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on August 7, 2008
I searched for 2 weeks for the "best" charger to fit my needs, current and future. This is what I came up with. I was a little skeptical about the lack of reviews on this charger, but decided to get one anyway, especially with its 3 year warranty. I still have some older 600maH Nicads in my "fleet" that I felt would not be best to charge with Maha's MH-C808M, which charges at 1000ma minimum. I was also unimpressed with the so-called "LCD display" on the 808. The LEDs on the Ansmann are capable of displaying everything you need to know about the charging mode and battery condition, making an LCD display unnecessary. In my opinion, an LCD display would only be desirable if it displayed the actual maH accumulated charge of each cell. I very much wanted to have that feature, but sadly there are no chargers currently on the market that charge C and D size cells, and offer maH display. To that end, the LaCrosse BC-900 was considered, but I would've had to buy 3 of them to charge as many batteries as this model, and still could not charge Cs, Ds, or 9Vs, which I may add to my collection. So far, I have only charged "AA" size Nimh and Nicads with this charger, but I am happy to report that both the Nicads and Nimh peaked out nicely after the brief "Refresh cycle" this charger gives them. I sample tested some of the charged batteries by resting them 24 hrs, then discharging them with my Dymond (hobby) charger/analyzer (at 0.5C), which discharges to 0.8V per cell. Most of the batteries actually discharged more than their rated capacity after being charged with this charger, so I would have to say the -dV circuitry employed in this unit is very good at charging each cell to full capacity, and considering that some of my Nicads are over 15 yrs old, I would say the refresh feature has done its job to bring back some lost capacity in these cells. At $119, this is possibly the most expensive charger on the market, but I am happy with my choice due to its ease of use and sheer number (also sizes) of batteries it can charge.
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on November 2, 2009
I am new to rechargeable batteries, and this is my first charger. I bought it based on the positive reviews, thinking I was buying "the best" out there. I also bought some new sanyo eneloop AA batteries, which I fully charged with this unit, and then placed in my child's toy. When the toy stopped working, I removed the batteries and placed them back into the charger, only to get a "faulty cell" error message. I contacted [...] about the problem. They told me the sanyo cells were probably old and defective, and that I should return them to the manufacturer. I sent all 4 back to Sanyo. Sanyo returned them to me stating that the cells were simply depleted, and that they were able to fully charge them again with their own sanyo charger (approx. $10 retail value). I contacted [...] again, and they did not have an answer except for me to ship the unit across country for a servicing evaulation (I was never informed that the unit should indeed detect depleted cell. For all I know, the unit did exactly as programmed). I bought a sanyo charger as back up in case this happens again. I was very disappointed in this expensive charger and was frustrated that I spent so much time and effort.

Update: 10/23/2013. I continue to get the 'faulty cell' flashing red light. When that happens, I plug the same battery into a 'dumb' charger, e.g. sanyo or tenergy, and most of the time the dumb charger with charge it back to 'green.' The other times, I use copper wire and a 'D' battery to 'MacGyver' the battery back to life. Another problem I've had is that with very light/limited use, one of the terminals that plugs into the 9V batteries broke off (remained stuck in the battery). And one of springs on the retaining clips broke, so that the cylinder batteries (AAA, AA, C, D) are no longer able to be held in place in that slot. Because of the poor construction, I am downgrading my rating to 2 stars...
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on June 29, 2008
This charger has all the features I wanted! It can charge AAA, AA, D, C and 9V batteries in any combination. It acts as a battery level check when a battery is first inserted. The power cord is removeable for easier storage. The feature I like best is the ability to leave the batteries in the charger indefinitely, and not have to worry about overcharging them. It's not cheap, but worth every penny!
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on February 19, 2011
This the best battery charger there is and I have own and have own a lot. I have also the Ansmann Energy 8 Charger. I love them both. On one occasion, one of my universal charger scared the living daylight out of me when it overheated and smoke started to come out of it! It literally melted the plastic and the battery. I thought it was going to exploded! And most of my others, they over charged the batteries and made the batteries really hot! I have to be cautious and pay attention to how long have been charging the batteries and make sure I take the batteries off before something happens. So I searched and found the Ansmann energy charger and I am really happy and am worry free. I can relax and leave the batteries sitting there until I need them. I feel at ease knowing that it will not melt or explode or even overcharges! It also refresh/discharge then charges your battery. It can even detect a faulty batteries. I love the fact that you can charge any type of batteries independently with each others. I can charge 1 C, 2 D, 4 AAA, 5 AA, and 4 9V at the same time, or any other combination. Not like my other chargers where I either have to charge in pairs or the same types at a time. And worst of all some of them come only to charge...say AA and AAA only, they don't come this versatile where you can charge all type of batteries. And with this Ansmann I can easily charge just 1 AAA and nothing else. One big downside to the charger is that it is EXPENSIVE! And it doesn't charge Li-ion batteries. I wish it the RCR123A or even the 18650 batteries. But the bottom line is it's an excellent product! I believe it's well worth 100 bucks for your safety and the diversity of charges and usage.

