 4th grade) . It looks as though it may be cool, and depending on how much it costs to send it back, I may keep it for leisure or may be good for Pilates or yin yoga. I expected more from Anita and at least the advertised color. If you want firm support good construction and lifted pretty bosom get Glamorize women's full figure sports bra, trust me ladies its all you need.
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