Customer Reviews: Apple iPod touch 8 GB Black (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on April 30, 2011
I purchased my Ipod Touch 8G in January, 2011 just for fun and to see what all the fuss was about. I use a laptop and have wireless connectivity in my home. But I don't store music on an Ipod and don't have "smart" cell phone. After using the Ipod Touch for a few months, all I can say is "WOW".

This device is like carrying a small computer in your pocket. I can connect to the internet wirelessly at home and anywhere I can find a public connection--library, cafe, etc. I check my email (read and compose), facebook, Meetups, Ravelry, take pictures and movies, and with the Skype App, can video call my kids. I have become hooked on the Angry Birds game, which is fun to do while waiting anywhere. I have also downloaded audio books from my library to take with me when I travel. I knit and have any pattern I am working on loaded on my Touch so I don't worry about losing it. All this in a 2x4 inch little device I can carry with me everywhere.

I considered getting a smart phone instead, but Verizon's additional mandatory monthly cost of $30/month turned me off. It would be nice to have internet access where ever I am, but I don't need it and don't want to pay $360/year for it. I like the fact that the Ipod Touch does not require any additional monthly costs.

I compared my Touch to my friends Ipad. It appears that my Touch does most everything the Ipad does, but the Touch is so much smaller.

My son has a Droid, which does what my Touch does plus it is his cell phone. But games wear his battery down quickly. I don't have to worry about that since my phone is separate from my Touch.

If I needed to be connected to the internet at all times and have a cell phone too, I would probably stick with a smart phone and pay the extra $30/month. But if you want a very versatile tool in a small package to carry with you, I highly recommend the Ipod Touch.

So much fun!

August 17, 2012 Update--Everything I said in my review still holds true. The Ipod Touch is a quality product--really it is a tiny Ipad. I hope Apple comes out with a smaller Ipad, say a 7 inch model. A larger screen would be nice for reading and playing games and would still be small enough to carry around easily.
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on September 19, 2010
My original review focused on whether you can successfully use an 8 gb version of this 4th gen iPod Touch in lieu of a more expensive, larger memory version. My conclusion (at the end of this highly revised review) was, and remains, a resounding YES but there is one aspect, that applies to ALL the iPod Touch 4th generation editions (8/32/64 gb), that I now think is MUCH more important:

The quality of the screen display.

Simply put, this device has near-iPad screen quality in a 3.5" device. (960x640 resolution at 326 pixels per inch, vs. 1024x768 resolution at 132 pixels per inch).

That means you can get almost iPad quality video in approximately 3.6 ounces of device vs. 24 ounces of device; in a device that fits a shirt pocket vs. a device you need a separate bag for. In a device you can hold up as a reader vs. a device that tires your arms.

This Touch is VERY practical for reading NYTimes articles or USAToday articles in their reader applications, optimized for this size display (crisp, large type). VERY practical for browsing the regular on-line editions of most newspapers (tap once to fit a column to a screen with nice readable type). GREAT for YouTube since the YouTube app included with the device is optimized for delivering high def YouTube content - if available, HD videos are automatically preferred. GREAT for Netflix and Hulu Plus. GREAT for gmail and ok for Facebook (I am sure FB will make its dedicated app more user-friendly in the future).

Great, for me, for online banking and stock research/trading.

Great for catching up on tech websites in their "mobile" formats.

So-so for Yahoo; I don't like Yahoo Mobile right now and their regular online edition, via the built in Safari browser, doesn't scale up and down as nicely as the online NYTimes does.

And oh yeah, the device can store adequate amounts of your own music library (or stream Slacker or Pandora, customized for you, in free or pay editions) and download iTunes paid video content for later consumption, stream to Apple TV, or you can move your own DVD content to the device via easy conversion programs.

Last year I ventured out on some vacations with an iPod Touch, the last generation, as a "backup" to my netbook. I found myself easily reading emails, but preferring the netbook for replies. I didn't read any books with it until earlier this year, and was surprised by how well book reading worked. I Skyped home.

