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Style Name: AntennaChange
Price:$149.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on October 9, 2008
Absolutely the best antenna for DTV reception on the market! I upgraded from a DB4 in hopes of getting reception out of market and it easily locked in all the local stations at a distance of 40 miles, But I was blown away at how well it captured many stations from a town over 100 miles away. I live on a hill so that obviously helps and your mileage may vary, but I never had as much consistent long range reception with any other antenna. Another plus, it's no larger than a DB4.

One tip: The position of the binding posts used to attach the buss bars do not leave much room to tighten the wing nuts, so connect both sets of tapered loops with the buss bars, first, before assembling the rest of the antenna. That should make things easier.

FWIW, the negative review below is obviously a troll and should be disregarded; he has posted the exact same comments about the DB2 and the DB4. Hmmmm..
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on November 25, 2014
Assembles in 10 minutes, mounts in attic in 5 minutes. Go to to determine which way to aim it (you enter your zip code and it will give you the direction the transmitters are from your my case, it was 163° from my house, so using a compass on my smart phone I aimed it in that direction).

Plug this into the Cable TV line that feeds all your cable outlets in the house and viola, you have TV in every room. I did use a cheap $20 booster in the attic only because it was installed by my cable company...I figured it can't hurt.

I receive 30+ channels crystal fact, the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) come in at HD better than Comca$t ever did! So glad to no longer be watching Cable TV and paying $1500 a year to watch mostly I'm reading more and being more productive. Shows like Honey Boo Boo and the Kartrashians (which I have NEVER watched) don't deserve to be supported by my monthly Cable TV bill. It's really sad what has become "entertainment" on some Cable TV stations.
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on August 27, 2008
I've been using a DB4 antenna for about a year and a half, and it was OK. It was connected to a 4-port amp, which outputs to a pair of HDHomeRuns. Out of the ~15 HD stations in my area, I could get a good signal on ~4 of them at a time (depending on how the antenna was pointed), marginal on 3-4, and the rest were totally unusable. I finally got tired of this, and was about to purchase a DB8, when I noticed this little beauty. I figured I couldn't go too far wrong, and ordered it. After 5 minutes for assembly and 5 minutes to mount it in the attic (just guessed which direction to point it -- the wide beam on this antenna is wonderful), 13 of the 15 stations get near-perfect reception (>90% signal, >90% SNR); the other two are good (>70% on both). WOW - what an improvement, especially for an antenna that is only slightly larger than the DB4!

Highly recommend this over the previous generations of Antenna Direct antennas. And with Amazon's Prime shipping, you can't go wrong on this!
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on April 30, 2014
This antenna is the best antenna you can buy! My pole has to be 40 ft in the air to bring in any signals from Dallas which is 65 miles with a big hill in between us. I had a huge Winegard type antenna on that pole that had a rotor on it but the wind kept blowing it off course and the rotor motor would try to correct it back in place and then it would be blown off course again until finally that rotor motor burnt out completely. There was no sweet spot that I could position that antenna to bring in all the signals of the major networks. I replaced that big antenna with a small digital one but still could not turn it to bring in all the signals.
Finally, after paying Dish Network and Direct TV a ton of money every month for 5 years, I decided to bring it all to an end when Dish raised their prices to $90 per month for 200 channels of which we only watched about 5 cable channels and all the rest were OTA channels.
I was concerned that this antenna might not withstand the winds we have regularly. I needn't have worried because after we replaced the RG6 wire with new heavy duty shielded wire and popped that puppy up in the air, we got the most fantastic pictures on our TV I didn't know was possible. So much better than the reception through the Dish DVR!.
My son kept saying "Man, I am really impressed with this antenna! You are getting better reception than I get at home on my $2500 home theater setup!" I am getting so many channels I didn't even know existed! All the networks have 2 other sub channels that we don't get with Dish Network. I also get a bunch of VHS channels that come in sharp and clear. You couldn't ASK for better performance from this antenna.
You can't go wrong with this antenna! FANTASTIC! AWESOME! WONDERFUL! Ran out of adjectives!
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on November 2, 2008
I have an antenna in the attic which has pulled in analog signals for us just fine over the years. Got one of those digital to analog boxes so I would be able to continue getting off-air after February '09. Even though the box was attached to the same old antenna I was surprised that I could receive no digital stations.

Looking at the reviews I decided to get the Clearstream 4. I placed it in the attic, although the material recommended not to. It pulled in the 4 local digital stations but two of them were badly pixilated. I moved it up to the roof and am now receiving good signals. We live 25 miles from the TV towers, in a low valley with large trees between us and the towers. This antenna works! I also appreciate that it is light and thus was easy to move around to the different placements. If you are in a difficult location, be sure to point it at least roughly in the direction of the digital tower(s).
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on January 25, 2011
Installed this antenna in the attic (cement siding & pine shake roof) where the compact size and light weight make it easy (not cumbersome) to position and point. Pointing it properly made a really big difference in signal strength. My first attempt was pathetic, but with some adjustment (and moving it away from the metal furnace flue) I picked up all the HD channels from the tower 25 miles away with a signal strength between 50-100. It picked up all the channels off the UHF tower 25 miles to the north when pointing the antenna north, and even picked up the channels off the UHF tower 5 miles away which were about 120 degrees to the left.

While it has *great* UHF performance, I didn't realize this is *not* a VHF antenna, so it didn't pick up any VHF channels. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that a couple of our desired stations were VHF. So I purchased a Winegard HD7694P which includes both UHF and VHF. The Winegard's performance is on par with the ClearStream 4 for UHF, and has pretty good VHF performance too (it picked up our PBS & Fox channels in Seattle nicely). Downside of the HD7694P is that it's *much* larger/bigger/longer than the Clearstream 4 and somewhat ungainly to install/adjust/point inside an attic space as it's length, weight, and long metal rods tend to run into the attic 2x4's.

