Customer Reviews: Anker 4.8A / 24W 2-Port Rapid USB Car Charger with PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, Nexus, HTC M9, Motorola, Nokia and More (Black)
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on June 19, 2014
With so many cheap "import" units for just a few dollars, it's really within your best interest to spend a little extra and get something with some quality. This unit fits the bill nicely, so much I bought one to test and ended up ordering two more. I have no tested this up to the rated 2.4amp claim, but at 1.4 amps with my Nexus 7 tablet it is still putting out a nice stable voltage. I then hooked up my Nexus 5 phone at the same time and it was fast charing both.

I hooked it up to my bench power supply and fed it 13.92 volts. I then connected my USB current / volt meter and then my Nexus 7 tablet. It was putting out 1.41amps at 5.22 volts. Not bad, that's about as I've ever seen my Nexus 7 draw while charging. When I then connected my phone (which charges around 1.2 amps) the voltage stayed nice and steady. This thing works - and I've VERY pleased.

It's also quite small -- when inserted into the lighter all that sticks out is the little cube end with the two USB ports. There is no silly and ugly LED light to blind you at night either.

Highly recommended as I have found all Anker products to be well designed and work well. I purchased the 6000mah portable power bank and a 3000mah one for my mother and another for my father and all of those devices work great too.
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on February 6, 2014
I own a few Anker products and have always been very happy with the proucts they make and the service they back them up with. Then I bought this car charger.

The first was DOA. No current supplied out of either port. OK... This happens from time to time. Its an $11 product, I'll return it and buy another one.

The second arrived and worked as advertised (almost). I measured the output it was producing and it peaked right at the documented level on each port. It charged an iPhone 5s, HTC EVO 4g LTE, Nexus 5, and an iPad 2 at the same level (mA) each device charged at on it's own supplied charger. Furthermore, it did all of this without having to worry about whether the android devices were connected via a charging (data pins shorted) or data cable.

I would be writing a stellar review if this product didn't emit a shrill whistling sound that tore through my soul. If I wanted to drive around rounding up stray dogs whilst charging my electronic devices, this would be just the item I needed.

My favorite part of the whole ordeal? Anker was nice enough to email me upon the first return and ask what had gone wrong and how they could better serve me as a customer. I wrote back telling them about the two chargers, the issues i had with each, and a couple of related questions and they responded with... Well... Nothing. No response.

Hey Anker, I dont know what happened over there, but clearly the focus has shifted from providing great products and service to maintaing your online reviews. Maybe if you took care of the former, the latter would work itself out.

Anker did end up getting me a charger that worked. It took a couple of tries but I finally have a solid product. It was a hassle at first, but once i had theor attention they did get me a working product and they did it quickly from that point forward. I have since bought one other anker product and had a great experience with that item. Perhaps this was a fluke occurance.
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on December 9, 2013
Finally, an auto charger that can keep up with heavy usage. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (with a 3100 mAH battery) was never gaining any charge while using it for GPS navigation and music while in the car. I have tried several chargers and used the built in USB port in my car to no avail. Using this charger and a good Micro to USB cable, I can now crank up the brightness, use fast poll GPS navigation apps and play all my favorite tunes while still gaining in charge percentage.
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on December 3, 2014
Awful, relieved a cheap knock off that looked nothing like what was described, it was already scruffed up. It's not ANKER's fault but the shady seller decided to send out fake used cheap knock offs. Be wary of Fancy Electronics as a seller.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 3, 2014
Reviewed for Android only.

The finish in the charger is good, very smooth plastic, fit is good and tight in the power socket, instructions manual is clear, explanations are good.

One port is label Android the other Port is label Apple. The writing that identifies each port is small and dark so it is difficult to identify them at night, I suggest you to make a little white dot with whiteout next to either port to help you with this issue.

Use the Android port for charging your phone while the screen and GPS are on. The phone will recognize this port as an AC charging, the Apple port will be recognized as a USB port that means that you can expect a very slow charge, so I recommend using this port for a Bluetooth headphone, or for another phone which is turned off.

