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on January 12, 2012
Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this camera to anyone looking for an outdoor IP network camera.

To get an idea of my background, I am a camera 'snob' and carry only high-end Canon L series lenses on my personal camera. I have tried many "web cams" in the past mounted indoors in windows (including PTZ type cameras) and have been highly disappointed in results over the years. In other words, I'm a stickler for image quality. Tired of the limitations of my windowsill for remote viewing, I did not necessarily need a security camera, but wanted an overall yard-monitoring camera to keep an eye on my livestock and check in on weather conditions at my higher elevation home.

This camera was easy to set up using Windows 7, once I found the path for the 64-bit installation (that part was a tad tricky). The image is fabulous and crisp indoors and outdoors. Despite the tinted plexi dome, it captures natural colors with splendid accuracy. I have this mounted under the eaves of a building and I can even watch livestock across the yard at night. Perhaps the other reviewer didn't have any lighting available at night, but I have a large sodium light in my yard and this camera even still showed full frame rate color streaming video. Love that I can access it from any browser and via my mobile (hint: TinyCam Monitor for Android supports full PTZ functionality for this camera). I thought I would need to purchase a second one and mount it elsewhere to achieve the coverage I expected from a camera like this but the sweeping range of panning view is so great that I really don't believe that's necessary any more.

Physically, the camera has a nice low-key semi-industrial appeal. It is mounted on the exterior of a building on my property and it blends right in; but if you look right at it, it is clearly a camera -- and a nice deterrent to anyone with less than palatable intentions. I think it could be easily masked if someone wants to hide it, but I believe it could also be more prominent if someone desires to put it somewhere a little more out in the open to act as a security deterrent.

I have shared the link/login to this camera with several people, all of whom have been amazed at the quality of the image (note: so far, two of the three people I have shared it with have only seen it after dark).

I had a couple of technical difficulties with setup which necessitated my contacting the manufacturing company (located in Hong Kong) and they were pleasant, prompt, and provided exactly the information I needed to complete my setup. I was truly pleasantly surprised to receive such prompt and helpful feedback via email and live chat from their website.

There are a couple of things to be aware of: 1) Wireless setup seems straight-forward but I was unable to set it up. I have it set up via ethernet as it is all connected indoors (punched through building envelope to feed plug ends through). Which brings me to issue 2) The power cord attached to the camera itself is a nice heavy duty outdoor-rated cord. The power 'brick' and cord that attaches to the wall plug-in is an indoor-rated cable and not suitable for outdoors. Probably would have to enclose the entire cable in a PVC/ABS tube if it were to run any significant length outdoors, even under eaves. I would imagine the thin "indoor" power brick portion of the cable would probably break down pretty fast unprotected outdoors (heat, cold, UV, etc.). 3) The browser software for viewing the camera could use some help. If you plan to use this camera to share with your friends, note that there are only three membership types that you can assign users to: Administrator (you), Operator (anyone who can have access to the PTZ controls, including saving over any home positions you have preset as the administrator) and Visitor (any visitor with log in access who can simply view the camera at whichever angle it was last stopped at by either the Administrator or Operator). My gripe about that is that I'd like to have Visitors be able to pan/tilt/zoom but not have access to be able to save over administratively set preset angle positions (of which there are 8, by the way -- I like that). Issue #3, for me, isn't enough to deter me from using this camera one bit as the PTZ responsiveness, image quality (even at night when in an environment with some form of lighting available), and overall wide-angle view makes this camera more than sufficient for my needs (overview of my horse riding arena and horse corrals).

I would certainly purchase another Apexis camera, and if I had the need for an additional one of this model, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. Before now, I have not seen such a responsive PTZ camera (especially outdoor-capable!) with such an amazing picture in my decade+ of owning various "web cams" (although this model far exceeds the traditional term "web cam" and would certainly be well-suited as a security camera, mounted indoors or out).
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on February 28, 2012
This is exactly the same item as the Loftek sentinel Professional Wireless Ip Camera.... Only $9.00 more expensive and longer shipping time (to Florida anyway). I ordered one of the Apexis and one of the Loftek models to compare. Nothing to compare, they are the same device. Even the software is interchangable. In fact, the detection software for setup for the Apexis, Loftek and Foscam FI8918W cameras is identical. Main difference is that the title header differs on their respective browser pages. Setup and even multi-device options work for all three cameras.

Having said that, I have tested all the features of the cameras and at least they all work correctly for me, including the digital input and output for turning on remote devices when triggered by motion or manually (except the Foscam which does not have a digtal in or out connection).

Response is quick, clarity of image is good and zoom is acceptable if 3X is enough for your application. Nightime use of the Apexis and Loftek cameras is pretty much non-existent without ambient external lighting. My installations use and Optex motion detector simply because it appears to be more predictable and nightime reliable than the camera motion detection.... and I can use the Optek contact output to trigger the cameras' alarm funtion.

