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Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet ( iOS 7,16GB, WiFi) Black 2nd Generation
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My primary reason to buy an iPad was both work and home use. At work I wanted to stop printing the powerpoint decks and reports to read, and just read them on an iPad in meetings/on the go. For home I was tired of not being able to get to all my magazines and never having them on me when I wanted to read them. I also wanted to watch some TV/movies in bed/around the home so that I did not have to switch on the big living room TV. The iPad 2 has been a perfect solution for all these and more. I'm kicking myself that I went with the lowest 16GB version as I find myself downloading more content and apps everyday! It's not a laptop/desktop replacement either at home or work, but it's a great media consumption device and more.

I already used my iPhone 4 constantly due to the multitude of apps and games available for it. Fewer apps are available for iPad but it's still thousands, and I have already downloaded 200+ to try, most of them free.

The hardware itself is very slick. Very light so you can hold it in one hand, especially if you use a cover - otherwise it tends to be slippery. But it's not so much about the hardware, which other reviews have detailed anyway. It's all about being able to do what you want to do with a device. With the best technology the device itself should disappear and allow you to create, read, connect - whatever it is you want to do. That's what iPad 2 is doing for me, like a netbook never could. Using it is so intuitive and seamless, that despite having the iPhone 4, I am amazed with how much more I can do to be productive. I regret not buying it sooner!

Like the previous devices Apple has created the genius is in the apps available for it. The PressReader apps allows me to read newspapers and magazines from all over the world. I can now read some favorite magazines that were so difficult to get in the print version and newspapers too. Apps like the Flipboard and Zite make magazine content come alive. Favorite magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and Wired are available free as iPad versions to print subscribers. Also, all news magazines are now featuring interactive content, so I'm reading the news article and looking at static images, and then just as easily click on a video to watch it. The Daily is a good interactive made for newspaper but I'm looking for even better interactive journalism!

"The Civil War" shows us what history books of future should look like with its interactive content and a daily log of events as they happened 150 years ago. Netflix streams nicely and I can watch the content I want to that bore my family to tears - like documentaries. I also download all my PDF reading materials on it and can read and annotate and highlight. Powerpoints are so easy to read and I can scale the screen to look at the graphs better. iMovie is so simple to use, and I've already created several home movies with music and subtitles. GarageBand is great for novices like me, it has a multitude of instruments that I can play and even has smart versions to create music. With penultimate and UPad I've been trying to completely do away with paper notepads, but that's not the perfect solution yet.

With apps like Dropbox and Box you can drop your files into the cloud and access them from your iPad. Chatting over FaceTime or over Webex is simple, although it's entirely dependent on bandwidth. With other apps you can access your remote desktop and use every program on your computer or pull any file. I am using TeamViewer which is free for individuals to log into my home PC from work and check my files or run some programs remotely. It shows you your PC screen on your iPad and you drag your finger to move the mouse cursor and click. It's pretty seamless once you set it up, as simple as opening the app. I opened it one day from work to see my kid watching Youtube and surprised her at dinner when she told me she had been doing home work (ha!).

Another made for iPad app I use a lot is the Tivo Remote. When I turn it on it automatically shows the program I'm currently watching on the iPad screen with more details and upcoming episodes. I can use the remote buttons or explore like programs, set my season passes, etc. And when I'm not home I can use it to record programs remotely. Xfinity from Comcast also allows you to schedule and watch your onDemand content. HBO GO is simply a delight, I am thrilled to have all the HBO shows available to me anywhere I go!

I have been reading much more since I got iPad 2. Especially blogs, magazines and newspapers. That alone makes it worth it for me. And it's SO much easier to stream content like TED Talks, Lectures from YouTube, movies from Crackle and Netflix. I would have never wanted to sit down with my heavy and hot laptop for such prolonged periods to watch this content. There are some fun games available too, and every day more apps get launched which make me wonder how did I manage without this before!

