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27 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on October 15, 2012
I haven't had any problems with my iPad EXCEPT for deactivating my VERIZON account. This product is advertised as allowing you to sign-up for service one month, drop the service when you don't need it, and then reactivate the service when you want it again. DON'T BELIEVE IT!

I used the Verizon service for one month, deactivated and received the message that my sim card is associated with another account or is no longer supported. When I updated to the new IOS 6, the sim card was magically reactivated (!) and I could use the service again. I signed up for a month's service again and at the end of that month's service, I deactivated and received the same non-service alert.

All Apple forums on this problem have the same complaints. Consumers need a new sim card and are hassled at the Verizon store to change service. As far as I am concerned, this is false advertising so I have filed a complaint with the FCC as recommended in the Apple forum. I am waiting for a call from Verizon before proceeding with replacing the sim card. If I need to constantly replace a sim card then that should be stated in the advertising.

The reason I purchased the new iPad was to be able to use it and pay for ONLY the months I WANTED and NEEDED, not for what Verizon wanted to sell me. I am extremely disappointed with both Verizon for the service and Apple for allowing this to happen. This is not how this product is promoted by both companies.

If you want the new iPad, maybe you should try AT&T instead of Verizon - maybe they have better service - maybe not! Research it.
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116 of 144 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2012
I've been using an Acer A400 for about a year, and to be honest, with the firmware and software updates it has become a very stable and fun tablet. It does absolutely everything I need. I love having the built in full size USB port, MicroSD card and true dolby stereo speakers. So you are probably asking, why did you buy an Ipad then.

I wanted to check out some new technology and I already know Apple makes some great products for graphic/audio and Education. Well I like the interface and ability to truly close out programs. But you know what? The Apple bogs down when truly multitasking. The android puts apps in a suspended state, so you can have dozens of apps open. Android "claims" it is ok, but the performance does start to hurt. The iPad simply gets hot and bogs down if you do the same things.

The iPad has a better and more solid feel, it is a snappier interface, but it is locked down. The Android is semi-locked down, but easy to change. You don't have to have a face full of icons.

If I had to start over again, I wouldn't buy either at this date and time. I honestly believe that there are some very good products based on Windows 8 and later versions of Android that will hit the market in Q3. This will be a game changer as far as functionality and usefulness of a tablet.

My advice. Put your credit card back in your wallet unless you have an immediate need for a tablet. Don't fall for either an Android or iPad at this particular time. They are all over priced and the limitations are frustrating. Go take a walk and think about the fact that you can save the money for a much more advanced generation of tablet about to hit the market 3 to 6 months down the road.

I rate this a HOLD.
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41 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2012
(Note: when I ordered this product, the title did not include the text "3rd generation". the model number MD329LL/A is a fourth generation iPad (iPad with Retina display) as the technical specs make clear.)

Important! a 4th generation iPad has a narrow "Lightning" connector with 4 pins, not the 31 pin connector of older iPads. This is the only obvious *external* difference between a 4th generation iPad and earlier models! The other differences, like the "Retina Display", resolution of cameras, and speed of the CPU, are less obvious. There are no markings on the outside of the box that would let you tell the difference between third and fourth generation iPads (e.g. no "third generation" or "Retina Display").

If you have an iPad, the best way to tell which one you have is by looking at the model number displayed by the iPad software under Settings --> General. Or look up the model number, written on the (physcial) back of your iPad, at [...] (Amazon won't let me include the URL, but a google search on "Identifying iPad models - Support - Apple" will turn it up as the first entry at Apple support.)

Anyway, here's my story:

I tried to order this product, a 4th generation iPad (with Retina display) from two different sellers, but received 3rd generation iPads both times. I'm giving this one star because of the ordering problems, not the product (I hope that folks are more likely to read this if I put it down as a negative review rather than a positive one).

The fist seller, "IMG Direct", sent me an obviously used 3rd generation iPad in the box of a 4th generation iPad. The order was fulfilled by Amazon. Amazingly, Amazon took the blame for this as a "packaging error" and voided my 2 star rating for the IMG Direct on the grounds that it was Amazon's fault(!). I strongly suspect it was IMG Direct that supplied Amazon with the re-marked product.

