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on October 21, 2012
I have always been a fan of watching movies at night in the dark with no lights on. My wife hates it. As a compromise, I looked for some type of rear lighting for my television. At one point I used old Christmas lights, and they worked OK, but they easily got tangled with all of the other wires, plus, it was annoying to have to keep plugging and unplugging them in. Then I considered putting together my own kit with some type of remote control on/off switch or maybe even a photocell that could turn the lights on and off at night.

I saw the Antec Bias Lighting Kits for PC monitors and I thought they would be a perfect solution, if only they were bigger...

Then I found this 51.1" kit specifically for HDTVs and had to try it. This kit is powered by USB and my Sony Bravia has a USB port that is used to browsing photos or videos on a USB stick, so I thought maybe it would power the lights, and thankfully they do!

The USB port on my television turns these lights on when I power the TV on, and they automatically turn off about 2 minutes after I power the TV off.

The brightness and color temperature of the light is perfect. I was concerned that the "cool white" look might be too blue, but it is not. The color temp is similar to the white light that comes out of the TV when there is white on the picture. My Bravia is the 55" model, and this kit claims to be designed for TVs 60" and larger, however it fit my TV without needing to be trimmed. My Sony Bravia has a bezel that I could wrap the LED strip around allowing it to shine to the side just a little bit without protruding out of the side of the television.

My TV is not wall mounted, I keep it on a stand about 18" away from the wall and the brightness is perfect. Its not bright enough to read a book, but its enough to move around the room without bumping into things. The ambient light that it casts on my wall and ceiling is actually easier on the eyes than staring at a bright TV in a completely dark room. Both my wife and I really think this kit adds a lot to watching television in the dark.

I am very happy with this kit and cannot find anything to complain about. If you have TVs smaller than 55" you will need to trim the light, or get a couple of kits that are designed for computer monitors, but as it is, in my particular application, this light is perfect!
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on September 30, 2013
worked exactly as described great biased lighting love the USB interface automatically turns on and off with the tv! The price was right!
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on February 17, 2015
You'll only get one chance to attach this LED light strip using the adhesive backing. Attempting to reposition will cause the adhesive to partially or fully separate from the back of the light strip and stick to the surface (i.e., back of TV). Cleaning the adhesive is time consuming, but possible without damaging plastic surfaces (use scotch tape, then HDTV screen cleaner with microfibre cloth). Light strip can be cut to size (opposite end from USB cable). My application was a 60" Samsung LED HDTV, which required cutting off 1 segment from the end of the light strip. In the end, I used an alternative method to attach the light strip across the vertical center of the HDTV. There is a small in-line manual on/off switch on the USB cable, but will switch on/off with TV provided the USB port is only powered when the TV is turned on. LED brightness cannot be adjusted, and is white only. It's not clear yet whether or not the USB connection to the light strip will hold up as it bends/arcs downwards at a 90 degree angle. Product works as described.
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on March 12, 2013
Prior to this, I had always illuminated behind the TV with a small lamp and soft bulb - but my recent configuration didn't allow for that without shadows on the ceiling. The Antec kit was the right price to take a gamble with and I don't regret it.

Installation - Super simple. If it's too long, just snip where indicated. There is plenty of length to the USB cable to allow for most configs, in my case, I didn't even unravel the cord - I just plugged it in to the back of my set.

Appearance - Looks amazing. I know there are a few detractors here claiming that this light isn't calibrated - but it's close enough for what most people will want it for - everyone will have a different wall color and the color of the light as it bounces off your walls will be different for everyone. What's important for me is that the contrast pops now - even the wife noticed it right off the bat without being lead to a conclusion.

Quality - Not sure what to say about that - it's a long LED with a sticky back, a small on/off power switch and USB plug. It plugs in once and you probably never need to look at it again.

If you want a quick picture boost - or just some cool factor for your tv setup this is a great affordable way to go.
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on August 21, 2015
I am going to keep this short and sweet ... I used Velcro ties to wrap this tightly and discreetly on my monitor arm bar, plugging the USB into my computer. There is constant low power moving through my motherboard and so the lights still constantly on, giving me a good deal of appreciation for the "on-off" switch; This was also just enough rope to span across the back of my three 27" monitors. The light output is perfect and the overall look is exactly what I was going for, I do not think that I could have asked for a better form of bias lighting.
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on November 9, 2013
We've tried a handful of "DIY" bias lights - a couple of florescent tube lights, and several small lamps with a variety of bulbs and "I-fixed-it-myself" rigs to control either their light output and/or direction.

None of these were fully satisfactory, and the best of the lot involved fussy set-up due to the DIY light-distribution rigs.

