Customer Reviews: Apple iPod classic-MC297LL/A (160GB) (Black) (7th Generation) MP3/MP4 Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on October 15, 2009
I love the iPod but this has been a huge disappointment. The hard drive is really noisy when it changes songs, and it did not remember where it was paused in a couple of audiobooks. I assumed this was a defective one and got a new one. Amazon customer service is impeccable!
The second iPod has a less noisy hard drive, but it reset itself for no reason in the middle of a song and then when I tried to re-sync it would not connect to iTunes. Once it finally connected, iTunes says that there is no music on the iPod and that it cannot be synched/recognized. This was after 1 day of use where it was not dropped or mistreated and never left the house. My 5th generation iPod, 3rd generation and shuffle synchronized just fine, so it's not iTunes or my Mac.

Also, I would say the music quality is not as good as the 5th generation with video. It lacks depth on the new Classic. The size of the device and the hard drive capacity is fantastic and I really like the ability to use the genius function. I even like the slightly odd split screen. I will probably try again with another one, but this is really disappointing. My first bad experience with many years of Apple products.
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on December 5, 2010
This iPod replaced a 60 GB model that I purchased five and a half years ago for something over $500 including an optional protection plan. That iPod, had it continued working, would no doubt have served my music needs for the rest of my life. (I only use my iPod for music.) Unfortunately, it did not keep working. (Seems like a pretty poor showing, since the USB hard drive I bought at the same time has been running 24x7x365 over that time period and has not given me any trouble.) So anyway, out with the credit card to buy another iPod.

The obvious improvements were the fact that it has more than twice the capacity of my previous model and cost less than half as much.

Yet, from the time I got it I have been underwhelmed.

Unlike the first iPod I purchased, no charging station is included. In fairness, this is easily addressed by purchasing an Air Click charging station and remote for a fairly modest cost. But, these generic charging stations do not have the same tight fit as the one that came with my fist iPod. I have my doubts how well the connectors will stand up over time, with the strain of the iPod on them. Even the USB connector cable feels cheaper and less substantial.

Another change with my new iPod is that one of the connector ports on the top of the iPod is gone. This in turn means that all the accessories I had previously purchased (Air Click remote, Envisas Click remote, iTrip FM broadcaster, etc are useless. For home use, the Air Click docking station solves the remote problem, but my last iPod had unreliable controls (after the warranty expired) and the only way to stop and start it was with the wireless remote. Now I need another product to have a remove to use in my car too.

When I first synchronized my music library, there were a few CD tracks that had to be reloaded again and again to get them on to the iPod. No idea why, but it did not make me too happy to have to keep reloading the same CD.

Finally, the new display is less useful than what I was used to. The font size has been decreased, meaning that I sometimes need a magnifying glass to read it. The new screen is bigger than the one on my old iPod, so one would wonder why. Well, it turns out there is a picture of a huge musical note that now shows up with every song, taking up screen real estate, but adding no value. And you cannot get rid of it. How about an option for us old fogeys who do not need to see a picture of the artist to listen to the music to get rid of useless note and make the text bigger? Same thing with the play lists. They added more detail, but made the text smaller. The old model was fine. Luckily, aside from loading and managing my music library, I rarely look at the screen. Even if I wanted the pictures, literally 99.99% of my music is not from the internet and has no album art associated with it.

Perhaps if you are reading this review, you might feel these complaints are nit-picking by an old crank who is just annoyed because he had to replace an iPod he was more or less content with. You would be partially right. But, if you read my comments carefully, they are all specific complaints about what I do not like about the new model vs what I used to have. No custom fitted charging station, cheaper cables, less accessory flexibility, and a display that is harder to read are all real issues.