Facetime has been fun too. There are Qik (from Skype) and Tango, and several other apps available that will let you do video chat but since Facetime is integrated with email, you can just click on a contact's name and choose to connect through FaceTime. I can not only check on my kid on video through this feature (all they need is an iPod Touch and wireless) but also connect with friends overseas for free. And I can click their pics while they're on the call with me. Again this feature is dependent on video quality but as a multi-tasking mom it's been great to be able to connect any time in video from work to home. My kid will be listening to music on her iPod Touch and my FaceTime call comes in - and we're off talking face to face. VLC Player has been a great app to watch .avi and other videos. I had slightly lower res version of a TV series in AVI format and the VLC player allowed me to watch it on iPad, I prefer that screen to my HP Pavilion 17 inch which has worse resolution and tends to get too hot in my lap anyway

Battery life was a big surprise for me. Mine lasts 10-11 hours on the WiFi model with full usage. That is amazing, I never carry the charger as it goes 2 days without charging. Love it! None of my laptops can compare!

The frustrations I experienced with the iPad 2 was its inability to play Flash, which will not come any time soon due to Steve Job's dislike of that technology. However, a genius of an app called iSwifter has found a way to run flash on iPad 2 and I have been using it to watch video on websites that have flash content. However, it's still not as seamless as I would like it to be! The other is a more seamless way to store and organize photos and files. I can do this through apps but why not make this more seamless. If I have to delete photos there should be a select all feature to delete a whole folder.

If you're on the fence about buying an iPad 2 go ahead and make the leap, you won't regret it. If you already have an iPad then hold on for iPad 3 as this version gives you some enhancements (faster, improved graphics, thinner, cameras) but nothing that is so extraordinary that you can't wait another few months!
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on April 15, 2011
I bought an IPAD 2 64 gig 3g Verizon model the first week it came out. I bought it online. I received it 3 1/2 weeks later from china. It was amazing for the first 20 hours. The apps were so unbelievable. I have a touch, and it is so much better. On the second day, it started trying to shut down. The battery was at 80%. I tried shutting it off and could not. I called apple. I bought the extra care plan for 90 dollars so they are going to help me. Right? Wrong. The first representative we talked to had us restore it to the factory settings. It took 1 hour to download the 660 mg file. We then restored it to the factory settings. It started working perfectly. We were so happy. The problem was solved! I watched videos and played with it for hours. I ran the battery down and plugged it in overnight to charge. The next morning the problem was back in spades. It then started doing new things like flashing on and off. I went on the website and asked a specialist to call me again. She put me on hold. She was gone for a little while. When she came back, she said that I needed to mail it back to them to REPAIR it. I said What? I have the apple care plan and was told that you would send me a replacement. I have not even had this thing 2 days. She said that the other representative lied to me, and that she could not lie to me. I have 2 options. I can take it to the Apple Store (nearest one 165 miles away) or I can mail it and have it repaired and they will send the same one back to me. She made me an appointment at the store. I am driving the 165 miles to take it back. The second representative (a supervisor) told me that they would send me a replacement if I gave them a credit card and let them charge another 900 dollars for it. When they received the old one back, they would charge it back to me.

I have had a kindle for years. The day I saw it on the Oprah show was the day I fell in love with it. I bought one the same day. The first kindle i received was great except the internet would not work. I called Amazon and they shipped me out a kindle the SAME DAY! I got it a couple of days later and loved it. It worked perfectly. I upgraded to a DX and have never had a problem.

If you want to see a video of what it is doing, you can go to you tube and watch it. My username is caulret. I love Amazon and their amazing customer service!

Edited 4-16-11
I took it back to the Apple store. The people at the Plano Apple store were awesome. They did not want to give me my money back, but we negotiated with them and they ended up putting it back on our credit card with some creative measures. A more timid person would have had to take an apple gift card. This was all they said that they could do at first, but I held my ground. I might buy this product again at a local Best Buy when they come available. If I decide to do that, I will edit this review. This was my true experience, and I wanted to share it.
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The first iPad really defined the tablet market and while a trickle of competing tablets were released, none of them has matched the critical acclaim of the iPad 2. The consensus of CNET, Engadget and most other tech reviewers is that the Motorola Xoom is the closest competitor, but falls just short of iPad.