When this new generation Touch came out, I got it as a matter of reflex, justifying the purchase on the basis of the built-in camera and built-in microphone (which means I don't have to use "inline mics" with ear buds any more). But in reality, the sharpness of the screen is MUCH more important. I have now, simply as a result of this device, switched to e-reading from print reading. On the road, this has largely displaced the netbook (except for reviews like this); most friends communicate in shorter emails these days anyway, and most emails are ads and blurbs, not stuff you need to reply to.

But now at home I find myself ALSO using this new generation iPod Touch a LOT. In the morning to check emails for anything really important, to check NYTimes headlines, before I even roll out of bed. Anytime I want to check emails or Facebook the rest of the day, without firing up the regular desktop computer. At bed to read.

In short, the darn thing is a working computer. Great for CONSUMPTION, patience-testing for INPUT. (Although forcing my input to slow down, say, for Simple Notes entries may be a good thing - forces me to slow down and be a lot more concise.)

***********A word on gaming and pricing. My kids have the 8 gb, 4th gen (this one) model and LOVE it for games. The motion detector is VERY responsive and watching a 3.5 y.o. use "dual thumbs" on the screen blows me away. You will NOT get the same screen responsiveness and motion detection on an Android device. Some developers are even reluctant to develop Android versions because the hardware for Android devices simply has too many variants in the marketplace vs. much smaller overall market share. This can change, but for now Apple dominates the gaming market. This week Apple is offering the Touch in 8 gb mode for slightly over 2 bills but with a 25 gift card. The value for dollar is incredible. Think carefully before you try to find a substitute! (FWIW I love Apple hardware but don't like the "locked down" system it has become - I hate having to use iTunes as "Grand Central Station" for Touch operations. So I am actually inclined to be biased AGAINST Apple, but in the case of the Touch the results are simply too good to ignore.)

***********Best accessory ever: ClassicReader Three-pair Valu-Pac, +3.00 The screen on this new generation of iPod Touches is very, very sharp, but in order to enjoy all that sharpness, you need to bring the screen really close to your eyes (assuming you don't have presbyopia and can focus close) OR simply carry a pair of cheap reading glasses as an "accessory" to these super sharp 4th generation screens. This lets you actually read the tiny type on the NY Times website, actually see the richness of colors and depth of detail on a video. So even if you don't need reading glasses for magazine reading, CONSIDER trying a pair of STRONG reading glasses (1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, or even 3.0) to magnify the 3.5" display screen. Strong reading glasses make high-def YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus videos POP for me.

My original review, edited to be slightly briefer, is below, so you will know where most of the pre-12/20 comments come from:


Can you get by with an 8gb Touch?

Yep, based on my experience with a 3rd gen 32 gb, and on my recent local purchase of the 4th gen (this current model) in 8 gb capacity.

When using the old 32 gb, I found out that I barely used its greater storage capacity. (I don't haul around a lot of music or videos - I just transfer what I want to listen to/watch for each road trip or listening/viewing cycle using iTunes). Apps, I discovered, don't take up much space, even games and books don't take up much space, unless you want to haul substantially more of your whole collection with you. Amazon's Kindle app is esp. device friendly, since you can archive books you've finished back to Amazon instead of keeping them on the device. iTunes is a great way to manage what content you want to store on your home computer - which becomes a sort of large "docking device" - and what you want top take "to go."

As a netbook substitute, storage isn't even that important. I can check my bank balance, transfer funds and execute orders on a brokerage account, listen to radio on Pandora or Slacker, watch music videos (and a lot more ) on YouTube, Skype, stream Netflix, and do a whole lot of other stuff on the 8 gb just fine.

In fact in hindsight the only real reason for me getting the 32 gb version in the older edition was to get the faster processor. But in the current generation, ALL THE 4th GENERATION HARDWARE IS THE SAME, except only for memory.

