Customer Reviews: Apple Airport Extreme Card 802.11n for Apple Mac Pro Mb988z/A
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on November 6, 2010
Just installed a card on my closeout 2009 Mac Pro. (2009 models don't come with Airport in the standard configuration for a single processor 266GHz)

The card you get should not look like the stock photo that shows mostly metal shielding. The right part is not fully encased in metal.

Installation is a bit tricky because of the antenna connectors, which are about the size of a pin head. Also, this is a sensitive electronics involved. Use proper grounding to reduce the risk of damage from static electricity, etc.

Briefly... shut the computer down and disconnect all the wires from your computer. Pull off the side cover. Lay the computer on its side, with the bottom of the computer closest to you. Pull out the processor tray on the bottom. (Brilliant design feature!) There are three small, short wires near the airport card connector. These have a clear plastic cover over the (fragile) gold plated connector, which will have to be removed. There are two antenna connectors on the airport card, so one of the wires seems to be a spare. (FYI, I used #2 & #3 because I couldn't get #1 to fit.) The connectors themselves are 90 degree, meaning the fitting is perpendicular to the length of the wire, so you will have to twist the wire to get the connectors to line up. This is the tricky part, because they are very thin metal.

Apple tells you to get this card installed professionally, and, after having done this, I can see why. It's not that it's so hard, but things can go wrong.

I installed the card, screwed it in with the provided phillips head screws and then installed the antenna wires. (It may seem easier to put the wires on first, but I had better luck when the Airport card was fixed in position. But YMMV.)

I put everything back together, reinstalled the cables, and the fired up the Mac Pro. Airport card was recognized, the signal level was as strong as it should be, and I was up and running after selecting the network I wanted.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2011
I bought a used Mac Pro that had no WiFi. I ordered this card and it arrived in a few days. I looked online for some videos or other instructions about how to install it. There were some on YouTube and elsewhere. Not much help on the Apple website. Apparently Apple does not consider this a DIY.

I turned the computer off and unplugged it. Then I grounded myself to avoid static electricity. I opened the case, removed hard drives #1 and #2. Tremendous Apple engineering! I inserted the card in the intended slot (right above the blue tooth card slot which was already installed). There are 2 tiny Phillips head screws that hold the card in place. These were screwed in place without much problem. Now for the tricky part. There are 3 antenna connectors, neatly labelled 1, 2, and 3. Two of the 3 must be connected to the card. They have tiny press fit connectors that press onto tiny connectors on the Airsoft Extreme card. The problem is, there is so little room to work,and you are so deep inside the case that it is really difficult to get a good view of exactly what you're doing. The connectors do not snap or anything like that when properly connected, they just press on. I was very careful so nothing would be bent or crushed. It took several tries and lots of patience, but eventually I attached both connectors. The second one was much easier than the first. Learning curve, I guess.

The computer recognized the card and prompted me to configure it. I just followed the prompts. I connected to my wireless network, entered the passwaord, and was up and running. Way simpler than most items I have ever added to a PC.

Overall, this was a moderate difficulty process, only because of the confined space issue and the tiny size of the connectors. If you are not comfortable inside a computer case, you might want to find an experienced friend or a pro to help you out. The card itself works great.
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on November 29, 2011
Overall, this thing works very well. Instructions are not included. I used the other reviews to figure out installation.

It was very frustrating. The terminals for the antennae are very small and give little feedback. The antenna wire has a memory and does not want to be attached to the card.

The tricky nstallation makes this a 3/5 star product.

Here's a time-saving tip. Install the card by sliding it into its slot and securing with the two screws, then attach the wires. Use a pair of tweezers to grip the antenna wire just behind the head of the terminal. This allows you you position the head without having to fight the wire. Once the head is lined up, push it down firmly on to its base. I used an unsharpened pencil as my pusher. Fingers are just too big to be effective and too tender to take the pressure of the tiny terminal.
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on December 17, 2013
I just wanted to say I bought 3 of these cards and they worked great in a Mac Pro Early 2008. They fit into the motherboard near the center. You need to first disconnect the Blue Tooth card labeled BT. Then I had to dig out 3 black wires labeled 1, 2, and 3 from the upper left corner taped to the top of the motherboard. I removed the plastic covers off the wires. Wire number 1 attached to the BlueTooth card (I moved the old BT wire back up to the top of the motherboard out of sight and disconnected). Then wire 2 attaches to the top of the Airport card and wire 3 attaches to the bottom terminal of the Airport card. The card slides into the slot at an angle. It was easiest to connect the wires on the Airport card first before inserting it. I tried to do it the other way the first time (card before wires) and it was almost impossible (at least very frustrating). I had to use my fingernail to push down on the wire connectors to get them to snap in place. Be careful to line them up properly before applying pressure. Anyways, once the wires are connected everywhere and the card is in at an angle, you need to push the card down next to the motherboard and use the 2 included screws that comes with the card. You gotta be very careful not to drop them in the motherboard. I would probably recommend putting the case with it's side down and use a magnetic screw driver or put something around the work area to catch the screw if it falls inside. I had the two screws fall inside the first time I did it and had to shake them out. That was difficult because one of them was stuck to a magnet of the metal cover that goes over the heat sync. I didn't notice until I pulled the cover out. Anyways, all the cards work great and I'm very happy.
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on March 11, 2015
We have an old Mac Pro 2010 that did not have any Apple Airport Extreme Card and we needed to have it wireless as it was relocated further from the router.