This latest version of iPad sports a thinner design, front and back camera for casual filming and FaceTime/Skype video calls, a gyroscope, better speaker and, of course, a dual-core processor and 9x faster graphics capabilities. You still get the 10 hour battery life, but it's all wrapped up in a nicer package. That said, it doesn't seem drastically different than the original iPad and it feels like this version is simply an iPad with cameras, and the cameras don't perform especially well.

Granted, the increased graphics capabilities do make a noticeable difference in the handful of games that take advantage of the increased speed ("Infinity Blade", "Real Racing 2 HD"), but most of the apps I use most frequently - e.g. CNN for iPad, Netflix, ABC Player, iTunes Video, iBooks, Pandora, SiriusXM, Apple Remote - don't feel like the user experience changed much beyond the increased volume coming from the speaker.

My big disappointments with the iPad 2 are that the cameras aren't great, though that's forgivable since I'd use them mostly for video calling anyway, and that the screen didn't increase in resolution from the first generation iPad! I want my Retina display!

However, overlooking the faults of the iPad 2, it's still the best tablet on the market, in my opinion.

My kids love the educational apps ("Monkey Preschool Lunchbox", "First Words Animals", "Shape Puzzle HD", "Talking Larry", "Peekaboo Barn" and "Garage Band" are all highly recommended), and I think they've gone a long way in teaching even my mildly autistic daughter memorization and puzzle solving skills!

I also love that I can get paid content from apps lie Netflix, (Comcast) Xfinity TV and Hulu+ and even free content like on-demand "Bachelor" episodes and other shows from the free "ABC Player" app. There's just so much capability available to the device through apps and certainly, the wealth of apps available in the App Store is one of the iPad's biggest strengths vs. competitors!

It's also a great device for checking email and casually surfing the web, as long as the site you view doesn't require Flash, which is still unsupported. I used to have a netbook that took 5 minutes to boot, then had an awkwardly small browser window and slow response, but you see nothing but instant-on capability and smooth navigation with iPad. I'd definitely prefer this tablet to a netbook!

Also, a couple of other miscellaneous tips for those interested:

1. The new magnetic Smart Cover from Apple is a must-try! The automatic wake and sleep on opening/closing the cover is more handy than you might first think, as is the ability to roll the cover into a stand for the iPad! We watched Netflix from bed while my wife nursed our baby recently, and it would have been a pain without the handy stand!
2. If you buy an AirPort Express or Apple TV, you can wirelessly stream music (and video in the case of the Apple TV) to a remote set of speakers using AirPlay or the Apple Remote app! It's cool to be able to listen to my iTunes content from my kitchen with the iPad as remote control!
3. If you're debating whether to buy the WiFi-only or the WiFi/3G iPad, it's worth noting that by paying for the WiFi hotspot capabilities on an iPhone 4, you can not only get data, but location services for your iPad 2, so you can save a couple hundred dollars on hardware and future-proof your connection speed since you can buy a new phone instead of a new iPad to take advantage of increased network speed.

In summary, I highly recommend the iPad 2 if you're in the market for a tablet. Its apps are highly entertaining, portable and easy/quick to launch a play, and it just may change the way you surf the web and check email! Even your kids will love it!

The few innovations this model sports aren't what they could have been, but are nonetheless compelling.
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on March 23, 2011
So I'm in the kitchen, listening to my music library, and typing a review for the I-Pad 2. I have put a little more than 14 hours of research and 6 hours of non-stop use. I'm not gonna waste my time writing the specs for this device because if you are reading this I assume you already know the specifications, if not you can easily access the Apple website and do your own research. This review is aimed more towards the educated consumer. A consumer, who like me, has spent various hours of the night researching and contemplating his or her next moves.