We got a free Tivo Premiere and are cancelling our DirectTV ($65/month) satellite service, because now we get lots of HD channels for free.

Moral of the story: Do your channel/signal homework. Check the whether your channels are UHF or VHF on or

Final tip: When pointing your antenna, point it once, check the signal strength, and then adjust its orientation to improve the weakest channel you really want. The higher power/better signal channels will probably still be good and you'll get that weaker channel's signal you want up into the "green".
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on May 18, 2012
Having been a Cablevision subscriber for over 10 years now , I finally decided that they aren't getting anymore of my hard earned money. I am not a heavy tv user, and had only the basic plan for the past few years. I bought this antenna today and ran the channel set up about 5x while pointing it in many different directions. Being that I live in the Hudson Valley region of NY , pointing the antenna east towards Connecticut provided me with the most available channels and the best signal strength.I ended up with around 16 channels total, and that should be plenty of entertainment for the money (no more cable bill!). If I need to see more , I go online and watch my other favorite shows. This antenna is attractive , built solid , and works as advertised. I am picking up stations between 45 and 65 miles away.
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on February 7, 2013
Bought this from Amazon about a month ago. Dropped my cable company 2 days later. We are in central Florida and get 43 digital and 1 analog station. All the national networks, PBS, CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox plus THiS, MyTV, ION and even a shopping channel. Highly recommend this antenna. Found out that you don't need cable after all.
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on September 18, 2008
I am no expert on antennas but I read quite a few reviews before I purchased this and I'm very happy with it. The stations I was hoping to receive were right around the 60 mile range with one about 70 miles. I am able to pick up all of the stations I was hoping for using just this antenna. I mounted it outside on the edge of my house and ran 50' of coax to my digital tv with no amplification. I have it pointed at the channels in the 60 mile range but am still somewhat able to pickup channels in another direction that are about 40 miles out. So it is still somewhat directional. The one minus I will note is the assembly. It took me around 30 minutes and the directions are a little hard to follow. Other than that I highly recommend it.
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on September 9, 2014
Note: my review is for the New version of this antenna: the C4-V-CJM, (which Bestbuy sells at its regular price of $149.99, purchase price $112.+tax).
Note: both C4-CJM & C4-V-CJM look very similar, only difference is the added "T" antenna at the top. (I believe its the same piece that the "Model: C2-V-CJM" has).

This is an amazing antenna. yes its pricy at $112 dollars. If you are considering changing from cable to air you are really doing yourself a favor by jumping onto an antenna of this class.

Let me start by doing a comparison between 3 other antennas, this would give you better perspective of what I learned, and compared it with.
Note: These antennas were all tested indoors, in Miami, FL. 33193 (I believe the nearest antenna tower is 20+ miles away, North East, with Heading of about 40-45 degrees).

Here we go:

1) an old Phillips bunny ears antenna (this is a simple antenna with 2 sticks)... This antenna recognized about 10 channels, and made me adjust the antenna to every single channel to get the best possible reception and was easily interfered with my body.
Recommendation: Avoid this type of antenna, at all cause!!! (this is your 5-10 dollar range antenna)

Rating: -1 stars out of 5

2) A Terk omni directional flat panel indoor antenna. (Model: OMNITV1A), with signal amplifier. (purchased @BBY for 79.99).
Truthfully I have to say that this antenna is nice, it gets plenty of channel very clear, and you dont need to move it around to get your signal. (Note: i placed it out of the bat in the best place I could)...
Performance: it recieved 30 channels which a good 25-27 of them were very strong and clear. (note: channel FOX:7-1, and ABC:10-1 which were VHF were very choppy, not very clear.)

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

3) Antenna's Direct clearstream 2v Long-Range HDTV Antenna. (Model: C2-V-CJM), (purchased @BBY for 99.99).
Now this was an amazing antenna. right out of the bat it showed all third channels that the terk recieved clear, with no problems at all. No drop in signals nothing to complain about. To give you an idea how good this antenna is, just imagine that it actually recieved 50-53 channels over the air!!!!!!! (now you can calculate how good the reception was on the first third channels that the terk recieved, the other 20 channels were really good except for 2 or 3 of them, which were channels 48-?, 29-?.

Note: I did notice that reception was poorer during the day (1:00pm-6:00pm)... This was the time I could test the antenna during the day. Channels quality dropped, (meaning that more channels were dropped, but there were random channels that I didn't even care to watch). Anyways during this time frame I was still receiving around 40-45 good channels... and they were the most watched local channels.


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

4) Antenna's Direct c4-cjm 20-inch ClearStream, (Model: C4-V-CJM). (purchased @ BBY for $112)
Truthfully This antenna did not perform much better then the previous one as channel quantity goes.
But I did feel that the channels I was struggling with 48-?, and 29-? were a little more stable!

Note: this antenna is very nice looking, but its a little big, about the size of a 23"-27 flatpanel tv.
Note: if you decide to place this antenna indoors, you must remember that you have to aim it where the TV towers are located, which means you might have to turn it around, and hence you will be looking at the back of the antenna. (which doesn't look to bad, but not as nice as the front!).


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

So my conclusion This antenna as well as its little brother are amazing, I would recommend them if you have the cash to spare. and if your looking to get as many channels as possible. remember if your replacing cable with this then you should be looking for the most stable and strongest antenna possible.

Note: I opted to pay $112 dollars for the C4-V-CJM more surface area. which I know it can not hurt, it can only make things better.
Note: The ClearStream antennas do not use a inline booster (antenna signal booster like the terk). (I did test the clearstream antennas with Terks antenna booster, and I noticed no difference in signal!!).

Hope This review is good for you guys, its my first! :)
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