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Apple iMac ME088LL/A 27-Inch Desktop (OLD VERSION)
Size: 27-InchStyle: 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5Change
Price:$1,679.99+Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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215 of 223 people found the following review helpful
on February 7, 2014
I doubt that I'll ever go back to Windows again (other than the machine that I use at work). This is something that I've wanted to do for a while but I didn't want to take the time to learn it. I finaly bit the bullet and did it. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived on the following Wednesday (free shipping).

Within a few days, I'd figured out most of what I care about. I bought a book but found it only marginally helpful. In the several days bewteen ordering it and the arrival, I watched tons of YouTube videos on the iMac and that's where I learned most of what I know so far. Note: FINDER is to the iMac what Windows Explorer is to a PC.

I keep all personal files on an exernal drive, the only thing on the internal drive is the OS, applications, etc. That's a holdover from my Windows days.

Music is loaded although I don't like iTunes so I downloaded WinAmp. Pictures are loaded including some old photos that I've scanned, retouched and then saved back to disc (not just in iPhoto). It has a fairly decent photo editor;basic but good for someone like me who doesn't have the patience for spending 2 hours fixing a picure. Disc formatting and partitioning is quick and easy. I downloaded SuperDuper (free) and created an image in one of the partitions of an external drive. I'm used to using things like Ghost and Acronis on Windows platforms so this SuperDuper image is comforting.

It goes to sleep and remembers how to wake up. I don't think I ever owned a Windows machine that could handle that through several sleep/wake cycles, they always seem to get confused and need a forced shutdown. I attached a watt meter to it and it uses about 40 watts when awake and about 2-3 watts when asleep. The battery in the keyboard is still at 100% but the batterry in the mouse is at about 90% after 10 days. That's understandable considering how much more the mouse is used. A wired mouse would fix that but I like not seeing wires anyplace.

It's incredibly quiet and I'm very sensitive to PC noise.

I bought MS office because it's so much easier (for me) than using what the iMac came with or things like OpenOffice. The interface is not identical to the Windows version; it's close but not identical - don't know why Miscrosoft couldn't have done a better job of that.

It comes with some parameteers set in 10.9 Mavericks that didn't make sense and I thought I was stuck with them until I figured out that they could be changed. The 2 that come to mind are (1) the vertcal scroll bar is not always visible on a web page and (2) a right click on the mouse is not active. I changed both of those things.

I was able to play with the 27 inch version at a local library and found the sceeen too big. Maybe I would have gotten used to it but the 21.5 inch version that I got seems just right.
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183 of 201 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2013
I have just switched back to a Mac after years of using a PC. The difference is night and day. The Mac is so much easier to use (although it took me a short while to get the hang of it), and has many more options and abilities. I am an artist, so I had to switch all my art files from PC to the Mac. It was easy to do and the Mac is so much more art friendly. I have to write quite a lot of documents, so I needed the Mac to handle that too, and it does.
I happen to own an iPhone and iPad Air as well. My son set my iPad Air (he's more tech savvy than me) to show and act as my Mac's desktop. So when I am away from my Mac, I can use the iPad as my computer and work with it as if I had a mini desktop! All in all I wouldn't go back to PC if you paid me. I love it.
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43 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on March 23, 2014
I bought this iMac to replace my previous 20" iMac that was 8 years old. I stayed with the Apple name brand, because of ingenuity that Windows has never caught up with and 8 years virus free (in the 8 years of owning my iMac we went through 3 Windows laptops with Norton installed due to viruses). I was blown away with how far Apple has come in gaming since I purchased my first iMac. I had just determined to do most of my gaming on my Xbox 360, but once I began using this new generation iMac I realized that tons of games are now produced Mac compatible. I bought Diablo 3 and put the settings on the highest quality. It runs it masterfully.

I was also impressed that all of the iLife suite is now included for free! That is the equivalent of Windows throwing Microsoft Office for free....except that the Mac software makes Office look ancient. If you are worried that the Mac operating system will be too difficult to adjust to, don't! It is by far the easiest operating system I've ever encountered. Also, Microsoft just recently overhauled Windows with the release of Windows 8, so what a better time to switch? My 8 year old iMac is still running like the day I bought it; I just transferred it to my daughter.

