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Size: 64GB|Shape: Wifi + AT&T 3G|Color: Black|Change
Price:$279.27 - $1,596.00
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on April 24, 2011
Apple markets this as the ultimate portable computer product, but it has serious shortcomings similar to the iPhone that I wasn't aware of as I don't own one. If you have no interest in external files or photos, then this may not be important to you. I waited a month for mine to be delivered, and after a week, I can say I'm keenly disappointed for specific reasons of Apple's own making.

You can't transfer ANY file to it, you can only SYNC all files from one designated computer, i.e. tethered.

Despite reading enormous reviews & comments about the original, as well as the 2, I never got the impression from anyone that this was the case. There were a few rumblings about "file handling" and workarounds for it ["everything's going to the cloud anyway" "just use dropbox"] - but nothing that says what an incredible restriction it is for anyone using photos/movies at all. Their only official solution is that you buy a $40 dongle that then will allow SD card content [no CF cards, which I have] to be transferred directly. But the worst part is that even if you were to transfer anything to it, it all gets dumped at the bottom of "saved photos" without any file separation, and no ability to separate or make collections of them after transfer either.

Unlike my iPods, you can NEVER transfer any existing file to another, or create a new one. Only with Sync. Apparently they want you to work "with the app" to do whatever you want to do. So the only way you could store photos is randomly, unless you want to sync all file/photos from your one mothership computer. The only semi-solution is to email yourself whatever you want, then download the photos/files...which again will only be dumped in the "saved photo" generic file. You can imagine the limitations with original file sizes.

Another key element to me is the lack of any tabbed browsing, whether in Safari or the special Bing app for the iPad [superior to Safari for most things]. So to actually write an email, while constantly switching between single browser pages etc. I'd find ridiculously cumbersome, not to mention that you can't resize ANY windows/apps at all. You can only resize font/content within a given page.

Which brings me to the keyboard, or lack thereof. I had no idea that the numeric/symbol part of the keyboard is ALWAYS separate from the alpha part, meaning that if you're ever entering alpha/numeric content, i.e. passwords, airline record #'s etc. you have to hit one key to show the number part, hit the number/symbol, then hit another key to reveal the alpha part again, and back and forth endlessly. In addition, because there's no real tactile feel for the keys, and because the entry points are different for every program [where the browser bar is vs input for youtube etc] you're staring at the keyboard to make sure your fingers are in the right place, then having to look back up and find where it's going, then back down etc., which not only slows the process, but can give you a headache from your neck bobbing up & down, as well as the different light/contrast levels for the keyboard vs the rest of the screen.

Yes - I know that you can get a separate bluetooth keyboard, and that would solve some of it - but it also defeats some of the advantage of the form factor if you have to haul the 2 around everywhere you go.

This doesn't even address any particular program you may want to work on - just the physical/OS realities of trying to work with it at all.

Yes - scrolling through photos is very fast, and can be easily manipulated with your fingers. Yes there are some very inventive apps out there that take advantage of finger-abilities, but what the finger giveth, it also taketh away when it comes to anything that requires content creation or precision. I never expected it to do something like Photoshop, but to be this crippled wasn't in the cards either.

This should be marketed to generic users not comfortable with computers, and iPhone users who are used to--and don't want anything more than what their iPhone will already do. The geeks that have championed it should be dismissed for misleading everyone, as they will always find workarounds, and have multiple devices anyway [macbook air/pro/imac etc]. They could just as easily make an Android phone/tablet work for them.

The strength of Apple is supposed to be it's user-friendliness, flexibility and support...with their advertising just teasing out a few of the myriad possibilities of the device. In the iPad's case, I feel they did the opposite: they oversold it's abilities, touting dual-core ships, 9x better graphics etc., when in fact none of that really matters at the only pace the interface allows. [I got my mom a refurb original iPad, the first computer she can work - and there's little difference in most app performance]

At the direction of my local Genius Bar & Store Manager, I went in search of an app that could help with photo file/transfer, but I queried one of the best reviewed, "PhotoSync" to be sure they responded:

"PhotoSync can only transfer photos to the save photos folder. This restriction is made by Apple unfortunately. Third party developers are not allowed to create albums in the camera roll, save photos in other locations than the saved photos folder, or to delete photo from the camera roll. All these features Apple reserves completely for itself. We hope that this will change one day in a newer iOS version but at this point it is the only thing we can offer (though we would like to offer more)."