First, I want to start off with the word "tablet", what is a tablet and who needs it? As an avid P.C. user, I tend to define the device as too short, too little. A underpowered, pre-mature device not ready for this day and age. The truth is, their are more people out there who need a tablet versus a laptop. Having a quad core, overclocked, power hungry P.C. I am like most other users; who tend to have a bias when selecting/comparing portable products. I have been for some time; looking for a laptop with great battery life, portability and power? I first went out and purchased a Macbook pro for about $1199+ some. After a couple weeks of use I was in love. I could not stop showing it off and playing with it. Then I attempted to play games and yes they were playable! But I found myself running to my P.C. whenever I was gonna get serious and then I found myself using my desktop when editing videos. Yet again, I found myself running to my P.C. when it came to doing anything that involved time and effort... It was at this point that I realized that I never used my laptop for more than a hour. Utilizing a mere 20-40% of its power. I used it for; writing papers, showing off pictures and Internet browsing. So I decided to return it. In search for something that made sense.

I never considered a net-book useful or even worthy of my time, even less a tablet. The Motorola Xoom came out and I thought it had potential compared to last years 256MB I-Pad. It offers 1GB of internal memory and 32GB of storage space, all for $599. It not only had the potential, but also the power I craved. Although, its pre-mature operating system was a deterrence. This is the same thing that turned me away from the original IPad. Dispite the fact that I liked the original, if people didn't demand it, the product would die and I would be left with a 500 dollar piece of silicon or waste. I needed something portable and practical. I just felt the tablet was a little more practical, if not more useful too because of its portability and extended battery life. So I took the plunge and got the Ipad 2.

First impressions didn't fall short; it was easy to set up, had a beautiful screen, and gorgeous aesthetics. While Apple boasts about its 60,000 app's, I'll tell you what, it's not enough (way better than android though). While you can download IPhone and ITouch apps; they are simply not the same (a 3.5inch app on a 9inch screen). Face Time also seems to be problem, since it cost money for all your friends who don't have an IPad 2 or new Macbook. Tango or Skype are excellent alternatives, but still only supported in a 3.5 inch window. Despite this, it has some killer apps (e.g gmail, calendar syncing, web browsing and etc). My favorite app is TeamViewer, which gives you remote access to your PC from anywhere. This app is simply amazing. I was able to install some programs to my PC from school! While It doesn't support flash, it plays almost every video stream I've seen from the web. Hey, that's all I needed anyways. So I can't complain, but all you flash gamers might.

Now I found this whole "touch-typing" thing to be an exasperation. Since I am primarily using this product for note taking, its important I am as accurate as possible. Keys kept skipping and words kept missing. So I upgraded to the Apple-wireless-keyboard.. sigh. It was a well spent 69.00 dollars (cheaper models are available). I am able to control volume, brightness and music. Also makes my tablet feel more like a high end net-book. I want to talk a little bit more about writing. I bought this tablet with the intention of using google docs. Well it works, but you have use the mobile version, which has limited functionality. I tried switching to desktop editing, but it was horrendously slow and unworkable. As a matter of fact I'm writing this with google docs now. As long as you are not using bullet points or etc; you should be fine. I do notice some errors that result from a slow ping, so it's worth trying noting it happens. I could more easily recommend using apple's built in "note-taker". Its responsive, practical and free.

As far as "Air-Play" goes, simply amazing. Kind of a pain to set up though. One really has to go into every setting in I-Tunes and mark share libraries under preferences and account profile. When the set up is complete, you simply log in with your I-pad and use the same mobile user name and you are good to go. Of course you have to keep your computer running the whole time unless you have a dedicated server of some sort. Air-paly grants you access to your music, videos and HD collection. which makes that whole HDMI out thing really convenient. Granted its only 720p, Ive never noticed a huge difference between 720 and 1080p Additionally stream times are relatively quick. Just keep in mind this depends a whole lot on your network. Which bring me to my next issue of storage. I honestly feel the only thing anyone needs on tablet is, pictures and apps. Unless you are going on a long trip; a couple movies. I am content and don't think I would ever need an I-Pad with more storage. As far as 3G goes, will its just that. A three year old bandwidth solution. If you can get a tethering plan instead, I would highly recommend it, as you can also transplant GPS automatically when tethering.

