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319 of 347 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2010
All anyone has to do is Google '6th Gen Nano review', and they will see a plethora of seemingly identical reviews blasting the newest generation of Nano for being so radically different from the previous models. I can sum up almost all of the negative reviews in one grammatically horrible sentence: features were removed, one has to look at the screen to operate the player rather than use the click wheel, no more camera/video recording, no more support for watching video, and yet it still costs the same as the older Nano. These are all pretty true statements, however, what people are failing to understand is that this is a completely new product- many of the so-called failings in these reviews are by comparison and really have little to do with the merits of the new Nano itself. I think it would be easy to counter most of the arguments that you see in these reviews, and it's amazing how so many of them are written by people who have not really used one of these Nanos, by suggesting that they spend the extra $50 or so dollars for the newest ipod touch which can take pictures, videos, has apps and games, all on a much bigger screen- albeit on a much larger device. Most of the negative reviews have made it clear that having a larger device is preferable to less features, and thus, I think the ipod touch would suit the critics much better than the tiny little marvel of technology that is this newest Nano. Besides, the line between the ipod Touch and Nano, with regards to both their price and size, have been steadily converging for years, and Apple must have realized this. So instead of another device that attempts to be the cheaper alternative to Touch, Apple has developed something new, the 6th Gen Nano. This new Nano is an extremely portable device which has attempted to combine some of the best audio features and touch screen controls of the Touch, with a form factor that is as small as the previous generation of shuffle. The result is a terrific combination of functionality and compactness that is unbelievably small, usable, and fun to use. And the sound is fantastic too (for an iPod).

So instead of making the same old review as the critics, please allow me to introduce the Nano from the standpoint of someone who has never used the previous generations of Nano. First of all, the things that attracted me the most were the size and the screen. The size is obviously perfect for heading out for a jog, and it's probably no coincidence that it has nearly the same size and shape as the previous Shuffle. I have an ipod touch, and honestly, I don't want to take a $400 device to the gym or into the classroom (I'm a teacher) only to have it disappear from my desk. The small size allows me to wear the Nano on a watchband, something that I would not do with the larger Touch and something that would've looked absurd with the 5th Gen. Nano. As a matter of fact, the Nano has a nice little clock display that makes for a nice watch if you wear it on the watchband. Additionally, I am one of those people who find small technology absolutely fascinating- the smaller, shinier and complicated it is, the more I love it. This Nano is a dream come true, it's a postage stamp sized touch, sans movies. But really, who would buy a media player to watch a movie on a 1.54 inch screen- in this respect I think Apple respects the intelligence of its customers by not trying to market this as a product that would obviously fail at that task.

The screen is great because of the controls- I love the touch controls on my Touch, it's what I'm used to, so I don't have this expectation of finding a scroll wheel on the front. The screen allows for a functional combination of display and control on such a small device. It has a very nice, bright display with high resolution and the touch control is very snappy with absolutely no lag or delay. Some people have stated that the screen is too small to be useful- I would have agreed had I bought this for watching movies or looking at pictures. However, as mentioned earlier, one could get a slightly more expensive Touch for those features and a much larger screen. Many of the critics have complained that in order to control the newest Nano, the user must look at the display- however, there is the Voice Over function which will literally tell you what you are touching. I can fumble around without looking, Voice Over tells me what buttons I'm touching, and then I double tap the button when I touch it. Really, it's not that complicated, at any given time there's only a maximum of 4 buttons on the screen. Oh, that's the right button- double tap, and there we go.

The audio quality is great for an ipod. To my untrained ear, it is louder than my Touch, and sounds just as clear or better through my Etymotics and Sennheisers. It has the same Equalizer presets as the touch, Genius playlists, playlists, well- pretty much all of the same audio features as the touch, including audio books. Oh, so now I don't have to carry a $400 device to listen to audio books! There's obviously the shake to shuffle feature too.

The little belt clip is nice, and like the Shuffle, keeps the Nano on securely. As a matter of fact, the Nano's case feels very sturdy and strong. The external buttons are easy to press and use- there are only 3 of them, and everything else is done via screen. Some people have complained that there isn't a 'home' button to take you back in the menu- however, when you first get started, the Nano tells you very explicitly that you need to swipe to the right to go back in the menu. Also, speaking of swiping, you can use two fingers to rotate the screen in any direction, meaning that the new Nano can be used in any orientation.

All in all, this Nano seemingly fulfills that niche in which function, small size and quality meet. I was looking for a small music player with some advanced features since I already have an ipod Touch that can play movies and games and apps, a Droid that can play movies, games, apps and make phone calls, a PSP and a DSi. I can use any of these devices for multimedia, but one thing they won't be is small. This is a device that gave up all the potential that comes from having a big screen to be a tiny and high tech music player. You won't be able to play games (yet) or watch movies (yet)on the touch screen, but that doesn't make the screen useless. The touchscreen is what allows for the impossibly small size, by combining the controls with the display.

