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on May 7, 2014
I bought two of these.
-On the first I charge an iPad 3 and two iPhones. The iPad was the only device on the Apple marked ports. After about an hour or so the who charger shuts down. If I unplug one if the iPhones and rep lug the charger it works as expected.
-On the second device I have an iPad Air, first gen iPad mini, and iPhone 5S. If I plug the Air into the Apple port and iPhone in to standard, whenever I plug in the iPad mini in the port the iPhone that is also connected shuts off. If I unplug the iPhone, leave the mini and Air plugged in, then plug iPhone back in I get a message on the iPhone saying this device isn't support and iPhone won't charge (using Apple OEM lightening cables). I kept them because it's hard to find a device that will charge a 2.1A or 2.4A iPad and an iPhone simultaneously. These are NOT 36W devices.

July 2014 - Updated
After my last review Anker support contacted me and offered to upgrade me to their 40 watt 5-port chargers instead. One of the two new 40 watt was defective and they immediately sent me a replacement.
Summary: I am now on my 4th and 5th chargers. The 40-watts I have now are work horses. I have been able to charge 5 iPads simultaneously with no problems. The chargers do get very hot to the touch under load but keep on working. Anker customer service is impressive and responsive including multiple proactive messages making sure I was happy. Given how many positive reviews they have, my one negative response was really inconsequential, I was impressed they took the time to contact me and did what was necessary to make me whole and happy. I would now give Anker 5 stars and the 40 watt chargers 5 stars.
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UPDATED Video on 7/21/14 for new PowerIQ version!
The Anker 36W 7.2 Amp/5 volts USB Quad-Port Wall Charger really is "The World's Most Powerful Quad-Port Charger." The wall charger is a little on the bigger side but is because of the power conversions and circuitry on the inside that gives all the power to the USB ports. The wall charger is very high quality, like all of Anker's products, and feels that it will not break for a very long time. This is my new favorite wall charger that I will be using to charge all of my devices.

Description of USB ports (top to bottom):
-One USB port labeled "Apple" can charge at 2.1 amps/5 volts (great for charging tablets fast but works with smartphones as well)
-The other USB port labeled "Apple" can charge at 2.1 amps/5 volts also (also great for charging tablets fast but works with smartphones as well)
-One USB port labeled "Android" can charge at 1.5 amps/5 volts (great for smartphones and works with tablets but charges them slower than the "Apple" port due to less output power)
-The other USB port labeled "Android" can charge at 1.5 amps/5 volts (great for smartphones and works with tablets but charges them slower than the "Apple" port due to less output power)

New version with PowerIQ:
-All 4 USB ports have a max output of 2.4 amps and can charge any device up to 2.4 amps like an iPad Air!

In my test I was able to charge all of my households iPads (iPad 1, 2 and 3) and an iPhone 5. I am pretty sure you can charge 4 iPads simultaneously according to my test. I was also able to charge my iPhone 5, my iPod touch 5, and an iPad 1, 2 or 3 and my sister's iPhone 5 simultaneously. I also charged my iPhone 5, my sister iPhone 5, my dad's Galaxy S3 and my mom's Galaxy S4. This charger is more than outstanding. This wall charger is more on the expensive side but if you are used to buying chargers from Apple you can definitely afford this excellent wall charger. This wall charger is more useful than Apples $20 wall charger that is only 1 amp/ 5 volts and only has 1 USB port. Why would you think of buying Apples wall charger if you can get this! I cannot stress enough how powerful and useful this wall charger is. For example, would you rather spend $80 on 4 of Apples wall chargers (not saying that they are bad) that take up 4 of your outlets and charge at half the speed or would you rather but a $20-$30 on 1 of Anker's high quality, 4 USB's, 7.2 amp/ 5 volts, uses 1 outlet and can charge 4 devices (tablet or smartphone) simultaneously backed by an 18 month easy replacement and friendly customer service team. I am sure you will choose to buy this product! I high recommend this product!

Watch my video review.
I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.
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on December 5, 2013
Works great and does what it says!

I own this product and the Anker® 25W 5-Port USB Wall Charger. This product would be great for travel over the 25 W 5-Port because it doesn't have an external power cord. However, I have one issue with this product. If you really plug in four cables, then the cables tend to pull the device out of the wall. I have tried it with both vertical and horizontal outlets with the same effect. You can make it work by bunching the cables up properly.

One night in a hotel, I plugged in 4 devices and they were all charging. The next morning when I woke up, the cables had put just enough strain on the outlet to make it loose the power connection in the wall socket. If the outlet is in the floor or a lamp, it works great.

