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Apple iPod nano 16GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
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73 of 90 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2012
Color Name: Purple
I combed through thousands of reviews good, bad, and nasty before I bought this.

-light weight but not super fragile.
-built in FM radio
-16GB big enough for most my music library
- smart bottoms for when I'm using gloves or to lazy to manually change settings
-colour inversion and mono settings
-easy to use and navigate
-clock/timer/ stop watch

-headphones don't stay put (nice sound though)
-only two colour choices of wallpaper (the purple has a fairly unattractive pink so I stick with gray)
-cant delete song directly from my iPod.
-so doesn't play for 30hrs- I have to charge every night even though I'm only averaging six hours of play time
-shake to shuffle doesn't work

Some Complaints that I ran into while researching and my take on them.

-shake to shuffle doesn't work- no it doesn't but with smart buttons on the sides it's just as good as I don't actually have to remove my iPod from my running shorts to change just double click while moving. This is a con for me but they do at least have another way to use it with having to manually change it.
-that there isn't a clip- the clip was only on the 6th nano because of the size and wouldn't last for any period of time on a bigger model - buy a case, the 6 g nano or a shuffle if this bothers you but frankly you knew this before you bought it so don't complain. It's tiny and most running shorts contain a 'key' pocket which it fits nicely into.
-no video camera- are people seriously complaining that there music player doesn't shoot video? Is a music play not a camera, not a video camera, not a phone get over it or buy the ITouch 4g or 5g
-audiobooks and not being able to skip around easily-I found that if you tap the book while its playing a progress bar shows up and you just need to slide the pointer to skip around. I don't listen to them often but most reviews give a thumbs up for audiobooks.
-radio doesn't have a great signal-my iPod has great signal but I live in a metroplex and there are towers everywhere so I always have a signal but try pulling the cord straight to get a better signal.
-headphones don't have an attracted mic and controls - only one of my iPods came with these headphones and I'm assuming they are only sent with device which have voice controls which my itouch 2g and this nano do not have.
-the headphones don't stay put, no they really don't they are to smooth to really stay put but they give out better sound then there older counterpart. I have pretty small ears and that may be my problem.

All in all its exactly what I wanted. I wanted something for just music for while I run or study. I have a phone, an ipad, and two itouches but they are very distracting when I'm trying to study and not very practical for running because or size, weight, or battery life (phone). This is great for music without the distraction or weight when running or studying.

I defiantly recommend it for anyone who doesn't need every bell and whistle under the sun that frankly doesn't get used and just wants music/audiobook you know what the iPod was designed for?
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78 of 97 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2012
Color Name: Pink
This is my first iPod. I used a Creative Zen for years, but it wore out, the plug was going, buttons not responding any more. Looking at the reviews, and seeing that the 7G was coming out, and cost a good bit less than other models, I decided to give it a try. I listen to books while knitting, also sleeping, a great help when I wake up in the night also at the gym, although I am no athelete. So using and iPod is a brand new experience.

Good things: This thing is tiny. It weighs nothing. It's like using a set of earbuds to listen, with nothing else. The new earphones work very well. I can sleep in them with no problem. The sound quality is excellent, really good. I can even get good radio reception, and we live in an area where that is not a given. The touch screen is intuitive and easy to use. I love the fact that if you buy it from Apple you can get it engraved. I bought pink, which is a great color. The cord is expensive, probably because it is new, but it will fit into a cheap adapter for the wall or the car to charge. The volume goes much lower and much higher, which is very convenient. Not all recordings are low enough for sleeping comfortably, as I'm very conscious of the need to preserve your hearing. On the other hand, hooking it up to my car's speakers, I need the volume all the way up. If you are listening to a book, you can slow the speed down by half, in case you get someone speaking too quickly to understand. A great advantage if listening to books in a foreign language. I like that the light goes out after a while, conserving battery power. IPod 7G seems to charge quickly, too. If all I did was begin to listen to something on my iPod and stopped listening to it when I was finished with my workout, the 7G would get 5 stars.

