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468 of 493 people found the following review helpful
on November 12, 2014
So I ordered this phone which is new and I got a used phone. Furthermore it is supposed to be factory unlocked but it's unlocked by AT&T. I entered the IMEI online and checked it. The phone was bought and activated in May 2014 six months ago. Half of the warranty is gone. The cables are old, soiled and dirty. The phone has scratches on the side. The headphones are fake. I can tell from the sound quality and there is no apple logo at the back of the headphones case. The box was unsealed and is not original. I received a 16 gb phone in a 32 gb box. I don't know if words can describe my frustration right now. Have a look at the pictures. Also the "R" and "L" are fading from the headphones. The phone was dirty and had finger prints over it.
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475 of 520 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2013
My review of the iPhone 5s versus the Galaxy s4 (in case any of you are upgrading phones and trying to decide). Side note: Like Coke and Pepsi, there will be folks that are biased toward one or the other, but my hope is to point out some key differences should it help others in their overall decision making process.

iPhone 5s
-Better native keyboard – more precise and predictive. More natural feel when typing. The auto correct is great on the 5s.
-Siri – Smoother and better voice accuracy. More natural and intuitive. I provide commands (“remind me about the 8am dentist appointment on December 31th”) and Siri understands. If I issued the same command on the Galaxy S4, the voice recognition would be confused and misinterpret.
-The overall Volume of speaker is louder on the 5s than on the Galaxy S4. I can hear the ringer from other rooms.
-In my car and using the speakerphone on the 5s, others tell me the sound quality is night and day compared to the Galaxy S4 (Verizon). When I had my S4 (two different ones), they said I sounded garbled or as if I was talking through a tin can.
-I have yet to experience an application crash on the 5s
-The Camera is quick to snap shots and pictures are sharp
-Availability of iMessage and Facetime. Makes communicating with other Apple users simple. I can see when they are typing a reply back to me, and I can even Facetime in the car or from anywhere without having to download an configure a 3rd party app such as Skype, and then hope the person on the other end had done the same (I have family who are not technology savvy, but easily use Facetime).
-The iOS7 operating system is overall more refined and user friendly (i.e. – you can hold down and click X to delete an application on the iPhone rather than get confused trying to find the Settings/Application submenus on the Android/S4)
-In my area, better overall signal quality / antenna strength. No dropped calls in the same spots I used my S4.

Galaxy S4
-I like having a ‘Back’ button (bottom left arrow)
-The S4 has a larger screen / more real estate
-The S4 camera can lag (would display ‘Processing’ message for 2-3 seconds while images save). Images were often blurry or not as sharp as I had hoped even after adjusting various settings.
-I do like having a removable battery and accessories available with the S4 such as a wireless charger.
-I don’t like having to close various apps at least daily when they lock up/crash (Android Force Close / Process Stopped Unexpectedly errors). This may be more developer related than phone related, however, this does not happen with my iPhone 5s.
-Larger variety of apps. Not as restrictive as Apple in how you can modify and customize your phone (could be both a pro and con). I also like being able to use the Amazon App Store, where you can get a free download each day.

Overall impressions:
For me personally, the iPhone 5s is the way to go. Although the perfect phone, for me, would include combining the best features from both, Apple is the clear winner with regards to the features and functionality that matter most to me.
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617 of 686 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2014
I haven't purchased this product yet but the only thing that I want to say is that about the other people that type up these reviews about it being Unlocked and then when you get it it you can't use it with any other carriers other than T-Mobile or AT&T. This is because the unlocked iPhones are called GSM and these type of phones are only compatible with these carriers plus a few others. Then if you want to use it with any carrier like Verizon, Sprint, etc...You would probably want to get the iPhone 5s 64gb (Space Gray) - Factory Unlocked to use it with these carriers and this is known as a CMDA iPhone. Thank you for your time for reading this if you read the entire thing
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179 of 207 people found the following review helpful
on January 3, 2014
I bought an unlocked phone but apparently it is locked and we are unable to use it. I do not understand why it was shown as unlocked and yet it is not. We are now expected to pay money for it to be unlocked. Kindly assist.
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165 of 191 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2014
This company is lieing there phones are lock to AT&t SERVICE you can only use these phones with AT&T so don't buy them. i am hope amazon will help me with this problem or i am out 604.00 dollars.
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39 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2014

They are lying about the state of the iPhone. IT'S NOT NEW!!!

ALL, check the IMEI,
Apple gives you 1 year of warranty, then the end date will show you when the iPhone was really purchased.


I want my money back.

You can buy a NEW iphone 5S in the Apple Store for 550$+TAXES = 600$. Who the hell would buy a 6 months old iphone to save only 70$ (10%) on this.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked again and you guys have 4 stars... this shop should be closed.
I feel like somebody robed me in the street.