That may be plenty for most others, but it's not for me. I went back to see if I skipped parts of reviews that mentioned this, and no - i didn't. Here's from Mossberg from WSJ...who runs down all the drawbacks, including poor-quality cameras etc., then says:

"there are two big omissions, one old and one new. The old one is that, like Apple's prior phones and tablets, the shiny new iPad 2 still won't play Adobe's Flash video in its built-in Web browser. This is a deliberate decision by Apple, and puts its devices at a disadvantage for some users when compared with Android tablets, which can play Flash, or say they will soon, albeit not always well.

The other omission has to do with cellular data. The iPad 2 can't use, or be upgraded to use, the new, faster 4G cellular-data networks being rolled out."

NO mention of any of the aspects that are important to me, and I would think to a substantial number of people...even if we aren't a majority.

I want it to be the Next Big Thing - the one that replaces laptops with a smaller, more flexible form factor that's also inspiring to use.

I'm just left with the deflated feeling that I've been had, and mostly because of some very dumb and ridiculous failures in their OS that don't have to be that way...just sticking a finger in my eye as a dedicated Mac user.

**Update** I got the 11" Macbook Air and am very happy with it - although it is a lot more computer power than I needed in pure portable terms - it isn't substantially bigger than the iPad [especially with keyboard] for those of you that can afford it.
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on April 17, 2011
I have had this thing switched out 6 times at the apple store because there is always dead pixels on every screen, I mean the black pixels that are annoying, I guess apple is now trying to use cheaper products to save them money and rip us off.

