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on December 20, 2002
performs well. Better than other electrics with lower gallons-per-minute ratings. Did not ship with operating manual but Annovi Reverberi sent one promptly after being contacted. Overall, not fancy but effective.
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on July 9, 2002
This is a great to good pressure washer. It removes loose paint very well. It is also useful for serious cleaning. Be careful with it as you can do some fast damage with this thing.
However it arrived with out any operation manual or any user documentation of any kind. The manufacturer's web site does not yet allow downloading a operation manual. ...
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on June 4, 2006
This solidly constructed electric pressure washer works like a charm. Unlike gas powered washers, this one is QUIET! - a real bonus, since we live in a patio home. My washer came with a 20' power cord! The instructions were a little skimpy, but a little common sense helped me figure everything out. This puppy is heavy, so consider purchasing the cart, pn AR-CART. Since I'm used to gas

washers, this one is a little tamer at 1500psi, but that means it'll just take a little longer to do the job. AND I don't have to fuss with gasoline, fumes, noise, engine maintanence, etc. etc...
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on August 15, 2004
This is the first electric pressure washer I've used that isn't a toy. It works and is built to last. O-rings on all joints, screw on metal to metal connectors, and high enough pressure to really clean. In addition, parts for everything are readily identified in the manual and available on line. Also accessories such as turbo nozzles, carts, etc. Just make sure you use a 20 amp circuit as instructed. This thing has power.
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on October 5, 2006
Purchased a TRX last week. Had problems which amazon rectified. First unit leaked at brass hose fitting to plastic water inlet;plus had pastic flashing on the oil dipstick. Gun leaked too but I since figured out teflon tape solves that problem. Unit looked used also w/ a black stain on top of unit. Cover did not fit that tight either. Amazon immediately sent a replacement unit. Replacement was great. Good flashing fee dipstick,tight fitting top, no stain, and a brass fitting that sealed w/ only hand tightening(old unit leaked even after being tightened w/ a adj. wrench). Unit put out only 95 bar(1400psi). I had tried a local unit w/ the short 6' cord that put out 100 bar(1500psi).Did not buy that unit as it was a floor model w/ cosmetic defects and was priced alot higher than Amazon. My unit has the 12 gauge 20' cord. Wonder if newer units have slightly less power thanks to longer cord. Even the GFI plug states 15 amps(1875watts) but unit states 2100 watts. ???????? Unlike most throw away electrics(it breaks-you toss it)Annovis have rebuild kits avaible. Unit should last a very very long time thasnks to crankcase pump as opoosed to axial pump. Cleans alot better than my old Karcher 397M. I believe the differance is that the Annovi puts out about a 1/2 gallon more a minute. Easier to flush dirt away. Very pleased w/ my new pressure washer and I am happy to state Amazon will exchange items you are not happy with.
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on August 30, 2002
You'll be pleased with this one. There's a cart you can order also (PN: AR-CART5) that goes well with it but it isn't shown here. This is a commercial quality unit. Read the owner's manual carefully.
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on October 28, 2002
I ordered this unit for a large project scheduled last weekend, and of course wanted something worth keeping for future use. When it arrived, I was sure to read the manual before assembling the thing (seemed simple enough) and followed all instructions for the initial use. When I went to turn it on, the GFCI plug instantly tripped, not allowing the elec motor to start. I tried several times to reset the plug/breaker, and tried in 2 diff outlets that I know are grounded.
Frustrated, I called the help line on the manual and found no real help, other than being told it could be repaired under warranty if I wanted to ship it to them. Who wants to pay for shipping on a brand new 50 lb item? Not me! Luckily Amazons on-line return procedure worked well and it is on the way back to them for my (speedy?) refund with no addl shipping costs. I could not wait on an exchange, and didnt know if I wanted another AR product anyway. Went to Home Depot to get a 1600 psi 1.8gpm unit [$$$] that worked well right out of the box, with the same kind of GFCI plug in those same outlets. The cord, by the way, on this AR TRX is a FIVE (5) foot cord, not 30 foot like in the description. This is an important detail since they strongly suggest not using an ext cord.
I rated 2 stars rather than 1/minimum since the product seemed more sturdy than most electric washers, with brass rather than plastic connections, and liked the idea of a pressure control valve and guage. Very heavy duty unit, but that means nothing if the thing doesn't power up and run! Disapointing to say the least.
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on January 24, 2007
This product arrived with the case broken. Amazon nicely tried to send it to me two more times but each time it arrived damaged. It appears to be a quality unit and other reviewers confirm that it is. The problem is that it is very heavy and poorly packaged by the manufacturer. There is only one piece of crumpled-up paper around the unit and everything is beat up during shipping. I was told by Amazon that they are going to demand that the manufacturer come up with a better packing system.
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on August 18, 2007
I've been waiting 2 months for this AR TRXXXX to arrive and was delighted to finally get a chance to use it. Overall, it is one of the most useful appliances I've purchased and clearly qualifies as excellent bang-for-your-buck.