Buying the iMac on Amazon will save you about $125. That's $25 less than the teacher discount that my wife could have received by buying through Apple. Plus zero tax and free shipping. The only downfall is that you don't get to choose between the magic mouse and the trackpad. I prefer the trackpad, but if you buy through Amazon then it will ship with the magic mouse. I just took the trackpad from my 8 year old iMac and gave the new magic mouse to my daughter.

One more thing....spend the extra money and go for the 27" screen! It is amazing! Clearly made for multitasking!
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164 of 189 people found the following review helpful
on December 19, 2013
So had a base model 2012 21.5 inch iMac. I almost loved it--but I found it was a little too prone to stuttering and choppiness with clicking and scrolling. Also I found the 102 ppi screen surprisingly fuzzy looking.

So I made a decision I thought I might regret--but don't. I ordered a maxed out version of the 2013 model: i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB solid state drive, and NVIDIA 750M graphics. Big difference. It's much faster and smoother. Also, to my pleasant surprise, the screen is far less pixellated even though it's the exact same resolution. I assume it's the better graphics card?

I would say splurge for an upgraded customized version--at least you can get the top specs for cheaper than a similar 27 inch iMac--and save yourself from neck strain in the process.
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112 of 129 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2014
I'm hoping this will help others considering whether to buy an apple computer or stick with a PC. I bought my first apple computer new years eve, so I've had it 23 days now. There are things I love about it, ( the mouse) and things that are definitely not as good as my old PC. Positives- I am running this with no virus scan program, to me this is a major plus and those program really bog down computers. Sleek, good looking- the wireless mouse and keyboard, that said, keyboard looks cute, but =well try it out, it's not as easy to use ergonomically. As far as programs iPhotos is a great program, really easy to use, extremely easy to post pics to Facebook or send them to people. Safari ( apple's search engine) is not as good as Google Chrome. Apple's Autofill remembers each element, like your name and address but you need to click in each box and start typing first. Whereas Chrome, fills in entire forms with my name, email, address, phone number etc. as soon as I start typing and select my name. Chrome's search goes right to the site instead of to the search engine page. That said, you can definitely use Chrome on an apple computer, I do it all the time. Apple email also is not as good as gmail. I just had an upgrade on the main operating system and now my mouse won't do the fantastic swipe that lets me go forward through pages or back through pages. That was my absolute favorite feature, also by tapping on mouse I can enlarge my picture, and by double swiping I can go to my page that has the clock and calculator. Scrolling down, all I need to do is swipe my finger down the mouse. As I said, the mouse is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, just like when you upgrade programs on the PC there seem to be glitches that take significant time to fix. There is a lot of talk among Apple people about how apple programs work so well because they were made to work together, and that is true. The problem with that is that every apple program is more expensive than the alternative, and there are a lot of other alternatives. Amazon cloud player music seems to always be less expensive than iTunes and cloud player works just as well. Pandora has more alternatives for "radio like" stations. I guess, what I'm saying is that apple people sometimes don't know what else is out there because they are adamant that "apple is best". For most PC'ers Google has so many fantastic programs that work great together. And of course they can all be used from an Apple computer too. So is it worth the money? Maybe. but in my opinion for only 2 reasons, the fact that it is very resistant to viruses and so you don't need the virus scan programs, and maybe (time will tell) it will last longer. I'm not sure about this, but I'm hopeful. One thing about this iMac is that there is no doubt that no one but an apple repair person could even attempt any repairs. I did buy the 3 year protection program (if you are buying your computer from bestbuy- do not get their program, get apple's- better price and cover's hardware), but I'm hoping this will last a very long time. before you buy you may wish to check out apple support communities and there you can see that apple has some problems too. ( after writing this I found how to fix my mouse)
8/22/14- update. I continue to have issues with Apple's exclusivity - When I plugged in Sansa MP3 player everything on it was deleted, so I am hesitant to plug in my Android phone to transfer my pictures. I contacted Apple support and this is their exact words to me, "We actually don't have any troubleshooting knowledge with Android devices so I can't tell you with 100% certainty what will happen when you connect that phone to your mac. I do believe that you will need special software to get the pics off your phone and on your mac I believe it's called Android File Transfer. Heres a link:" .
I really have an issue with this. I have never been afraid to plug anything into a PC, but I certainly am with my iMac. The other thing that made me upset is that I "won" a free photobook from Shutterfly. It wasn't easy trying to figure out how to transfer pictures to Shutterfly. It's really easy to transfer pictures to facebook, email, Apple's photo book, but not to Shutterfly, or any other photo book company. The computer works fine, but it just seems to keep slapping my face with this issue, Apple wants you to buy all Apple products. I also really wish I had gotten a laptop. I miss being able to take by computer around the house and show things to my granddaughters when on Skype.
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33 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on February 3, 2015
I've been an IT manager the past 16 years of my life and made pretty good living at it, still going strong. My 2-cents on iMAC 27" is if you really decided to go MAC, and you get passed the Apple exclusivity and compatibility issues, go for the top end model. This thing eats up 5GB of RAM upon boot-up, so don't kid yourself about getting a model with 8GB of RAM, it won't do. Make sure you go for a model with SSD and core-i7 processor too. The iMac 27 (late 2013) core-i5 model I got was crawling with original specs, its 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, and core-i5 3.2Ghz processor. Boot up, open itunes, mail, and calendar apps and your RAM is at 100% and you're in swap. OS itself was another big let down for me but that's a "hate it or love it" item and is really a matter of preference. In my view, the device as well as OS are very polished and pretty on the eyes, but that's about it. If you're into multimedia manipulation, you'll come to love the available array of very expensive apps. Other than that, using it for work or school is simply too convoluted and expensive. I returned my iMac after just few days of use, got my $2K refund, and got myself a nice HP Pavilion with a crisp 27" IPS LED Monitor at less than half the cost$. The comparably spec'ed PC and Windows OS performs 500% faster and more productive with resource allocation and I don't deal with any exclusivity non-sense. The security by obscurity aspect of Apple is quickly diminishing as well as there are plenty of vulnerabilities for MAC OS out there now and it's recommended to run an antimalware / antivirus app. So again, in summary, if you're set on the eyecandy Apple device, go for the top end model, otherwise I would not bother. Thank you for reading.
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115 of 138 people found the following review helpful
I love the iMac's simple and elegant design that runs well and looks good.