All in all I'm really content I took the I-Pad 2 plunge. A dive, I really never saw myself taking or considering. Having an android phone and P.C.; it would seem like honeycomb would have made more sense; considering the attractive specs and all. None the less, the IPad 2 meets my draconian standards for 2011. Making any other device look over weight and under-spec'd. While the consensus of professional reviewers have voted the camera insufficient, I could honestly say it does what I need it to do, which is provide fun and entertainment. The rear HD camera is similar to the one installed on the new macbook pro models (2011 refresh). Other than that, I don't plan on taking high quality photos with the device. I might do future reviews with the camera though. check out my youtube channel for video reviews, just look up oceansidecreations.
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on August 6, 2011
When choosing which capacity iPad to buy, you should be aware of the following:

For many users, this 16GB iPad will be a great choice because, although you cannot expand its capacity, you can import files "on-the-go" with the following Apple accessory: the Apple Camera Connection Kit

You can use the Apple Camera Connection Kit (the SD card reader part) to import media files directly into your iPad, without the need to sync to iTunes.

This means you can bring along with you an almost unlimited number of media files, such as movies, mp3's, and photos.

Perfect for a long trip, etc. Why not take along 100 GB or more? Fantastic!

There are a few details you need to know to import media files this way.

1). Create a folder on any SD card and name that folder "DCIM".

2). Place media files into the DCIM folder.

3). Important: The media file names have to be exactly 8 characters long (no more, no less), or the iPad will not see them.

Examples: 8letters.mp3, 8numbers.jpg, 8Numbers.mp4, TheBirds.mp4, Img_9001.bmp.

Those are really the main details, but here are a few more:

When you insert the Card Reader (one of two devices in the kit) into the iPad, with an SD card in it, in a moment the iPad screen will show thumbnails of all the media files on the card.

You can import some or all into the iPad. You cannot play media files from the card, you must first import them. To select some media files, just touch them to highlight them and choose "Import". Or, you can select "Import All".

The iPad will ask if you want to Keep or Delete (on the card). Be careful to select Keep (in most cases).

Valid video files need to be in the ".MP4" format, version H.264. Or convert them to that format using almost any conversion program. I chose a size of 640 x 480, and it was perfect for filling up the screen.

NOTE: the media files are imported into the "Photo" section of your iPad. Even the MP3's and Videos. So, to watch a movie, for example, select the Photo icon, not the Video icon on your screen (it won't be in the Video section).

AND, you can delete any media files after playing them. That way, you can, for example, load a movie or two into the iPad, watch, then delete to make room for others.
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on August 18, 2011
The iPad 2 really is a nice toy, but not more than that. I own the 32 GB WiFi version.For getting things done even a Netbook is a better choice and cost's a third. The keyboard and the connectivity with the "real" digital environment is really missing. For reading books the Kindle is way better. It's the perfect device for casual surfing. Casual fit's the device the best. If you like to read rather get a Kindle. When it's about work a PC or Mac is the better choice. The iPad kind of fill's the gap, if you already own any of the above devices, then it's often more convenient to use the iPad. Just be sure that you are ready the pay the premium for something you don't really need.
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on June 21, 2011
At first this device was the best thing I had ever bought! Two weeks later I'm kind of disappointed.

