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on February 16, 2015
Bought 2 of the 4-port units, one was perfect the other has a slight defect mentioned by a few people in reviews. The ports are misaligned by a millimeter or so. You can still insert a USB device but it's feels like your going to break something. I will probably contact Anker if for no other reason than for them to remove the defective batch. Uploading a photo to show the problem.
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on May 24, 2014
The AH430 aluminum hub works very well with my 2012 iMac running OS X 10.9.3 Mavericks. When both USB 2 & USB 3 devices are plugged into the hub, it will appear in the System Information app as two hubs, one on a "USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Bus" with the USB 3 items attached to it, & the other on a "USB Hi-Speed Bus" with the USB 2 items attached to that.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test shows that it can deliver USB 3 speeds to USB 3 devices even when both USB 2 & 3 ones are plugged into it. I saw no difference in transfer speeds between plugging a fast USB 3 hard drive into the hub & directly into one of the iMac's ports.

Since the hub does not have a separate power supply, it is limited to supplying a maximum total of 900 ma (0.9 amps) to all the devices plugged into it, & no more than 500 ma (0.5 amps) to any USB 2 device. This means it will charge my iPhone 5s, but at only half the rate of Apple's 1 amp "cube" charger. For those using a wired Apple aluminum keyboard, note that the USB ports on the keyboard's built-in hub can supply more than 500 ma to an iPhone to charge it, but only if the keyboard is plugged directly into the Mac. If the keyboard is plugged into this (or any other) hub, the iPhone will only get 500 ma.

However, unlike the keyboard this hub still supplies power when the Mac is asleep (the green light stays lit) so it will continue to charge an iPhone when the Mac is asleep, if slowly.

The fit & finish of the AH430 is excellent & the supplied USB 3 cable appears to be a rugged, high quality one. However, the one I got was a little stiff & 22" long, slightly less than the advertised two feet.

On a final note, I want to mention that Anker's customer support was great. I had some questions about their hubs & my email about that was answered promptly & completely.
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on December 27, 2014
There is a reason many "ultra premium" tech devices these days are made of aluminum. It is lightweight, durable, and has a pleasing "industrial" look and feel. Those characteristics are on full show with this USB hub by Anker, and serve to elevate what is typically a hideaway peripheral to one that can stand on its own next to a Macbook or other high profile tech. The color is almost an exact match for my Macbook Air, which is a nice, if minor, touch.

Looks aside, the hub is well-built and has the "killer" feature of USB 3.0 support. I have not had need to move batches of large files yet but cursory testing shows speeds roughly as advertised. The 1.3ft cord is perhaps a bit short if you have a desktop PC and want the hub sitting on your desk, but for most cases, and especially laptops, it's fine. The one compromise, spelled out in the product description but worth repeating, is that the hub is not intended as a charging or power station. That's what you get in exchange for such a small device that is effectively self-powered. I do appreciate that the usb slots are spaced out enough to be able to fit some bulkier flash drives without hassle. The one criticism I would make, which frankly applies to every hub I've ever used, is that the hub is so light that it can become irritating to keep it planted flat on a surface. Particularly as you plug more things in, it inevitably starts getting pulled in the direction of the heavier devices. Aside from DIY velcro, it would be nice maybe for there to be some sort of optional desktop anchor that it could slot into.

The packaging, as always from Anker, is minimalistic, eco-friendly, and just generally well thought out. It's easy to get into everything and you aren't left with a dozen different packing materials to sort out. "Inoffensive" is the best way I can describe it, which is exactly how product packaging should be, especially for diminutive products such as this.

Given the perpetual march of technology, it seems shortsighted to call this the last USB hub you'd ever need, but with its robust features and high build quality, it's not unfair to suggest it will outlast everything you've currently got plugged into it.
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on September 2, 2014
I really wanted to like this unit. It's very sleek and attractive and pairs nicely with the Macbook aluminum finish. Unfortunately, it also acts as an extremely effective 2.4GHz high-frequency signal jammer, to the point that putting it on the same surface as your laptop renders it unable to connect to the internet.

Surprised? Join the club. Apparently the 2.4GHz problem is a known issue with the USB 3.0 specification. Intel has released a whitepaper on it: In a nutshell, if you're connected to a router that only broadcasts in the 2.4GHz frequency band, this device will scramble the signal, preventing any nearby devices, such as laptops, from receiving wireless data. Dual-band (5GHz) router signals should be unaffected, but since the majority of older home routers are 2.4GHz, you can't count on being able to use this device on any given network.

