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on September 10, 2010
I just got my new shuffle in the mail today. I needed something for running and dreadmilling when it is too snowy/icy to run outside.
My initial impressions:

Great little thing (small)
strong clip
easy to use (hooray for buttons!)
simple, multi-position switch on the top lets you play in order or shuffle. Voice over button is easy to use and works well.
Easy to sync (choose playlists, genius playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, etc...)
Looks good (see my notes about online photos at the bottom)
Long (15h) battery life.

EDIT: A "hold" function has been added, just hold the center button to activate and deactivate, good feature. It would be useful if I had just gotten mine, but I learned how to use it without the feature so I don't end up using hold much.

None. (As far am I concerned, there are cons like "no screen" and such, but if you order this to get an ipod shuffle, not a nano or other mp3 player, you will not be disappointed. I was not let down at all).

EDIT: After some thought and use, I thought of some cons.
$50 for 2gb is not a great price compared to other mp3 players.
2gb might be limiting to you. This just means you have to choose or let itunes choose what music goes on there carefully.
Because the buttons take up most of the front of the ipod, it can be hard to use the clip while it is turned on without pressing the next button.

If you know what an ipod shuffle does, need a reasonable music player that syncs with your itunes, and don't need more. GET ONE!!! I can't imagine you will be let down.

One last note: From all the photos online, you can't really tell, bu this is not a matte finish ipod. The finish is shiny, but not mirror-y. And actually, no one will care about this, but the top and bottom are matte silver. It looks good.

EDIT: 7/6/11 I put it through the wash last month, oops, but it's still going strong!
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on December 3, 2010
The iPod that I currently use on a daily basis is my Apple iPod shuffle 4 GB Silver (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL. The main problem with THAT UNIT for me is that there is no other option than to use the Apple earphones, seems a greedy move by Apple. When the 4th generation came along, and I heard it had buttons I started to get excited. I would be able to use the Bose In Ear headphones with it. I don't exactly know why, but I wished the second generation shuffle would become available again. There was no hold function on the unit I tested, and the square shape wasn't something I was accustomed to.
Here's a general list of pros & cons:
-Longer battery life[15h, compared to 10h on 3rd gen, and 12h on 1st & 2nd gen]
-BUTTONS were returned to the unit itself [not on the earphone cord]
-Price dropped to $49, dropped by about 17%
-Another color choice added, ORANGE

-Price, $49 for 2GB, not great compared to other brands
-No hold function, though I hear Apple might add one
-No option for 4GB of storage anymore
-USB cable is 45mm[about 1.8 inches] VERY SHORT
-When the clip is pushed, it's hard not to push one of the buttons
-Buttons slightly harder to press than other models
-Square shape makes it harder to use when not looking.

Thanks for reading, hope the review helped.
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on September 22, 2010
Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

I bought the Ipod Shuffle 4th generation to replace my 5th generation 30 gb Ipod, which now has inadequate battery power. I have used the Shuffle for a few days now, since it arrived in the mail from There are a few small downsides too it, that can easily be ignored. The usb cord that plugs into both the computer and ipod shuffle is about four inches long. It's also hard to clip the shuffle onto my pants without pressing a button at the same time. I don't mind these cons as long as I'm careful not to lose the short cord. I also don't mind pressing a button (usually on the face) while I clip it onto my pants, as it usually just rewinds the song a few seconds, or skips to the next song--which can easily be set back to the original song by pressing the back button.

I really like the VoiceOver feature on the Shuffle. In a feminine monotone voice, it'll tell you what song you're listening too or what playlist you're using. And for 2gb of music, it's not bad, and holds just about as much music as I will ever need. I also like how I can put playlists on the Shuffle, which can come in handy when I want to listen to a certain genre.

I should also mention that I chose the blue color. It's not the same color as the display picture, and is actually more of a smoky blue color--which is still a really pretty color.


I copy and pasted the following from the Apple website for those who are confused on how to use the VoiceOver feature (Like I was). [...]

Artist and song name:
Press to hear current track and artist

Multiple playlists:
Press and hold to hear playlist menu.

Battery status:
Press twice to hear battery status
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on February 21, 2011
I bought this shortly after it was first released with my primary use to be at the gym or while exercising (which I would assume is the primary use case for most people of this device).

I was very happy with it for the first 4 months or so, though I do agree that the clip is difficult to use without hitting other controls. Since I knew this going in, that is not the reason for this negative review.

My issue and the reason for such a low review is that it has ceased functioning after I had a long run on a hot and humid day. I was obviously sweating a lot and the device was clipped to my shirt where it was subject to sweat. However, during the run, it started to actually skip between songs and shortly thereafter, the controls ceased to function. I could plug in into iTunes and it would register, but it would not hold a charge. I took it to an authorized Apple dealer for warranty repair and was told that I had voided the warranty with water damage. I explained the cuase and they agreed with me that it didn't look like I had dropped it in water, but apparently, the water damage indicator is in the same location as the headphone jack. What this means is that a device designed for exercise was not designed with enough of a seal to keep out sweat - something I would expect from a device like this.

