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on June 20, 2012
This is a horrible book. I only read the first section and it is so contrary to what is described! If you followed the trial or read any other books on the case, you know how wrong Wendy Murphy is in here assumptions. Begining with the fact that the shirt Caylee was found in was not hers, she didn't even research the fact that there are photos of Caylee in that very shirt. Though she brings up the fact that there are things that are sealed in the case, the book in no way even gets close to the claim that it solves what really happened. The sample doesn't get to the meat of the book so it tricks you into downloading to be very disappointed. DO NOT WASTE your money.
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on February 8, 2012
This is a ridiculous book. Take three different authors, with three completely different agendas and try to fit it together. Doesn't work. First, Wendy Murphy's theory that Casey Anthony was pimping out Caylee who was killed by the pedaphile is based on believing Casey's (BELIEVING CASEY????) lie #2 about the nanny in the park - that the "nanny" is really the pedaphile(s) Caylee was pimped out to, that Caylee was taken to punish Casey for being a bad mom and murdered by the pedaphile. Feel like this might be a B movie plot? She backs it up very, very thinly with a friend saying Casey took Caylee somewhere at night (couldn't have been to Cindy's? Or to another friend's? Or choloformed in the trunk? NAAH, must have been a pedaphile for whom there is NO evidence) Well, Wendy says maybe the evidence is sealed. WHAT? So we believe the nanny story, except she's a pedaphile, and that evidence is sealed. Oh yeah, Wendy says the "big Trouble" shirt Caylee was discarded in must have been the pedaphile's - afterall, Cindy never saw it before and Casey said the nanny had clothes for Caylee at her place, so..... OOOPS - there's that little photo of Casey and Caylee in the shirt, they even showed it at the trial - remember Wendy Murphy? Asthonishingly poor job by Wendy Murphy. LAUGHABLE! Absolutely ridiculous theory. GARBAGE! Then there's author #2, Whitfield, the pioneer of the "Inner Child" work in the 60 -70's, great man, great theory, but shames himself by writing in Murphy's trashy book. Rewrite of his other books - even uses the same pictures!!! Do yourself a favor and buy one of his serious books. And then there's author #3, his wife, apparently former hippie chick who writes ala Ram Daas about spirit and loss. Good stuff, but why here? I was trying to figure out why Wendy Murphy, former non-laughable prosecutor took the pretzel twist to this case, and discovered that combating child sexual abuse is her cause. Fine, write a serious book about it, but quit making things up!
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on April 4, 2012
I, too, followed this case from beginning to end. The ridiculous "theories" that Wendy Murphy throws out about what happened to Caylee are not based on the evidence presented in court documents. When Wendy suggested that Casey was prostituting Caylee at night to make a living for herself - she lost all credibility with me! She also suggested that the FBI is involved in an investigation, and devotes more than one chapter to the "mystery" of the POSSIBILITY that numerous pictures and documents continue to be sealed by the court. There is absolutely no facts out there that would support such an absurd notion! The purpose of this book has nothing to do with "What REALLY Happened". DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
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on July 6, 2012
Having read a previous book by Murphy it is clear that she attempts to cash in by exploiting a murder she knows NOTHING about. Would never purchase another of her books.
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on April 20, 2012
The following are just a few of the major misleading issues that appear in this book.

Why would Casey risk a life sentence or capital punishment by not revealing the true identity and details about a nanny?

Why are there no cell phone records, texts, emails, photographs or sightings of her by any of Casey's family and friends? In the absence of any proof of existence of a nanny, it's logical to conclude that there never was one.

Casey sold all of her photos and videos of Caylee to ABC for $200,000. In effect, a TV station paid for this mother's defense.

The "threats" allegedly made to Casey and her family by the nanny are allegations that originate with liars. Cindy, George and Lee all lied on the stand and at varying times throughout their testimonies. The most extreme example of this family's cover-up of Caylee's murder is that Cindy washed Casey's clothes and Caylee's doll found in Casey's trunk as they smelt of decomposition.

According to emails sent to Shirley Plesea (Caylee's great-grandmother) and her son Rick,there was an argument on the evening of 15th June and by the time that Cindy awoke the next morning, both Casey and Caylee were gone, having left before sunrise. Therefore George and Cindy lied about last seeing Caylee on 16th June.

The authors claim that the t-shirt found with Caylee's remains did not belong to Caylee. This is a lie! There is a photo in Jeff Ashton's book clearly showing Caylee seated beside her mother wearing this pink t-shirt with the letters "big trouble comes in small packages".