Nano is a product for people who don't need or care about a movie player, but are instead looking for the Touch's music capabilities and Apple quality in a much smaller package. To that respect, I have to say that the new Nano hits the mark. It's already apparent that anyone expecting an updated Gen. 5 Nano with a new feature or two will be very disappointed. Judging by the reviews online and here in Amazon, and I think the criticism is fair- Apple has taken the smaller and more affordable alternative to the Touch and transformed it into something that is nearly a luxury item. If a user can accept the exchanging of features (some useful, some useless) for size and technology as a comparable trade-off, then the Nano will be perfect; as it is, the Nano is really a nice, nice little music player- it's fun to use, sounds great and is ultimately portable. At $179, some people would consider the Nano a little pricey (I bought mine for my birthday), then again, at $179 the 5th gen Nano was a little pricey, considering that a Touch was $50 more. That being said, I think many more people will try to justify to themselves the extra expenditure to upgrade to the touch, but that's probably what Apple is aiming for. I think this current incarnation of Nano represents a literal midpoint between the shuffle and the touch, both between function and price.

That's my review.
But just for fun I would also like to hypothesize for a second about what the critics would think, had Apple developed the Gen. 6 Nano last year and was now releasing the Gen 5. Nano.
Imagine that Apple has decided to release a new Nano that was twice as big and twice as heavy, with only 1/2 the battery life. This new Nano has a larger screen, a camera, and you can play games on it, however, Apple is going to do away with the touch screen for the simpler controls that ipods used 8 years ago. What would the critics think?

In case anyone actually reads this review, I understand that I've made a couple comments that don't seem to jive- for example, when I say that someone could buy a touch for $50 more than a nano, and yet my touch was $400. However, this is true, since I bought my 32 GB touch 2 years ago when it was $399 and today, someone can buy an 8GB touch for $229- exactly $50 more than the 16GB Nano.
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212 of 247 people found the following review helpful
on April 25, 2011
I strongly recommend you do not buy this iPod.

I bought it to replace my much loved 3G Nano, recently lost at Boston Logan. At first, the 6G Nano appealed because of it's cool appearance and compact size. But actual use quickly proved this is an inferior product well below Apple's usual high standards.

1) The battery life is abysmal. I could never get over 10 hours of play time, and that's at half volume and barely using the screen. Apple advertises 24 hours. Do a web search and you'll find many people with this complaint.

2) Ergonomically, this thing is a disaster. Where to begin?...
- The multitouch screen has no place on a device this small and intended for sports. It's touchy, and requires considerable attention to operate because of its tiny size, and usually needs two hands to use (one to hold the unit and the other to work the screen). Though Apple portrays it as ideal for sports, the need to focus on the screen and use two hands makes it supremely inconvenient when you are doing most athletic activities. In contrast, the click-wheel Nanos could easily be worked one handed.
- By its very nature, the touch screen requires more taps and gestures to achieve the same result as the click-wheel.
- The screen is not bright enough to be used in sunlight, again conflicting with its advertising as being great for use during sports.
- The shape, even down to the clip, is so symmetrical, it is not easy to determine the orientation just by feel. This makes using the clip problematic because it is easy to press on one side of it thinking that that's the opening side, when, in fact, it's not. Again, no touch annunciation.
- The tiny screen makes large playlists slow to navigate, and forces your attention to the screen while you do so. Once more, the design of the Nano does not make it easy to use it while doing something else (like running).

3) Others have pointed out that the feature set has been reduced compared to 5G, while the price has not. I'd consider it a fair trade if the design really lived up to its billing, and was functional and ergonomically friendly. As it is not, the value of this Nano is exceptionally poor.

The real disappointment is that the many failings of this device are mostly due to bad engineering and design, which is very unlike Apple. It also strikes me as having been the result of a focused effort to cut the cost of production of the Nano to an all-time low while somehow justifying keeping the retail price the same. In other words, corners were cut, polish was applied, and the result is a truly bad product.

Another reviewer made a fantastic point when he calculated that the Amazon one-star ratings for the previous generation of Nano was only about 1% of the total ratings received, whereas one-star ratings for the 6G is over 20% of its total reviews.

Case closed. The Nano 6G went back to the Apple Store tonight for a refund.

Edit: I bought a refurbished Nano 5G from the Apple Store. The difference between this and the 6G I returned is night and day. The 5G is so much easier to control, the larger shape is natural and comfortable in the hand yet still small enough to be unobtrusive, the screen is brighter, the battery life is substantially better - in short, this is a superior product in all respects except for the lack of a clip.

I stand firmly on my original review: the 6G Nano is by far the worst iPod Apple has ever made.
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249 of 299 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 2, 2010
The iPod Nano update on September 1, 2010 is arguably the most dramatic since the iPod Nano moniker was introduced by Apple five years ago.