Since my primary use case for this device was while working on-the-go, the 2.4GHz limitation renders it pretty much useless for me. You can't count on a random coffee shop having a 5GHz router. I don't know if the problem could be solved with better shielding for the cables and the aluminum casing, but for me, the simplest solution was to switch to a USB 2.0 device, such as this one:

I should also mention that the first hub I received was a unusable due to a bad USB 3.0 data port. Anker customer support, to their credit, was quick to issue a new one, but it was disappointing to get a faulty device in the first place.

EDIT: further testing seems to indicate that it's not the aluminum hub itself but definitely the USB 3.0 Type B cable that's causing the issue. If I position the hub next to the device, plugged into the 5V adapter, it doesn't affect the signal. Plugging in the cable to the Macbook Air left-side USB port immediately jams the signal, presumably because the wireless card is close to that location. Plugging it in on the right-side port seems to interfere with it less, although it's still enough to cause high-bandwidth applications like Hangouts to drop. It's still a really critical flaw.
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on June 18, 2014
I've already had the chance to test this hub for a couple of weeks and I like it. Certainly, this is not necessarily the most recommended product for just any user. A friend of mine is looking for a reasonably priced hub to dock about six or seven different things, from printer and scanner to hard drives, so this is not for him, becasue of the power some of his stuff needs. I, on the other hand, went with this model because I need an easy and really fast way to connect a maximum of three portable storage units, since I usually run HD video from flash memories or portable hard drives to my iMac. When I started to use it, I had to force the USB connectors a bit, because it is like a pair of new shoes: you have to loosen it a tad. After four or six times, though, connectors seat perfectly. My only complain doesn't come from the unit, actually (that so far performs perfectly), but from the kind of interface that's still the most usual: I've had the chance to test only one USB3.0 device, because most of the stuff in the market still complies to USB 2.0. The velcro is I nice touch, and very helpful if you handle connections often, but I still have to see how easyly it will peel off my desk.

UPDATE (06/08/2014): Some things have happened since I purchased this product. First, the USB cable that came with it became loose after I disconnected and connected it a second time. Then, the people from ANKER customer service contacted me to know how I was doing, and when I told them about the cable, they asked me for the serial of the product to process a refund and to do quality control. When I tried to release the hub from the velcro that came with it to read the serial, the plastic side of its case fell apart because one of its two screws was defective. So, I still think the electronics of the product are superb, the ports themselves work properly (and really fast) after all this mess, but mine was not, after all, a sturdy hub. ANKER is a decent company, they actually contacted me first (which says a lot about their customer service policies), they offered me a full refund and their excuses, and I felt pampered. But this shouldn't have happened in the first place. I feel compelled to edit my first review because I still think it's all a matter of quality control, and maybe someone else has a better "version" of the product that, by chance, may have been defective in my case. On the other hand, I feel compelled to do it because I feel this company did things right.
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on June 1, 2014
The design of the AH412 7-Port Aluminum Hub is just superb. It has a really stylish look and seems to be really well made. The finish on the product is smooth and shinny but looks like it will stand up well to scratches, dirt and finger prints. The top of the product is made of aluminum while as the bottom is made of plastic. The device is USB 3.0 which means faster data transfer speeds and with 7 USB ports it should accomidate pretty much any situation and device. The device can be used with the included power supply or without but of course this will depend on the power draw of the devices you are connecting. Meaning the device does have a portability aspect to it depending on the situation.

The 7 front USB ports are spaced far enough apart so devices won't get in the way of each other. The ports are also snug engough so that the USB cable will not come loose causing loose of conenctivity. The only port I did have an issue with is the DC port on the back of the device that I had to push really hard in order to plug the power adapater into.

One important thing to be mindful of is that this device is not meant to charge devices but is for data transfer. When I plugged my tablet into the USB HUB it detected the device but the battery indicator has an X meaning it is not charging. Just something to be weary of if you are looking for something to charge your USB devices with.

The one thing I do not like about the hub is the power brick. The power brick for this device is huge. The power brick is about the size of the power bricks that come with laptops except the two prong plug is attached to the power brick itself so when plugged into a surge protector it has the potential to cover up to 4 outlets depending on placement. The design of the power brick needs to be readdressed.

