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on February 25, 2011
I got my iPad a little over two months ago. It's a nice device that can do lots of stuff, but I guess the problem for me is that it doesn't do anything my laptop/iPhone can't do, there's plenty of stuff that my laptop can do that my iPad can't do, and the things my iPad can do, it can't do as well as other machines.

Apple's marketing for the device gives you many impressions. For example, that the iPad is thin and light, and therefore easily portable. That the iPad "puts the internet in your hands", giving you the ability to browse the whole internet with swipes of your fingers. That it's "magical and revolutionary". That $499 is an incredible deal for all of this. Unfortunately, the longer I own my iPad, the more I drift to the conclusion that none of these claims are true.

The iPad is certainly thin, no thicker than my first-generation iPhone. It's fairly light, at 1.5 pounds, much lighter than my laptop or even my netbook. The question is, does that make it any easier to use? And the answer is no. The bottom line is that the iPad is still a 10" device, and once you take into account that it needs to have a case to be protected, it becomes thicker and heavier. (By the way, Apple's case for the iPad is going to run you about $40.) I'm a student that lugs around 10lb textbooks on a daily basis. It doesn't make a difference to me whether the computer in my backpack is a 4.5lb laptop or a 1.5lb tablet. The iPad is no more portable than a laptop.

When in use, the iPad won't seem like a thin and light device. Unlike a laptop, which can rest on a desk or your lap, you have to pretty much constantly hold your iPad at the angle that's best for you, and since you need one hand to interact with the device, the job of holding it will be delegated to the other hand. This becomes tiresome after a very short period of time. Although I like the idea of being able to watch a movie on Netflix or read a Kindle book for iPad for extended periods of time, this really isn't feasible. Both of those activities are better-suited for a laptop (or a TV/paperback if you're old-fashioned). If Apple could make the iPad less than a pound, it would greatly help. You could also buy a stand for the iPad,[...]. There goes another $30.

So the iPad is no easier to carry around than a laptop and its weight makes it difficult to use for extended periods. So how does it perform when you're actually using it? It does fine for almost all tasks. Netflix videos load quickly, movies rented or purhased from iTunes look fantastic, music from the native iPad applications or Rhapsody or Pandora sound great, etc. I do wonder, though, if the touch interface used by the iPad is really logical. The touch interface in the iPod touch/iPhone makes some sense, because it allows the screen to be much bigger (instead of having many small buttons). On the iPad however, constantly flicking the screen doesn't seem as intuitive. Scrolling through a long list of musical artists for example takes much more grandiose hand movements than it does for an iPhone. Am I saying the touch interface doesn't work well, or can't be fun? No, but I am suggesting that using a mouse or track pad for a screen this large might make more sense. The touch interface of the iPad is not compelling. When using Safari I often think that my laptop can browse the internet much easier.

Typing on the iPad is another problem. While the on-screen popup keyboard is a decent size (about the size of the keyboard on my netbook), trying to do serious typing with a 2-dimensional interface is tough. Again, it's easy enough to type with your thumbs on an iPhone because all keys are within easy reach. But if you try to type on the iPad at anything above 40 words per minute (I type 110 words a minute on a proper computer), you will make myriad mistakes that Autocorrect won't fix. The popup keyboard also has the unfortunate side effet of obstructing a third of the screen, making everything feel cramped. Also, you frequently have to interrupt your typing to access a symbol that's much easier to access on a real keyboard. Overall, typing on the iPad is a frustrating experience. Typing up comments on a blog post on Safari might be doable; don't even entertain for a moment that you might be able to type up an entire document on the iPad. Of course, you can buy an external keyboard for the iPad which would make text input a lot faster and easier, but then you have the problem of how to hold the iPad and type at the same time. If you want to go this route, Apple's keyboard will set you back another $70 for the wireless keyboard and $80 for the keyboard dock.

I will touch upon one final subject, the apps. It's really amazing what you can do with an iPod touch or iPhone with the thousands of apps available for those devices. My iPhone is at once a phone, text messaging device, calculator, voice recorder, camera, MP3 player, video player, pocket computer, game player, metronome, etc. On the iPad, the apps aren't as impressive. A laptop can already do all of those things for free, so it doesn't feel thrilling to pay $3.99 for a simple metronome app in the App Store, or $7.99 for a word processing app when Open Office is completely free. The iPad is really quite a limited device in what it can do, and again the touch interface more often is a hindrance than a compelling benefit. I bought a music composition app for $12.99 that's absolutely dreadful; I wish I could get a refund because it's now a worthless placeholder on my home screen. Finally, games on the iPad are often awkward because of the size of the device. Devices like the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS are designed to fit into your hands nicely. The iPod touch is small enough to work as a gaming device. The iPad is too large and not designed for gaming at all, even simple gaming. For example, the game China Town Wars is quite fun on the iPod touch, and you would think that the generous screen of the iPad would make it even more fun. Unfortunately, you have to stretch out your fingers to even reach some of the controls, greatly limiting the fun potential. Games like Doodle Jump which force you to physically move the iPad quickly get tiring because of the weight of the machine.

