Apple iPad 2 2nd generation Tablet, 1 GHz processor, 16GB, Wifi (White)
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on April 14, 2011
I bought an IPAD 2 64 gig 3g Verizon model the first week it came out. I bought it online. I received it 3 1/2 weeks later from china. It was amazing for the first 20 hours. The apps were so unbelievable. I have a touch, and it is so much better. On the second day, it started trying to shut down. The battery was at 80%. I tried shutting it off and could not. I called apple. I bought the extra care plan for 90 dollars so they are going to help me. Right? Wrong. The first representative we talked to had us restore it to the factory settings. It took 1 hour to download the 660 mg file. We then restored it to the factory settings. It started working perfectly. We were so happy. The problem was solved! I watched videos and played with it for hours. I ran the battery down and plugged it in overnight to charge. The next morning the problem was back in spades. It then started doing new things like flashing on and off. I went on the website and asked a specialist to call me again. She put me on hold. She was gone for a little while. When she came back, she said that I needed to mail it back to them to REPAIR it. I said What? I have the apple care plan and was told that you would send me a replacement. I have not even had this thing 2 days. She said that the other representative lied to me, and that she could not lie to me. I have 2 options. I can take it to the Apple Store (nearest one 165 miles away) or I can mail it and have it repaired and they will send the same one back to me. She made me an appointment at the store. I am driving the 165 miles to take it back. The second representative (a supervisor) told me that they would send me a replacement if I gave them a credit card and let them charge another 900 dollars for it. When they received the old one back, they would charge it back to me.

I have had a kindle for years. The day I saw it on the Oprah show was the day I fell in love with it. I bought one the same day. The first kindle i received was great except the internet would not work. I called Amazon and they shipped me out a kindle the SAME DAY! I got it a couple of days later and loved it. It worked perfectly. I upgraded to a DX and have never had a problem.

If you want to see a video of what it is doing, you can go to you tube and watch it. My username is caulret. I love Amazon and their amazing customer service!

Edited 4-16-11
I took it back to the Apple store. The people at the Plano Apple store were awesome. They did not want to give me my money back, but we negotiated with them and they ended up putting it back on our credit card with some creative measures. A more timid person would have had to take an apple gift card. This was all they said that they could do at first, but I held my ground. I might buy this product again at a local Best Buy when they come available. If I decide to do that, I will edit this review. This was my true experience, and I wanted to share it.
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on April 28, 2012
Got the product and had problems with it right away. I even took it into the Apple store and it couldn't be fixed. Had to return it to the company and I had to pay shipping and handling back. Also upon taking it in to the Apple store for assistance I paid more for this "new" product than I would have if I bit the bullet and bought one from Apple. Upon emailing the company directly I got VERY unprofessional responses and was not pleased with the customer service I received in the slightest. After buying one from Apple directly I have had no problems at all.
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on April 5, 2012
The iPad alone I would give 4-5 stars to. Since there is no way to separate the service you get with this device, and the device itself (and once you get this particular model of iPad, you are most likely to be using AT&T (T-mobile is slower)), this device gets a really unfair rating from me. Go look at the Verizon version.

The good:
Easy to use, light, rugged. Great apps. The software and apps just "seems to work" as compared to the two Droid phones I've owned, which crash, do weird things, are sluggish when first turned on, etc. etc. Based on this, I would not recommend an Android tablet to anyone except the most Technoholic Open Source types.

The bad: (blame AT&T, and spineless government oversight)
I bought this because I would like to use it if I ever go overseas. Since Verizon chose to go it alone with CDMA, and the regulators let them do that, you are stuck in their little prison if you want to switch carriers.

...So I was told by Apple that the data service would be easily turned on and off like a faucet, and that I would only have to pay for the months for which service was enabled. Great! I buy it in December, immediately use it "off-campus" in Albany on Christmas vacation (no internet at my Dad's if you can believe it...)

Sometime during Dec/Jan, I call AT&T to get them to help me figure out why I can not get in to the Settings->Cellular Data->My Account feature. First call was probably 15-20 minutes long, and the AT&T representative is clueless. It was like I was asking for help with my Acme Moon Lander. I suspect it would have been news to the rep that AT&T actually has millions of iPad customers who pay them monthly. In fact enough customers that AT&T should be able to escalate to iPad expert reps.

Call two: Again 15-20 minutes, this time the rep is much more adamant that this must be an apple screen (though he could not explain why the AT&T death-star logo was on the screen I was having trouble with.)

Just to play along, I call Apple, and waste some of their money and more of my time. They quickly confirm this is not their problem.

I finally figure out although it would be a nice-to-have to check my account out this way, I can go to their web site, and log in. It takes me a surprisingly long time (about 20 minutes) to figure out how to "suspend" my service. By this time, I've waited much too long, and I'm going to have to pay them for January, even though I had not used it then.

OK, I pay my bills, and now I get a new bill for Mar 25 thru Apr 25. Whot? My service is suspended, why are they still billing me?

Now the reason for the dud star: I call AT&T, and get Rep one. They are very nice, and explain that even though I have suspended my service, I still have to pay. What I really wanted to do is cancel my service. Huh? This is not sounding too much like a faucet anymore. She suggests that what I REALLY want is what she calls "Session based" service. She can not do that for me, but she will connect me with someone who will.

