Customer Reviews: Apple iPod touch 16 GB 2nd Generation (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on September 14, 2008
This thing is flat out amazing. Previously my PSP was my most dense piece of impressive technology. My wife's Touch blows it away. Of course it is a great iPod (although I think the click-wheel might be a little better for navigating), but it also is great for flashcards for the kids, little games, email and internet. Simply amazing. It was worth every penny for us and was a nice replacement for our 2nd gen 10gb ipod which failed us after 5 years.

I am pretty sure we have already downloaded $20 worth of apps. I am embarrassed to be gushing - but this is a really impressive little device.
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on November 15, 2008
I just lost my iPod virginity. I was never a fan of Apple. I thought that Apple was a complete rip off, too expensive, and too restricted. That all changed when I bought the 16gb. I gave in to the whole iPod mania. It is an extraordinary piece of technology. I would recommend buying the 16gb or 32bg, because during setup it uses 1.5gbs.

The look and feel of the Touch is great. Fits perfectly in your hand. Its very light weight and the screen size is perfect. Now yes, it is a smudge magnet. I've read some of the other reviews and the same thing everyone complained about is that it smudges too much. Of course it does, if you have dirty greasy fingers, its gonna leave finger prints all over the screen. Apple included a cleaning cloth. Wipe it off and stop bitching about. I would recommend a case for the Touch, it does scratch very easily.

The sound is great. Some of the other reviews said its not the best, I beg to differ. It sounds like any other mp3 player. I have the Creative Zen, (which is great if your looking for a very basic mp3 player) and it sounds exactly the same. I don't know what some of the other reviewers were expecting, the sound is good enough for me. Now, the speaker. Its pretty umm, not good, I don't wanna say bad, its just the speaker isn't useful for playing music. I wouldn't use it for playing music because its not loud enough, it sounds like its going to bust, and its very distorted. Its good for the alarm, email alerts, games, but its not good enough to play music on.

The music is great. The way the player is setup is something ive never seen. Tilt the screen sideways, you have coverflow, just slide through album covers. Tilt it upwards, you can scroll through songs, or artists, or play lists. The genius play list I don't care for. There's no point of it. I don't need it to randomly pick songs when im listening to one song. Its seem to be a version of the shuffle feature. The volume buttons are on the side, you can use it whenever your browsing through the Touch. No need to go to the player page and adjust the volume on the screen, just use the button on the side.

Wifi. If you really wanna enjoy the whole experience of the Touch, you have to have wifi!! I know some people who don't have wifi, and only use it for the music, which makes no sense. You need a router, you don't have one, get one before buying the Touch. The wifi is probably the most important feature in the Touch. You can do so much with it. Email, Youtube, Safari, AppStore, itunes store, Maps, Weather. Without wifi, you will have a very boring and pointless Touch.

Safari is really good. You can stroll through all websites. It doesn't support Flash, which sucks, that would have been great. Maybe the generation of Touches. Not much to say about the safari, its just the internet. Youtube! Works very well. Search any video as you normally would on the computer, watch anything you want on youtube. Email, check email, sent or receive. I have aol email setup on the Touch and its pretty damn good.

Now App Store and iTunes music store. I would recommend buying a prepaid itunes gift card. You will get addicted to buying songs and games on the Touch. Limit yourself when searching the iTunes store. The whole entire library of music is in your hands. Downloading music is very fast and again, addictive. There are tons of FREE apps available in the App Store. I have Myspace mobile, Facebook, AOL radio, (yes real streaming radio, and it has local radio stations) iTv, and sooo much more. Tons of games, a lot of them are free.

I don't know what else to say I know im leaving out a lot, (Nike, if you don't have the right Nike shoes and don't run, then there's no point of the Nike feature) and probably most of you didn't read the whole review. It's a great mp3 player that does everything.

In simple words for those looking for an extraordinary mp3 player:
iPhone - AT&T = iPod Touch.
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on November 19, 2008
This review will be done in parts as I have only had this player for one week. I will give my first impressions, and I will later on modify what I find not to be accurate.

The main reason why I bought this little device was for its excellent quality for web-surfing. I have used many devices over the years, and this is truly one of the best web experiences out there. However, this feature is not without its flaws. The browser (Safari) does not support flash, nor does it have an audio player.

Because of this many have turned away from the ITouch and gone somewhere else for internet surfing. More and more sites are transitioning to a platform which supports the Itouch/Iphone, but not every site will be doing this. I don't understand why apple won't allow Flash on the player since Adobe Acrobat has already developed the damn thing. Flash support really does not matter to me as I use the device mainly for emailing, news, and reading - when it gets here, if it gets here, then I will welcome it. As of now, I can live without it.