I have had a couple of issues with this device, biggest one being serious issues with wifi connectivity. Apparently this has been a common issue for ipad 2. I found a fix for mine, which is to say its not complete junk, but definitely an inconvenience to go through all the steps again and again to fix it. The other issue is I keep having audio problems...sometimes when muted it cant unmute itself and I have to restart it in order to get my audio working again. The camera picture quality is not great, in fact its useless. The video quality is decent in good lighting, very usable if you can really see yourself taking video with a 10 inch tablet. The device isnt heavy for me, but my older mother found it heavy for her to hold after only using it for 5 minutes, which is why I would also recommend getting the smart cover for can turn into some pretty useful sturdy positions for typing, reading, or watching video.

The positives of this device, I was surprised at how great the screen would be. I thought it would scratch easy or be high maintenance...but its been really easy to keep clean with a small microfiber cloth (not included). Apps load fast, graphics are nice, and perfect for netbook replacement as long as you dont do a ton of typing. Its great for social media and web browsing, but i would NOT use this as an ebook reader, your eyes start to hurt after reading for awhile. Get the kindle for that.

I think the app store is slightly over hyped, i have found two unique apps that i couldnt have got for an android tablet...but overall the most popular apps seem to be on both devices.
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on April 18, 2011
I never got the IPad 1. Actually at first I thought it was nothing special. I saw it as an ITouch but a whole lot bigger and no cameras. But when my sister showed me her IPad 2 (and 1). I was convinced this was a great product. So first chance I got, I got one.

Its everything I expected to be..the good stuff I mean...unlike the original IPad this has 2 cameras (vs 0) is thinner and faster. I was able to watch videos in near picture pefect quality. Its so easy to carry or just sit and hold.

There are some problems. Even though it does have cameras...most of the time they feel like a cheap camera you buy at a dollar store. Also no Flash on it, so some sites wont work.

Overall its a great Tablet, yeah there are cheaper tablets out there but only apple has a program where getting viruses and impossible.

-Can never get a virus
-Video quality
-Can easily be held and carried

-Cameras could be better
-No Flash
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on April 25, 2011
Apple markets this as the ultimate portable computer product, but it has serious shortcomings similar to the iPhone that I wasn't aware of as I don't own one. If you have no interest in external files or photos, then this may not be important to you. I waited a month for mine to be delivered, and after a week, I can say I'm keenly disappointed for specific reasons of Apple's own making.

You can't transfer ANY file to it, you can only SYNC all files from one designated computer, i.e. tethered.

Despite reading enormous reviews & comments about the original, as well as the 2, I never got the impression from anyone that this was the case. There were a few rumblings about "file handling" and workarounds for it ["everything's going to the cloud anyway" "just use dropbox"] - but nothing that says what an incredible restriction it is for anyone using photos/movies at all. Their only official solution is that you buy a $40 dongle that then will allow SD card content [no CF cards, which I have] to be transferred directly. But the worst part is that even if you were to transfer anything to it, it all gets dumped at the bottom of "saved photos" without any file separation, and no ability to separate or make collections of them after transfer either.

Unlike my iPods, you can NEVER transfer any existing file to another, or create a new one. Only with Sync. Apparently they want you to work "with the app" to do whatever you want to do. So the only way you could store photos is randomly, unless you want to sync all file/photos from your one mothership computer. The only semi-solution is to email yourself whatever you want, then download the photos/files...which again will only be dumped in the "saved photo" generic file. You can imagine the limitations with original file sizes.

Another key element to me is the lack of any tabbed browsing, whether in Safari or the special Bing app for the iPad [superior to Safari for most things]. So to actually write an email, while constantly switching between single browser pages etc. I'd find ridiculously cumbersome, not to mention that you can't resize ANY windows/apps at all. You can only resize font/content within a given page.