For $160, so far anyway, I would buy more. Since I have only had them for a few days, I can't speak for the long term viability, but it sure beats the $900+ PTZ I bought from Covisec security here in Florida that died 1 month after warranty expiration.

---News Blast----
Maybe they are not quite the same quality. I have now had problems with the presets on start up. Records the new preset, but does not return to the proper preset on restart. Also, found after several days' operation, the camera locked up. I have not had a similar problem with the LOFTEK model, so I am sending this one back and replacing it with a Loftek model. Fortunately, I like to bench test these kinds of electronics for a couple days before installing. Recommend anyone buying one of these to do the same.
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on October 18, 2011
I purchased this camera last week and had it installed now for several days. Delivery was on time. I am totally impressed with this camera. It works as advertised. I had a cheap outdoor camera but it was cheap and you get what you pay for so I decided to replace it with this one. Such an improvement.

The software that came with it is far better than any software that came with the other cameras I own but I use a third party software that consolidates all my cameras into one viewing screen so all I will say about this software is that it is above average, but like I said, I do not need it except to maybe change the camera's configuration. The camera has a wireless feature but I am not using it. The old camera I replaced already had a network cable going to it so I am using the existing cable. Performance is always better via a hard cable than wireless anyway.

Even though the doom is tinted I can still see clearly through it with all the outdoor colors. I can't even tell it's looking through tint. I love the panning. You can keep the pan button pressed and it pans until you release the mouse button. Other cameras you may have to do constant clicks to pan. The zoom works good as well.

It was relatively easy to install the software and to mount the camera. It is well made. I am surprised at the affordability of such a good camera.

I gave it 5 starts because of the experience I have had with bad performing outdoor cameras in the past, I consider this one a good fine.

I should add I did find a homemade Youtube video someone made on this model. That is what sold me on the camera. Try searching Youtube for this model and you will find the video.
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on January 25, 2013
My initial review was one star, and I had started the return process. The manufacturer actually has very responsive tech support, if you can wait for the business hours in asia. After a few emails, they are up and running, and for the price, hard to beat.
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on January 26, 2013
The label on the camera itself says Agasio but the packaging says Apexis. My aim was to get a Loftek D1 and after looking at the hardware specs and online images, there are several IP cams that definitely look like it's the same hardware. I'm an Amazon Prime member and this one came out to be the cheapest of the bunch and 2 day shipping was free.
I went to the Apexis website to check if there are any latest firmware, click on the link and it sent me a link pointing to the Foscam website

If you are purchasing this IP cam, compare pricing, shipping and possibly support (if you'll need expert help). For me. it came down to pricing and shipping costs.

I believe these IP cams are the same (read the specs on each): Agasio A621w, Loftek Sentinel D1, Hootoo HT-IP006.

Some tips:
1) Configure using ethernet first and later set your wifi parameters from there. Make sure you have DHCP turned on from your router and let the installer tool find the unit.
2) Mine came with no need to adjust lenses but there's websites out there describing how to adjust the lens
3) This unit dropped connections and I thought it was the IP cam. It was my wifi access point. Changed my wifi AP to another and it is doing really well. Make sure you have strong WIFI signals as I have 2 different AP location and the weak one actually affected performance and maintaining a connection.
4) I figure the exposed screws are going to rust over time so I applied silicone to exposed areas
5) You'll definitely have issues with ActiveX especially on IE9. I got it to work after much mucking around but it's really not worth it. If you plan to use the audio and record portion with the browser, then you will have to figure out how to make it work on IE9
6) I use android and the best software right now for this is the IP Cam Viewer Pro
7) Do not purchase an IR illuminator for this. It is insensitive to IR.
8) Make sure to open the bottom half of the dome and remove the protective foam!
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on December 8, 2012
I've been looking at this camera for almost a year, and have read about every review written for/against it. The current price was the stimulus to move me off the sideline. The hardware appears to be of very good build-quality. The PTZ motors operate smoothly and quietly. The video is as good as one can expect for VGA resolution, with good color and focus. Some have reported getting poor focus, but you can find reviews for this or the identical Loftek camera that describe how to adjust the focus on the zoom lens, by loosening a screw and turning the lens. The Apexis-US forum gives good instructions and pictures also. This is a fixed focus lens. Focus it at the distance you expect to use it at. There is a large depth-of-field for lens like this, but don't expect it will deliver sharp focus from a few inches to infinity.

I give the camera hardware and video characteristics a 5 star rating. It's the firmware and specifically the Web browser user interface that is the greatest negative, and if I could rate them separately, I'd give the firmware (FW) a 1 star rating, because it doesn't have to be so inflexible. The actual features deserve a higher rating depending on the use you give the camera. I'll revise this review if there's any indication that fixes are on the way.