To see how is your phone charging, go to settings >battery, while plugged it will display on the top charging AC or charging USB

Noise while charging, I suggest that if you have this condition, change the cable that you are using. I had this type of problems when using an ASUS cable in a Samsung phone, and using a Samsung cable in a Nexus 5 LG. Do not blame the charger, try other USB cables.

Product improvement, I suggest the manufacturer should ship the charger with a blind cover to cap the port that is not needed.

Other reviewers have posted clear explanations on the difference of charging AC or USB, just read their reviews they are good.
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on November 3, 2014
Every Anker power product I've bought so far has worked great. Be aware that Amazon has mixed the reviews for the older 18W charger with this new 24W IQ model. In the older model the two USB ports delivered different power levels and were individually marked "Android" and "Apple". In this newer model the ports aren't marked for specific device classes and the IQ system automatically provides the right level of power regardless of where you plug your device in, with both ports able to charge devices at full speed at the same time. The booklet that comes with it says there is an 18 month warranty, and uf you read the reviews here, Anker seems to be fairly proactive in working with people who did have problems.
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on July 22, 2014
08/10/2014 - Updated Review

Initially, when I received this, the unit only lasted for 2 charges and then burnt out. I was dismayed because Anker products have always been super reliable. I talked with Anker support and they immediately shipped me a replacement (I just tossed my old one in the trash).

The replacement unit meets all my expectations. It has quickly charged everything I've thrown at it. So far I have tested it with
- Nexus 4
- Nexus 7
- Ascend Mate 2
- Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0
- Generic android devices (phone and tablets)
- Generic MP3 players
- Sierra Wireless hotspot

There are always going to be occasional manufacturing defects. The test, for me, is what the company does when that happens. Anker support delivered and I am once again a satisfied customer.
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on April 16, 2014
Charges my Galaxy from 30% to 95% battery in about 2 hours, with Waze and Pandora running! I have many car chargers, but this is definitely the fastest (when used with a USB cable made fast charging and no data communication). The best thing about the charger is that both USB plugs determine what is plugged into it, and charges it appropriately. This is a must, if you have an Android, and your wife insists on having an iPhone :-) This product is an improvement of a previous product that had some issues (high pitched whistling), but they have now addressed this. I have 3, which all work great. Customer service is great, which helped me until I was satisfied.
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on February 18, 2014
I just don't see how this thing could possibly put out 4.8A.
There are two ports, one iDevice optimized, one Android optimized. The i-device side claims to put out 2.1A max I believe. I have no way to measure that but it did charge my iphone 5 fairly quickly. Any Android device plugged into this port just gets 500mA sadly.

On the other port, I have various Android devices with widgets that show me the net mAh I'm getting. Do a little math in my head and I can tell what the port is charging at. First, a plus, is that the pins are arranged in such a way that this is detected as an AC Power Charger by Android, not a USB Charger. This is good because some devices will only pull 500mA when they detect USB but pull more on AC, up to whatever they're rated at or the charger puts out. I tried with both my Nexus 5 and my Nexus 7, and the best I could get out of the non-iDevice side was about 1.2A. I get much more power from my Nexus 7 AC adapter, just for comparison, which I believe is 2A, using the same cable.

The grand summary: at best this charger is 2.1+1.2= 3.3A, not 4.8A. Don't pay the price premium, it's not worth it. Just get a lower powered and cheaper charger or one that will put out 2A to non-iDevices.

Edit: I'd still recommend getting Anker chargers, the build quality is quite high and I've always been happy with Anker products in the past.

Edit2: I've purchased a high quality 6 inch charging/data cable to test with instead of the much longer factory charging/data cable--and I'm pulling 1.5A now. Better than 1-1.2 for sure but still nowhere near what this is rated at. I've given an extra star because I can finally use GPS, streaming, and web browsing and still recharge (not while driving of course)
And, my ideal car charger would allow me to charge two Android devices, instead of relegating one port to almost useless unless you have an iDevice.
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on August 18, 2014
(Gave it 2 stars)
I bought two of these. One works, the other doesn't. Unfortunately, I didn't find out until about 30 days later that the other one simply didn't charge (iphone 4 and Galaxy S5).

Anker sent me a new one that works like a champ. Id give it 4 stars if I drove this to resolution, but they did it. I am impressed.
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