I want my money back.
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47 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on March 7, 2014
It was not unlocked as advertised by the seller. It jad AT&T sim card inside it and it doesnt work with other carriers. I live in Brazil and now I have to pay extra money to unlock it.
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292 of 357 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2013
A little history on my situation. I just upgraded from a Blackberry Storm 2. My wife has an iPhone 5 and previously had a Motorola Droid 2. These are the phones that I can compare to, so keep that in mind when reading my review.

My first impression out of box was that the phone was beautiful. I seriously didn't even want to touch it. I debated between space gray and white silver. I ultimately chose white silver because my wife has a black iPhone 5 and everything electronic I have is black. I though white was refreshing and if I can always put a case on to make it any color I want. I am so happy I chose white. It really makes the phone look fresh - sorry that is the best word I can find to describe it. The colors on the screen pop against the background. It doesn't show finger prints as much as my wives black phone.

I got a clear case for the phone that just adds to the appearance. It also protects it from scratches and drops. In my opinion a case is required for an iPhone 5S. I honestly think that Apple designed it with the intent to use it with a case. Other competitive phones advertise a built in grip or that it feels better to hold than an iPhone, which is probably true. Apple made the phone so thin and light that adding a case just makes it feel better. Where other phones if you add a case it just makes the phone larger and heavier. I personally like putting my phone in a case. It is a way to personalize your phone and protect it. If the case gets dirty or worn, just spent $10 or $20 bucks and buy a new one.

The screen on the iPhone is not as large as some of the Android giants. Android seems believe that a bigger screen is better. For me this doesn't make sense. I carry my phone in my pocket which you can do with the iPhone 5S because it is skinny enough to fit. I also like that I can reach all the screen with one hand. The screen is much larger than my old Blackberry. The retina display is beautiful. The colors and crispness are very pleasing to look at. It seem similar to my wives iPhone 5. Does clarity make a difference - yes it prevents eye strain. I have had no trouble with the moving elements on the display. I have no idea why people are complaining about that, but maybe they have some vision troubles or motion sickness issues. You can turn off the moving screen and I would expect future IOS 7 updates to allow users to disable all features people are complaining about.

I use the phone for work and the speakerphone is in use for several hours a day. The sound quality is great on speaker phone, on handset and with headset. My wife noted an improvement over my Blackberry.

The camera is incredible - even better than my wives iPhone 5. I am getting rid of our Nikon compact camera because the quality is so good. The video modes are so easy to switch between. It takes no time to shoot a phone and upload or send it multiple ways. I am still discovering all the features but some items like panorama and slow motion are just fun to use.

E-mail is way better on the iPhone than my Blackberry. Calendar integration for Outlook is awesome.

The speed of the phone is really fast. There are never any delays on anything and touch response is immediate and accurate. I have not had apps crash, but I don't doubt there are some buggy ones out there. Just nothing I am using.

The touch ID has been getting a ton of attention - good and bad. When I got the phone it scanned my thumb and took just a minute to complete. I scanned it at all angles. It works perfectly. In the last month I have only had a couple times that I needed to reposition my thumb to get it read properly. It was due to me not having it on all the way. It will read your print from many different angles. This feature for me is HUGE. My company mandates a password that has lower, upper, number, special character 8 digit password. That is a total pain to enter in the phone throughout the day. My companies security team has approved touch ID as an alternate. That means no more password. Just to be clear the phone still has a password, so you can optionally use it. For example if your touch id gave you trouble or wanted to get access to your spouse or friend. Plus you can load multiple fingers. I don't know why other people are reporting troubles with touch ID. I assume either their phone is defective or their finger print is damaged by cracked skin. I have some experience with finger print scanners from a previous job and we did have one employee with dry hands that could not be read on a finger print scanner. The issue is that his skin was cracked and cracks kept healing and showing up in new places. In other words the scanner had nothing consistent to read. I am sorry for those people that suffer a skin condition but to blame the phone for not reading it is not really fair. Those people will have to use the password which is no worse than any other phone.

Battery time seems ok. I need to charge it every day but I use it all the time. I am used to charging my phone every night. I purchased an external battery pack for recharge when I travel if I cannot find an outlet at an airport.

I purchased the 32 GB the day after it was released and waited 2 weeks for delivery. Verizon sent it overnight delivery.

Final thoughts - this phone is the best and fastest according to speed tests. It has changed my life my making things easier. That may sound over the top, but it is my first iPhone. After comparing it to the iPhone 5 I would say it is better. I don't have an iPhone 5C but as I understand the hardware is similar to my wives iPhone 5. Honestly I am sure you would be happy with an iPhone 5C if you are trying to decide. You would be missing the touch id and better camera. You gain colors and a more comfortable feel (without case). I chose the 5S because I use my phone all day for work. I need the best tools for my job.