If you keep your computer for less than 3 years or so, then just buy the iMac and be done with it.

But if you intend to keep the iMac for longer than that, consider the negative consequences of the iMac's all-in-one design:

I have a 24-inch iMac that is about five years old; it was still running well until two weeks ago when it refused to turn on.

I then had to lug this big and heavy monster (the current 27 incher is even bigger) to an Apple Store. I was told that a memory controller chip on the system board was bad. Since the computer was way past its warranty period, a system board swap would cost nearly half the cost of a new iMac. If I postpone a replacement a few years more, there may not even be a board available. Probably in consideration of cost and turn-around time, Apple doesn't repair a computer, it replaces failed components (and if the failed component is on the system board, the whole board is replaced), which ultimately contributes to higher average cost.

Because of the high cost of "repairing" the iMac, I have been hesitant in getting the job done right away. Is it worthwhile to pay half the cost of a new iMac to revive a five years old iMac? Even after repair, other than the replacement system board (may not be new), everything else (the beautiful monitor, power supply, DVD drive, etc.) is still five years old and may fail in the next few years. As a consequence, most people in this situation decide to buy a new one instead. I am sure Apple is happy about the new business.

What really upsets me is that the big and beautiful monitor becomes USELESS once you decide not to fix the iMac. The screen itself is not broken, but because of the all-in-one design, everything else goes if any one critical part fails (even just ONE of hundreds of components on the system board, power supply, or the monitor).

I may consider buying a Mac mini instead of an iMac this time. I will buy a separate monitor to go with the mini. Years later when the mini fails, I won't have to throw away the monitor with it. Conversely, if the monitor fails before the mini, I won't have to throw away the mini.

Update 7-23-2014:

It would be great if Apple can design the next Mac mini to look like the new Asus Chromebox ($180) ASUS CHROMEBOX-M004U Desktop which can be mounted on the back of a flat screen monitor or TV. It would be space-saving like the current iMac but offer component modularity so that working pieces of a computer can still be used.

