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1,556 of 1,621 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2012
This product is amazing. It's not perfect, but considering that I'll have it for at least 2 years and I've used it every day so far, I certainly get my $.40 worth each day! It's very sturdy and I know it will hold up well, as my other Apple products have. I have friends who still use their original iPads (they work just fine, but many applications don't run on the operating system). I have a Kindle (an old version), and still love my Kindle as a reader. It's the only way I can read in the sunlight and it's SO lightweight. Eventually, I'll upgrade to a new Kindle reader, but I see them as having different purposes. The iPad is a mini computer, and the non-Fire Kindle is the equivalent of carrying around a book (or a thousand).

iPad 3 vs. iPad 4:
I purchased the version right before this one--the iPad 3--several weeks before the announcement of this version. I called Apple a few days after the announcement, and they immediately set me up with a way to return the iPad 3 to repurchase the newest version. I realize that some people were angry about the announcement, but there has to be a cut off date for new technology at some point, and I thought that Apple treated me as well or better than I've seen from any other technology company.

Yes, both the iPad 3 and 4 have very crisp, clear screens (which are stunning for video quality compared to my Macbook from 2010). However, the increased speed of the iPad 4 makes the video quality seem clearer. It's difficult to explain, but movies definitely got a bit crisper. Also, the increased speed really is incredible when opening apps and running a lot at once. I'd say the time it takes to open large applications is cut in half. But, I was so impressed with the iPad 3 when it came, and if I hadn't been able to exchange it, I would still give it a 5-star review--it's definitely not "obsolete."

Finally, what makes the iPad special? First, no one *needs* one. But now that I have one, it's sure useful and I wouldn't want to go back to life before I got one. Here's why:
* I sit at school or at work in front of a computer all day. I am always typing or reading on the screen. Coming come to something different is nice--it's refreshing. I'd rather watch a tv show on a 10" iPad than any other non-TV device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). The picture quality is great for movies and browsing, and the 10" screen is big enough to share if a friend and I want to watch something together. A 7" isn't enough for that or big enough to basically serve as a TV replacement.
* It is functional enough to REPLACE a computer. Don't get me wrong, I still need my computer for editing files, serious typing, spreadsheets, etc. But right after I got the ipad, I went on a 10-day trip. No computer, no problem. I could take care of all of my emails from work and school, keep in touch, keep up with my finances, etc. It was anything I'd need for a non-work trip. Web browsing works just as well as a laptop for 95% of sites, and there's an app for many that even improves the browsing experience.
* Given the first two points, I think owning an iPad will greatly extend the life of my laptop. I probably use my laptop 50% less now that I have an iPad, so I'll probably get an extra year of life out of my laptop as a result. That, in itself, makes the purchase of an iPad worth it in my eyes.
* Integration with other Mac devices. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if you're a Mac user for a laptop or an iPhone, I'd highly recommend the iPad over alternatives, even if it's more expensive. If you're hooked on Windows products or Google products, I'd consider those devices.
* The number of apps. I know that apps are everywhere these days, but, it seems at least, that there are still the most applications for Apple devices. The difference is especially noticeable in non-retail applications. For example, I've tried dozens of "to do" and organizer apps, and my favorite, Errands, is only available on iOS. Another of my favorites, Fotopedia Heritage (a gorgeous display of UNESCO World Heritage photography), is only on iPad. So far (and this may change), a lot of companies also choose to release new iOS versions of applications first. This edge will decrease with time, but for now it is still a significant "plus" for an iPad over other tablets for those who are into applications. Also, I can run most iPhone apps on the iPad, and there's an easy way to tell the difference (e.g. you can search just for iPad apps or for iPhone/iPad/iPod apps). Not sure if you can do this on other tablets, but I've found it useful (e.g. my bank only has an iphone app, but I can still run it on my iPad). Finally, though, just to be clear, this is NOT just a device for running applications. I could do almost everything I choose to do through applications just by using a web browser.
* The number of accessories. Many won't care about this, but some will. If you like to have cases to protect your electronics, the sheer number for iPad is a draw (not a huge one, but the sprinkles on the cake). Everything's out there, from cheap plastic covers to the smart cover (the one that folds as a stand) to professional-looking leather folios to designer soft zip cases. It can be a fashion statement, but it's more likely just a way to make sure to keep your device safe.
* Finally, and this may be petty, but it's the most professional device. In the field I know (law), partners at law firms and federal judges use iPads, not other devices to read briefs, send emails, etc. I've never seen anyone doing work on a Kindle device and I've never even seen another tablet in a professional setting. Part of this may be that it's a well-established product, and part may be that the 10-inch screen is nice for reading, even if it's bulkier. Being able to feel comfortable that you can carry your device in a professional environment may matter for some, and the iPad definitely delivers above other devices there.
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841 of 906 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2012
The 8in Apple iPad Mini was eagerly anticipated, but the new 10in iPad 4 (or iPad with Retina Display as Apple insists on calling it) is a surprise as it arrives only nine months after its predecessor the iPad 3.