Evidently the Ipod line is a line of audio players. One would expect great sound quality from this impressive piece of technology, but that is not the case. I'm not an audiophile, if I were I wouldn't be listening to compressed music. But my ears do recognize a good source of sound and this second generation ITouch is not one.

I own two other mp3 players - a Creative Zen Vision M and a Cowon D2. My headphones are an On-Ear Bose, a Creative Aurvana X-Fi Noise Cancelling Headphones, and a Jays-q-Jays selling for $170.00, $299.00 and $240.00 respectively. Their fidelity when reproducing music is astounding! Each one of these pieces sound close to perfection when used with my computer sound card, and they also sound pretty darn good with both the Creative Vision M and the Cowon D2.

I wish that was the case with the iTouch. The audio sounds flat and lacks the warmth I get with other players. It's not as surrounding and enveloping as other players in the market. The itouch sounds fine with the included earphones, but if you're going to spend more than $90 for a decent pair then you'll definitely be disappointed. While the trebs and mids are somewhat acceptable, the bass response is simply too weak. And as if in an attempt to anger its users even more, Apple doesn't even throw in an equalizer.
Is that really so hard? It is definitely not acceptable for an MP3 player of this category to have such a bad sound quality - my only real complaint, and the reason for the four stars and not five. One can certainly get around the iTouch codec limitation (support for only mp3's and acc's) by converting entire libraries as I did, but the sound quality is a real problem - there's no getting around that.

I can only describe the touchscreen response as simply phenomenal. It is that good! What the iTouch does not have in sound, it has in innovation. Every other function is performed exceptionally well. This is certainly more of a small PC, than an mp3 player. There are tons of applications which I have yet to try, and the few I have are really good. Writing and receiving email is a really pleasant experience. I wonder what new applications will be released and for what other uses this little thing will serve.

I have been using the Itouch 16GB for a week and a few days now, and I have had two freezing experiences so far. The first happened while writing an email and listening to music at the same time. The player froze and none of the buttons responded - it remained frozen until it was connected to my PC. The second happened when the player would not turn on - nothing happened, not even the Apple logo. The battery was only half way depleted, and I still can't figure out why it failed to start. I also had to plug it in to a PC for the player to respond. I didn't try a hard reset by holding down the power and home buttons, but I'm sure an opportunity will show itself.

Update December 8th:
In response to a question by E. Ventura regarding the Itouch and D2's touchscreen, it must be said that no other device out there (leaving aside the new Archos which also has a pretty good touch interface) comes even close to the interface being currently used by Apple. The Itouch/Phone's touchscreen is simple phenomenal! It takes me decades to reach the different levels in the D2 - it takes me a few clicks to get what I want with the Itouch. I can't really find a downside to it.

Leaving aside the touchscreen's potential, I'm here really to complain about a few more things. I've come to hate some features about the Itouch application/music player. It lacks many options which I find in my other dedicated audio players. Since the Itouch is more of a small computer, I wonder if some company or even Apple could develop another music application to replace the "music" icon. Here's a list of things I'd like to do which are universal in almost all mp3 players, but not the itouch:

* Create on the go playlists, rename them, and delete them without the need for a pc.
* Access my files hierarchically - a folder view of all my mp3's as they are in my computer.
* Delete files on-the-go and have them deleted from my Itunes library.
* Have a dedicated equalizer to "somewhat" make up for the sound quality.
* Have an integrated FM - not the application-via-web FM and be able to record streaming audio.
* Have an integrated microphone for recordings.
* Have a storage disk function.
* Have a greater audio/video codec support.
* Have an SD-card expansion slot.
* Be able to sync the device with the library using a wireless connection.

I've also found that most of my roommate's made-for-ipod devices do not work with the Itouch. Now, isn't that a slap in the face? One of the reasons why I went for an American, and not for a Chinese or Korean company when buying a new mp3 player was for device and accessory support. This is simply ridiculous and illogical - if they have the same dock, then they should work.

Also the Itouch can not be used as an external portable drive (again, WHY?), but some applications allow for the device to be used as an over-the-air drive, thus serving the "same" purpose. This is innovation at its best. I've also been using the device as an e-book/PDF reader, a scientific calculator, a dicitonary/translator and a chess opponent. The Itouch is so good with everything else, but not music. Perhaps if enough costumers complain, they'll raise the bar and make the desired changes.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2008
The iPod Touch debuted only one year ago, and this is the first update. I was excited to pick up the new iPod Touch at the Apple Store because I had never owned a first generation, though I do own iPhones.