Added May 7, 2014

I have had the phone for 6 months now. I thought I should include an update:

First I want to talk more about the finger print scanner (touch ID). For me this is a huge feature because my company requires complex password entry. The touch ID allows me to instantly get into my phone by touching it with my thumb at any angle. The touch ID has always worked fairly well for me. When I first got the phone I would occasionally need to reposition my thumb. I also found issues after having my hands in water a long time because when your skin is wet it puckers up and therefore the fingerprint is distorted. That is totally acceptable in my opinion. I also found that if my thumb was only half on the button it may not work the first time, but I always got in on a second try,. With the recent IOS updates I get in on the first touch every time. It is really amazing how well it works. It works so well that I have tested it with non-registered fingers a couple times just to make sure it was still working. Compared to the new Samsung scanner that you have to swipe your finger, the touch ID is way better. It may seem minor but think about how many times you get into your phone every day.

I carry the phone in my front pocket and it fits well in my jeans pocket. I have not broken the screen or had any issues with scratches. I use no screen protector because I like a clearer view on the screen.

I still use a case on my phone and find when the phone is out of the case it is not comfortable to hold. I would recommend to Apple that future designs have rounded corners similar to my iPad so it can be used without a case. This would not stop me from buying the phone, because I would never use my phone without a protective case, but I know some people who do. I have dropped my phone several times with no issues, but I could just be lucky.

The Apple ecosystem is amazing. Every good app is available for iPhone first or exclusively in some cases. The shear number of iPhones and the high end nature of the device ensures developer attention.

The speed benchmarks indicate the 5S is the fastest smartphone. It also scores high on the most available memory. In other words if you buy a 16GB phone, keep in mind a good chunk of that is the operating system. Android can be bloated and take up considerable space. The Google versions are better. The 5S still scores as top selling phone with all carriers after 6 months, so the phone has staying power.

The battery needs charging daily. I use it for business and spend considerable time on the phone, so I feel I represent an extreme user. Sometimes I wish the battery was bigger, which Apple could easily do by increasing the phone size to match competitors. That is how Samsung and Motorola get the long battery time, by just making the phone thicker and heavier. Apple made the choice to keep the size and weight down. There are extended battery packs you can purchase. I have one that I use when I am traveling and it more than doubles the battery life.

Other phones have replaceable batteries. The battery on my old Blackberry went out after 1.5 years so the replaceable battery was great. Now by comparison I have a 4 year old iPod touch that still has a good battery and I know people who have iPhones several years old with good batteries. The point is that you only need a replaceable battery if the battery needs to be replaced. I know that sounds strange but if the battery is good it should last as long as the technology. For those that die early, they can be replaced at an Apple store. One other thing to consider - have you ever dropped your phone and the cover falls off. It happened to me all the time on my Blackberry, but with the iPhone when I drop it nothing falls apart.

Other phones have expanded memory capability. I have the 32GB version and the only time I have had trouble is when I loaded a bunch of videos on for watching while I work out. I had hours of video that I had already watched on the phone, so it was just a matter of me needing to delete what I had watched. As long as you are removing content you dont need from the phone, I found 32GB is more than enough.

The camera continues to work great. I have stopped using my camera and video cameral and I am getting rid of them. Everything I shoot is with my iPhone and the video is superior to my 4 year old Nikon camera and Panasonic video camera. I mean superior when shown on my 50 inch TV. When you consider that a good phone can replace devices that cost me six hundred dollars four years ago, that is amazing.

I am really still waiting for the true power of the 5S to be realized. The motion co processor and 64 bit CPU are so new that I am not sure they have even scratched the surface on what they can do. That is great because it means I will be able to enjoy future IOS updates and new features for a long time to come.

As I write this, I am waiting for a MacBook Air to arrive from Amazon. The iPhone has caused a chain reaction making me convert to Apple. I used to be the guy that said "a windows laptop gives you more power for your money, Apple is just paying for a name". I was wrong and I am here to tell you it is ok to convert to Apple.
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218 of 266 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2013
Here is my advice, if you can buy a Iphone 5s from the Istore or try to buy it unlocked from any carrier do it because here in Amazon they promise you a unlocked phone for 100 more dollars than its original price and guess what, you get a locked phone that has a AT&T gsm card, i live here in Venezuela, i bought a new nano sim for my phone and it didn't work, if you are out of United States and you want a Iphone 5s i recommend you to wait for it to arrive to your local carriers.
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24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2013
I bought an unlocked phone and ended up with a locked phone on at & t. We filed a complaint for the seller and so far we did not get back to me. So now amazon is filing a a to z guarantee. I am so upset because I wanted the phone badly and it flew all the way from us to egypt and I ended up with a uselless machine.
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