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on August 3, 2008
I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot SX100IS 8MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black) that only uses two AA batteries instead of four. The biggest complaint people had with this camera was the battery usage so I did some research to find the best rechargeable batteries. The Ansmann brand came up time and again in the top two rechargeable batteries for digital cameras. I have a basic Rayovac charger and have charged them several times with great results. I thought with the battery usage of my camera I might need to buy another set of rechargeables just be on the safe side but so far the battery life (even with constant LCD viewing) has far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be purchasing more of these for use in my other electronics.
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on January 26, 2011
I bought these batteries to get the maximum amount of life out of my power hungry GPS'r. I have many of the AA sanyo eneloops which are rated at 2000mah and test within +/- 50mah of those advertised specs. These 2850mah rated Ansmann are not even close to the advertised specs. I went through 10 charge/discharge cycles and the capacites of each battery are as follows from high to low 2520mah,2503mah,2480mah,2467. If I take the highest rated battery of the 4, its still over 300mah shy of the advertised 2850mah rating. There are many postive reviews indicating how long these batteries lasted in a particular piece of electronic equipment. Imagine how much longer these devices would have run with a true 2850mah rated battery? I use a Maha Powerex Wizard One MH-C9000 to test all of my batteries.
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on March 3, 2011
I am a part time professional photographer and have a hard time with reliable flash batteries for the SB-800 shooting with the Nikon D-300. I was a little hesitant to spend this much on a set of batteries but these are the best I have found. Most rechargeable batteries don't have high enough mAh for the higher-end digital cameras. The lithium batteries are expensive and get so hot that they don't allow quick recycling that is needed at events. I had been using cheap everready golds for short term use but they require special disposal due to toxicity to the environment. I used these Ansmanns recently at a 4 year old's birthday party and they were terrific. Didn't miss a shot! I highly recommend these.
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on February 21, 2010
When I did research for digital cameras for myself, I later decided on getting a Canon SX10is for several reasons. Then discovered something while reading reviews of the camera by professional photographers. They recommended Ansmann rechargeable batteries for this camera. These, as you know, are rated for 2850mah capacity. It was mentioned that these batteries truly held up to their battery life as claimed vs nearly all others found over the counter or on the shelf in common places falling short. I took the camera to Italy, ready to take pictures to my heart's content of the beautiful country. Having these batteries really helped me be prepared for the trip. I took over 1600 photos with only three charges and had plenty of power left after the third charge before getting on the plane for home. Granted I hardly used the flash but maybe ten times (most museums don't allow flash for understandable reasons). Always remember, it's best to remove the batteries from the charger only when they are fully charged for best results and life of the batteries.
The few times I did use the flash, these batteries held their own so to speak in flash charge times. They did not slow me down at all.
Since I've owned the camera, I've taken over 2000 photos and these batteries have not shown any sign losing duration between charges. I'd recommend these to anyone, especially for high drain devices.