The authors state that unraveling the mystery of the nanny remains important - but why? Just because Casey was without her child for long periods between 2006 and 2008 does not mean Caylee was with anyone at all. It is not beyond belief that Casey drugged Caylee many times and left her alone in her car whilst she went about her business.

In 100% of child murders, any blankets and familiar items left with the body indicates that the killer is someone close to that child. It is too far-fetched to claim that the nanny or someone else drove Casey's car, got into Casey's home and then stole all of the personal stuff to connect Casey to the crime. This thinking is so convoluted I just cannot believe that these intelligent authors buy any of this!

The authors state that Caylee could not have been murdered by Casey on 16th June because that night, on the Blockbuster surveillance, Casey is seen arm in arm with Tony appearing completely calm and unfazed. This proves nothing! Note the Universal Studios Police tapes: those three seasoned homicide cops are appalled and disturbed at Casey's flat affect. Melich notes that Casey demonstrates no concern or upset about her daughter's alleged disappearance. If Casey suffers from ASPD [as the authors assert on p.148] then she is unable to feel guilt or remorse or empathy.
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on January 27, 2012
What a bunch of crap--the parts she didn't "imagine" you could read in any newspaper, ect. I wasted my money--don't waste yours!
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on July 16, 2012
I thought Wendy Murphy was a victim's advocate. The book is one big conspiracy theory based on Casey's lies as told to Cindy. She gives Casey & Cindy too much credit. Decoding messages from porn industry or prostitution thugs who held Caylee hostage. Were drugs involved? Did she owe money to her pimp? Casey supposedly refused to report Caylee missing because she was protecting her family. Against who exactly & why would they kill her? That's not how these people operate. They would've have gone after Casey, not her baby girl.

What Casey really did was lie to Cindy about yet another version of Caylee going "missing". Cindy pretends to buy it because to admit the truth is to face that your daughter killed your granddaughter.

I doubt anyone in the porn industry held Caylee hostage & murdered her. Casey is a bad Mother, she committed filicide. I don't think she pimped Caylee out. There is innuendo in the book, nothing tangible. There's depositions of Cindy saying she believed Casey was protecting them by not cooperating with police. Cindy is a pathological liar who's never held Casey accountable for anything. Cindy puts on a facade of a perfect family. Casey alone murdered Caylee for purely selfish reasons.

Let's not make the case more complicated than it is. Casey wanted to erase Caylee to be free of the responsibility & revenge against Cindy. The Anthony women used Caylee as a pawn. They're alive & well, she's dead. Casey's motives for murder were selfish.

Wendy Murphy predicted Casey would be found not-guilty. Well thanks for the "I told you so". Caylee supporters don't feel lousy enough about the moronic verdict. She says the jurors didn't have enough evidence. I disagree they had enough circumstantial & forensic evidence plus Casey's lies & abhorrent behavior that pointed to her as the lone perpetrator. The jury should have convicted Casey of at least one of the lesser charges.
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on March 21, 2012
I am one of the open-minded case followers that is interested in any and all possibilities/theories in this case. I've read multiple books on it, followed the entire trial, read the depositions, evidence, etc. I've really enjoyed the books that look at it from a different perspective and not just what was reported on the news or at trial. The view this book takes is a little out there I must admit but interesting none-the-less. What I liked about it is that they asked some of the questions that I felt had never been addressed. Like why hasn't the clothes George said Caylee was wearing the last time he saw her ever been found and what is all this sealed evidence?? I'm not surprised to see harsh reviews given that the authors took a different viewpoint. Most people don't want to hear anyone even THINK, much less write it in a book, that someone else could have been responsible besides Casey. I applaud the authors for taking a non-popular approach and providing other theories. I might not agree with everything they said (the prostitution and selling Caylee for sex was a stretch for me) but the truth is, NOBODY but Casey knows. If you're interested in other theories and perspectives than what was reported in the news, then this book is definitely worth reading.
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on January 24, 2013
I found the book to be thought provoking but the thought were sometimes frightening. I will be more aware of child abuse but the theories on how Casey may have earned money was to much for me to dwell on.
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on September 2, 2011
If you were angry or disappointed by the verdict, this is a must-read for anyone who believes in justice for children. Wendy Murphy's riveting analysis of the case reveals facts and evidence that jurors and the public never heard. Her courageous work to uncover the truth about Caylee's death is crucial: too often children die behind closed doors and without a voice. Charles and Barbara Whitfield offer their wisdom and experience as to what we can do better on behalf of all children and as well as extraordinary insights about what we can do right now to find meaning in the death of Caylee Anthony.
'Eileen King
Regional Director, Justice for Children DC
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