Which brings me to the keyboard, or lack thereof. I had no idea that the numeric/symbol part of the keyboard is ALWAYS separate from the alpha part, meaning that if you're ever entering alpha/numeric content, i.e. passwords, airline record #'s etc. you have to hit one key to show the number part, hit the number/symbol, then hit another key to reveal the alpha part again, and back and forth endlessly. In addition, because there's no real tactile feel for the keys, and because the entry points are different for every program [where the browser bar is vs input for youtube etc] you're staring at the keyboard to make sure your fingers are in the right place, then having to look back up and find where it's going, then back down etc., which not only slows the process, but can give you a headache from your neck bobbing up & down, as well as the different light/contrast levels for the keyboard vs the rest of the screen.

Yes - I know that you can get a separate bluetooth keyboard, and that would solve some of it - but it also defeats some of the advantage of the form factor if you have to haul the 2 around everywhere you go.

This doesn't even address any particular program you may want to work on - just the physical/OS realities of trying to work with it at all.

Yes - scrolling through photos is very fast, and can be easily manipulated with your fingers. Yes there are some very inventive apps out there that take advantage of finger-abilities, but what the finger giveth, it also taketh away when it comes to anything that requires content creation or precision. I never expected it to do something like Photoshop, but to be this crippled wasn't in the cards either.

This should be marketed to generic users not comfortable with computers, and iPhone users who are used to--and don't want anything more than what their iPhone will already do. The geeks that have championed it should be dismissed for misleading everyone, as they will always find workarounds, and have multiple devices anyway [macbook air/pro/imac etc]. They could just as easily make an Android phone/tablet work for them.

The strength of Apple is supposed to be it's user-friendliness, flexibility and support...with their advertising just teasing out a few of the myriad possibilities of the device. In the iPad's case, I feel they did the opposite: they oversold it's abilities, touting dual-core ships, 9x better graphics etc., when in fact none of that really matters at the only pace the interface allows. [I got my mom a refurb original iPad, the first computer she can work - and there's little difference in most app performance]

At the direction of my local Genius Bar & Store Manager, I went in search of an app that could help with photo file/transfer, but I queried one of the best reviewed, "PhotoSync" to be sure they responded:

"PhotoSync can only transfer photos to the save photos folder. This restriction is made by Apple unfortunately. Third party developers are not allowed to create albums in the camera roll, save photos in other locations than the saved photos folder, or to delete photo from the camera roll. All these features Apple reserves completely for itself. We hope that this will change one day in a newer iOS version but at this point it is the only thing we can offer (though we would like to offer more)."

That may be plenty for most others, but it's not for me. I went back to see if I skipped parts of reviews that mentioned this, and no - i didn't. Here's from Mossberg from WSJ...who runs down all the drawbacks, including poor-quality cameras etc., then says:

"there are two big omissions, one old and one new. The old one is that, like Apple's prior phones and tablets, the shiny new iPad 2 still won't play Adobe's Flash video in its built-in Web browser. This is a deliberate decision by Apple, and puts its devices at a disadvantage for some users when compared with Android tablets, which can play Flash, or say they will soon, albeit not always well.

The other omission has to do with cellular data. The iPad 2 can't use, or be upgraded to use, the new, faster 4G cellular-data networks being rolled out."

NO mention of any of the aspects that are important to me, and I would think to a substantial number of people...even if we aren't a majority.

I want it to be the Next Big Thing - the one that replaces laptops with a smaller, more flexible form factor that's also inspiring to use.

I'm just left with the deflated feeling that I've been had, and mostly because of some very dumb and ridiculous failures in their OS that don't have to be that way...just sticking a finger in my eye as a dedicated Mac user.

**Update** I got the 11" Macbook Air and am very happy with it - although it is a lot more computer power than I needed in pure portable terms - it isn't substantially bigger than the iPad [especially with keyboard] for those of you that can afford it.
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on March 25, 2011
Not previously owning an iPad I did not know what to expect purchasing the iPad 2. After using it for weeks though, I can honestly say it is perfect and has no problems that I can comment on. After purchasing a wireless keyboard, I plan on completely replacing the computer with this tablet. Netflix and other amenities are great as well. I would get black though, I see the white becoming faded and not as clean looking after a while.
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