Do keep in mind on the 8gb edition you give up about a gig to systems operations, leaving only 7 gb or so for your stuff. And you need to leave from for apps and their space. I probably wouldn't put more than 6 gb of music and videos on the 8gb version. The other editions also give up the same space, but proportionately it is a smaller "hit" to your storage.

The 8gb makes a nice intersection on my personal "cheapness" and "minimalist" curves. The price doesn't get into nose-bleed territory where I start to wonder whether a netbook would makes more sense, and it's inexpensive enough to subject to the toils of daily wear and tear - keeping it handy in an outside day pack pocket, instead of more safely stowed deep inside the pack.
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on November 6, 2011
I bought this for my 11 year old daughter. I didn't realize that we needed a credit card/itunes card in order to download any apps (including the free ones) so I went and bought an itunes card the next day and everything was great. If you are not familiar with itunes or apple products, it can be a little confusing getting it all set up. After some trial and error, I got all of her music moved over from her old mp3 player. Once you learn how to operate it, it's great. It was well worth the money. She loved it. JUST MAKE SURE IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR CHILD HAVING ACCESS TO YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER FOR PURCHASES, GET AN ITUNES CARD. They didn't even charge me tax at Wal-Mart when I purchased it.
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on April 4, 2011
I bought this item, upgrading from an iPhone 3g with no service, (essentially an iPod Touch). I am impressed with the front and back cameras, and the retina display is awesome. But my main complement is the speed. Multitasking is essential! I love it, it allows me to do things I never thought possible on my new touch. It seems to make it more and more like a pocket computer. I can have 30 apps open, all running, at a time before it even starts to get a little slow. I have bought and installed iMovie, and that makes my videos taken with my iPod made more awesome. I absolutely LOVE this product, and no matter if your purpose is buisness, schoolwork, email and music, or just plain fun, YOU WILL LOVE IT TOO!!!!
1 million stars.
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on April 3, 2011
I hemmed and hawed for months trying to convince myself I needed an iPad. The price kept scaring me away. To me an iPad is a toy with marginal "useful" benefits. By "useful" I mean those things that it would do that I could use in my argument to convince my wife buying one was the right thing to do. I could never quite come up with adequate reasons. Enter the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is everything I was looking for in an iPad, but at less than half the price (for the smallest model). I already have a laptop so I wasn't looking for computing capabilities. I was looking for a toy that had some beneficial use.

I love the iPod Touch. It's small enough to take anywhere and with the abundance of wifi hotspots, I'm rarely without a signal. With certain apps, I can even text and make limited calls meaning that my iPod Touch can substitute for a messaging device (I can't quite call it a phone) that I can communicate with.

The iPod Touch is a small wonder machine. I can watch movies on my Netflix account, send emails, listen to music and a ton of other things. True, many of the things I do on it are entertainment, but they help me pass the time while waiting for someone to arrive or before my son's school events start. To me, the iPod Touch is the perfect substitute for the iPad I can never convince myself to buy. Granted, it is considerably smaller than an iPad, but that's part of the appeal. It fits in my pocket, while an iPad is cumbersome in comparison.

I fully endorse the iPod Touch. I bought the small 8gb version, but those who like to store video will need something considerably larger. I do not intend to bog my device down with stored video, I have an external hard drive on my laptop with all the video I need. The iPod Touch is meant to be a mobile device and its compact size makes it the perfect toy/tool to bring with on any outing involving downtime. It won't replace my laptop, and it won't replace my Kindle. I truly believe there is a need for people to have multpile gadget devices that serve multiple functions.

If you're in the same predicament I was in, not being able to fully justify spending between $500-850 for an iPad or other tablet device, consider strongly the iPod Touch. The 4th generation model will amaze and satisfy. For under $230 you can have the world at your fingertips.
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[I regret to report that some of Apple's behind-the-scenes upgrading and automation is producing freezes, confusion, and chaos. You may wish to hold back on accepting the upgrades until present difficulties are resolved. Especially "dangerous" is Apple's so-called Genius. The feature is capable of requiring you to create a Genius list, denying the attempt (the reason: you don't have sufficient eligible songs), and then locking up the iPod. Unlike earlier upgrades, there is no "Turn Off Genius" provision in the menu system. Apparently Apple wants to coerce customers into buying enough "Genius" songs to qualify. I'm presently trying to wipe my iPod clean and start from scratch.