Problems: While it has nothing to do with the iPod itself, dealing with iTunes is not an easy thing to do, and the instructions are not complete. It is reasonable to include iTunes here, as it is also made by Apple. I have to transfer my considerable collection of ripped CD's into a format acceptable to the iPod. In doing so, I notice that the files do not end up in order in the iTunes library. This can get to be a nuisance when you're trying to get all the folders onto the iPod. If I go to anything else, like listen to the radio, I cannot go back to where I was listening automatically by looking for Now Playing. I like that feature in Zen, and cannot seem to get it here. While the feature for books at half speed is great, there is no way to transfer something labelled as music into something labelled a book, and the half speed feature is only for books. Once my considerable collection of books is also in the iTunes library, syncing several books may be difficult because the list will be so big.

The verdict is not in. Both Zen and iPod 7G have qualities that are better and worse than the other.

After writing the above, I called iTunes, very helpful and friendly, a real person who can speak American English, and if, after the folder is in iTunes music you right click, then go to get info and change the type from music to audiobook, it will do virtually everything I want to. iTunes, which is integral to the iPod, has a lot more features, and it is worthwhile to explore it fully, clearly. So I have changed the rating to 5 stars, as this does everything I want, and does it elegantly.
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63 of 78 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2012
Color Name: SlateVerified Purchase
I have had this 7th generation for a few days. I previously owned the 6th & 5th Gens. This one had a few features my previous nano did not, primarily bluetooth. I have speakers & headphones that run bluetooth so I was looking forward to wireless..however after only 90 minutes of listening without turning the display on, I was down to 50% battery even though it had a full charge. Even with wired headphones, I seriously doubt you can get anywhere new 30 hours of battery unless you like listening to music at 10% volume. My 6th Gen. got me at least 10 hrs in between charges, so I'm going to wait a few weeks and see if this is a global problem that will be fixed with an update, or just some bad lithium batteries going around. I may boost my rating to 4 stars if I can get 10 hrs out of a full charge, but I doubt using the bluetooth feature will get me that. On the plus side, I like the bigger screen and home button, the square 6th Gen was just too small to try and control and the clip feature wasn't much of a loss since I usually just kept it in my pocket. The new headphones are by far the biggest improvement over the years of crappy headphones you used to get (they would usually stay in the box) These new ones are not even broken in yet and the audio quality is quite good! On par with some I paid $40 for...

UPDATE: Nov. 9th 2012

In all fairness to Apple I wanted to update this review as the battery life does seem to be better than I realized and may be more of a software issue with the battery indicator level. As I mentioned earlier the battery indicator was down to 50% after only 90 minutes or so. I decided the best thing to do was drain the level down until it stopped playing and give it a full charge. Well, to my surprise it took over 8 hrs to drain the other 50% giving me the feeling that the indicator is the problem , not the battery itself. It should be noted that I ran the player on wired headphones (bluetooth off), volume at around 70% and equalizer turned off. Now, with a full charge and listening with the included headphones the battery indicator is moving much slower towards empty and I am assuming I will get somewhere between 10-15 hrs under these conditions. So I am bumping up my review to 5 stars as the rest of the player & upgraded re-engineered headphones are well worth the the bucks.
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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2013
Color Name: Blue
My son's Nano stopped working after about 3 months. (It wouldn't charge.) I took it to the Apple Store today, and they confirmed that it was defective and agreed to switch it out for free (since it was still under warranty). However, they said that if I wanted to reproduce the engraving from the defective one, I would have to call the Apple Care Store. I asked if that was going to be a hassle and I was told: "No, it's easy. You just call and you'll get a new one within a week, and they'll send you something so that you can return the defective iPod."

So, I called the Apple Care Store. First, I had to talk to three different people. (I didn't realize that this was such a complicated request.) Second, I was told that I would receive the new iPod two weeks after they confirmed that the old one was defective. In other words, the two week clock wouldn't even start running until after (1) they sent me the materials to return the old one, (2) I received the materials, (3) I mailed the old one back to them; (4) they received the old one; and (5) someone confirmed that it didn't work. Apparently, it didn't matter that they had the notes from the person at the Apple Store confirming that the old one didn't work - they had to confirm again that it was defective.