Review Amendment: I recently bought a battery charger that gives a digital readout of voltage, mAh, mA and has various charge modes, refresh, etc. After trying out the charger with my favorite batteries (Ansmann), all recharged to their rated capacities, and some even better than their ratings. Now I can group common capacity units together as great, better, best for combined common performing units. This is fantastic and the charger has confirmed the quality of these batteries. Awesome. Always remember to fully recharge your batteries before removing them from the charger, and slow charging greatly maintains the life of the battery. Fast charging creates a hot battery and that is not good. If you can either choose a slow charger or select a slow charge setting will be best.
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on July 15, 2010
I conditioned these batteries with a LaCrosse BC-900 battery charger/conditioner when I got them. They peaked at 2500-2600mAH discharge (after about 6 charge/discharge cycles) which is well under the rated 2850mAH. Not worth the money for what are essentially capacities I could get from cheaper batteries.
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on September 6, 2012
I have been reading peoples (+) and (-) reviews about the batteries on here and what bothers me is that no one is REALLY testing the batteries. They are putting them in a recharger and because it has a digital readout taking for granted that that is correct. You cannot test for mA/h by putting a battery in a recharger and looking at the readout. You can test for short term mA output at the level of charge the battery has at the time at the temperature the battery is at. In order to truely test a battery you would need to have an amp meter that is able to record and test the battery from full chharge to the point where the voltage drops off below the usable level. The device should also have a Thermocouple to measure the output as a function of Temp.; mA/h is an average output over time. Not a peak output when the battery is fully charged and cold. As a battery drains at a (reasonably)high amperage it will heatup and the chemicals that create the electricity will start to become more efficient(little ions will move lots faster). The amprerage will go up with temperature. So, a short term test of a cold battery means very little except what the amperage output is at that certain temp. and that level of charge. If you where to wrap your battery in Aluminum Foil ( DON'T do this!) it would heat up to the point where the chemicals inside would begin to ooze out of the battery and it might even explode. The mA it puts out before it dies all together will far exceed the listed capacity. Chargers simply take the mA the battery is putting out and use probably less than a second of output to tell you what the average output should be over an hour or longer. Very inaccurate. That is more of a peak amperage@Temp. I am not saying that these batteries will perform as stated on the package but if you are going to test them you should do it correctly. I gave them 5 stars as I have never tested them correctly and probably never will take the time, but I have used them and they seem to perform fine for the cost and will take many charge cycles without the full charge Voltage dropping significantly.
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on February 9, 2014
I bought these batteries with high hopes, but I was really disappointed in them. They did not seem to meet the advertised capacity.

I tested all four of these batteries fresh out of the package with a PowerEx/Maha C-9000 battery analyzer, and I was not able to obtain the advertised capacity of the batteries. I tested each battery twice using the (IEC-61951-2 compliant) "break-in" function of the C-9000 to determine capacity. I have to believe this is an accurate test as it follows IEC-61951-2's recommended test procedure to determine capacity.

The best result I was able to get was about 2500mAH, which is less than the minimum 2650mAH advertised capacity. To be fair, most of the Ni-MH batteries from the other brands typically fail to meet their "typical" capacity claim as well, but at least meet the "minimum" rating. So the best battery of the bunch I tested was close to the minimum rating, and may indeed meet that rating after a few charge/discharge cycles.

I am not sure why I was obtaining low readings. It could have been a bad set of batteries, or simply too low of a sample set, or perhaps the batteries need a few more charge/discharge cycles to obtain capacity. I don't know how old these batteries are as I could not find a manufacturing date on them. The only thing I could determine is they were made in China - but no date-stamp on the batteries. They could have simply deteriorated in the packaging.

Also, I suppose it cannot be assumed that the manufacturer's claimed battery capacity was determined by IEC-61951-2. They could have used any test methodology they see fit.

So in the end, I cannot say the batteries capacities met or did not meet any capacity ratings. All I can say is that the batteries did not meet my expectations.
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on August 20, 2013
Expecting 2850mah to be a hyped up claim, I put them in my fancy charger that claims these are in the 2750 range. Not perfect, but way better than most. These have lasted incredibly long in my devices, so despite their extra cost, I would highly recommend these batteries if you rely on rechargeables in all your gadgets.
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on May 18, 2011
I have bought a few other brands of rechargable NiMH batteries, and I'm coming back to buy more of these.
They're the only ones that have been remotely worth my time and effort.
If idle, they hold a charge for a decent amount of time, and being 2850mAh, they contain enough juice to power any device.
I generally only use for remote control cars, toys, etc. I would never put them into something like a TV remote or something. For certain applications, nothing rivals alkaline batteries, unfortunately.

5 stars until they build something better!
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on November 28, 2010
I bought these along with a Maha C800s charger specifically for an older digital camera that really likes batteries. In short they last a long time even with a lot of zooming and flash usage. They even hold a charge for a substantial time when not used. I don't know if they are the best on the market, but they are pretty damn good. Well worth the cost for digital cameras or other high drain items. Far better than the 2500 mah Energizers, but be sure to get a good charger to maximize their potential and they will not disappoint.
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