Including this camera, I have 4 IP cameras with similar electrical characteristics; two Apexis, one Trendnet, and one Zonet with Trendnet firmware. The web browser interfaces are similar, but the Apexis cameras (including the J11) have a couple of notable deficiencies. I use IE9 exclusively as a web browser, and the activeX software you need to use this mode is unsigned (which causes you to have to reduce the security settings of IE). There is a signed version available on the Apexis-China site that works OK with Win 7, but causes IE10 in Win 8 to shutdown due to an error caused by the page. If I find out differently, I'll change this comment. I haven't (and won't) try to reduce the security setting of IE 10 to use this feature. There is a mobile phone viewer choice in the web GUI that does work on IE 9 and IE10, but the controls are limited. It's worth noting that my Trendnet cameras do not have this problem displaying in IE9 or IE10, and no security reductions are necessary to use the activex interface.

The other notable negative with the Apexis Web GUI is that you can not set a frame-rate in the camera, and that's not limited to just this Apexis model. The camera outputs the maximum frame rate for the image size selected. When a user opens a browser window, he has a choice of selecting the viewing frame-rate, but it has no effect on the camera. The network has to carry the data the camera outputs, regardless of the frame-rate selected by the viewer. Selecting a low frame-rate affects CPU load, but not network load (if my observations on my home router data are correct). This means you can't control the data rate in your local network It also means that if you open a port for a guest viewer, they will cause the data on your web connection to increase maybe more than you desire, because the data rate is always set to max. This 'feature' is not part of the Trendnet interface, as the frame-rate and JPEG compression settings (although not as flexible) are locked by your selection as administrator. Otherwise, the Apexis GUI works well with all the things I have tried.

I monitor my cameras using a program called iSpy. It is free for local use; there are other services for web usage. There is no problen viewing under any version of IE, as it apparently does not use ActiveX.

This camera is for use with visible light only. It will not see an object illuminated by an infrared source. If you want to have it see in the dark with an external IR source, you can remove the lens and remove the IR filter. I haven't done it on this camera, but on one of my other two cameras, I removed the lens and removed a tiny piece of plastic right behind the lens. When you remove the IR filter, things illuminated by outdoor light will take on unnatural colors; that's just the way it is when a camera sees the world over a wider spectrum than your eyes perceive. Every digital camera has a similar filter.

Another interesting mod is to replace the zoom lens with a longer zoom lens. Check the Apexis-US forum for a posting by ZZCAM where he posts info and pictures from his modified camera.

You can pay a lot more for an IP camera, but it's hard to beat the value, if you can overlook the shortcomings in the firmware.
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on May 7, 2014
It has great image quality and it work as it is described. I conneted this camera via WIFI and it work very well. When I conneted to my wired LAN the response time was increased.

I recommend this camera. It works as it is described.
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on May 3, 2013
Camera and hardware is as seen on the website. Everything was included and it did work right out of the box. Connecting to the wireless network took a couple tries but was not overly complex.
I have had it up and running for several weeks now.
The software to keep it doing what I want (viewing an area and reporting an alarm when there is activity) is not easy to configure. The ability to connect to the camera has been interrupted several times and I have had to "delete" that camera and activate another "camera" . During that time (I am trying to figure out some animal damage) the area is unprotected as the camera is not recording or reporting an alarm.
With easier to understand software and more robust connections, I would rate it higher.
Also, there is not really any night vision capability.
The pan and tilt works very well. There really is no zoom as far as I can tell.
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on January 28, 2016
I made the poor decision to buy four of these cameras. All four failed fairly quickly: one lost video completely in the second week, two others lost web connectivity within five weeks, and the fourth worked nearly a year before losing web connectivity. One of the four lost the ability to pan the camera around. I opened it up and saw that the plastic axle had broken and the camera body had fallen out of the axle receiver. There is no way to repair this. My experience has been that these cameras are badly documented, have very poor quality control, and are almost completely unsupported. This has been a complete waste of over $800. I'm surprised Amazon ever carries this product line. When the cameras work, however briefly, they are wonderful, but their unreliability is a complete showstopper.
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on January 12, 2013
When they arrived, one had a small screw rolling around in the globe. Took that out and set up the camera. Loved the picture and thought it was going to be so nice that I could zoom. But later, when I backed out of the zoom, I found the picture so blurry that I could never use it to determine if our son was awake or seizing - the primary purpose of the cameras in our home. I am returning them both. Set-up was a bit of a nightmare from the software angle and I don't look forward to doing it again, but I have no choice. Also, buyers might miss something I missed. These have no infared. You see nothing but black when there is less than optimal lighting.
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