I get put on hold where a recording LOUDLY tries to sell me a new Samsung tablet, repeatedly tells me I can "Re-think the Possible" with AT&T. Let me tell you, I've starting to rethink how badly customer service can possibly be at this time. ....Oh yeah, and there is something in there about not wasting my time too.

Rep number two: I recount my tale of woe, but she will not have any of it. First of all, I better get it straight: she does not know where this "Session based" phrase I'm throwing around came from, but I better get it straight. Its called pre-paid, and we will hence-forth ONLY call it pre-paid, so we both know what we are talking about. OK lady, you're the boss, Pre-paid. How do I switch my account to Pre-paid, and how do I get this bill cancelled? Well it turns out they can not just flip a software switch on their end. The type of service (let's just call it a billing plan) is determined by my SIM card. You've got that right: even though it is just a stupid serial number in a database, I've got to haul myself down to an Apple or AT&T store to get a new SIM card, so that they can bill me differently.

Apparently WAY back when, when I first signed up with AT&T (which I think I did on the phone because the web site was too confusing), THAT is when I went off the rails. That is why my Settings->Cellular Data->My Account feature gives me a weird error which three different AT&T reps have not been able to help me with. This woman was annoyed with me, and clearly thought it was all my fault for getting myself in to this predicament. ....But she could not give me help with my bill. Onward:

More annoying "commercials": you know if this Rep loudly read the scripts from these commercials while we waited for the next rep, it would be considered really rude, and nobody would put up with it. Give me the elevator music please. I am not calling AT$T because I've got money burning holes in all of my pockets to buy another tablet, I am calling because they are not billing me the way I was promised.

Rep number three: I again recount my tale of woe (more quickly this time, so I don't p*ss him off). Since I'm now in to minute 30 of this call, and that last rep was really testy with me, I'm now asking them to forgive three months for service not consumed.

Guess what? I tell this guy I apparently should have signed myself up for Pre-paid service way back when, and that is why I am here now, and he says: "Oh you mean Session-based service?", and proceeds to use the "Session-based" term that Rep #2 reprimanded me about for the rest of the conversation.

So AT&T: you are just awful. When I communicate with you, you use the term "Phone Number" when it is not a phone. And I can not make phone calls (or text as far as I know) You allow me to suspend my service, but you still charge me the same money, whats that all about? Your own people disagree on what terms should be used for the billing plans. And we are not talking innocuous terms like "pop" vs. "Soda", because this is how I got in to this mess. I signed up for the wrong service, and I suspect it is because your poor discipline with terminology. And that original error message, why give me a mis-leading error, just put up a screen which say "You have got a XXX plan, and this info is not available under that plan". Cancel/Suspend, Pre-Paid/Session-based. Phone Number/device number. "Invalid account"/Wrong plan type. Pathetic. And I mean pathetic, not ludicrous, or shameful, or awful. Pathetic.
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on October 10, 2012
An iPad-2 (64GB) purchased by me a year ago stopped working in May 2012 despite having been barely used. Apple, by necessity, replaced it at its Reston, VA store. That brand new replacement iPad failed again within just 4 months (Serial number DKVHG0MNDFJ0). The Apple store in Reston VA refused to fix or replace it, hiding behind a claimed "3 month warranty for (new) replacements. (ref. its store manager, Ingrid H.), even though it was less than 5 months old.

Anyone thinking of buying an Apple product should decide for themselves if they want to buy a product from a company that refuses to replace it a mere 5 months after it was obtained new from that company.


A new Ipad-2 from Apple's Reston, VA store failed again, 10 months after it was bought brand new directly from Apple. This time it was the main camera. Again, Apple refused to replace it even though it was a brand new product that failed within 10 months from purchase. Apple's self-service reasoning was again that the product, which was bought at a slightly discounted price FROM APPLE because of the previous reported hardware failure, had only a 3 month warranty (even though brand new).

That adds up to three iPad 2's with 64GB that failed within around a year, often much less than that and Apple refused to repair or replace them at no charge.

You can draw your own conclusions.
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on January 3, 2013
I was very excited to get a great deal on a 'new' IPad 2. I called Amazon to make sure that the item was indeed new. They assured me that yes, it was. I received my 'new' iPad 2 today and surprise, surprise, it was filled with apps already, and still had someone's else photos and emails in it. Had it been advertised as used, I would have expected this. This seller needs to be clear about what he or she is actually selling. The fact that they did not even remove the previous owners information made it worse. Beware of this seller!!!!
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on July 22, 2011
I was surprised to see that my iPad2 was defect. However the box was nicely sealed and the item looked brand new. So I mailed in a complaint to the Amazon retail store that sold me the product. I got a fast response saying that I should contact Apple, because it's a factory defect. So I replied on the mail by saying, Why? I purchased from you, so you should handle this case with your supplier (which in this case is Apple). But that did not help much, I really needed to contact Apple online store to solve this problem. So I did! To make a long story short, 3 weeks later and I finally have a new iPad2. Not from the Amazon online store, but directly from Apple. My sugestion is. Don't buy this item from this Amazon store, since there is no benifit in buying from them!
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The company treated my return expeditiously and was very courteous. The product was well wrapped and shipped in more than adequate protection. The glass was new and the back was used as per the description. The back was chipped severely on all sides like it fell from a moving bicycle--it should not have been used. Under the glass was a dark splotch about 2x4 inches. Its wasn't subtle--it was a glaring defect. Once turned on, the splotch selected whatever was underneath it. Apparently there was not even the breifest of efforts given towards quality control. The tablet was unusable. A horrible disapointment.
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on October 5, 2012
Update -- dropped rating from TWO STARS to ONE STAR after upgrading the iPad 2 to iOS6