Two warnings, based on personal experience: 1. Be careful not to create a 2nd I.D. It confuses matters considerably, since Apple would not allow me to remove one. 2. Avoid at all costs anything related to "Genius." Even with 3000 songs on my iPod it: A. couldn't find enough related songs to create a Genius list; B. it caused all of the music on my iPod to freeze up, with no provision for deactivating "Genius." Much of Apple's automation and cleverness (rating your songs? forfeiting control of your music?) seems aimed at kids with Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber on their minds and money in their pockets. Under no circumstances, allow Genius to be activated--at least until Apple provides a way of turning it off so that you can regain control of your iPod.}

Surprisingly, there are searches on Amazon for the iPod Touch 5th generation. Apple hasn't gotten there--yet. But this is closer than many shoppers might realize. It's the iPod Touch 4G in it's absolute newest, most current version, with the revolutionary iOS5 operating system. If you want to be absolutely sure that the previous sentence is accurate, order your Touch in white rather than black. The 4G that came out in 2010 was exclusively in black; the 4G that was introduced two months ago in 2011 comes in both black and white. Hence, to take no chances, order in white and remain in delight about your brand new, latest (guaranteed) iPod Touch.

I use my iPods primarily as music players. Despite Apple's cluttering of iTunes with all sorts of annoying features, teasers, plugs, gratuitous promotions, social networking, etc., this is the fastest, the most efficient, the most powerful iPod I've had the pleasure of using. Hook it up to better earphones than the ones that are standard issue from Apple or to a full-frequencied speaker system. On the other hand, this iPod's built-in speaker is now actually better than the add-on auxiliary iPod speakers that Griffin, Logitech and other makers were peddling a mere 2-3 years ago. At night I no longer require a "pillow speaker." Slipping the slim Touch in my pillowcase threatens to set the mattress on fire.

As a review in the Wall Street Journal points out, Apple's Cloud technology is ahead of that of any other manufacturer. In fact, you're not even required to download your audio files from the Cloud, a time-killing, space-filling exercise--but only with Apple. What their Cloud does is identify the tune requested and match it up ("Air Match") with what is already residing in Apple's limitless universe. As a result, your request is granted instantly and ultra-efficiently.

No matter that the cameras (at least one too many from my perspective) aren't quite as good as the iPhone's. They're still more sensitive and sharp than any other player's--or smart phone's. The truly innovative feature on the iPhone that you won't find on the Touch is Apple's exclusive, "Siri" voice-recognition technology, which is said to be leagues ahead of the competition. Users of the iPhone say they no longer have any use for similar services--on their GPS, computer, or from Google. Siri has clearly scooped them all, exceeding all expectations.

What should you spend your $200 on? A Touch 4G (preferably in white) or a Kindle Fire (with free movies, Netflix, etc., on a screen twice the size of the Touch's)? That's a tough one, because the Fire, despite some grumbling (lots of envy of Amazon for being able to produce a tablet like this--taking a $50 loss on each one sold), is an impressive little machine in its own right, capable of "expanding" the screen merely by the outsized stereophonic sound it produces. Moreover, I'm becoming increasingly impatient with all the "apps" that threaten to take over Apple's "content" space. Many are space-wasters and over-priced at that (the free ones often aren't good enough to deserve so much space). Still, if your life is centered on music, the Touch 4G (preferably in white) gets the nod.