Maybe some day Apple will address the display issue by offering the user more options to configure it.
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on May 29, 2014
I'm sure the 7th generation iPod will be an improvement over my old iPod. Performance review to come. However, be aware that if you buy an iPod from JESSUSA, Inc. they may be selling you a store return. When I received my "new" iPod I was curious why it had been repackaged. After receiving the iPod I went back online to read the Amazon vendor description which indicates JESSUSA sells "brand new, store return items." This matters since you don't know how a returned iPod was treated or how long it sat around. Was it left in heat? Was it dropped? After I gave the vendor a one star review they offered to replace the iPod they sent me with a factory sealed one. One star added back. They claim that the iPod they sent me was new, not a store return, and that they remove the factory seal to test the iPod to make sure the iPod works. I am dubious. They also said that their description should say that they sell "brand new OR store return items."
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on July 16, 2011
In less than a year I get a hard disk failure for a single drop (Chair distance and on a carpet ) I also noticed a delay in response while scrolling down albums or songs right out of the box .....,Anyway, I got it to Ishop ( Apple authorized Retailer in Egypt ) and they advised that the New Generation HD , the Slim one is experiencing problems with most users and they recommended to install the 6 generation HD ( Made the Ipod thicker ) .
They also told me that the Slim HD is 3600 RPM with 2 MB cash while the Thick one is 4300 RPM with 8 MB cash , I noticed the response improvement in scrolling , Actually my old Ipod ( 5th Generation ) 80 GB is the best so far , I drooped it from a Motorcycle and it still running great , Thanks god I didn't sell it when I got my new 160 GB which cost me so far almost $400 .
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on February 10, 2014
I've owned two iPods that experienced mechanical failures. These are new well-treated devices that were never dropped or exposed to shock, vibration, or hot surfaces. Most recently, the 160G iPod Classic randomly turns itself on -- or off during use. According to Apple, these units can and do experience mechanical failures causing the behavior. A different unit, also purchased new, experienced a failure of the hold switch. The switch failed making it impossible to turn the unit on.

With this track record of build quality I would never buy another iPod Classic, especially at a $250 price. Worse, Apple expects an additional $129 to repair the unit.

Very disappointing experiences and Apple's reputation for quality is a bad one based on my direct experiences.
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on June 14, 2010
I purchased the Classisc 160 GB IPOD because I had the Classic 30 GB and have used it with great joy for four years. I had reached the limit of its capacity, so a new 160 GB seemed a good idea. Unfortunately, after three days, I was hearing the disk squeal while playing a podcast or when searching for another one. I called Apple and their representative suggested taking the IPOD to an APPLE store. I did so and with the added problem of difficulty in turning the IPOD off, the only option was to take a refurbished IPOD or send the purchase back to AMAZON. I took the refurbished as it was described as "just like new". I noticed immediately (after loading all my songs, podcasts, etc) the squeal was on this IPOD. I had now moved for the summer to the Northwest. I took this refurbished IPOD back to another APPLE store. Again, no problem, I received another refurbished unit. I still hear the squeal on this one but only as it moves from one song or podcast to another one. I don't hear it while the song or cast is playing so I am learning to live with it. I would not recommend this Classic IPOD unless you don't mind the squeal or are ready to keep going back to an APPLE store. The folks are very friendly and courteous. Make sure you make an appointment.
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on August 28, 2015
I bought this ipod to replace my older, 84gb model. With age it started not to work properly the songs would skip, sometimes the ipod wouldnt play at all and would have to be reformatted every other day, among other issues I was having with it.

I have had various problems with the NEW ipod I bought to replace the one mentioned above:
-The first problem I had was that it did not work well with the charging cord that came with it. It was an aftermarket charger, but understandable since this is a refurbished ipod. The seller offered a new one, but I had a spare laying around, so that wasn't a big deal.

