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on December 2, 2013
It's fake. *DO NOT BUY* See the end of this review. -- I had to return this for a refund.

Original review:

Well, it's not exactly exactly exactly like the unit it's replacing, but it's close. Very very close. Close enough that, to my suspicious eye, this is OEM.

The similarities with my original power supply:
Apple logo of the exact size embossed into the plastic in an identical way
Small gray printing on two sides of the brick, formatted in the Apple style and with Apple part numbers and supplier info
The magsafe adapter looks well made and solid
The brick and magsafe were covered with the protective plastic sheeting that seems to be peculiar to Apple products -- it wraps around the brick and sticks to itself tidily, just like I remember from my original MacBook's packaging
High quality fit and finish all the way around, no fakery that I can see
Specifications on the brick printing are accurate to the requirements
The tabs work exactly the same, the wire winds up around them nice and tight, and the wire clip holds it all together well. Functionally identical as far as I can tell

The differences:
The wire is a bit thinner
The little metal part of the magsafe connecter, the rectangle that contacts the computer, looks a little shallower
The labeling on the gray print is different: different manufacturer, etc. (I'm sure Apple uses various manufacturers, though, so this isn't a guarantee of non-OEM)
Biggest tell: There is NO UL LISTING on the adapter. UL listing is clearly marked on my original power supply. This is an American thing, though -- it could be that this is an actual OEM supply, but intended for Canada or some other market, so doesn't have the UL listing.

I'm posting a bunch of pictures of this replacement unit in detail, as well as comparing it with my old unit, so you can see for yourself.

I've been ripped off with fake "OEM" parts in the past. This does not feel like that. If it IS fake, it's a masterful job, and they deserve my money for going to this kind of effort. Especially if the internals are as well-imitated as the externals. :)

If something goes wrong, I'll edit this review accordingly.

Welp, this one's a dud. It's now flashing from green to amber as it charges, and it only charges when the cable's connected from one direction -- wire facing the ports, the least convenient if I want to plug anything into the Displayport or USB.

So... final answer: fake. Do not buy.

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on May 17, 2011
If you have a white MacBook that came with a straight (45 watt) adapter and wonder if this will work for your machine, I can tell you that when our 45 watt adapter went out for our White (Intel) Macbook, we made the 60 watt (angled) adapter from our Silver 13 inch Macbook Pro take turns servicing both our computers. Since the battery life on the silver Macbook is so good, it's not a big hardship. I gave this 4 rather than 5 stars because it's a little pricey, and Apple won't license the proprietary connector to Targus or anyone who wants to make a universal adapter.

Update 10/2011: In just a little over a year, the cord just plumb wore out. There was no particular incident, but the shielding wore through exposing the bare wires. A $75 adapter should last more than a year. If you look here and at the Apple site, way too often these adapters don't make it even that long. What can you do? You've got to replace it. There are lots of third parties selling what purports to be this adapter at a suspiciously low price. I've had good luck with returns through Amazon, so I'm going to take my chances on one.

Update 11/2012 - We had another adapter go out. I don't know whether this one was an original Apple adapter or one of the third party ones. That's 4 adapters for 2 computers. Regardless, it lasted about as long as the other ones, a year, give or take. This is getting tiresome.
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on June 15, 2010
All of my reviews on Amazon are usually very enthusiastic for the product I'm writing it for, but the Apple magsafe adapter is horrible-- not only the old model but the new model (which may be worse). I am now on my THIRD new model in a matter of probably 7 months, and went through FOUR old models that became unwired at the actual magsafe part (oh yeah, and would spark and smoke). I do not abuse the wiring and my laptop stays mostly on my desk, except for the few times it moves to my bed or the couch; I rarely take it out of the home. The new one is supposed to be flush with the laptop to theoretically cause less bending, but instead it spins around and around until the wiring shorts out. Of course each time I noticed it coiled I would fix it and try to straighten out the wiring, but after a few months of this, the wiring just completely quits conducting electricity.

It's absolutely ridiculous that I have to spend close to a $100 dollars every couple of months! I really could NOT care less how "thin" and "stylish" it is-- I want it to work AND for a respectable amount of time. This time I used duct tape around the magsafe part up to a few inches to prevent the wire bending. Hopefully this helps and actually makes this POS have a life span of more than three months.