I want to concentrate primarily on the new features:

First, physical volume buttons are now placed on the side of the iPod Touch as they are on the iPhone. This is very convenient. It allows you to adjust the volume of your music, without having to pull the entire device out of your pocket and activate the screen. A time saver.

Second, many people requested a built-in speaker for the iPod Touch like is available on the iPhone. Apple listened. However, there is one important point to make on this! The iPod Touch is incredibly small, and Apple is forced to put an incredibly small speaker. The speaker in the iPod Touch sounds worst than the speaker in the iPhone. I have compared it side by side, and it's fairly significant, and the iPhone speaker isn't that great to begin with. However, in a quiet room, the speaker is still useful for previewing a song you might want to buy, or for playing games. However, still, if you want great sound, you need to connect your headphones.

Genius - This new feature is really surprisingly good. When you're listening to a song you enjoy, select the genius option. It will create a playlist for you, with songs that go together nicely with the one you started with. It helps you rediscover great music from your collection with a playlist suited to the mood you're in. I didn't think it would do a good job compiling this list, but it has been quite impressive.

Applications - It's great to have the ability to buy (or get some free) applications right on the iPod Touch. Furthermore, with the software update this new iPod Touch comes with, the Application installation process is so much smoother than it had been even on my iPhone. It now works how you want it to, seamlessly. I like having a weather application that includes doppler radar images, and that is free. I also have several games on it. There is a great variety of applications available from hundreds of third-parties right on the iPod itself, so you are certain to find something that interests you. I really like the new release of Spore, for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Apple is really pushing the games and quietly suggest they are challenging Nintendo and Sony. They are innovative and interesting games, but I think they have a ways to go, to challenge those game makers.

Nike + is now built in too, so if you have the shoes and the puck, the iPod Touch is ready to receive the data from it. Battery life is improved to 36 hours audio and 6 hours video according to Apple. I find the audio number fairly accurate if you don't light up the display much, but the video number is a slight bit harder to achieve.

Of course, the new ipod Touch does look and feel even better than the first generation, from my small experiences with the previous one. I also think it feels cooler than my iPhones, but obviously your interpretation may very. I like the metal back on the iPod Touch. It looks classy, though it is prone to scratches.

One of my favorite features continues to be, when in my home on Wi-Fi, to reach down for the Touch, use Safari web browser and look something up. It's great.

Overall, it was a solid update for the iPod Touch. I wish the speaker could be better on it, but I believe that is due to the physical restrictions of the small device. I could have knocked it to four stars for that, but I think most people realize a built in speaker isn't the way you want to listen to most audio on an iPod to begin with. I'm impressed by the second generation iPod Touch, and I think with the third party applications getting better and becoming more popular, more people will consider the Touch.
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on September 9, 2008
The 2G iPod Touch is a solid update, with some nice new, er, touches. If you have the existing 1G Touch, you won't find a compelling reason to upgrade unless you use the Nike+ fitness device, as this new Touch has that support built in. If you've been waiting for the price to come down, good news: the new devices are about $100 cheaper than their predecessors, so the 32Gb Touch can be had for under $400, and the 8Gb for a little over $200. The 16Gb device strikes me as the sweet spot at $299.

Improvements include: iPhone Firmware 2.1, which opens access to the AppStore and fixes some of 2.0's bugs; an internal speaker (not terribly loud, but it'll do in a pinch); the Nike+ support; a new form factor that is lighter and curved for easier holding (though if you use it on a flat surface it's not as stable as the 1G); 6 hour video / 36 hour audio battery life; support for the new iTunes 8.0 Genius playlists (similar to Rhapsody Channels and Pandora, but limited to your on-device music collection).

If your primary need is for an audio player, especially for podcasts and audiobooks where the device sits in your pocket for hours on end, I'd recommend you consider the iPod Nano. The new 4G Nano tops off at 16Gb, which works out to nearly six months of spoken-word content. And at $199, you get twice the storage for less than the 8Gb Touch.

Where the Touch shines is in its interactivity - a gorgeous video-viewing experience that won't strain your eyes like the Nano, full Safari browser and other Internet-enabled applications (with a WiFi connection), gorgeous 2D and decent 3D gaming, PDA-like functionality. It's called Touch for a reason - it screams out to be looked at, touched, played with, caressed, even licked. It's a full-blown computer in your hand; to use it as a mere digital audio player makes Steve Jobs cry.