This will be the only charger I'll be using until they come out with one that is safe and able to charge other batteries type such as RCR123A and 18650 batteries also. For now I am a happy camper. I really highly recommend this charger!
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on July 13, 2012
This charger is great built quality, and charges AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 V batteries. However, it does not charge my AA Sanyo Eneloop XX batteries. I've tested them across 12 Eneloop XX batteries. The XX batteries are fine, and are not depleted (someone reports this charger won't charge completely depleted batteries), and they can be charged by the Sanyo charger perfectly. I even let them charge on the Sanyo charger for a bit, then put them back in: still no luck. The Ansmann will refresh them fine, then comes charge time, it will flash with the error code.

I've read another reviewer on Amazon with problems charging regular AA Sanyo Eneloop batteries. I have them too, and did a test charge without problems. However all regular Eneloop batteries I tested are already over 80% charged, so I can't speak for if Ansmann can charge these in other charge conditions.

I've also charged the AA Duracel Stay-Charged batteries, it worked fine. When it works, the Ansmann is awesome.

Since I'm a photographer, using the Eneloop XX batteries are critical to me, so I have no choice but to return it. I really wish it worked for me.
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on December 13, 2012
Pretty good battery charger. Sturdy feel, charges well, holds lots of batteries, with an independent channel for each one.

What would make it great? I'd like to have control over whether it does a refresh, full charge, or just trickle charge. I had a battery that had previously been fully charged, and I just wanted to put it on trickle charge to make sure it was topped off, but the charger decided to do a refresh instead. Shouldn't I be able to decide?

I put 4 brand new D cells into a lantern and ran it for 12 hours until they were completely dead. I put them back into this charger, and it decided they were bad cells and refused to charge them. I had to go out and buy a stupid charger. I put the batteries into the stupid charger for 60 seconds, after which this unit charged them fine. Hello? How hard would it be to try charging the cell for 60 seconds to see if you can get it working again before declaring it bad? It's not rocket science!

Bottom line: It seems that no one makes a truly good battery charger. Stupid ones ruin the batteries by overcharging, and smart ones won't charge fully-discharged cells. So I recommend buying this semi-smart one, along with a really cheap stupid one for the dead cells.
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on April 12, 2011
The charger is a bit on the bulky side but it is about as easy to use as you can get. Put your batteries in and wait for the light(s) to turn green. Unlike smaller chargers you can charge one battery at a time or any number/combination of batteries. I had a couple of batteries that took 12+ hours to charge but I have yet to have any batteries that it could not charge. The lights are simple to understand and you can clearly see them from across the room - no need to go over to the charger to see what is going on, you can see what is charging and what is charged from a quick glance.
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on July 28, 2011
I only gave this 3 stars because of the fact that I had to purchase a "dumb" charger to go along with this $90 charger. Little by little I kept getting the error message on my batteries until nearly all of them were useless. Thankfully the person who commented on JL's review was able to explain why. When the batteries are too depleted, you'll get an error message, stick them in a cheapo charger for 10 minutes and it fixes the problem. I had to spend an extra $20 to buy a "dumb" charger because I needed one that would charge every size. Sooo...while it does a fine job of recharging batteries that are not completely depleted (which is a pain to monitor), I expect more out of a $90 charger.
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on June 7, 2012
I use a lot of AA batteries for photography and camping. I got tired of slow cheap chargers and bought the Maha Powerex MH-C801D 2 years ago. I couldn't be happier. As many other write about it, it's doing its job, and fast. I personally always use soft charging to go easy on my batteries and it never takes more than a couple of hours to charge AA or AAA cells. I use sanyo enloops, duracel, energizer and all work fine.

How great this unit is became more evident when I bought and started using the Ansmann 5207123 Energy 16 Charger a few weeks ago. I needed a D cell charger and read some scary reviews about the MAHA D-cell charger, so went with the ansmann. First of all, the Ansmann is HUGE. it does have a capacity of 12 AA/AAA or 6 D, and no exterior power supply, but it's big. not a unit for travel really. But my biggest issue is how slow it is. D-cells took over 24 hours to charge (probably closer to 30 hours). Tiny AAA cells that would take an hour in the Maha are charging for 8 hours now in the Ansmann and only 2 of the 4 are ready.

My observation - if you are only looking for a AA/AAA charger, and have modern NiMH batteries that can handle serious charging current - go with the Maha.
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on January 30, 2012
This is an amazing charger! I have a 12V battery pack made up of 10 1.2V eneloop AA batteries which I use everyday. This is the only charger I have found that was able to simultaneously charge all 10 batteries at the same time. The "Smart" charge controller measures the current battery level prior to charging and adjusts the charge rate accordingly. When the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically switches over to a trickle charge to keep the battery topped off without damaging the battery capacity. One of my favorite features is the ability to charge individual batteries. Cheaper chargers often require AA batteries to be charged in pairs. I've used the charger with AA, AAA and 9V batteries with nearly no issues. The only "feature" I have had issues with on this charger is the bad battery checker. If I have a device that has managed to completely drain a battery, the charger will sometimes mistake the battery for bad. To solve this problem, I just put the battery in a "dumb" charger which forces voltage into the battery for a short while. Once the battery has a little bit of charge, the Ansmann charger will recognize it as a good battery and complete the charge cycle. This doesn't happen very frequently (2-3 times per year) but is a small annoyance when it does. Charge times for AA batteries is about 2 hours. Overall I have been very happy with this charger. After a year of constant use, it has proved to be very reliable, always stays cool, and manages to continuously keep my batteries fully charged.
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