In summary, I love Apple, I have all their products, including the iPad, but their wiring (including the usb connections) really need new engineering.

Have proceeded to go through 3 more of these adapters. Two of them broke off at the magnet part, so there was a magnet stuck in my MacBook Air. Such crap!
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on June 2, 2010
I bought this as a replacement for the original adapter for my 13" Macbook, which shorted out after 13 months of regular use (primarily in house). This design is suppose to be an improvement on the original design (the cord originally connected perpendicular to the Macbook instead of flush to the body) and mimics the design of the power adapter that's been used for the Macbook Air since its inception. This cord shorted at the mag tip after 39 days! Do not wrap the cord around the included hooks, but instead coil it loose and secure it with Velcro. Apparently, wrapping the cord on the "designed for storage hooks" is no longer possible with the new power adapters even though I have adapters from my much older 12" Powerbook (2000) that are still working fine and are stored in this manner regularly. This is starting to make me reconsider ever buying another Mac laptop. Having to pay $79 for replacement power adapter twice in less than 18 months is getting to be an expensive owner's tax for having a Mac.
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on December 2, 2013
Bought this after my apple brand charger crapped out on me after 18 months. Apple store wanted to charge me $90, but I really did not feel like the product was worth it, as this is the second charger I have had in 4 years, and they always seem to do the same thing, twist up, the plastic burts, and then the wires fray and eventually die. This charger was also rated 1 out of 5 stars on apples own product I bought this item on amazon. it came with a one year warranty like the reg apple charger, so i fig if it dies within the year, I can get it replaced and only have spent a 3rd of the cost. I have been using it since Nov 28 without incident. The magnet on the charger head i find does not slip or pull of easily like another reviewer said, and so far I am very happy with my purchase. i also don't find that it overheats or gets hot. keep in mind, i only plug in my charger to let my comp get to 100 percent batt, then unplug it, thus saving the life of the comp batt
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on March 14, 2015
do not purchase this if you are looking for Apple branded equipment; the picture is not accurate, it shows an Apple logo on the charger but when it shows up, it is a knock-off and not made by Apple
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on November 17, 2010
I received this charger 2 days after I ordered it; it shipped well, but immediately, straight out the box, the light began to flicker.
Within 15 minutes of use, it completely stopped working.

I called apple and got a replacement. You should try that. Unless you like sending packages back and getting refunds.
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on July 14, 2011
The reviews for this seem to be for a range of MagSafe's made and sold by several companies. The one I bought was not an APPLE Magsafe, it was a cheap, no name, DOA magsafe from KC whatever. Don't buy it and don't buy it from them. You can't seem to trust who makes this.
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on August 13, 2011
I purchased this item as a replacement for one of my MacBook Pro computers. When it arrived, it was not in Apple Retail Packaging as suggested by the item description. Instead, it was stuffed in a generic cardboard box. I thought that was fishy, but suspected no foul play. I then noticed that the charging cable wasn't included (the extension that goes from the brick to the wall). I ordered one, as it was only a few bucks extra and it, too turned out to be fake. I then noticed that the brick itself wasn't tightly sealed the way an Apple charger is (I have another one at home that came with my MB Pro to compare it to). There were gaps in the plastic and the little flip-out wall plug didn't line up correctly. The serial number on the unit was blurry and the text wasn't crisp, and I noticed the text printed on the outside wasn't crisp and clean either. It was clearly a poor print job. The white brick wasn't sealed in plastic the way Apple would do it either.

Avoid this and just spend the extra few bucks on a real Apple charger at a real Apple store. I'm really disappointed that Amazon lets this stuff happen. I hope they will do some research and take a long hard look at their sellers before shipping out potentially hazardous charging cords to their customers.
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on March 21, 2015
Arrived 3 days earlier than expected, which was fantastic. However, this product is advertised as an Apple brand charger and it is not. It is a knock-off brand. So far it is working and I hope it works for a long time. We will see. For the price, I think it is a decent charger for my Macbook. Only complaint so far is that I wish I knew ahead of time I was not buying an actual Apple brand charger.
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