P.S. I rarely use my iPod Touch as a camera but yesterday had no other option during a Christmas concert with 4 choirs and narrators placed in a 360 degree configuration. I didn't even have my special add-on microphone, "Mikey," from Blue Microphones with me. Bottom line: the Touch did an admirable job of both recording the affair (much to my surprise) and filming it--in available light that was more dark than illuminated. Playing the video back on my computer is almost like reliving the experience. (The only instrument that is missing with most small microphones and speakers is the double bass, especially on jazz recordings where the instrument's "walking" of the time is critical to capturing the event.) Finally, rumor has it that Apple may introduce "Siri" to the iPod Touch 4g rather than wait for the Touch 5 G. Although voice recognition software does not excite many of us, the experience of those who have used Siri suggests that it's a mind-changer, at the very least.
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on January 22, 2012
I was paying 20 a month for unlimited internet and Texting for my cell phone. This thing will pay for itself fast.
I get free unlimited calling and internet and Texting on the ipod touch 4g.
Talkatone free app lets me make make and receive free unlimited calls and free unlimited Text messages.

Con -
Metal on back SCRATCHES easily, so I got the argyle case on amazon its around 2 bucks with free shipping works great.
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on September 27, 2010
Hey guys! I don't know why the iPod touch 4g is stuck with having a 4 star overall rating, because this is definately deserving of a perfect 5. Unfortunately, that's as high of a rating as I can give it :( I just have one thing to say to people who are pondering buying this, or losing sleep wanting one. Buy it already! It's like having a mini iPad, only now it has two cameras; it's more portable then the iPad; and you can do everything that a computer can do. Surf the internet; send and receive e-mails and video calls; with certain apps you can text anyone on their mobile phone for free (well, you're texts don't cost you anything, but they'll still have to pay the .10 cents). Games are awesome, especially since they are updating a lot of them to take more full advantage of the Retina Display (which guessed it, AWESOME!
I can't give this iPod anything but a quadruple thumbs up (because I'm an alien with four hands, duh!) Buy one, you won't regret it. But get the 8g, because 32 is just too much space to spend an extra $50.00 on. 8g's holds plenty of games videos and music, trust me :)
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on December 12, 2011
I was looking for a cheap, small eReader to take advantage of the multitude of book available from the Gutenberg Project. I also wanted the ability to play music and perhaps stream some internet videos.

I looked at both the Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Nook Tablet. All three did everything I needed, books, music, and Netflix. However, I still found myself wishing either Amazon or Barnes and Noble offered something smaller that would fit in my pocket. That's when I noticed a friend reading a book on her iPhone. After a little research I learned the iPod Touch could do the same.

The Stanza app gives access to free books from the Gutenberg Project. Amazon and Barnes and Noble both offer free apps for their respective book stores, putting the best of both worlds within your reach.

Having an eReader this small allows me to read books anywhere without worrying about stowing a 7" Nook or Kindle. While not a replacement for a larger reader it complements one nicely.
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on June 11, 2011
The 4th Generation iPod touch rules. I have 2 wonderful kids. Both deserving of an iPod touch. And you know, to keep up with the Jones, I bought 2 iPod touches. But they needed the 32 Gig because the 8 Gig would not be good enough. Okay, being the best dad in the world (that's what my kids call me) I bought it for them. They're all excited but wait, that's just the tip of the iceburg. Now I have to get Itune cards so they can buy songs and apps. $50 Itune cards a piece. They do their thing and show me how impressive it is. Well, I have a very nice smartphone that I also use for music and apps. But after seeing how sweet the iPod touch is, I was sold. I broke down and got myself one, but I got the 8 Gig. Hindsight, get atleast the 32 Gig because it fills up fast. I began loading songs, apps and videos. I also accessorized with a very nice hard case, portable ipod speaker docks and car mounts. I really don't know how I ever lived without one. It's like when I look back to when I was just a boy, how did we ever survive without central air conditioning, dishwasher, or and ice maker. Sure it gets expensive but if you rationalize and budget, it less than a dollar a day for a year. If you're a kid, tell your parents instead of going on the annual vacation, can I please have an iPod Touch? Roundtrip airfare is about $300 each person and hotel rooms are about $200 a night and don't forget about the cost of dining out each night. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Everyone except the airline companies, hotels, Disney resorts, restuarants, etc. you get the idea.
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