The second seller, "Wirelessnow", sent me a new 3rd generation iPad with the box relabelled to appear to be a 4th generation iPad. At least it was a *new* 3rd generation iPad! (I'm planning to upload a picture of the remarked box.)

I'm going to make my third attempt to order a 4th generation iPad, but this time the order will be direct with Apple!

Looking through the reviews of a number of sellers, including "IMG Direct" and "Wirelessnow", i see a pattern where customers complain that they were shipped the wrong item and give a 1 star review. Amazon then apologizes for the mistake and voids the review (the review remains readable but the 1 star score doesn't seem to count against the seller's rating!).

This behavior is not limited to my two sellers -- its true of some other sellers as well!

I'm going to speculate that Amazon actually pays the seller the ~$600 price for the mis-labelled item based on their "failure to fulfill it properly", so that this is a win-win situation for the seller.

If the customer doesn't notice they've been shipped a cheaper product, the seller pockets the profits. If the seller does notice and complains, Amazon takes the blame as a "fulfillment error" and gives the seller most or all of the original list price.

If my speculation is correct and you're a seller, this is great! Its a win-win situation. Either the customer misses the substitution and you collect $100 or $200 more than the shipped product is worth, or the customer catches the substitution and Amazon takes the blame -- and you're still laughing all the way to the bank! But I don't see why Amazon wouldn't wise up to the scam!

Just my $0.02 -- YMMV (Your Milage May Vary).
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37 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on June 23, 2012
I own an Apple Mac Air, iPod touch, and work on a Mac Pro at school, and I have to say, the iPad is my least like Apple product. iPad is essentially a bigger and more expensive version of iPod touch plus the optional cellular function, which you have to pay at least $20 each month for the service, so that you can use the navigation function (cheaper just to get a GPS with antiglare screen). First, my biggest complaint is the lack of flash function. It is true that I know about that limit before my purchase, but it is only when I started to use iPad, I realized how many things it couldn't do without flash, such as watching Amazon online stream movies. It is really stupid that an iPad, which is targeted as a tablet, could not do flash. Second, I thought it could at least play DVD if I have the right USB adapter, since I have an external DVD drive, but after searching online, I realized it could not do that either, because some format issues. It really drives me nuts, because what is good about retina display if you can't watch movies, and I am not about to pay extra money for movies on iTune. Then, it is the multi-tasking function, I really thought that was a joke. Originally, I thought multitasking means that you can open two apps and have them side-by-side on the screen, and I was dead wrong. First, there is no side-by-side, and second, once you switch to another app, the previous app (such as safari) stops. For example, if I am watching a dateline story streaming on CBS, I cannot have it play in the background and use other apps. There are also small things like I can't use the Apple magic track pad with iPad (wireless keyboard works fine). Overall, the new iPad sucks compares to other Apple device. I feel for the price I paid, I am getting a mediocre device with multiple restrictions (mostly for business reasons such as no flash so that you have to stick with iTuen for movies) and no special talent other than the retina display. Anyhow, I hope my love for iPad could increase a bit after Siri being available on new iPad in OS6.

*UPDATE*: another disappointment about new iPad - it takes ages to recharge. I use the 10W USB power adapter and I closed the smart cover (sleep mode) when I was charging the new iPad. I tested the battery at 3 different times, and it is roughly 10% increase per 35 minutes, which means it will take roughly 5 hours and 50 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% full, which is very close to PC world's report. On another note, the techs at Apple store told me that apps and bluetooth draw a lot of power, so that I should close them if I want to save battery.

*UPDATE 2*: on the postive side - I downloaded the GPS drive app and it actually works without data plan. The catch is that you have to get the direction while you have internet access, and then it will take you to your destination without continuous 3G/4G or wireless connections. However, you won't be able to get another direction to a new place unless you have internet, nor can you find the nearby restaurants, gas station, etc without internet connection.

*UPDATE 3"(8/2/12): Amazon Prime videos are now available on iPad!! The video quality is pretty good, but I don't think it is HD quality.