Hub Dimensions: 5.1 x 1.8 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 4.7 oz
Material: Aluminum and plastic
Inputs: USB 3.0 micro B, 5v DC input for power
OUtput: 7 USB 3.0 ports type A with speeds up to 5 Gbps

- Hub
- 3.3ft USB 3.0 Cable
- 5V/4A Power adapter with 4ft cable between power brick and hub
- 2 Velcro strips

Overall, this is a really nicely designed product. The power brick is the ownly complaint that I have. I have had multiple thumb drives and portable hard drives plugged in and have yet to encounter any issues with speed or connectivity. I like the design and size of the hub itself and the fact that it has seven USB 3.0 ports.

I was supplied a product free of charge in order to provide an unbiased review.
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on September 7, 2014
Not only does the product not work well when it is physically still in tact, it will break quickly. Like many other reviewers of this product on Amazon, I had the same issue of the usb 3 port on the back completely breaking. It is unusable at this point I also had many issues of this product not being recognized once plugged in. I am using a 2013 model macbook pro and everytime I had this product engaged with my computer, it would somehow block my wifi connection. This is a complete waste of money and is unstable at best. AVOID!!!
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on January 2, 2015
Product exterior –This is a beautiful aluminum finish, no complaints, the only potential drawback I see is that any scratches might be permanent and unsightly, but I don't plan on mistreating it enough to find out!
Description of use:
Very easy to plug in, I found it particularly helpful for my macbook pro, which has a limited number of USB ports; this makes it possible to hookup anything I need--printers, accessories, etc.
Ideal users – Someone who needs more USB ports, for whatever reason, obviously.
I don't have anything to compare it to, but my transfer speeds are definitely on par for USB 3.0 connections.
This is a beautiful addition to any device that needs more USB ports. I think the aluminum body/finish goes perfectly with Macbooks (since they too are aluminum, and sometimes lacking an ideal number of USB ports).
I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.
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on October 2, 2014
I first purchased the 4-port version of this, and found that when I first turned on my mac, with this connected, things were fine. However, when I'd take my mac to a meeting and return to my desk, and plug this in, my wacom table and my wireless adapter of my keyboard wouldn't work anymore; I'd have to unplug them, and replug them in, to make them work again. WTH? So I purchased this version, thinking that maybe there wasn't enough power on the hub. But alas, this problem continues to happen, even with the 7-port version. Now I've returned to my previous USB Hub, which was USB 2.0, but works like a charm.
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on June 9, 2014
The Anker 3.0 7 Port hub is an excellent hub.

It's finish is done well. It has a satiny silver finish and looks much better than the large black seven port USB hub I bought over a year ago. I am posting pictures comparing the two and you can see the difference immediately. You can tell this was created with Mac addicts in mind due to its shape and overall size. It has a smooth sleek finish and looks very nice sitting beside an iMac or Macbook Pro.

The adapter is HUGE compared to other plug-in bricks. I am posting a picture of it sitting on my trackpad and it covers a large part of the pad. This may be due to it's being comparable with both US and European voltages. If you do intend to take it outside of the US, you will need a plug adapter, however it appears the power supply is rated up to 240V. The older 7 port USB 3.0 hub I own has a large brick with a power cable. This allowed it to plug into outlets without taking a huge amount of space. This device IS built for portability, so rooming any extra cables is a good thing.

The device WILL work without power, however some devices will not work properly because they need more power than the hub can pull from the PC. For quick connections of a USB drive, you don't need to find another outlet. For larger drives and accessories, you need the power adapter, or at least I did in my testing. I saw where others had issues with charging. I was able to charge my iPhone 5s and Kindle Fire, slowly, but they did charge.

One negative compared to other USB hubs is the lack of a light to let you know when a device is plugged in and active. There is a green light that shows the hub is on, but no other indicator that it is active or devices connected. This is not a major issue, but it is a departure from expected behavior. There is a white [plastic ring around each port so I had originally believed those would light up, but they didn't.

Overall, the hub is an excellent device and I have no issues recommending it to those needing a stylish device for their desk or traveling. If you have an older large black USB hub from Anker, this is an excellent upgrade to reclaim space on your desk or in your bag.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promise that my review is fair and honest
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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