I recommend the Anker® 25W 5-Port USB Wall Charger for travel even with the external cord.
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on March 15, 2015
I have both Anker and Orico 4-port and I have to say I like Anker slightly better than Orico. Anker is smaller, thinner, and more compact, but the AC prongs are not folding. Orico is like a brick but the prongs are folding. Look at my pics.
review image review image
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on December 6, 2013
Very happy with this charger. It is the only one I found that delivered this high amount of power all at once, and appropriately for different technologies/op systems (both iOS and Android).
This one charger has replaced three others (so far). We now plug in our iPhone5c, iPad 4 retina, and Samsung Note 3 using the one charger. With the iPhone, I have the choice of using the 1Amp USB port or the 2.5Amp 'Apple' USB port. Both work - phone charges up from zero to full in less than 2 hours on the 2.5A port (faster by 3 times compared to the stock 1Amp charger that came with the phone).
This charger will really come into its own for travel, since wall plugs are often scarce in other countries. Also the **fast** charging in both 2.5Amp ports could be a savior when pressed for time.
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on June 8, 2014
***So i'd written a good review for this product, however, shortly afterward, the device shorted out. It caused one of my charging cables to overheat and melt. This happen during the day, fortunately my father-in-law and dog were home at the time. My dog, alerted my father-in-law to the smoke that was billowing from a cable that was connected in the Anker. The cable end was red hot, the casing was smoking and melted away. Nothing was lost other than the cable and wall charger. When plugged in the charger into a GFCI power outlet, it faulted over multiple times just from plugging it in. I didn't request a refund/RMA as I was concerned that i'd get the same product. I guess you get what you pay for, I'd recommend that you stay away form this one.***

I found this product on Amazon, figured it was priced reasonably. I've had great success with this charger. Plugged in all my devices at once to test out the if it was as advertised. Yup, they are all charging successfully. Now no waiting to charge our devices.
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on February 21, 2015
I travel for business and must have a fully charged work tablet and phone in addition to my personal phone and tablet. Rather than having all of these items charging around my hotel room, I use one charger. It works so well I have 2 in my home.
review image
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on December 10, 2014
I wanted something that would provide a cleaner look to a major outlet in my living room that is located most conveniently to the seating and, as a result, is the best place to plug in chargers. I had so many things to charge that I added an adaptor that changed my 2-plug outlet to a 6-plug outlet. However, once that 6-plug outlet had 4 chargers plugged into it, it really was bulky and an eyesore. In addition, since many charger heads are big, I couldn't use more than 4 outlets at a time. So, I decided to purchase 2 of these Anker units because that would allow me to remove my 6-plug outlet adaptor and just use the 2-plug outlet with the Anker 4-port USB wall charger in one plug and have the second plug open. And then, since it was a USB charger, capable of charging up to 4 tech items (cell phone, tablet, etc.) at once, I could get rid of the charger heads and just use the USB wires, thereby providing a much neater and cleaner look, and also giving me more places to plug in (I had one plug with the Anker product and one plug was open. I bought 2 of these Anker chargers so that I could do the same on a second outlet when I have visitors that need to charge numerous tech items too. The product was just as shown and was able to be plugged into the top or bottom of the outlet, leaving one plug open. Now, here are things to consider. There are a bunch of companies that make similar items, but some are designed to be horizontal (like this Anker product) and some are made to be vertical. if it is vertical, it will cover both plugs which, for me, was not acceptable. Secondly, please know that this particular item is a bit deep, so it does project from the wall a bit more than my 6-plug adaptor projected. While it is not my ideal projection, it worked out to be better than the 6-plug adaptor with a charger head plugged in. The product dimensions are fine except for the depth which, again, is a bit deep but not unacceptably so. Now, besides the horizontal arrangement and the ability to use only one plug and not block the second plug, is the best thing about this product: while you can find a similar product - even from Anker - for a cheaper price, it will not provide the amperage total that this product provides. This product provides a total of 7.2 amps, which means that you can have all 4 USB plugs being used, and the product will provide a maximum total of 7.2 amps. Most tablets use about 2.1 amps. Some of the smaller phones use about 1 amp, and many of the larger phones and phablets use 2.1 amps. The product will automatically determine whether your tech product needs the 2.1 or 1 amp rate, and will provide it for each item up to 7.2 amps total. That being the case, you could charge up to 3 tablets/phablets/large smart phones at full charge level (2.1 amp) and also charge a phone at close to the maximum 1 amp level. Many of the similar products will provide less total amps so that you will not be charging each item at max speed. You can charge a tablet, phablet or large smart phone at 1 amp, but it is designed for 2.1 amps and charges a lot faster at that rate. With similar products, you might only get 4 or 3 amps, maximum. So, if you are using all 4 USB plugs, none of them will charge at more than 1 Amp. The product works perfectly, but I only gave it 4 stars because it is a bit deep.
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on October 13, 2014
Extremely disappointed. This product was advertised as being compatable for both Apple and Android but neglects to mention that only 2 USB ports are for each device. Therefore, if you have all Apple or Android products you are really only getting the use of 2 USB versus 4.
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on May 18, 2014
One day it stopped working. Of course it was just after the 30 day return window had closed but I contacted Amazon, they issued a FULL refund and sent me a return-shipping label!
Prior to it breaking, I liked it but didn't love it -- I hadn't understood before purchasing that not all of the ports were for iPhone, iPad, etc. 2 out of 4 of them are for brands I don't own, and therefore can't use. Would have preferred a product that was for apple only (or even Apple, Blackberry and Kindle would have been amazing).
Also, its heavy and has a tendency to slip out of the wall socket with very little provocation.
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