*UPDATE 4*(9/27/2012): I updated my iOS to version 6, and I like it so far! Siri is now incorporated to my iPad 3, and I've been talking to her ever since. Youtube app is gone from my iPad, Apple says their contract with YouTube is expired. So for now, I have to use Safari to watch youtube. Google maps is gone and replaced with Apple's new map system. It does voice turn-by-turn direction, but I haven't really tested it out yet. As for other newly released apps, for some strange reason, iPad 3 owners did not get to have passbook app. I guess Apple figures that I won't be carrying my iPad around to the airports, concerts, or watching a movie, or going to a ballgame, which I do....

*UPDATE 5*(10/28/2012): Apple just announced few days ago that they have a new iPad (for convenience, let's call it iPad 4) - by looking into the technical specs, I think the only two changes are: the chip (upgraded to A6 from A5), and the power adapter (from the 30-pin to lightening connector). In the future, someone has to comment on whether the lightening power adapter is able to charge the iPad faster than the 30-pin adapter. Otherwise, I don't see any benefit of changing power adapter, as the the lightening charger won't work with previous versions of power docks. People who are interested in buying the mini iPad should also know that the mini iPad does not have retina display (it is 163 ppi), and thus no HD. On a separate note, I've been testing the Apple's new map system recently, and the results are so far so good! I think in some ways it is better than Motion X HD (a paid third party GPS app). To summarize: First, the color system in Apple's map only has four to five colors, but that is not a issue to me, as it looks plain but clear. Second, you can only get one voice: the voice of Siri, but it sounds great, so no complain. Third, Apple's map gives much earlier warning compares to Motion X in terms of the next direction. I had many experience that Motion X was late on telling me to take an exist or make a turn. So kudos to Apple's map. Overall, I don't know why there are so much criticism against Apple's map (most complaint is that the map system is not as mature as Google's). I mean, it is possible that Apple's map won't work for you if you are going to somewhere remote, but you can always double check on Google's map using Safari. I think if you mainly use Apple's map in places other than country side, then you should be fine! After all, you don't need to pay extra (Motion X is $10/year) for voice navigation.
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26 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2012
Originally when I opened the box, I was surprised to see a protective smart case, screen cover, and stylus pen included with the purchase. I opened the iPad box to protective plastic over the accessories and the screen, and a few hand prints over the iPad. I contacted WOW and it looks like they "accidentally" sent me a used one, when it's pretty blatant all over the order if you purchase a new or used one. Thankfully they provided a FedEx shipping label to return so I could exchange the used iPad for a new one. UNFORTUNATELY, despite them having my credit card information and charging it twice, they did not want to ship me the iPad first before me returning it (I use this for work so it's a hassle to get rid of and return it and wait again). So I dropped it off at the nearest FedEx only to become nervous again as they said they couldn't provide any receipt. It's been almost a week now since I've dropped off the package, with no tracking label or confirmation code and I've yet to hear form WOW what the status is of my new iPad. It's either a sketchy business trying to rid themselves of their used iPads or they're too 'lax and let silly mistakes happen in shipping.
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29 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2012
I've had my new iPad for a couple weeks now & I am constantly having road blocks doing basic everyday functions. Don't be fooled by the slick design & nice screen display, this device has so many limitations compared to other cheaper devices.
I think it's good for an entertainment device but it's horrible for business. Here's why....
The iPad does not allow a basic way to attach a file to an email.
The iPad does not allow a way to upload any content through a web browser. Example, if you wanted to upload your current resume to a career site, there is no way for iPad to do so. You would have to use your computer or an android device.
I'm shocked in 2012 with a hi tech device I'm unable to do the most basic everyday functions.
I tested out some cheaper android tablets & they all seem to do the basic internet functions with no problem; even the Kindle Fire!?. Email attachment, upload & download files through the web browser. All web content is not hosted through iTunes so the restrictions is a big headache. If you do any business through email & web browsers, do not travel without a laptop.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2012
Okay, first of all I have read through about 10 customer reviews of this new iPad 3rd Gen. I must say that I am very impressed at some of these "editorial like reviews". Well after all of the technical stuff, I'd like to just keep it plain and simple.