I wouldn't toss a 1G Touch for this device, since you can upgrade to the 2.1 firmware and get most of the goodies in software. But if you're looking to upgrade from a smaller device and want something with the additional potential to replace your Palm, PSP or Nintendo DS Lite, this is a compelling option.
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The Ipod Touch is a device that will change the way you watch videos, listen to music, play games, and surf the internet. The Ipod Touch is a must have for those of us who travel with any frequency. The ability to watch videos, podcasts and listen to music is outstanding. However, with the addition of the application store I have found that the Ipod Touch is a great tool for the office.

Applications that I use
- Unit converters
- FInance options
- Metals quote
- High Powered business calculators
- Weather
- Chemistry applications
- And many, many more

Other great Applications for travelers
- Slingbox application which will let you view your DVR or Slingbox
- MLB app that let's you follow every game pitch-by-pitch AND listen to the audio broadcasts!
- Books - through a Kindle app and other book readers

Things you will want to consider buying

Mophie Juice Pack - Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPod Touch 2G will more than double your battery life (6+ hours of video)
Transparent Clear Snap On Crystal Hard Cover Case for Apple Ipod Touch Itouch 8GB 16GB 32GB 2G 2nd Generation Trust me you do not want to drop your Ipod Touch and cause damage
iKross 3-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for iPod touch (Clear) Do not risk letting you screen get scratched!

Final Verdict-
A game change for those of who travel - everything that you need will literally be at your fingertips!

5 stars - how did I live without it?
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on October 28, 2008
First off, I want to mention Amazon and what a great service they provide. Had a problem that required sending the ipod back and they have already shipped my replacement before I have even packaged the faulty one.

The iPod itself is a very neat product, but I have to warn you that after 5 minutes of itouching, it looks as though you have gone into battle with it. A case is without doubt a must, but unlike it's predecessor the 2nd generation model sports a volume button on the side, which although a great advantage (albeit very tricky to use along with the power button), you need to make sure it's not a 1st generation case otherwise you lose access.

The screen though is another matter. If you carry out a search online, you will find plenty of videos that show how tough the screen is even using keys and a razor blade.

In the past, rather than carrying around my laptop, I have used the PSP for Wi-Fi when going into my local coffee shop. No more though, the iTouch just blows it away for speed and I can retrieve e-mails that I have going to Outlook Express or whatever else you care to mention.

The touch part is really intuitive and rarely makes mistakes even with a screen protector. Turn the iPod on it's side and the page automatically adjusts to the wider width and you can increase the picture size with no difficulty at all. I actually find that it's easier to use this little beauty than using my main computer at home.

Obviously, the Achilles heal for the iTouch is it's storage capacity and one surprising disadvantage is that there are no expansion slots. Secondly, there's no way to remove the battery so you are power limited meaning that watching videos on a trans-Atlantic flight for example, may leave you short (it's video time is about 6 hours according to official specs).

Having said that the iTouch & iPhone are the bench mark for the portable market. Just go to any cellular store and see their clones (Instinct, Voyager anyone?).

One last thing to mention is the interface with your PC or Mac. The iTunes store is just amazing and there is nothing out there that even comes close to the library of iTunes (legally that is). Unlike the Zune, there are no monthly fees and once you download the music, it's yours.
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on September 22, 2008
My 5th Gen ipod video has a screen thats going out, so I've been looking to get a new ipod for a while. Knowing that Apple comes out with new iPods each year at back-to-school time, I waited a few months and was pleasantly surprised when they decided to lower the price.

I've had this thing for about a week now and I can't put it down. Not only is it a GREAT music player, the screen is amazing and games and videos look incredible. I have converted many TV shows that I can now take on the road with me, and watching them on this screen is pretty enjoyable since it's so much larger than my 5th gen ipod video.

Not only is it a great music and video player, I LOVE the fact that it is like an ultra mobile internet browser. I have internet on my cell phone too, but not with the capabilities the ipod touch has. Although it's not exactly like a PC, you can view nearly every website out there, and I expect Flash to be included in a future update which will really put the internet at your fingertips.

The App store is a huge part of why I love this ipod. I love browsing the App store for new apps, and I've downloaded a few games. I haven't found any games or apps that I absolutely love yet, but I am impressed with the power this little device has. Some of the video games have amazing graphics, Crash Kart for example looks like a PS2 game (maybe a little worse, PS 1.5). The lack of physical buttons keeps this from being a very compelling game system, but it's great for puzzle games or little games like Yahtzee that work well with a touch screen. However, some of the racing games work really well with the accelerometer, but it's just not my favorite way to control the steering. Blue Skies Air Force Academy is one particular game that was truly designed for the accelerometer, and it works well.