Externally, the iPad 4 looks and feels identical to its predecessor. Although it is sturdy and slim, it's still the same weight at around 650g. I had hoped for a reduction in weight since the iPad 3 was around 50g heavier than the iPad 2. The battery lasted 12 hours when I was playing videos matching the time achieved by the smaller iPad Mini.

The 10in screen still has the same 2,048x1,536 pixel resolution. It's very sharp and bright with exceptional image quality, especially when compared to lower resolution tablets like the iPad Mini. Only the upcoming Samsung Nexus 10 Android tablet will have a display potentially capable of matching it.

All the changes are on the inside rather than the outside. The A6X dual-core processor is twice as fast as the iPad 3's A5X chip, but this will make little real difference until apps are designed to take advantage of it. Apple will doubtless release features in future versions of iOS that will only run on the A6X, but that has yet to happen.The iPad 4 is thankfully compatible with the recently launched EE LTE network.

HD Facetime
I was pleased with Video chatting and that the front-facing camera now records in 720p resolution which gave better, more accurate-looking video although the speed of my broadband connection did also affect image quality.

The iPad 4 may be a modest upgrade over its predecessor but it's still the best 10in tablet so far, which says just as much about the competition as it does about Apple's tablet. It's still relatively heavy though, so lighter tablets such as the iPad Mini will be a better buy for some.

Here are the Tech Specs for those who don't know----

Height 9.5 inches
Width 7.31 inches
Thickness 0.37 inches
Weight 1.44 pounds
Color Silver / Black, Silver / White
Speakers Mono

Screen size (diagonal) 9.7 inches
Technology IPS LCD
Resolution (X) 2048 px
Resolution (Y) 1536 px
PPI 264
Touchscreen type Capacitive
Multitouch Yes

Operating system iOS
Launch OS version 6
Media streaming AirPlay

CPU brand Apple
CPU model A6X
Clock speed 1.4 GHz
Cores 2

RAM size 1 GB

Internal size 64 GB, 32 GB, 16 GB

Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi support 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11a
802.11n frequencies 5GHz, 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version 4.0

Front Camera:
Effective pixels 1.2 megapixels
Video resolution 720p
Video framerate 30

Rear Camera:
Effective pixels 5 megapixels
Focus type Autofocus
Video resolution 1080p
Video framerate 30