I decided two things: First, I'm just going to take it back to the Apple Store and get a new one without the engraving. (I'm sorry son.) Second, I'm about to buy a new phone and was leaning towards the iPhone, but now I'm going to get a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead.
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45 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2012
Color Name: Blue
I debated heavily between getting a 6th generation Nano or the new 7th gen. I ended up going with the new Nano. I'm so glad I did. I think I'm in love with this thing. Here's why:

* New form factor -- I loved the clip, but the bigger volume buttons, slightly larger size and bigger screen make it easier to hold and use while exercising.

* New earpods -- much better sound, and more comfortable in my ears. If you have trouble with old-school round earbuds like I do, I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe I have ridiculously tiny ears, because I always have to use the smallest silicone gels on any headphones, and traditional round earbuds are always uncomfortable (no matter who makes them.) But these new earbuds fit fine, and sound great.

* New connector -- now that I can see and use it, it's obvious that the Lightning connector is a real improvement over the old 30-pin connector. No more worrying if the connector is right side up. I got one of each cable and adapter type, so I can make use of all my old cables. The adapters work great, by the way.

I had also considered getting a Shuffle, but the FM radio and built-in Fitness programs really sold me on the Nano.

I had no trouble setting it up on Windows 7.

Overall, the new 7th generation is definitely McDreamy.
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66 of 82 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2012
Color Name: Blue
I was surprised after reading the reviews that there were a lot of people that are giving this ipod 1 star! After reading those reviews, and getting my nano, I feel like they are all a bunch of complainers. They are comparing it to things that they love too much and got attached to.
It works perfect for me. The earphones are perfect fit for my ears and I love them. I know that they got a new charger, but it is smaller and I am sure they are in the process of converting all the apple chargers to this new one. Remember when they did that for phones and now they are all charged on the same charger? It is process. But it is worth it in the end. Stop complaining. This is an awesome product. Sleek. Small. Great sound. Great product. :)
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96 of 122 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2012
Color Name: Slate
I upgraded from a 2G nano to the 7G because it had 4X the memory & looked nice. I listen almost entirely to books, lectures, and Podcasts. Here are the reasons I think the old 2G Nano is better for these tasks (I've used the new one for 3 weeks and have just disconnected it and gone back to using the old one.).

1) Battery life: I bought a 30 pin to Lightning connector, but the new nano won't charge
in the car or at a wall socket. This will improve when new accessories come out, but for
now, the battery is always running low. This never happens with my old 2G Nano. Also, the
battery charging indicator (to these old eyes) looks identical to the battery full
2) Where am I in a Book/Lecture/Podcast: The 2g has a blue line that shows divisions and book
length. The new one has a list of chapters (you can/must scroll down) that gives the
number minutes for each... no visual indication of length. You can drill down two screens
and see a grey slider (see below) that shows the location in the present chapter.
3) Silly Sliders: The 2G has an actual wheel, an actual center button, & four actual buttons
around the wheel. It's very easy (for me) to move backward & forward (faster and slower
rotations)in a book/lecture, change the volume, move up and down menus. The 7G replaces
all of this with virtual sliders & actual swipes (there are buttons for menu, volume,
and start/stop - but there are also the SSS's). The sliders are beautifully designed to
look like sliders, but poorly designed to perform the function of forward/back & volume
control (I have thick, clumsy fingers, but even with a stylus I can't do this
4) Touch Screen: You can't turn it off, so the sliders & swipes function in your pocket with
unfortunate results. Perhaps I'm missing the hidden screen off switch...Google it. Then
there's the cold. I get in the car with cold hands, and a cold ipod screen (with a low
battery - see #1) and the screen doesn't work or work reliably.

