Customer Reviews: Anvil of Tears (The Reforged Trilogy Book 1)
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on November 16, 2015
I couldn't put it down. It is an exciting and fast-paced story that had me laughing one minute and actually crying at other times. Certainly, the constantly developing complexity of the cast of characters is what makes this story so good. And, the worlds they inhabit are so well described it's easy to visualize each one. The nihilist cult is scary as hell.
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on June 30, 2015
Honestly I wasn't sure if I would like this book. It didn't take too long and I was hooked. What will happen to the Blue Phoenix crew?

The different races are amazing and continue to develop as the story deepens. It is full of plots and subplots. I have a lot of speculation about some things this MAY happen so this first review is short. I just have to get to book 2 of the trilogy....KUDOS Mr. Christensen on a great first book of your trilogy.
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Sounds like an exciting fight doesn't it? It is; until a pregnant girl intervenes and sends the two protagonists on a star-spanning quest to secure safety for her, her child and her lover. Then things get complicated between Maeve, the Fairy Princess, and Coldhand, the Cyborg Bounty Hunter and, as their individual histories are revealed, both find some of the things long lost which drive them towards their longed for deaths.
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on April 4, 2013
Set in the far future "magic" meets "science" in the universe of stars and planets. We meet our heroine, Maeve, who for not being human, is so very much human in her needs and desires to forget the past horrors and pains. She is running for her life from her nemesis, Coldhand, who has his own painful past he is running from. Together they discover a common bond to save a small bit of their souls and find a little forgiveness for the sins of the past.

--May contain spoilers--

What I loved about this story:

I loved the flashbacks on the characters, main and side characters. It made the characters come to life. I loved the dark turmoil that followed both Maeve and Coldhand. Both painted as horrible people but really just two wounded souls trying to find a reason (or end) to the hell that is their life. I did find some of the characters a little rough around the edges but I suppose there is only so much you can put in one book. I liked how the story gave you little glimpses into the side characters histories. How they met up with each other. How they were tied together. It flushed out the story beautifully.

I loved how you had science worlds and magic worlds. I liked the opposite end of the spectrum setting. I loved how they were at odds with each other. It was such a wonderful truth to how life really is. You fear what you don't understand. What you fear you kill or despise. It jerked at my heart strings to read about the Arcadian's treatment. I really felt the story was a reflection of how many minorities/refugees are often treated in human history. I loved the side notes on describing the planets and technology. I felt it helped me understand the worlds the characters lived in fuller. I loved the way each subspecies was described and given unique characteristics.

What I loved the most was how the Authors wrote the tale to lead you down one path making you view the characters one way, only to have the path suddenly make a U-turn taking the story down a whole new path. The actions of the character or flashbacks constantly giving you deeper insight into the characters actions and past. It did that over and over, surprising me again and again. I loved the layer on layer of details as they fell into place creating and amazing puzzle of twists and turns that left you going... "I did not see that coming at all".

I loved that it wasn't just a heroine against bad bounty hunter story; instead it evolved into a larger tale. I felt the story ended well. I was sad it ended. Was it a happy ending? You will have to judge for yourself. In many ways it was. In many ways it wasn't. It really depends on which of the characters you were supporting the most.

Were there errors in the story?
Well yes there were, but I was so wrapped up in the tale I barely noticed them.

Overall Impression:
I have not, in such a long time, found a story that made me wonder what was going to happen between reading sessions. I would ponder as I moved about my daily tasks on the motivating factor behind the characters. What made them be the way they are? Who broke them? What are they going to do next? Where was the story going? I was almost obsessed with this tale to see how it would end. I couldn't wait till the next time could sit down and read more. I only wish there were more books like this.

So that being said, it's not your traditional Sci-fi tale. It's a beautiful eclectic mix of Sci-fi and fantasy and totally worth your time to read it.

I am off to buy book two...
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on September 23, 2015
The fairies of old stories come to life. Fairies, some good, some evil, some bred as fighters, as Knights grown to save their people. One of the fairies, thought to have waged Genocide is pursued over many cities and planets by a bounty hunter - who lets nothing stop him in the pursuit of the Bounty placed on her.
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on October 12, 2015
AC - EL combined their writings into a journey across the known galaxy. The Bounty Hunter goes to any length to catch his opponent and the woman plays dodge ball among the planets. This is an excellent read for the genre.....ER
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on May 13, 2015
I read this story a few years ago and went on to read the trilogy. Anvil of Tears has great character development, an interesting story and some unexpected twist. A fallen disgraced princess, a bounty hunter, a magician and lots of action keep things moving at a good pace. Good story.
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on May 22, 2015
You learn the character's history by flashback memories, meet the crew of the Blue Phoenix a mix of aliens with their own set of problems and reasons why they are there. A wonderful story with lots of twists and turns and an ending you won't believe, can't wait for next book.
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on July 1, 2015
It took me awhile to get into this book, it was interesting but I wasn't captured. As the story unfolded I found the characters complex and compelling. A story of honor and conflict. I truly enjoyed it and look forward to the next.
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on March 1, 2014
From the beginning of this book I was drawn in by the unique characters and setting of the story. I sometimes find stories set in space to be a little too tech-y for me, but this had the perfect blend of unusual technology and intriguing characters. Some people don't seem to understand the personalities of Maeve and Coldhand to be deep and mysterious, but I found that I could easily relate to their challenged and apathetic behavior. I was immediately a fan of this series and found it hard to put this book down.
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