-Problem 2: I started having the same problems with this ipod as I did with my older one; skipping songs, and not playing them, and freezing. I emailed the seller and they blamed my music. I wish I still had the email to quote it, but I was told something along the lines that downloaded music does not work well with an ipod (something about music rate or similar bull s***) and told me to use iTunes for my music. The seller was very quick to accuse me of downloading music, and while I do have downloaded songs on my ipod, most of my music is paid for off of iTunes. I did not bother even replying to that email. I never had an issue with downloaded music on any of the 5 ipods I have owned, and the fact that the seller was so quick to blame me for the ipod not working was not professional.

More problems: After a few more months of use the hold button got stuck in the hold position. At this point I had no hope of being able to use my ipod unless I fix it myself (which I do not know how to) or I pay to get it fixed. I wanted to return but of course it was outside of the 30 or 15 day return period. Again, I emailed the seller, the offered for me to send it back so they could fix it, but after they came back from vacation in a week or two. Unfortunately for me, I was moving out of the country that week and that was not an option for me. I have never had this issue with any ipod, to include my 9 year old ipod classic.

I completely understand that this is a refurbished item, and that it will not work 100% like a new one, however, I expect it to be at least be able to perform is primary function, which is play music. I should not have had the second two problems mentioned above, that generally come with an ipod that is MUCH older.

Ultimately I am pretty disappointed with this item. The seller did reply quickly to my emails and did offer a solution for two of my 3 problems, but that's pretty much it.
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on December 28, 2009
I'll keep this short.

I had intended to replace my 5th Gen iPod with this new 7th Gen iPod Classic. I thought it couldn't be too different, and the thought of updating the interface, nearly tripling the available storage and having a much more scratch resistant screen was enticing.

However, for all its strengths, this new iPod has one huge weakness: the wheel. It's awful. And I mean it's just godawful. I use my iPod in the car, mostly controlling it with my steering wheel buttons for volume and skipping. However, to switch playlists or to find a specific song you still have to use the iPod directly.

This has always been iffy at best because to use an iPod you have to be able to see it clearly and watch it the whole time due to the total lack of any tactile feedback. With the 5th Gen this was workable because of the high sensitivity of the wheel, even though it was impossible to see in the dark (why don't they backlight the wheel?!). With the 7th Gen, it's beyond frustrating to try and use due to the ridiculously low sensitivity of the wheel. You can be spinning your finger across it for 1-2 seconds before it even notices you're touching it, and there's no way to make adjustments to help this. This one thing is so bad as to make the iPod pretty much unusable for a car.

If I'd kept it, I think it may have ended up causing an accident eventually when I or someone in my family attempted to use it while driving. Yes, I know it's not a good idea to use iPods or anything else while driving, but lets face reality here. If that's your stereo, it HAS to be usable in the car. So for this reason, and this reason alone, I had to return it. I like the interface, the look, the storage, and the scratch-resistant screen... but none of this is nearly enough to offset the absolutely worthless touch wheel Apple has decided to put into this iPod.

If you're used to other iPods with responsive touch wheels, save yourself from a lot of frustration by avoiding this model. Maybe they'll address this in the next iteration in 2010 if they don't discontinue the whole line due to poor sales. If so, it will only be because of that wheel and Apple's own push to get people to buy iPod Touch and iPhone instead.
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on September 6, 2013
I received this item about 1 and 1/2 years ago. The first year it worked well, some problems with the control wheel but nothing I couldn't deal with. Over the last several months, this product has seriously degraded. Songs began cutting off in the middle or just not playing. I restored the unit and reloaded my music library. Worked well for about 3 days. After that, songs started skipping again. At this point I hate using the thing because I will get into a song and it just cuts off. It really sucks, when, in the middle of a run your music starts cutting in and out. I did get a good year out of it, but for $250 it should still be working. I see a lot of great reviews for this product, so I probably got stuck with a lemon. If you get one like mine, don't wait to return it. It isn't going to get better. FYI, I have other apple products that work well.
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on March 15, 2016
Used device, posted as scratched, but working. The headphone jack works fine. However, if I connect the device with pin connector to various accessories (Bose speakers or Apple video attachment) it does not work.
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