Ultimately, I think what people want from the iPad is an exciting and easy new way to browse the internet and consume media, but the interface that's used by laptops and computers is by far the superior way to do those things. The iPad has made me realize that I never had a problem with the way my laptop functions, and that part of the reason the iPhone works so well is because it fits into your pocket. The iPad tries to bridge the gap between the two, and the result is an anemic compromise. You get neither the portability of the iPhone nor the power and ease of use of a laptop. On a related note, 16GB of storage memory for a device like this is pathetic. My music collection alone is 40GB, and movies are at least 1GB a pop. You can get a more expensive iPad with slightly more memory, but at that point, the iPad becomes more expensive than half-decent laptops, and you have to start wondering when you have to give in to reason.

I would give the iPad 1 star, but I'm giving it 2 because of the build quality (the aluminum backing is nice and the touch screen does work very well), and the battery life, which is sufficient so that you don't need to carry around the charger with you if you decide to take the iPad out. The iPad starts up from sleep in just a couple seconds, app load times are shorter than program load times on computers, and the sound quality from the speakers is better than most laptops. The iPad looks and runs smooth; it loses no points on presentation.

As someone who owns a laptop and iPhone, I have failed to find a groove for my iPad. There's never a time when I think "My iPad can do this better than my laptop or phone." If you don't have an iPod Touch or iPhone, get one of those instead of an iPad. If you don't have a laptop, get one of those before you get an iPad. A netbook costs only $285 these days and will give you 10x the storage, more RAM and processing speed, a bigger screen (10" vs. 9.7"), a physical keyboard, a webcam, etc.

The iPad is an interesting device, but can't currently compete with the form factor of a laptop or handheld iOS device.
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on April 12, 2010
First let me start off by saying this review is from MY experiences. With that said, I was thinking of getting a netbook b/c I have a 17" notebook which is heavy and difficult to carry around on long or short trips. I decided to get the iPad instead knowing the flaws like no Flash websites, no USB port etc. What I have found is that 100% percent of the reviews I read prior to buying failed to mention a lot of small detail left out for the average user. I don't own an iPhone or iTouch so I may mention features that are already familiar to people who own these devices. There are many apps but only a few are any good and most of the good ones you have to pay for. I purchased a game "Super Monkey Ball 2" for iPad and it looks and plays great! I tried the Netflix app and to my delight I was able to stream a movie and it looked really good. Now keep in mind that these new TV/Blu-ray players that have netflix streaming, you have to have an unlimited Netflix acct to stream movies and I have the 2 at a month plan so this is A+ for me. Now I can sit on the sofa or in bed and stream a movie. Sometimes the wifi signal is not strong when using the net and you will get a timeout msg that reads "Safari Cannot open page because the server stopped responding". Also, for those of you who haven't heard some of the iPads have connectivity problems when re-connecting to an already established wifi connection. Apple says only 2% of iPads have this problem. Either I have really bad luck or Apple is low balling the percentage as I have this problem with my iPad and I purchased it on day of release. It's really annoying and you either have to wait like from say 10mins to 2 days to re-establish the wifi connection. It's unpredictable.

Now for PC Users, you can NOT charge this device from your computer while syncing. You will get a message next to the battery level that reads "not charging". I went to the Apple store to complain and the workers had never heard of this problem. I had to investigate and figure out that the iPad users I spoke with in the store were Mac users. The employees at Apple really don't know jack about the iPad except for what you've already seen and read. It's very frustrating and I fault Apple for being over-kill on the secrecy (sp?) of the products. Finally I read the manual and it specificly states that the iPad must be charged from the wall charger. If you are like me your wall outlets are filled to the max. I was going to return it and was told that a 10% restocking fee would apply which is $50 so I kept it.

I like the Google maps app. I got directions and put the device in the car and it holds the map/directions even though I lost the wifi connection. When I got lost, all I had to do was drive to Micky D's and get a free wifi connection and even though there isn't GPS in the wifi model, it will map to your current location which is great. I found I was only 6 blocks away from my destination. I have a problem reading the small type in Thomas Guides (CA residents know what this is) so being able to enlarge the map made reading the streets a pure joy.