I love the ipad and everything but this screen flaw thing is ridiculous.
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on March 25, 2015
Sent this to my mother-in-law and portions of the screen stopped responding. She had to rotate to landscape to be able to type, and eventually had to avoid the right quarter (as seen in portrait view) of the touch screen no matter what, which meant rotating very often to touch a responsive region. She stopped trying to play words with friends on it and finally let us know about the problem and we replaced it.
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on June 19, 2011
First, when you guys say 500,000 application, do you really count the silly games as useful applications?
For business, this device is Nothing to me. You won't believe how many times I wanted to leave it home and take my MacBook with me again. Believe me, I love Apple products, in fact waited inline for this silly product the second year around, First for iPad and now for iPad 2.
It all comes down to this: When things are too simple, things become too complicated. No real, heavy duty operating system. If I specify why this thing isn't working for my business, I will need 5 pages to fill. I have in the past posted a review on how great this product was, but that was before really trying it for business,
Its not even okay for simple web browsing and I am not talking about flash blah blah, because I never encountered a website that didn't run on the iPad, but Im talking physically, To hold it down it made my neck hurt, A MacBook is far more comfortable, you look vertically and type horizontally.
Again, I wait in line for iPhone, every single version of it, I adore my MacBook pro and can never switch back to a PC but this stupid device, I will never buy again. YUK.
Im thinking to buy the new 11.6" MacBook Air instead.
Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
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on May 6, 2012
I was in the process of purchasing 26 iPad 2s over a period of 3 months for my employer when Apple switched to the new model and stopped selling the iPad 2 32GB that I need. Found 8 on Amazon that I took to be new in the box (unfortunately no screen shot saved). I purchased and printed a receipt that also stated that the units were "New." When received I was disappointed to find that they were Certified Refurbished. When I tried to return, the seller started an email argument over whether I should have realized the units were not factory new, then said I should try them out before returning, finally said that if I would return them, he would refund upon receipt. No offer of a label, etc. Afraid if I sent them back I would never see my money. Felt like a bad ebay transaction, not the guaranteed, no-hassle returns that Amazon advertises. I ended up keeping the units. Hoping I don't get fired when they fail to perform. They're ok so far.
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on August 4, 2011
It was with sadness that I returned it - felt like I was returning the Future. But here's why:
1) It was too heavy for me to rest comfortably on lap while lying down.
2) I had to purchase GoodReader to see if that would work for the main reason I wanted an ipad2 (to dowload and read academic pdfs from a certain website and zip files from another speciality website). I should have done this to see if it was compatable, but by the time I figured this out I had already invested so much time getting this to work right and had had enuf.
3) Similarly, i would have to purchase a stylus to see if I could find one that worked for me. I'm used to using wrist movments and finger movements to work for long periods of time - not upper arm movements - so I would have to use a stylus. was not prepared cause I thought my styluses I already have would work on the IPAD
4) Worst onscreen keyboard I have ever used. You have to hit a seperate key to make numbers and symbols like @ appear, and then hit the key again to return to letters. Perhaps i'd get used to this, perhaps not. so for, not.
5) Similarly, if you can't touch type with the keyboard (you can't, I tried) then why space them out so far from one another? or why not let it be modifyable depending on the needs of the user?
6) in the app store the print is too tiny. Much to my surprise, I could not expand it in the usual way. I did not bother to see if there was another way to expand it
7) there's something dizzying about the way it switches between screens.
8) Apple's official position is that they will not support WIFI conncections that use the older WEP security. Their only advice is to upgrade to WPA which they are happy to help you with excpet they don't care about the problem that then my older two devices would not be able to connect...So if have intermittant trouple with wifi because of WEP, don't count on Apples help. It took me ages to access some firmware to upgrade, only to find that i can't use WPA.
9)In the store, the Ipad I tried got so dim as to be practically black. that's what I want for the dim lighting i use it in. My unit does not get as dim as that one. It's probably ok though.
10) The final straw was an irrational one I guess...I decided to take a break from figuring things out and watch some stuff from NBC. I had not realized NBC does not support IPAD. the shows are on hulu but why shyould I pay 8 bucks a month when I can watch for free on my laptop. Other people have commented that they are going to start watching more ABC. I would rather find a table that lets me watch what I want.
11)and ok, one more, i would also like to upload files to a speciality website, but didn't check to see if there's an app for that...
12) I hate all the going thru ITUNES, a behmoth that now sits on my laptop, though i'd probably get used to this.

Overall, Apple is really great at creating problems and then offering to sell you an App for that (no usb, no Word, no excel, can't upload or download files etc.). This is great if your main purpose is to show things to people. Big screen and without a cumbersome keyboard in the way.

I might try and IPOD touch. same idea, but lighter. so now i'd still have to get goodreader and try again...
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on January 4, 2016
Have to say I was disappointed with this refurbished iPad. The performance of the iPad itself is very slow and a software update did not help. Also the fruit fly that was living in the screen when we unboxed it has remained in the area behind the screen. Would I buy a used iPad again off amazon? Not likely.
review image
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on January 3, 2014
The product is fine with one exception. You're pretty much stuck with the lousy Safari browser on this. It is totally worthless as far as I'm concerned. You can't import existing bookmarks without going through a big long scenario to do it.

As far as the shipping is concerned, I have other concerns and the fact I will no longer waste my time paying Amazon for a prime account. When I ordered the iPad it said on the screen "if you order in the next 2 hours and 22 minutes" receive it by Monday 12/30/13. This never happened. A word of warning to anyone buying from this Shopvius company. They are worthless when it comes to shipping your product on time.

With the exception of piece of trash Safari and the shipping the product is fine.
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on May 30, 2014
Although the ipad 2 was functional I could not use it beyond 6 feet from my wireless network. My other ipad does receive the signal and in addition my other ipad also gives me other networks in my local area. Therefore I had to return it. Had it worked properly, I would have kept it.
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on November 10, 2013
The item was listed as being a generation 2 Ipad. Checked with Apple and was told that it is a Generation 3. Don't you know what products you sell. Made an appointment with the Apple Store to examine the ipad to determine if it has been used. Will respond when I get the results from Apple. Still like the little product though.
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