Video out Yes
Headphone 3.5mm
Data connections Lightning

Sensors Ambient Light, Gyroscope, Accelerometer

Capacity 42.5 Wh
Removable No
Quoted use time 10 hr

This is the best tablet out there so far!! The screen is amazing and apple once again did an excellent job!
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696 of 756 people found the following review helpful
Honestly, I had been trying to figure out what an iPad4 was. Well, this is essentially an iPad3 with a few improvements that I really like.
I already own an iPad2, but decided to upgrade to this because I needed to bump up to 32GB. That, and a deal on this iPad which was incredible convinced me to upgrade now. I still use my MacAir and my Dell laptops, but the iPad is my daily go to device and where I go an iPad is going. Great battery life and minimal problems make this a much loved convenience.
The improvements are not overwhelming, but the truth is I already love the iPad and this makes it better. I've always thought the screen image was very good, but this is an obvious step up. It is clear, bright and vivid with the improved retina display.
The iSight camera at five megapixels is very good, but I wasn't complaining about the pictures I took with my old iPad. Still, it is a nice improvement and it takes a much clearer picture than my old iPhone.
The new processor is really fast. I didn't think it was slow before but when I have a lot of apps running I've noticed that it is faster. You'll have to trust me on this one. I tend to run a lot of stuff at the same time and the old iPad was slower, but not to the extent that I found it irritating or irksome.
I like the new lightening connector which is an 8 wire adapter. Just me, but it seems less clunky. However, if you have a lot of Apple products that use the old 30 wire adapter, this may be a pain. I'm going to have to get another car charger/wall charger and I'll have to take two chargers to cover both adapter types when I hit the road.
Another thing I like is my personal secretary Siri. Depress the screen button and Siri is ready to roll. It is voice interpretive intuitive software that retrieves information. While this will probably seem like rudimentary artificial intelligence in a few years, I get a total kick out of it. It's nice to get directions or find out where the Sox are playing or get the earliest showing of a movie. Love it, though I am still playing around with it and probably haven't scratched the surface yet. I don't know if there is any truth to this, but I've heard that the Suri software may be available for the earlier versions of iPad at a later date.
As for the size and weight, minimally larger but I'd be hard pressed to say this except I compared the specs.
Here is the thing. If you don't care about a better camera or a better display or a faster processing speed or having your own cyber slave to talk to, go with the less expensive iPad2.
I like Apple products. I have been using the iPad for two years now and it is fairly trouble free. The few problems I've had were the result of software upgrades. I am absolutely no techie type, but the problems have all been fixed with minimal grief.
This product is getting 4* because the differences between this iPad and its predecessor are slight when you look at the overall big picture. This takes a great product and kicks it up a notch or two, but it hasn't reinvented or reimagined the iPad.
Update: I am liking this better each day. The updated processor is nice but this also seems a bit more intuitive if it can possibly be so.
The imaging is incredible and the pictures this takes are amazing in their clarity and level of detail.
I found that my pricey Joby stand case, which was supposedly made to fit with my iPad 2 works with the new iPad despite very slightly different dimensions. I'm delighted that it doesn't have to be tossed.
The only problem I've encountered thus far was an upgrade to the software. This is Apple's problem since it screwed up our other iPads with the same problems, most notably with mail. There is a fix that I found on an Apple forum.
Love this, but it is still a 4* considering everything.
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89 of 92 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2014
Hi Guys

I had a very bad experience with purchasing an Apple iPad with Retina Display MD514LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, White) 4th Gen. from Amazon (Seller -->Word Wide distributor).

I had complained on second day of the item received date .I used device for few hours and it started hanging and i need to restart device 2-3 times.So i decided to return this defective product however i got below response from seller and denied to accept return of device which is disgusting and not acceptable :(

"this seller's returns policy states: Drones, Computers, Video Cameras, Camera, MP3 Players, iPods, iPads, Tablets, Ear phones, Headphones, PC Hardware, Navigation, Point Cards, Software & Projectors- We will not accept any returns if the unit has been open and the factory seal is broken."