I made sure to be grounded before touching the card, as static electricity could damage the card. It was a little harder to screw it on the board as the screws were so small. Nevertheless, the card was installed without any problem.

Tested it and speed was good. I bought it since November 2014 and it's been 5 months now, and it's still working great!

Price is definitely good for this item, considering it used to cost over $100 back in the days. I would buy more if needed and would definitely recommend this product to my friends.
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VINE VOICEon April 17, 2015
I've included a photo of a real Apple OEM Airport Extreme Card for comparison. Notice the Apple and Broadcom chips.


I'm not sure but it seems that OWC sells these which is an indicator of some quality, or just a sign of desperation since the OEM cards probably aren't made anymore and used ones are in short supply. Of course I'm not sure because there's no brand name, serial number, or model number on this card to really confirm.


The listing's title needs to change. This is NOT an Apple OEM product. Yes they hint at this in the description but even I missed reading it. This is just a compatible card.

Bad Quality, I think it's very telling when: 1. they try to hide all of the chips, 2. Pretend that it has a Broadcom processor with all of the markings on the back of the board, 3. it has no serial or model numbers what so ever or other markings for quality control, and 4. the manufacturer is not even proud enough to include a brand or company name. I'm guessing a lot of these will fail within a few months either outright or the performance isn't very good.


You may want to spend a few extra dollars and buy this no name brand from OWC instead. Why? This is sold by a 3rd party on Amazon that may go away at any time. OWC isn't going away and they stand by what they sell.

Do you want a genuine (but used) Apple OEM Airport Extreme Card? Here it is: Apple Airport Wireless Card For Mac Pro - Network Adapter - 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n (draft) (66436H) Yes it's used even though the listing doesn't indicated that it's used.

Again the photo below is of a real Apple OEM Airport Extreme Card and not of the item being listed as one.
review image
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on January 25, 2015
If you need to add wireless to an Intel MacPro, you can call the Apple Store and they will say that you should use an Airport Express as an ethernet bridge. While this works, in reality I have found that it causes quite a bit of lag in the connection and will cause problems with certain streaming apps. I ordered this part instead. It came quickly in a static bag with the necessary screws and some instructions.

The instructions were not a match for my particular model of MacPro (Apple had a few configurations and this should work for both). However, I was able to find the directions fairly quickly on the web. Having a magnetic screwdriver makes the install go a little easier. Most important thing is to check the antenna cables that connect to the card in the computer. For my model, I need to connect wires 1 and 3. Once installed, open the Network panel in System Preferences and the system should recognize it right away. After that, I was able to choose my SSID and connect right away. Total time was about 30 minutes, 15 minutes of which was me confirming the installation instructions.
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on September 5, 2014
I love working on computers and have upgraded tons of MacBooks and MacBook Pro's, so I was excited to do a decently difficult upgrade on my new(old) Mac Pro. It's a 2,1 and this airport card works great. Mine came with screws luckily, as I've heard some people didn't recieve them. Installing the card takes some patience.

It only took me about 15 minutes as I am farmiliar with these screws and cables. But it will take about 40 minutes if you are new to this sort of stuff.

ProTip: When you have the connectors slightly in place, use a flathead screwdriver to push the antenna cables in completely. Be VERY careful as to not hit your motherboard/logic board. You'll hear a difinitive and satisfying click when it's in.

I connected the wire labeled '3' to the bottom of the airport module, and '2' to the top. '1' goes to Bluetooth and the wire labeled 'BT' remains unconnected. Apparently there was a mix up with labeling when these mac pros were being made. Whatever, thank the people who spent the time to figure this **** out.

Once installed, I had to mess with the system preferences a little bit to make it happy (it was saying connection failed when I attempted to connect to my wifi network)

After some messing about, I got it working, and now it functions fantastically.

Thanks again to the seller. To all the buyers, look up a guide on how to install it if you're intimidated. I personally love upgrading computers, so I had fun.
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on October 17, 2015
My Late 2009 Mac Pro never came with this card. I could never be located in maps or any program that required a location. The card worked like a charm. Got me to about 50 feet of my actual location. Easy to install (For me at least). Came with mounting screws. I usually use CAT 5 ethernet for my router connection but wifi works great.
Note: Use antenna cables 1 and 3.
This looks like it was pulled from a computer and not new. It was in good shape and works. Well worth the price.
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on July 22, 2015
Worked like a champ thanks amazon reviews for making this installation less painful. My package came with two scores and some instructions, they were ok instruction should have been in color since its hard to differentiate things in black in white but thats just me. Screws are really small I lost one in the process of installing but I got it done with one. Is that advised? Who knows but its in there and it works so 5 stars. Plus the shipping was great and the price weasels great. Hope this helps
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