I recommend that anyone considering upgrading from an older nano and who mostly listens to books and lectures to try a friend's 7G before buying. I've gone back to the old one and couldn't be happier (minus $150 + $40 for ipod & connector). Note that my 2G still works just fine. I praise Apple or, at least, praise the 2G design managers for this.
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on August 18, 2014
Color Name: Green
I am infuriated by this model. I once had a 2nd gen nano which was as close to a Bradley Tank as a nano could come. Perfectly functional, wonderful product, NEVER failed. It just didn't have the space I needed. I decided to "upgrade".

Enter the 7th gen nano. Lots of great bells and whistles that I will never use, which presumably is what nets it a five-star rating from Apple devotees. I can watch movies in HD on a 2" screen? 10 out of 10 perennially employable ophthalmologists agree, the iPod nano 7th gen is a fine product! Don’t forget your vision checkup!

That there is no way to mechanically lock the nano is beyond me. How was this omission allowed? Did Apple's engineering department summer interns design it? Already a number of times, I arrive at work, drop the nano into my bag, set the bag on my desk or on the floor. When getting ready to leave, I pull the nano back out, only to find that at some point while settling in my bag, the nano's play button was pushed, activating the nano, and leaving me with 2% battery charge right before heading out. AWESOME FEATURE. Now instead of music to distract me on my commute home, my mind is full of thoughts of rage directed toward Apple! Kudos!

Lesson learned - next time when purchasing a nano I will also buy a gilded and bejeweled chalice, filled with a finely-textured cloth woven from unicorn mane and brown recluse spider silk. I shall place my nano within, then place that into an anti-gravity chamber. Hoping, always hoping, that no force will disturb this tiny, fragile wonder from its slumber, to deplete its battery playing music for the flippin ether.

OR. I just won't buy another nano.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2014
Color Name: Space GrayVerified Purchase
Just got my nano and plugged it into my computer, it says it's micheal's ipod. New ipods dont come with the name "micheal's ipod."

The product description makes it clear that this product is supposed to be BRAND NEW but the ipod I received obviously isnt. This product is different from what is advertised. I recommend to anyone looking to buy a nano to buy it off the apple website. Its the same price more or less and will actually be new.

I am going to run some tests to see how old the nano I received is, and how much it has been used. If it is in relatively new condition I will most likely keep it. If I decide to return it I will update this review.

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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2012
Color Name: Slate
Apple has really outdone themselves on this one. I ordered this nano to replace a Zune HD that went through the wash. I loved that Zune dearly. It was a near-perfect media player. However, it had a lot of things that I didn't need or want, namely the apps and internet. When it died, I began my search for a new MP3 player. I looked at all kinds of players, from Cowon to Sony and everything in between. I considered a 6th gen nano, but I didn't like the screen size and everything about it annoyed me. Then the 7th gen nano released, along with the 6th (???) gen touch. I've always thought that the touch was overpriced, but this nano was a steal! $150 for 16 gigabytes was perfect. I thought that the 5th gen nano was really good. It retained that classic 4th gen design that I was in love with, but it had a better, bigger screen and a camera. I thought they could never improve on that 5th gen. I thought I was right when they utterly failed with the 6th gen. However, Apple totally redeemed themselves with the 7th gen. It's really a culmination of the last two iterations of the nano. It's about the same size as the 5th gen, but it has the touch screen of the 6th gen. This could really be a mini touch. Both on the outside and the inside it is similar. The UI is reminiscent of iOS, the main difference being the shape of the icons. In iOS the icons are rounded squares, whereas this nano has round icons. Obviously with the smaller screen size this iPod's main function is going to be music playing. The nano has always done that very well. The touch seems to be more focused on apps and internet, and music takes a backseat. The nano can do video and pictures, but it's very limited because of the screen size.