I got the iPad for a great price, that's the only reason why I bought it. If this was $20 more, I would have bought a 7" Android tablet instead.

Soon after receiving this device I found out:

-This device is essentially a brick, unless you jail break this device. (YOU CANNOT JAILBREAK IPAD2 running iOS6)
-The Safari web browser does not support Adobe flash (YouTube and pretty much all other videos online)
-Most aftermarket "iPad accessories" that were NOT made by Apple will not work with this iPad (error message:"accessory not supported")
-you CANNOT use a SDCard/USB drive with this iPad as extra storage with camera connection kit
-The iPad can ONLY read certain file formats (avi mov tiff jpeg mp3 mp4 flv)
-There is no File manager for this device

Instead of jail breaking this device, save your money and buy another tablet for a little less money. You will not be missing anything special from the iPad, but you will gain a LOT with another tablet. Most newer tablets support SD cards as storage devices, and plays practically all file formats - that's pretty much standard.

I thought APPLE was blazing the trail for others to follow, now I see that Apple is severely behind the competition with basic features.

Overall: I have so much buyers remorse for buying this device, it'll probably end up on eBay (w/ the case) to get my money back.

Sincerely - An un-satisfied customer,

-C.Cole Phd
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on October 11, 2014
I LOVED my iPad 2, but ONLY with iOS 7, which Apple stopped "signing" after the iOS 8 "update" came out in 9/14.

This is very important: The iOS 8, and the subsequent "fixes," were never meant for the older generations like this one (they greatly impair the functionality of older gens).

What this means: You must stick with the factory iOS provided with the 2011 release - after that, you're in Apple's rear view mirror.

I can appreciate skepticism of reviews, so please check out the forums to verify anything I've said here (Googling "iPad 2 slow after update" or "iOS 8 ruined my iPad 2" will illustrate this).

It is very frustrating to have my once seamlessly running device get "updated" into obsolescence, then to have the company I trusted turn a blind eye.

They expect me to upgrade to a newer iPad, but I'm looking forward to voting with my dollars elsewhere.

To preempt the Apple PR machine, I will say it again: Just check ou the forums. They've made a lot of people very upset.
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on February 13, 2013
I wanted to know what I was missing and apparently it was my money.

You're dependent on iTunes and it's junk. Apple products are said to be easy to use but they don't live up to the hype. iTunes expects the user to know what to do. There are no clues as to how it should be used. All of that money and they can't even afford tool tips. I've spend an hour trying to figure out how to put a PDF into my iPad and it's like pulling teeth. A simple task made difficult by a bad design. Why can't I just drag and drop the files using Windows explorer like every other hardware product in the world? Why so difficult?

Apple had an edge when they were first to market. Now they're relying on the loyal base and offer no advantages. Pay more and do less. Still no USB or SD card slots? It makes every task difficult.

Good for browsing the web and checking email but not much more.

I had to try it and regret the purchase.

Simple tasks could be A LOT easier.


After wasting another hour of my life I finally figured out how to put PDFs onto this piece of junk. When I first started iTunes there was only one menu available and it was hidden under a graphic in the upper left corner of the app. I "Added files to library" from the menu and selected my PDFs. This made them appear in iTunes under Books but it didn't put them on my iPad even after several syncs and prayer.

The solution(of course) was to select Show Menu Bar from the first menu to get a second menu (File, Edit, View, ...), then I could select View Side Bar to get a third menu I needed to add my PDFs. The first screen they appeared in was also labeled Books but it is obviously something different. After doing a sync the PDFs didn't appear in the Acrobat Reader where I expected them(why would they?) and I eventually found them in iBooks.

The PDFs still won't appear in either of the PDF apps I installed. Why not? This makes absolutely no sense. Easy? No.

I tried using the iPad search feature but it can't find the PDFs that are on the iPad even though they show up in iBooks. The files are there. Why doesn't search find them? Because iPads are over priced JUNK! Basic functionality doesn't work.

Apple products are supposed to be easy to use but they are far from it.

Very disappointed. Not designed well and lots of room for improvement. It makes me wonder what they've been working on for the last few years. It wasn't usability.


The more i use it, the more I hate it. This weekend I received a message from iCloud Backup that has rendered my iPad completely useless. When I tap OK to dismiss the message it keeps coming back. I can't dismiss the message, I can't interact with any apps, I can't power it down, I can't pull the battery. What am I supposed to do? Is this why everybody goes to the Apple store?
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