The iBook store will let you sample read any book you have an interest in. The sample comes in the form of a download to your bookshelf. You can enlarge the font but you only have two sizes to choose from. The backlit is great b/c I sat on the sofa reading a book without the need of extra light and the room was completely dark. The page turning is very fluid and instead of swiping you have the option of just tapping the screen and the page will turn superfast.

It's great for using in the bathroom on the toilet and I know some of you do this, I've seen the photos online! lol I have also used the internet radio while in the shower. You sit the iPad on the counter and turn it full blast. Full blast is not distorted but it has it's limitations. If your bathroom has a fan, you won't hear it while showering. I was driving to work on the freeway and was listening to an audiobook with the iPad in the passenger seat with the windows rolled down since I don't have air conditioning. It was a lost cause b/c traffic drowned out the volume of the audiobook.

I downloaded the digital copy of the latest "Batman" movie and it looked and sounded great!

Though you can't multi-task yet, you can listen to songs you've preloaded on your iPad from the speaker and still browse the net at the same time.

It's great using the iPad at the dinner table instead of lugging and proping my 17" laptop on the table. Hardly takes up any room on the table.

I love the calendar as it has an alarm that goes off even when the iPad is powered off. I totally forgot an appt I had until I heard the alarm on the iPad and read the msg.

The iPad fell off the counter about 3ft to a carpeted floor and did not break and still works 100%! Not on purpose mind you, I'm not that stupid. lol

When you remove the iPad from the box it has a think plasitc wrapping around it. Keep this! As I found that the iPad doesn't resist fingerprints as claimed. However, I found that keeping the plastic sheet on the iPad will protect it from fingerprints and it's still fully functional. You could also buy a screen guard but this is the ghetto screen guard as I like to call it. Hey, I saved money. Plus you can easily remove it and put it back on when needed.

I do photography so I was excited to find you could load photos on the iPad. What I don't like is that you have to do it from iTunes and sync the folders to your iPad. You cannot delete photos directly from your iPad even though you can click on a specific photo and a delete button will appear but when you touch it, nothing happens. I read the manual and it confirmed you cannot delete from the iPad itself.

The manual itself is not included with the iPad, you have to read the manual from the Apple website for which the iPad has a built in fav link to the manual. the thing is if you are having a problem and don't have a wifi connection, forget reading the manual.

There is a youtube app and videos stream really fast with hardly any waiting. You cannot rate vids using the youtube app even if you are logged into your acct. Everytime I would press the rating, nothing would happen but I notice the youtube website has been revamped to only include a like or dislike button. The youtube app hasnn't been updated to reflect this change. If you go to the youtube website and login, it took me 10mins to load and play a 2min HD video.

Even though it is also an eReader, the iBook app has to be installed. It's free but what it doesn't do is sync ibooks you have purchased from other sources so don't think you'll have a one-stop iBook shop. Also, very few books on iBook. Don't think just b/c a book is popular or from a known author that you will find it on iBook. For instance, they have no iBooks by noted author, Maya Angelou who wrote and read President Clinton's inaugural poem.

The keybooard takes some getting used to. While it is QWERTY you have to keep your fingers in the air like pretend typing and extend each finger to the letter you want but eyes must be kept on the keyboard or you'll easily type the wrong letter as a standard keyboard you can feel where the keys are. Also, there is something called predictive text where you will start typing and a word will pop up underneath your word it will show a word it thinks you are typing. Luckily the people at the Apple store explained to me how this works. If the word that pops up is the word you are typing, then you hit the space bar and it will insert or complete the word you are typing. The thing is if you are abbreviating a word and not looking it will insert the wrong word. For instance I was leaving a comment on facebook and I typed "OMG" but when I hit the space bar the iPad inserted "OMB". I didn't notice until I left the comment.

This device has a copy and paste function which I understand is on the newest iPhone, well this function is annoying b/c it pops up all the time when I'm not trying to copy anything and I know no way to turn this off. It fills the screen with the sheer blue coating that prevents you from doing anything until disable it which I have to exit from the page and return.

Most apps or pages allow you to enlarge the font on the screen or do the finger stretch thing but some don't and if you don't have the greatest vision could be hard to read. Mostly I find this on the iPhone apps I installed on the iPad.

The search function on the iBooks app leaves a lot to be desired. You can only search exact titles or authors. If you want a subject matter like "gay", the results will not bring up books on that topic. You have to know the specific name of the book or author.

It has one speaker so watching movies with the speaker on won't give you stereo but if you plug in headphones, viola! stereo sound.