I never owned an iPad before last week. I was always saying that Apple was overrated and actually they're not. I have owned all kinds of "other" cellphones, smartphone and tablets. Well, last month I finally brokedown and purchased an iPhone 4S and now this cool looking iPad 3rd gen 32GB. I will just say that it makes my Samsung Galaxy Tab look pretty lame and boring. I had ordered mine online and could not wait for it to arrive earlier this week. Well anyway, I opened it up registered it on iTunes and began to sync it to my account. Well after that I began to mess around with everything and had so much fun doing so, that I didn't go to bed until really late. I was impressed that it was fully charged up when I turned it on for the first time. The graphics are second to nothing elso out. I purchased some Beats by Dre Studio headphones so I could listen to music and movies in quiet places. I love everything about the new iPad...I really don't even need a regular desktop anymore. I have considered buying an iMac desktop maybe later on down the road. I heard that some people complained about the iPad getting hotter than normal on one side, well mine has not so far, I assume Apple fixed the problem with that.

Now, on the flip-side of the coin, I must say this new iPad is really heavy and dense like, I am turned off from that aspect, especially since a lot of reviews say the iPad 2 is much lighter, why is this one so heavy!? Secondly, I think this model should have an sD card reader and at least one USB 2.0 port. Lastly, I think they should have added Siri to this new iPad since she's such a hit with the iPhone 4S.

Well hopefully this review is pretty simple to absorb and can be really helpful to someone. All and all, I really enjoy my "new iPad", but the last things I mentioned above is the reason why I gave it an 8/10 or equally 4/5 stars rating.

**Forgot to mention**, iTunes is really cool and now they have the iCloud feature. So what ever you decide to download it will automatically appear in other Apple devices that you have registered. I currently own 2 other devices and it's nice not to have to download everything via the computer, with iCloud it's already there.

**UPDATE** 9/22/12
A few days ago, I was able to update my iPad 3rd Generation to iOS 6 (so this means "Ms. Siri" is now available on this generation of iPads). I said thank you, they have answered our prayers. One strange thing that happens when you update your operating system is the YouTube App disappears...IDK what that's about.
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54 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2012
I ordered my Ipad on July 25th of 2012. I received it shortly thereafter. A few weeks later I called Verizon for a data plan which they did provide. When the first bill came from Verizon there was a $904.13 equipment charge. After several calls and many hours on the phone Verizon tells me the serial number of the Ipad I bought from Tech Giant, fulfilled by Amazon is (wait for it...) STOLEN. I offer to provide Verizon with my proof of purchase from Amazon and Verizon says it doesn't matter. Verizon says I bought a stolen Ipad so I am responsible to Verizon for payment (904.13) after I have already paid Amazon $864.00 for the Ipad. I contacted Amazon about it and all they say is they are sorry and let them know if they can be of further assistance. HELLO I contacted you for assistance. Did you help me when I wasn't looking? Sounds like Tech Giant owes Verizon some money. Needless to say I am about as ticked off as one can be.
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
As an iOS developer, I've owned all 3 generations of iPads. I also own a couple other tablets: a Kindle Fire and an HP Touchpad, so I have some perspective about usability. In terms of general usability in the most situations, an iPad is the way to go, it has the most and best tablet apps, and the best hardware. This release took the solid base of the iPad 2, and added the best screen I have ever seen, a very nice camera and real 4G networking. This review is about whether you should switch from an iPad 2 or possibly even buy the still available iPad 2.

First, the negatives. The new screen with 4x the pixels, the 4 core GPU to draw into it, the LTE radio, all three conspired to make Apple put in a much bigger battery, making it heavier--yes you can actually feel the difference--and longer to charge. Because Apple uses an extension of USB to charge at 2.1 Amps, which is unchanged from previous editions, it took me 5 hours 57 minutes to go from 0% to 100% charged using the Apple provided charger, compared to 4 hours 14 minutes with last year's model. As a consequence of using more energy in the same 10+ hour usage, the device can get mildly warmer.