More than an update, this is a new product that simply retains the iPod Nano name. It gains a significant feature, but loses several others.

The big deal is the touch interface on the newest iPod Nano. iPod Nano users will now be "touching," their music as iPod Touch and iPhone users have before them. The click wheel is gone. To find your music, you select a category from the Nano's menu such as "Playlists," or "Artists," and select from there. Less convenient or more convenient than a click wheel? Honestly, about equal. The screen is indeed small, but not unusable.

FM Radio has been retained as well as the Fitness aspects with the ability to use Nike + or simply the built in pedometer. However, the form factor will be a major benefit for those working out with the Nano. The previous Nano required an armband to keep it on you while working out, jogging, or the like. Not always comfortable, an additional expense, etc. However, with this new small, square form factor that need is gone. Now, we can simply "clip," the Nano onto us, with the built in clip, and run to our listening content. A bigger deal than you might think.

The downside? Features have been removed from Nano. The screen is much smaller than the previous generation. Therefore, playback of video content from iTunes is gone. Nano no longer plays video, which was a feature added three years ago. Secondly, last year, Nano added a small video camera to record low quality video, which could be played back on the Nano's screen or synced with iTunes and viewed on your computer. That feature is gone too. The device is too small now for a camera or to watch video. This new generation iPod Nano has many exciting new features, but buyers must be aware that it is no longer a video player. It is something new. Those wishing to play video on an iPod must choose an iPod Touch.

My opinion on this change? Honestly, did I ever watch video on the iPod Nano's screen? No. For me, while they kept trying to make the screen larger, it was simply too small to enjoy more than a once a year video. Likewise, the camera was simply not high enough quality to keep yourself entertained by using on a regular basis. It became a feature unused by many.

The iPod Nano has changed and gone back to being an exceptional music player. There is nothing here you do not need to enjoy music. However, the display and touch interface brings the 21st century "touch," that Apple has made so popular to a more affordable device. The touch function will be limited here to simply selecting songs or bringing up the clock, but nevertheless, touch has made its way to the Nano.

I'm most thankful that the Nano has indeed retained the DOCK CONNECTOR. The dock connector is key to use with iPod accessories such as docks, speaker docks, and built in car iPod connectors. The nano is so diminutive that if you plug it into the factory iPod kit of an automobile, the cable's dock connector will look nearly bigger than the Nano itself. Not a negative, just amusing. Nevertheless, the dock connector is there, and you will be able to use the device in such applications, and that was a significant decision by Apple. Users want and need the dock connector. It is there on this iPod Nano, but still missing from the Shuffle due to its even more diminutive size.

This 16 GB version is the largest size Apple offers in the Nano. It offers no additional functionality over the 8GB, but features twice the storage. Choose the one best for you. 16 GB is great if you have a large music collection. We should all remember though that with Nano no longer doing Video or Storing Pictures, the storage is exclusively for music. This makes 8 GB and 16 GB more appropriate size offerings as music takes up much less storage than video.

Overall, Apple has removed video (both playback and recording) from this iPod Nano. However, it's an equalling good music player. Navigation of music is now completed via touch, which works effectively despite the small screen. It's really hard to believe so much can fit into such a small device and I believe everyone will be a bit shocked when they open up the Nano the first time and see it's size yet primary function as an effective music player retained. The newest Nano brings a nearly Shuffle like size, but yet retains the functionality (touch, clip, dock connector) that serious music lovers and those who use the Nano while working out, demand.
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158 of 191 people found the following review helpful
on September 7, 2010
In a way, I understand what Apple are trying to do with the latest nano - get back to basics.

In the last couple of years, they've added features to the nano which weren't really improvements, just additions. The nano's main purpose as a take-anywhere music player was muddied by other features that didn't really fit. The screen was not really big enough to watch TV shows or movies on it. The video camera was simply not hi-res enough to be competitive or useful. As I've said in other reviews, it seemed that these features were added not because they made the nano a better product, but just because Apple could add them.

With the latest nano, Apple has stripped away all those extra features, and gone back to trying to make a best-in-class take-anywhere music player. Great idea. Unfortunately, they failed in two respects - the execution of that idea, and the price.

The two main design changes in this nano are the smaller screen, and the replacement of the click wheel with a touchscreen (with buttons for volume). Both of these changes make the product less successful as an on-the-go music player than previous models.

Having a smaller screen makes it harder to find songs - only a few lines can be displayed at a time. On a purely aesthetic note, having the mix of icons and menus in the user interface is more cumbersome and less clean that the purely menu-based UI of previous models. Not a big deal, but Apple's appeal has traditionally been their sense of aesthetics.