In summary if you are on the fence, wait for the HP Slate or 2nd generation iPad which will have built-in multitasking which should arrive mid-summer. If I like the HP Slate then I will sell the iPad but I find the more I use it, the more I like it despite it's flaws. If you live near an Apple store go try it out for yourself.
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on November 15, 2010
I purchased an iPad for my wife who loves the instant on, the very portable form factor and the many uses for this device provided by the multitude of varied Apps that you can purchase for iPad.

I had heard about the scuffle that Apple and Adobe were going through around Flash support for the web browser but didn't think the issue was of much consequence.

As my wife and I have been using the iPad it is becoming very apparent to us just how much Flash is used on the internet. It infuriates me that this device can't perform such a basic function (simple internet browsing) without stumbling over Flash and forcing me to go to my home computer to finish the task.

What was Steve Jobs thinking? I am so upset over this issue I am hoping that Google, Cisco, Microsoft eat his lunch until he gets some sense knocked into him.

STEVE! Support Flash on the iPad! We have paid too much for your device as it is and to not support something so basic like Flash is unbelievable to me.
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on January 3, 2011
I was really drawn to to the iPad after playing with it at Best Buy. I had been waiting for a long time to see what kind of Android tablets would come out but finally gave up on hoping for one that would have the same responsive interface as the iPad and received one as an early Christmas present.

I'm an art student and the thought was that I would be able to use the iPad to take quick color sketches and play video games on the go without toting my entire compliment of materials and a laptop around. In theory it seemed much better than any kind of tablet PC alternative since its small enough to go everywhere but big enough for me to see what I'm drawing. In practice though it really didn't work that well for drawing, even with top rated painting apps and a stylus. So lets break it down into pros and cons.

portable- not as portable as an iphone but small enough that you can stick it in your backpack or purse and take it most places.

3g- you're not likely to find a better deal for no-contract 3g service even with the 2 gb cap.

interface- lets not forget the sweet responsive interface, the primary reason that you're probably thinking about buying an iPad and the main thing that sets it apart from a netbook.

Reading- at least for reading an ebook, the iPad is much more comfortable to read on than a laptop or netbook. the page flipping animation as well helps to capture that. Though the advantages over an actual paper and ink "book" seem to be negligible. It can hold a large number of them, and really, how many books do you plan on reading in any given day anyway?

Games- lots of fun games right at your fingertips, most of which are very inexpensive.


Games - lots of drek right at your fingertips, most of which tricks you into wasting between 1 and 5 dollars on it.

viewing angle- being flat, its really hard to see the thing and type or let it rest in your lap without some sort of stand or keyboard attachment. If you're going to get a keyboard attachment for it though... why not just get a netbook for half the price.

functionality- the iPad certainly has all the pieces parts to be as capable, if not more so than a standard netbook but its locked down under the oppressive rule of itunes. While many things are much easier and more streamlined than on a regular PC, other relatively mundane tasks, like transferring files or signing pdf forms, will have you endlessly trudging through the app store. The phrase "there's an app for that" is truly a double edged sword.

SHINY!! as appealing as the shiny surface is in photos, people will think you have some sort of condition when they see you bobbing around trying to peer around your own silhouette while trying to watch a movie on the thing.

cost- this is a big one, at least for a student like me. The thing isn't cheap. Realistically you can get a pretty good laptop for the cost of an iPad, even the cheapest 16 GB one, yet you can't get anywhere near the same level of functionality out of it.


I had one for 27 days, for the first 2 weeks it was the greatest, most useful device on the planet. The next week I complained about how my wrists hurt from holding the iPad up to play angry birds and. Then I converted a bunch of comics from cbr to cbz and then to epub for the iBooks app because the cbr reader app sucks. Then I just went back to regular ol' paper comics. On the 27'th day I realized Lenovo was having a year end sale on laptops and I could replace my defunct laptop with a core i7 machine for less than I paid for the iPad. Luckily Target has a 90 day return policy and let me take it back without even asking to keep the 15% restocking fee. I got cash for a present instead and spent it on something useful.