The music player is really similar to the standard iTunes/iPod interface, with black text on white background, and when you select something it flashes an easy blue color. In the now playing interface the cover art takes up about half the screen, right in the middle. On top is the album, Song, and artist info. Below that is the skip forward and back and play/pause controls. All the way at the bottom is the volume slider. If you tap the cover art you get another menu, with a scrub slider to fast forward and rewind a song, a repeat option, and shuffle option, a Genius option, and a list option. Repeat and shuffle are pretty self-explanatory. Genius will make you a playlist of songs that are similar to the one you're listening to. i find it to be gimiicky, and it's not really "smart" if you know what I mean. Basically it stereotypes your music out, and then picks randomly from that group of stereotypes. More often than not, I find that the songs it picks really don't go together at all. I prefer just to make my own playlists. However, if you're in a hurry, and you just want a quick random playlist, Genius will do it for you. The list feature just lists all the songs in the album of the song to which you're currently listening. You can also give song ratings in this view. I found the functions of this area to be limited. The only time it's really useful is if you're listening to your music on shuffle, and you decide you want to listen to an entire album of a certain artist instead of all your music on shuffle. All in all the music player on the iPod nano is top-notch, and straightforward. It just makes sense. That was one of my beefs about the Zune, it had a very unconventional interface, and it took time to get used to.

There is Nike+ built-in to this this nano, as there was in the previous model. It can track your runs and walks, and sends the data to when you sync it up with your computer. I find it really useful, as there are a number of options for setting distances or time limits, and the Nike+ community is really cool to keep up with, as you can track your stats against other folks your age worldwide, or you can link with Facebook and see how you measure up against your friends. There are even achievement milestones when you reach a certain number of miles run, or when you run your first 5K or something. It will also show you at what point during your run did you run fastest. I find this to be a little unuseful for me, because I run on very hilly terrain, so usually the graphic about matches up to when I ran uphill vs downhill. Regardless, Nike+ is huge on this iPod, and I'm sure it will be what sells a lot of units for Apple. If you want the full experience, get some Nike+ enabled running shoes, and link them to your iPod. Please note that the iPod nano only supports Nike+ Running, you will need an iPhone or iPod touch to be able to use Nike+ Training and Basketball.

I have yet to try the video player, I'd rather watch videos on my computer or TV. However, I think if I were to go on a long road trip, I could bear to watch a movie on it.

The picture viewer is kind of gimmicky. I mean, in all honesty who is going to look at photos on an iPod? The only reasonable function I could think of is if you want to show pictures of your garden to a friend or something.

The radio is really nice. I live in a rural area, so I don't get a lot of stations. However, it's still a good radio. I found that my car radio was able to pick up more stations than the iPod, but the clarity and quality on the iPod was far better. Perhaps if I used a longer headphone cable that would change. You can star stations and whatnot, it's really quite simple.

You can fiddle with the settings a little bit, you won't find anything special here. Music EQ, screen brightness, photo slide length, stuff like that.

You'll also find a clock app, which will show the date and time for up to three different locations (depending on your chosen clock face). There's also a stopwatch, which will be useful in a lot of situations, and a timer, which can do a lot of things. It can put the iPod to sleep after a certain amount of time, great for if you like to go to sleep with music playing, but you don't want it playing all night. It will also play a variety of tones, good for if you want to dock your iPod to some speakers, and use it as an alarm clock.

Bluetooth is a brand-new addition to this nano. I don't personally use it, but I can definitely see it usefulness to a lot of other people. Many cars nowadays support Bluetooth music playback, if you have Bluetooth headphones or speakers it will work with that.

All in all, I think this is a really high quality device. The only thing I wish it had was some basic games and maybe a calculator app. But those are minor beefs. I see a lot of people upset that they took away the clip and that you can't use it as a watch. Personally, I thought both of those features in the 6th gen were incredibly stupid and pointless. If you want something to use for listening to music while you work out, get a shuffle. That's what they were made for. If you want a watch, go to Wal-Mart and buy a dang watch for 15 bucks, exactly 10% of the price to buy an iPod nano. Another thing I see people complaining about is the Lightning connector. For me it's not a big deal, because I didn't have any iPod accessories that fit the 30 pin connector. Honestly though, this is where the future is headed. So either get on board or live in the past. I happen to really like this nano, and it fits my needs and budget perfectly. Highly recommended.
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