Now that I've said so many good things that I love about this device, I have to say it's not perfect. Although I'd give the hardware a 5/5, I'm a little irritated by the fact that I will probably need to buy a new FM transmitter for my car. I have the Monster iCarPlay and it's worked perfectly for nearly 3 years for me. I can still use it with my iPod Touch 2nd Gen, but it won't charge the iPod. Ugh, hopefully I can get by without needing it to also charge my iPod because that was originally like $60 when I bought it. I can't complain too much, because I did keep my old 30gb ipod video and I can always take that with me if I need an unlimited supply of music on long car trips. Oh I will also probably need to buy a new wall charger, but I can get one on eBay for about $10.

If you're thinking about buying this iPod, let me tell you that if you have $300 to spend, it's probably worth it for you. If you NEED a new mp3 player and you're on the fence about which one to buy, I strongly recommend it. However, pay attention to these tips before you buy! I purchased some of those screen protectors on eBay the same day I ordered this ipod from Apple. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my screen is protected by that plastic sheet, and amazingly I don't notice ANY degradation in screen quality or touch screen sensitivity, I can't even tell that there is a screen protector on it. I also bought a little rubber case on eBay that has a slot for an armband. Not sure I'll ever use it to work out with since the ipod video is easier to use while running, but the rubber case also makes me feel it would be safer if I dropped it.

I'll stop babbling now, but in conclusion 5/5, definitely recommend the iPod Touch 2nd Gen 16gb!
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on August 25, 2009
Overall it's a very nice product. I purchased it as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. She really likes it but the thing that cheesed me was the "Newest Model." As soon as we downloaded iTunes, we got a nice pop-up that said for only $20 or so we could update to the latest iPod Software Version. Go figure, when a company figures out how to make you pay them twice for something that's supposedly the latest thing, they've got it licked. I guess their is some grey area between newest model and latest version.
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on October 23, 2008
I had read that the speakers on the new 2nd generation iTouch was really lacking so my expectations were low. However, these speakers rock. Granted, if you're in a loud surrounding they are not loud enough but then again if you're in a loud surrounding it would be rude to have speakers that are loud enough to hear over other noises in my opinion. There's nothing I hate more than music on the subway from someones boom box or gadget when it's not music I would choose to listen to. So for those that are complaining about the speakers you need to understand that they are perfect for you personally....just not for everyone else around you.....that's why there are great little portable speaker setups out there to purchase just for those times when you wish to annoy others...or listen on the beach....and other louder surroundings.

Everything about my iTouch is great. The graphics are great. The ease of using iTunes to upload is great. Can't say that the help staff at Apple are useful....actually quite rude and have the elitest attitude. However, that does not change the greatness of the new 2nd generation iTouch.

The new added speakers as I stated above are perfect for me. I use my iTouch during the day at work at my desk and I can hear it perfectly but I'm not disturbing others in their work's great.

The fact that I can get on the Internet anytime I am in a wireless area is perfect. I did not wish to upgrade my phone quite yet to the iPhone due to the extra cost of all those fees that AT&T requires you to sign up for weather you want to use it or not. With my iTouch I get to decide when I want to sign on and surf the Internet for a phone number, address or even check my email....and at no extra cost each month!

I originally thought of waiting for the next version of the iPhone so I could get the Nike sensor addition (assuming Apple adds it to the next upgraded version)....but I wanted to use the Nike sensor and did not want to buy the new Nano to use it. For just a little bit more money than the new Nano I am able to surf the Internet, keep my contacts and address book with me at all times.....and many other cool features that I would miss out on with the Nano. IMHO why pay the cost of a Nano if all your're getting is a music storage device? Why not get the iTouch and get gadget after gadget included. Of course I have always been a Palm Pilot geek so this was the new age step up for me.....bascially it was a win win situation.

The Nike sensor added to the iTouch was a sweeeeet option. If you haven't checked that out you really should. It is a great motivator to get out there and exercise. With the Nike sensor you can track your miles walked, calories burned, etc and graph it online at the Nike website. AND.....if you start getting lazy and haven't uploaded your data in awhile....or even worse...haven't gotten out there and will even receive an email encouraging you to not give's great...and motivating.

In a can't go wrong with the new 2nd generation iTouch.
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