How any one can check the product whether it is working fine or not before open the item from box.I would suggest others to BUY electronic items from bestbuy or any other well known electronic shops so that buyer's money is safe and they do not need to regret on the purchase that i had.
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192 of 212 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2012
I own a MacBook and our household owns 3 Ipod Touch devices, and I made the mistake last year in buying the Nook Tablet. It was ok, but I really didn't use it much because it was a pain to even access web pages, just clumsy overall. So I plunked down the cash this year and took to leap. I bought this IPad on Black Friday from the Apple store and it is getting heavy use every day at my house. Here are the pros and cons:

Awesome Retina display- this is pretty nice. I wouldn't say it was a selling point, but is nice to have.
Nice chip- this has the newest chip in it, and you can't get that with the mini.
Apps- I love the apps. My Nook was a joke compared to the immense amount of choices I have now.
Great for kids- My 4 year old loves it...and I mean LOVES it. There are so many good free apps for her to learn with.
Voice dictation- This is it folks. This was where I dropped the extra $130 or whatever. You can build documents just speaking.
Lightweight- it feels really good as all Apple products do.
Charge time- I run this thing all day long and just plug it in at night.
Capabilities- I feel like I am just scratching the surface, seriously.

Handling- You need a case, absolutely. I bought an Otterbox Defender. This thing almost hit the floor 2 times when I got it. It is just slippery and is pretty solid so one wrong shift of weight and it might fly out of your hands.
I have no other complaints.
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500 of 581 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2013
I love apple products, just like most of the world does!

I sold my ipad3 to get the new ipad4 due to the HD front facing camera and the blazing fast A6 chip compared to the A5 I had in my ipad3.

Long story short, Biggest mistake ever! The ipad4th generation has an issue with Wi-Fi, if you don't believe me or if you are skeptical just Google it and it will appear right away. It is not my intention at all to harm apple, in fact I plan to return my ipad4 and buy an ipad3 because it was perfect.

Also, Just to let you know, after I received my ipad4 I sold it and bought another one just to discover it had the same problem with Wi-Fi.

Apple made a huge mistake with their new generation ipad4, and they should either fix the problem or stop selling the unit. The new ipad will disconnect every 5-15 mins constantly! It's terrible, it will make you angry, frustrated ,and this is far from what you would call quality.

It's your money and your call, just don't say I didn't warn you. The only reason I am writing this review is to prevent people from having the same terrible experience I had.
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72 of 80 people found the following review helpful
on February 4, 2013
Apple allows you to purchase Applecare within 30 days if you purchase an Apple product from another vendor. Two issues came up when I purchased Applecare for an iPad I bought on Amazon, one the Applecare starts the date the third-party vendor bought the item from Apple, not the date you buy it from Amazon. Secondly, you will not be able to purchase Applecare Plus, which is an enhanced version of Applecare (allowing for replacement of broken devices due to your fault, not just manufacturer defects).
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235 of 272 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2012
I just purchased this device, i previously owned the iPad 2 and the iPad 3rd gen. Below are some of the improvements with this latest model and some of my impressions.


- Dual-core A6X with quad-core graphics means games and apps runs twice as fast compared to the 3rd Gen iPad. No slowdowns on apps that i previously had problems with.
- Wifi speeds are also twice as fast. The improvements are noticeable, downloading on the Appstore, watching Youtube and just browsing are quick.
- It runs cooler. Using this device for several hours won't burn you, Battery life is also the same to the previous model.
- Front facing camera is 720p, back is 5 megapixel

- Lightning connection port means some accessories won't work without an adapter.
- The camera quality wasn't that impressive.