Removing the click wheel is a serious misstep. The click wheel made it easy to adjust the volume, scan back and forth within a track, or move between tracks in a playlist or album *without taking the player out of your pocket*. You didn't have to look at the player; just dip your hand into a pocket, quickly find the click wheel by feel, and make the adjustment. You can't do that with the new nano. While superficially cool, the touch screen makes the new nano harder to use than its predecessors.

Finally, the price. Apple is charging the same price as the previous model nano, for the same amount of storage. In essence, we lose the extraneous features in order to pay for the touch screen. I would accept that trade-off if the touch screen better served the nano's core function as a portable music player. But it does not.

I'm giving the new nano three stars because, despite being a step down from previous models, it's still a pretty good music player.

But in paring down the nano back to its primary function, Apple also made design changes that make it perform that function less well, and then charged us for them. Far from being an improvement, the new nano is a disappointment.
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123 of 148 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2010
Why would one want this?

With the 5th generation (or any earlier) nano, you could operate it with eyes closed.
Or (more importantly) in your pocket.

With this version, Apple removed the incredibly useful tactile feedback that made prior players so comfortable.
And usable by the vision-impaired.

Removal of the video & voice recording functionality is simply kicking the consumer when they're down.

I'd prefer a 1st generation shuffle (the best, IMHO) over this pathetic nano offering.

My 14-year-old son (quite rightly) refers to this model as a shuffle with a screen, and has no interest in it.

It speaks for itself that new 5th generation iPod nano players now command a hundred dollar premium over the list price of the 6th generation models.
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29 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on September 17, 2010
I've used most of the different iPod models dating back to the original and most recently was using a "postage stamp" shuffle for running. I loved the simplicity and ruggedness of the shuffle for heavy mileage running and when I saw that Apple had gone back to that design asked my wife to order me a new one. Instead she bought me a new nano and at first I too didn't "get it" and was annoyed when she told me it was on the way. Man was I wrong.

Now that I've had a chance to use it I can say that I love it and that it really is the Super Shuffle. The size is marginally larger than a shuffle, it's made of aluminum and should prove to be bullet proof, the glass touch screen is surprisingly useful and smooth, the capacity is mega and it sounds really really good. The very large capacity, the extra features like genius and genius mixes, the cool little clock, the FM radio, album art, it's got JUST the features I can put to good use on the run and none that I won't use. Even the FM radio is very, very good at pulling in stations and they sound much clearer than I had expected.

Oh, and I've sweat heavily while running with this little baby and no problem at all. It seems very rugged and sweat-resistant so far.

If I want video I'll bring along another device. For music and radio, especially while active, this sets a new standard for me. Love it and recommend it heartily.
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80 of 98 people found the following review helpful
on October 17, 2010
I have to be honest, I was nervous about getting this in the first place, and for good reason.The screen is too small, first of all. It doesn't record video, and has terrible service for the radio! Trust me guys, I also own the 5th generation nano, a real nano, and you'd be better off getting one of those! This is not the way apple should go with the new nanos! Please hear my pleas Apple! This shouldn't even be called a nano. Why not give it a new name, and contine making the nano, the way a nano should be. If something is a touch screen, then it definately needs to be a little larger. It's not easy to see what's going on in there. Why would apple even make this a touch screen with it's size? I tought it was going to be a little larger, due to it being a touch screen...WRONG! This has to be a failed project for apple! Going in the wrong direction, If you want something this small.. Go and buy the original shuffle! It's cheaper, and overall better for the money! If anything this new nano, should at least be cheaper! No way it's worth over $120. Don't get ripped off, buy a real nano!
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39 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2010
THis is my third nano and I think it is by far my least favorite. The main problem is the small size makes the touch screen hard to use, especially for someone with big fingers. I also find the touch screen is not very responsive and many times I end up with the wrong function from what I meant to push. I use it when I'm walking my dogs and it is almost impossible to change functions while I'm moving. I'm also afraid that with the small size it will get lost. The only advantage is I didn't have to spend $20-30 for a case, it has a clip attached to it. I hope this design won't last past this year.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2010
I got it as a gift and like it but the previous nano is a way better value. Yes, it is touch screen, but otherwis its a step down for apple. It can't take video or recordings. The screen is hard to read because it is so small. It also has no games on it, because of the screen size. I dislike how there is no hold button. There is a button on the top that makes the screen black and touch goes off, but several times I have found the button was pushed and my ipod ended up dead. Other than that battery time is about same as other ipods. Good buy if u want a tiny ipod with little features, but don't buy just to have a new one or as update or replacement. You will be disappointed.
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61 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on November 11, 2010
See Title.
Come on Apple. At least have the option for a 'Classic' ipod nano. Geeze.

So when I'm running, I have to unclip then 'next a song' OW a pothole OW!
It's a touch screen so the battery drains away.
It has no video camera or ability to play video, but the price point reflects otherwise.
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