Keep in mind, no matter how sexy it looks, its still a little computer and like every other computer it's going to p**s you off at some point. If you MUST get one, get it from some place where it's easy to return, take it for a test drive. If you're like me and you find that it's beginning to spend a significant amount of time on the shelf, take it back. The thing is too expensive not to be using it absolutely every minute of every day for a full year. Tell them the WiFi doesn't work or something if they have a restocking fee.
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on September 11, 2013
Tried to download YouTube and couldnt cus this ipad doesn't upgrade to ios 6 need the ipad 2 if you want to download anything sending back asap i also asked if i could trade the ipad back + cash for ipad 2 they wouldnt do it just go for the ipad 2
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on May 16, 2011
This is not worth the investment. For the price there are a lot of disfunctional aspects. For instance it would not accept the email server request for my comcast email account. It will not play embedded flash video, a vital component for some websites. Yes, it will accept documents if you email them to yourself and then export them to pages or some other file handler, but you cannot do anything like file management. It is limited to the charging port for any I/O functions so if you want to back up pictures or video, you have to buy an after market adapter which is far from dependable. In short, if you want a bigger platform for your iphone games, its your ticket although some of them do not enlarge, you just get the iphone footprint in the middle of the screen.
If you are going on a business trip and need to work on your files, there are a hundred good notebooks with a similar size that have real keyboards that already include a cover, use the same software you use, and have a variety of I/O ports. This is a toy, a very pretty toy. I am selling mine as soon as I can find a buyer. Oh, and it will serve as a temporary music system, although tinny, if you are on the road. I don't know if any of these deficiencies are fixed on the gen2 models, but look very carefully before you buy one of these vs a similar sized notebook.
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on April 15, 2011
I was surfing the web looking to book my summer vacation. But it was next to impossible given the restriction of Apple to use only their software and applications. I was looking at Florida beach resorts, but when I went to download their programs, say to look at the facilities or availability I would get a message that "Apple does not allow the use this software on this device". I guess as a life long PC user I found everything about the Apple system counter intuitive and difficult to use. Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks! So maybe it is just me. But the little things like the autofill that I found difficult to use. When I was filling out forms it would change my lower case email address to upper case at the most inopportune times. I found the IPad lightweight and compact enough to carry around. It worked really well for email, and fairly well for shopping online, until I was looking for vacation spots (see above). I am sure it would make great sense if you were brought up on Apple products but I was sorry I did not get a laptop!
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on April 25, 2010
Many reviews have said it (reviews by Apple fanboys and worshippers should be taken with a pinch of salt).

- Good 'instant-on' device for short quick activities like email; but don't expect to type anything longer than a tweet or text message; painfully slow and impractical. As a typer, I tend to rest my fingers on the keyboard - but that is BAD for a touchscreen. For longer emails or typing, I almost always find myself switching to my laptop.

- Very good looks and sleek; good battery life (I go up to 8-10 hours on a single charge)

- The browser doesn't works with more than half of the websites that I normally browse.

- I get neck pain/strain after a while trying to type and read on the same 'plane' (un-natural posture)

- It is NOT a laptop replacement (let alone a killer); it needs a laptop as the 'mothership' for initial setup, software updates, etc. Actually, it uses the same OS as the iPhone/iPod and is identical to an iPod with a bigger screen.

- I always find myself using my iPhone than iPad; iPad is too big to carry in a pocket and too small to be practical and useful like a laptop.

- Can't print anything from it;

- I could have thrown away my paper notepad if iPad had handwriting recognition (or sketch) to take quick notes.

- The glossy screen is practially useless (unless used in a dark room at night); outdoors it is horrendous to read anything easily. Kindle/Nook are the BEST choices for read anything meaningfully 'longer' in content (books, papers, etc).

Net: Still trying to figure out how, where and when I can really use the iPad. I certainly don't want to carry too many gadgets: e-book reader, phone, laptop and a giant-screen MP3 player:-)

May 1st update: WiFi on iPad is horrendous. Can't connect and keeps dropping connections when other windows laptops or smart phones connect and hold.
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on February 12, 2011
From the minute I first saw an iPad I knew I wanted one but cash was short and my laptop was doing the job.
When my laptop started to fail, I started researching the iPad and all sounded great, but there seemed to be a lot of missing information.
I purchase the iPad and started the learning curve.
It is cute and a pleasure to use for the things they promote like photos, movies, navigation, web suffing, but A laptop it is not.
It is terrible at word processing, spreadsheets, web design, even adding an attachment to an email or saving an attachment. It does not store files, cut and paste is a beast, anything needing a right mouse or control. I am tempted to take it back but now I have spent a small fortune on apps that try to emulate a laptop.

Think twice before replacing a laptop or desktop computer with an iPad.

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on January 2, 2012
There was nothing wrong or defective with the product, but I am dipleased with the customer service since purhasing the product. After recieving, our IT discovered we ordered the wrong type of iPad, as needing the iPad2, not the first generation. I have contacted Amazon multiple times in attempt to process this item for return but have received no response. I would please like to receive a reponse, someone to contact me of how to return this item for credit, as we would like to purchase the correct item instead.
Thank you!
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