Overall the upgraded version has many improvements, if your undecided about making the purchase all you have to do is ask yourself, are you happy with the performance of your current device? if your not a gamer and your not using apps that require a lot of processing power then you don't really need it but if your experiencing slow downs, this is the device you need.
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310 of 367 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2013
I thought I would love the iPad, but I don't even like it at this point. I love my sister's iPad, my son's and others', but mine won't stay connected to wifi. I tried to troubleshoot using Apple's website, called AppleCare several times, and ultimately sent the iPad to AppleCare for repair. But my iPad still doesn't work. In the same locations that my iPad is nonfunctional, I can use my sister's iPad (she has the iPad w/retina display, too, and I set hers up the same as mine) with no wifi connectivity issues. But every time I try to access the internet, I get the message that my iPad is not connected to the internet. I go to settings, select the wifi connection, and if it connects at all, it's only briefly. This happens not just with my home router, but at my place of employment and other wifi access public places (where other iPad users report no difficulty and I have no problems with my laptop, etc.). The AppleCare folks sent my iPad back in 2 days (fast service but the porblem is not solved) with a form letter that states my iPad meets Apple's specifications for acceptable performance. Unfortunately, it doesn't meet my standards. I have a $700+ lemon. I know the Apple iPad is amazing when it works (and it usually works, according to the vast majority of reviews). If Apple replaces this lemon with an iPad that actually works, I will update my review accordingly.

Update-1/13/13: I spoke with AppleCare again and was instructed to send the iPad back for maintenance--this will be the second time. Why should I expect it to work this time? What a a waste of time! Another week+ without a functional iPad. If the problem persists after this encounter with AppleCare, I was told the iPad would be replaced. I am becoming more disillusioned with Apple. I have had experience with other iPads and know they can be wonderful when they work, so I would not advise against buying this iPad. But purchase with the knowledge that there is a significant problem with wifi connectivity attested to by many consumers on Apple's own discussion forum. I'm thoroughly frustrated with this lemon and my experience with AppleCare!

Update-1/28/13: After a few returns for maintenance without improvement in performance, Apple replaced my new iPad with a refurbished one. It connects to the internet, but is slow. I've updated my router, called my wifi provider, and it's still the same. If I could, I would return this one. One of the big selling points of the iPad is the ease of use and mine has been anything but easy to use with this wifi connectivity issue. Another big selling point is the fast connection speed--not so for me. I would have been far happier with a netbook and completely regret this purchase.
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108 of 126 people found the following review helpful
I've tested this device extensively in the local Apple store, and there's no doubt in my mind that it's the best version of iPad to date. For this it deserves 5 stars. As an owner of the "New iPad, aka iPad 3rd generation," however, I feel that Apple did an injustice to those who purchased it.

The previous version was released to much fan fair in March 2012. This version was released a mere 7 months later, in October 2012. When I called Apple to find out why they would release a newer version so soon after the previous one, the representative who I spoke with informed me that there were problems with the 3rd generation, and as a result, Apple removed it from the market and introduced the generation 4.

I have no problem with the fact that technology constantly changes, and that computers are outdated in short order. What I have a problem with, is the fact that Apple prematurely introduced the 3rd generation of the iPad knowing full well that it wasn't ready to be sold. While Tim Cook was onstage last March promoting the 3rd generation of the iPad as the most revolutionary product ever offered by Apple, he knew that it was just a stop-gap measure until the components were ready for the model that you see here.

I love Apple products and have always thought that the company treated their customers in the highest regard. As a result of the above, I now feel differently about the company, not the products. As of this writing, Apple sells the iPad 2 and the iPad with Retina Display, aka the 4th generation. They do not sell the 3rd generation at all, as the one listed here is what the 3rd generation was supposed to be. I feel that this is very deceptive on the part of Apple and believe that owners of the now obsolete 3rd generation model should be given the option, for a fee to upgrade to the model presented here. I spoke with customer relations at Apple regarding the above and was told that this would not be an option. They readily agreed that there were "issues," with the 3rd generation model, but refused to tell me what they are. In this regard, they are certainly not being very transparent to their loyal customers.

So, the bottom line is that the iPad with Retina Display is a marvelous device, however owners of the previous generation got screwed. I'm giving the model presented here 5 stars, because that's what it deserves. On the other hand, if I had the option to grant stars to the way Apple treated owners of the previous version, I would give them just 1 star.
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