The Antec "soundscience" HDTV bias light - which comes in a remarkably small package - appears to be a wonderful solution, with the obvious caveat that it might be Single Set (TV) Solution: since it mounts to the rear of your TV with an adhesive backing, Removing & Reusing the unit may not be practical. (Although some double-sided tape and/or hook & loop strips might work.)

Usage is with a 60" Pan plasma, with the Antec mounted on the rear of the cabinet, just above the half-way point.
On this set, that happens to be a point that does not encroach on any of the panel vents, although the light strip is thin enough that that probably would not matter.

We trimmed the last 3 leds off of the end of the light strip (cut with scissors - cutting points are marked on the strip). This leaves about 2.5 inches of cabinet at either end of the strip.

Would strongly recommend using 2 people to mount the strip, to ensure level placement. This may not be critical, but if nothing else it makes the job much easier.

IN OUR OPINION - and considering that this is intended to be a Bias Light, not a Reading Lamp (!) - the "brightness" of the LEDs is Just Right. Barring some Official Standard, and a light meter to confirm adherence to same, Too Bright / Too Dim / Just Right seems a matter of personal opinion. My first thought was that the strip was TOO Bright, but that was with an initial Test that had the strip merely laid behind the set and facing UPWARD: mounting the strip to the back of the set (so LEDs face the rear wall) improved the light distribution considerably, and results in a pleasingly even "glow" around the panel.
Distance to the rear wall, and the nature of that wall, will vary by installation - but if the result seems too bright it should be possible to either cover some of the leds and/or trim the length (although that might result in an off-center mounting if done post-installation).

The roughly 2.5" margin we ended up is sufficient to allow the USB cable end loop (which is itself some 51" long!) to "hide" behind the edge of the tv cabinet (unless viewed from an extreme angle).

The strip gets its power from a USB port on the back of the Pan, and turns on & off with the TV (with a slight delay), which is a nice feature. (There is also an On/Off switch for the strip for times when you might want to run the TV without the bias light - but one could always simply unplug the strip if desired.)

Final note: TV location is in a basement "home theater" setting. Incidental daylight comes from several small east-facing windows located well to the side of the tv area (and the tv itself sits in a portion of the room which protrudes away from the main length that holds the windows), which means the room is never Bright after mid-morning, and especially once mid- to late-afternoon arrives.
We run the bias light whenever the TV is on, but that might not be necessary in a Daylight Bright room.

Still, for the relatively modest price, we are seriously considering adding an Antec HDTV Bias Light kit to the 50" set in our LR, even though it would only see Productive usage in the evening - and we would need to trim a fair amount of the business end off in order to fit the smaller panel!
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on November 2, 2013
I purchased this product as a bias light because the specs say "professionally calibrated" to 6500K. That's the standard color temperature digital cinema displays and properly calibrated TVs use, and it's ideal for watching movies, etc.
However, when measured with a color meter, I found that this product is actually more like 8500K, and has a great deal of red/green shift between LEDs. Not usable for any kind of professional color work, and even for watching movies in my living room it's distracting because it looks so blue compared to the screen.

The response I got from Antec customer support is that none of their units are calibrated or tested with color meters, and they ended up closing my case without helping.

Physically, it's a good size for my 50" TV, although it's slightly too dim.
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on January 24, 2015
This is not a pure white like the box indicates. Some mentioned this was calibrated to 6500K, though the manufacturer itself never claims that as far as I can tell. Well it is definitely not 6500K. It is a much bluer cast, which I find distracting and messing with my perception.
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on March 11, 2015
After months of back order I finally got the bias lighting kit today and within a few hours of use I can now see why people go on about bias lighting! Simply put: it decreases the strain on your vision due to the bright screen in a dark room by projecting a soft glow behind the tv. In addition this light strip is calibrated to a cool white specifically to improve the contrast perception (note it doesn't actually improve the television's contrast just your eyes' perception of it). And it works! I've been spoiled in a very short time, I will be using the light all the time now, I can't imagine watching tv without it.

My television is a 6 year old 32" Phillips LCD, the USB was not powered so I had to plug it into a power outlet (using a small phone charger), the strip is very long and I would recommend after getting very good advice from previous users to try using all the LEDs by pasting them in a curve rather than a straight line (making 2 lines effectively). I've attached some pictures showing how it looks. The pictures don't do it complete justice the backlight glow is much better in person.
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on February 4, 2015
Really great item. I bought two of these 51" strips but only installed one as it is bright enough for me. Will use the other on one of my other tvs. Hopefully this item lasts! I will check back here after a few months and update as needed.

****UPDATE**** July 16, 2015. Still working great.
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