BTW, the Chromebox runs Google Chrome OS and is very speedy without requiring power-hungry hardware. Typically running an Intel Celeron CPU with just 2Gb of RAM, it can boot to the log in screen in 8 seconds! I often have 30 tabs open in the Chrome browser and can still run full-screen YouTube fast action video without any performance problem.
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83 of 100 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2013
Great system will not go too far into a review since everything has already been said but make sure you do the following!
.Upgrade ram BEFORE you buy it cannot be done later.
.I wish I would have invested in the 256GB SSD the 5400RPM drive works but I miss an SSD.
.First thing go into the App Store and claim your free update to 10.9 Mavericks I imagine a lot of people will never know to mine was still running 10.8 when I received it.​
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147 of 183 people found the following review helpful
TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 7, 2013
I've been very pleased with this 21.5" iMac so far which in my opinion is one of the best computers available in its class. It is powerful, a workhorse if you will, and very well designed in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

PACKAGING - Includes 21.5" iMac, Charging cable, Wireless keyboard, and Magic Mouse. Like most Apple's products, the packaging is thoughtfully done. All tape pieces are easily removed with the individual tabs attached to them. After set up it has a clean look on my desk, there is no clutter due to the fact that the keyboard and mouse connect wirelessly. Opening the box to setting it up took maybe 5 minutes tops.

FORM FACTOR - This iMac is super thin from the sides and light enough for one-handed portability if required. The external body is the same as the 2012 model, which in itself was significantly improved over the 2011 version. The back is slightly curved at the center and I am guessing all the components are packed in this bulge at the center back. The front glass seems to sit more flush with the body compared to the earlier version which had a tiny little gap. Has a super sleek look to it overall.

SCREEN - Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of this iMac is its screen. Given the amount of real estate you get combined with the stunning LED-backlit display, it's a pleasure using the screen with its vibrant colors and low glare. Apple claims this model has 75 percent less glare than previous versions - there's no way for me to measure this but suffice it to say that even with the screen turned off, the screen is not really reflective. Once it's turned on, the reflections die down even further. Images are crisp and pictures we have taken with our DSLR camera seem further enhanced given the resolution of the screen. No retina display for iMacs just yet, but this is feels very very close to it.

PORTS and CONNECTIONS - Apple had already done away with the optical drive, which means that to read/burn CDs or DVDs, we can either connect an external drive like Apple's Superdrive to the USB port, or feed off another PC/Mac (this has to be on the same network) that has a built-in optical drive. If you are considering getting an external drive, I personally would recommend the Samsung SE-208AB/TSBS External DVD-Writer - Black which performs the same function and is $40 cheaper than Apple's super drive. For the initial set up, I was able to wirelessly transfer all files to the iMac using the "Migration Assistant" utility on the iMac - it took a minute to start the process and all files transferred themselves in about 6 hours over the Wi-Fi network. Didn't have the need for an external drive, though that would have been a much faster process.

On the back, there is a SDXC memory card slot, couple of Thunderbolt ports, headphone jack, USB ports, and an ethernet port. It's good they are at the back since they avoid cable clutter from the desk, but connecting wires into them takes that small effort of getting up and plugging in the cable at the back. Not a major issue for me, the only port I will need to use is the USB port for my printer which doesn't support wireless connection.

HARDWARE - Tech specs are all specified above in the product details of the listing. That said, with a 1TB hard drive, 2.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory (split into two 4GB slots), this Mac basically has more than enough in terms of processing and storage capacity for my needs. Graphic designers and users that require super memory or processing prowess, they can perhaps judge for themselves if this will suffice.

ACCESSORIES - The iMac comes with a wireless keyboard and a magic mouse. The keyboard is a standard Apple keyboard, but I have found it to be slightly small for me personally. Takes some getting used to. Instead of using the Magic Mouse, I had considered getting Apple's Magic Trackpad because that is very similar to the MBPro trackpad that I have used extensively. However, having used the mouse for a few days now, I am sticking with it - just a personal preference. The Magic Mouse also lets you scroll down lengthy web pages without having to move to the side to grab the scroll bar. Just a swipe of the finger on the mouse moves the page down or up. It can also be configured to register right clicks. Somewhat similar in terms of functionality to the magic trackpad.

BOTTOMLINE - There are two versions of the 21.5" iMac, one with a 2.7GHz i5 processor and the other with a 2.9GHz i5 at an additional $200-$300. I went with the 2.7Hz which is good enough for me personally. Given the sleek form factor, absolutely gorgeous display, pretty good quality built-in speakers, front facing camera, and more than sufficient technical specs for the ordinary user like me, this is a great buy. If portability is not an issue, this in my opinion is definitely the device of choice over the MB Pro.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2015
Seller shipped fast, which was good. Price? Ehh it's an apple computer, what are you going to do. I was going to get a pc, but for a $200 more I got what I really wanted. Plus that new windows program was a little lame for me. Switched over to mac and I'm glad I did. I'll have to get a how to for this, but so far so good.
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