While the front facing FaceTime camera is unchanged in quality, it's still dismal especially in low light, you know the kind of light you're likely to have when you are inside thinking about video chatting over Wi-Fi.

Because developers will need to replace their bitmap graphics with additional copies that are 4 times the resolution, a Retina display updated app could potentially be 5x larger in the worst case, although that would be unusual. Still, apps will take up more room. This isn't an advantage over the iPad 2, as the iPad 2 will be laden with the same bulked up apps, with no advantage given.

Now, on with the positives.

Great screen. Really you have to see text on this thing. It's like you are typing into a laser printer. Not only that, but better color reproduction. I did a side by side comparison with my iPad 2, watching a synced up copy of Puss n Boots, the iTunes 1080p copy and the older device had a bit of too much orange in it, just a bit which you wouldn't likely notice without the side by side but glaringly obvious if you did. And 1080p content is spectacular on this display where all 2.1 megapixels can be shown without scaling down.

I purchased the Verizon LTE model. This has the advantage that Verizon is allowing personal hotspot tethering, while AT&T is not. I've had tethering on my iPhone and when I've needed it, such as taking my family on vacation with a laptop, the Fire, an iPod Touch and an iPad 2, it's been a Godsend in a Wi-Fi scarce world. The LTE is zippy fast when you can get it, unfortunately that doesn't include my house, where it drops down to Verizon's inferior CDMA network, which is noticeably slower than AT&T's GSM network, but I wasn't going to use it from my house. Put it this way, an iTunes 1080p movie is 2GB max; Verizon charges you $30 for the first 2GB. If you still have an AT&T unlimited plan from your iPad 2, I think you can move it to a new AT&T model, but be careful.

This release reputedly comes with double the RAM at 1GB which mainly shows up in the much larger number of tabs you can quickly switch between in Safari, a nice sweetener.

The backfacing isight camera is about the specs of the one in the iPhone 4S, excepting being 5 instead of 8 megapixels, which is fantastic, excepting the part about using a 10 inch tablet to take pictures or shoot video. Why couldn't they have put this camera on the front?

"Audio to text about comes with this release this is a bit hit or miss and you might be lucky to have a clear and constant voice which allows you to text at your text". As you can see, it doesn't like my voice, but it is a potentially cool feature.

So, in the end, I think choosing this over an iPad 2 comes down to whether you love clean text and demand the most beautiful video. If you need faster charging times and want to save money stay with the 2. Next year there will be a new new iPad, with a faster processor, a more efficient LTE chipset, Siri, a decent front facing camera, and whatever else they can think of to part you with your money,
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on April 19, 2012
so by now you probably read about all the major "problems" people are experiencing with the new ipad/3...main issues reported are "overheating" and wifi issues....well let me tell you, this device does get a little warm by the bottom left part of the back of the ipad BUT its not HOT, just a mere warm feel, nothing compared to the first gen iphone's heat while using wifi or simply charging it... when i first got the new ipad and opened the box and started it, they asked me if i wanted to restore my info from icloud that my previous ipad 2 had i did, and was connected to wifi downloading and installing things automatically and continously for more than 3 hours and the ipad didnt even get hot, it was still just warm.

with this said lets go onto the wifi rumor...SAME strong wifi signal i'm getting despite reports of the new ipad having considerably much weaker wifi strength than the ipad 2...its a lie, its the same exact signal u would expect to get from an ipad 2 you'll get with the new ipad / ipad 3 as some may call it.

retina screen is nothing short from amazing!!! from the moment you turn on the device you'll notice the extremely clear quality of the screen. camera at the back is a whole lot better and has face detection which is really cool.. and well the front facing cam still sucks :( voice dictation is pretty accurate, you just need to speak into the mic clear enough and make sure not too much external noises are present as the device wont understand your input. processor speed between A5 and A5x isn't something you'll really notice during regular browsing but its nice to still know you have that extra headroom of processor power though...BUT for high GPU demanding games such as Infinity Blade 2 you'll definately benefit from a smooother gaming experience and more frames per second

potential buyers should not be discouraged from buying the new ipad. I'll recommend this tablet to ANYONE looking for the best in the market right now.
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