The quality of the pressure unit (with its heavy-duty ceramic plungers and induction motor), the 35 foot 3-12 gauge cord, brass wand, and 25 ft pressure hose is crazy good at this price. I don't see how they could be making any profit, whatsoever. It's all solid brass, heavy plastic, and high density rubber. Very top shelf.

The unit does require a dedicated 20 amp circuit, as stated. It probably only draws 15 amps max but is rated at 19 amps. I found out the rule of thumb is to not pull more than 60% of the rated power on a single circuit. Useful tip. Some people have complained they kept tripping the circuit breaker on the cord with a regular 15 amp outlet. They returned their units.

I think if they looked at their breaker boxes, however, they might find they do have 20 amp circuits that go to some of their appliances, such as the built-in microwave. This should be true for most homes built within the past few decades, anyway. A dedicated 20 amp circuit isn't that hard to add on, actually. I did just that soon after buying my house and it allows me some flexibility in connectivity.

Since the circuit breaker plug is rather large, a 3-10 gauge short extension cord was very helpful in setting the unit up. I initially plugged it in above the stove, you see. If you only get a 6 foot cord with yours you'll need to get either a 50 ft 3-12 gauge cord or, for longer lengths, a 3-10 gauge cord. These cords are not cheap, and they are quite heavy, so be forewarned!

These are the cord gauges specified in the instruction booklet. I'm including them only because you won't see any 20 amp ratings on the cords at the store (at least at my local shops...).

After being thoroughly confused by the lengthy instruction booklet I did insert the oil dip stick, hooked up the hoses, and was off and running. It makes more sense when you actually do it. Since everything can only attach at one particular spot, it's modular and a bit idiot-proof.

The unit was quite easy to use, as well. The low pressure feature is super. It lets the water pressure from your hose dispense the soap mixture from the wand. Then you kick it into high pressure mode (water only) and adjust your spray for the specific job. You're off!

I spent some time establishing a cleaning pattern and figuring out how to get the difficult areas clean. It didn't take very long. I kept finding more outdoor items I'd never imagined I'd want to wash and seeing the dirt, oxidation, and mold just fly away.

I also think not having the mach 3 power of a 3000 psi unit was a bit of a blessing. Others have reported doing damage to their decks, patio furniture, or stucco with larger units. I'm sure professionals have figured out how to control the commercial units and can use that extra bit of power. As a mere homeowner, however, I'm happy to invest a bit of time in my cleaning in order to save the integrity of my belongings.

Any downside I might report on this unit is very minor. I now understand the comments about the packing: a few pieces of butcher block paper and double cardboard boxing was all there was to contain the 60 lbs of gear. I'm quite surprised it didn't come apart in shipping. Thankfully, mine arrived in one piece.

There will be some maintenance in changing the oil, which some folks might find tedious. After all, they bought an electric unit for a reason. Low noise, low profile, low maintenance; right? No worse than the lawn mower here, however. It takes 30 weight non-detergent oil.

The main unit also weighs 40 lbs. It has a built in handle. Are you up to the challenge? Some may be and others will want to obtain a cart with wheels. AR sells one. There is also a new trolley version of this unit made by AR. It looks super. It does list for $600, however, and I haven't seen it advertised for less than $525 plus the shipping charges on the 80 lbs. Your choice.

In the end, I'm thrilled to have a power washer. I'm also excited to own one of such exceptional quality (especially at a price just slightly higher than the universal motor axial units sold at most hardware stores...). Upkeep is minimal. Noise is low. What more could you ask for? Let the cleaning begin!
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on August 16, 2007
8/27: Well I've had chance to play with it quite a bit. To tell the truth I'm a little disappointed. I think the nozzle is not the best in the fanned out position. It just doesn't seem to have a good knife edge to it. On the power washer I borrowed the fan was nice and thin and cut grime nicely. On the TRX unit the fan is quite thick and doesn't seem to clean as well even though it puts out way more water than the Campbell Hausfield unit I borrowed. I'm hoping I can get another nozzle to see if that helps. It is very quiet has great pressure and adequate volume. Just wish the spray pattern was more focused.

8/20 Update: They sent out a new unit the day I requested a return. This one I got in good condition and in just 2 business days. The fisrt one was sent via Airborne Home which used DHL for the long haul and USPS to drop it at my work place. The small USPS woman wheeled it from the postal van in one of their white mail totes on its side. The 2nd unit came via UPS and looks great. I'll update for performance tonight. :]

8/16 Original: I read the reviews, looked at the dates and decided that enough time has passed for them to correct thier shipping problems. So I crossed my fingers and ordered it back in early July when they were out of stock.

It just came in today and it the top housing is cracked around each of the 4 cap screws that hold it down. You can't pick it up by its handle.

At first I was hoping I could just get a replacment housing but further examination reveals that the plastic water input fitting is broken off as well. On top of that the box has one of the sides blown out and some of the loose items in the box may have gotten away.

In addition the switch is not the rocker type but a large rotating knob. Part of the shroud around this knob is broken as well and the parts blow up in the manual shows the square switch so I can't even identify a part number for the broken part.

I hope that I can solve these issues. Except for the housing this baby is built like a tank and doesn't feel like a toy like other pressure washers do.
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