I spoke with Apple Care about this and they were apologetic, but could only recommend an out of warranty repair that would cost more then the original device. When I pointed that out, they really didn't have an answer. to be honest, I had thought about just buying another one, but if this is the build quality, there is really no point. I don't plan on stopping my exercise - I'm trying to get ready for a marathon - I just need a device that won't quit working when performing strenuous exercise.
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on October 12, 2009
It looks great, the size is great, but if you sweat this is the worst product on the market!!!!!! If the remote gets wet, which it will if you workout, the thing starts acting crazy, and until it dries out, it will not work. Belkin makes a $20 adapter, but you would think Apple would have tested it on someone that sweats! There are rumors that it is going to be recalled because the reviews.
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on September 22, 2010
So ive had my new little shuffle for almost a month now and am very proud to have bought it. I wanted to post one little review against all the criticisms that ignorant people have posted on here so here it goes..

you pay for what you get, and even though apple is a name brand i am willing to pay the little extra for a name brand product that has few flukes. yea last years shuffle sucked big fat ones but the people have been heard and so thanks apple for bringing back the buttons! Ppl seem to forget that yea u can buy a sansa 4gb for the same price but apple is like the sony of music, and the more you pay the better quality the product is. how often do you see the little sansa players last more than a yr? if your like most americans that would be never..

and as for those people who are moaning about itunes 10 - just download the f-ing thing..honestly..i have windows xp basic and have had no problems with anything. syncing music is not that difficult plz ppl..dont listen to the negative reviews they do not know how to set itunes correctly..if you have something b4 xp you need to upgrade already seriously! its totally not hard and there are tons of ways of doing it for free. if itunes still has problems then find a solution instead of giving up so easy. mine didnt come out of the box with perfect compatibility either SO I FIXED IT - press the help button

as for the clip - yea u tend to press buttons while clipping it but you could have figured that out by looking at the thing before buying it. i am a marathon runner and am obsessed with my shuffle so trust me it is not that big of a deal just clip it and go back to the song if you have to (or turn it on after you clip if your SO worried about it..) are we that lazy that we cant go back to the prev song because its not convenient?

as for being afraid to scratch the device by turning it on - dont be. it wont cuz i turn mine on with my nail all the time and still looks new, and even if it does it wont diminish the sound quality or function any different. you cant see micro scratches like those unless you try so don't worry bout it!

the voiceover is very ez to use..just press once for description, 2x for battery, and hold for playlist...IT IS NOT HARD

the little 3 inch or so usb connector leaves your shuffle dangling lol but yea whats the big deal about this guys? its not going anywhere

and if your worried about whether or not you shuffle is on heres what you do - TURN IT OFF OR PLUG IN HEADPHONES - why would you leave it on ??????

and dont get me started on "you can lose it its so small!..", if you lose this thing you dont deserve one anyway so take care of your stuff

all in all i love my new shuffle and it is a blessing to runners or gym rats. so yea apple forgot a hold button O WELL...for 50 bucks you need to overlook the little things and learn to appreciate what is already there. Simplicity meets style, and apple has not let us down with this one. If your still upset about the shuffle go buy something else, otherwise enjoy
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on October 4, 2010
I have been using my shuffle for a few weeks and I couldn't be happier with it.

I bought the shuffle for use while exercising, I have a Touch which I had been using and was tired of having such a large device strapped to my arm with a smelly band (if you run/exercise with an armband you know what I'm talking about...eventually all bands get pretty rank). I was looking for something small and easy to use and the Shuffle fits the bill perfectly.

It is tiny, which some reviews see as a con. I do not. As a point of reference the diameter of the click wheel is exactly the size of a quarter, and it weighs about as much. You can clip it anywhere (no band) and it stays put because it is so small and light. Depending on where you clip it (sleeve/collar/waistband) it may bounce a little while running, but a little trial and error and you will find the spot that works best for you.

Synching is easy, which was a very pleasant surprise. I have had issues with synching multiple iPods in the past, needed to maintain separate libraries which was a huge pain. I'm not a techie, so I don't know if it's the new ITunes or the shuffle...but either way if you have an IPod now and want to add the shuffle as a second you won't have any synch issues.

Voice over is great. No need to look at the iPod. Without breaking stride you can hit the Voice button, the voice will run through your play lists, when she says the name of the list you want to switch to you hit play and you are done. Beyond easy.

No major frills or knock your socks off features, just a great little IPod that serves it purpose very very well. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants a little music in their ears while exercising.
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on March 28, 2011
Have had my shuffle replaced 2x in 3 months. Both times, the unit suddenly died on me. I use it in the gym and of course I sweat to some extent... But I'm not swimming with it and it's clipped to my shorts--I'm not wearing it as a sweatband on my wrists. The device becomes unresponsive, loses it charge and a royal disaster. Restoring it does nothing.

After having 2 Shuffles break in 3 months, I've lost faith in the product. Although Apple Support has been stellar, the product just doesn't work. I had been using Sansa Clips, but actually like iTunes, even though it can be a nightmare getting iTunes to recognize the iPod and the massive updates you have to endure. I also liked what I thought was a sturdier device, as my Sansa clip snapped off and I wanted to try the new Shuffle.

There's no reason for me to compare features against the Sansa, as well as how much better Apple Care is than what SanDisk could ever provide in terms of service. If your product doesn't work, there's no reason to buy it. My Sansa still plays music which is kinda the reason I bought it...Yeah, it's a pain to wear it w/o a clip, but it works. When my replacement Shuffle dies again, I'll toss it and buy a new Sansa
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on March 6, 2011
I highly enjoyed the 2nd Generation Shuffle, I had only one major problem with it in all the time I owned it.

I was psyched when the 4th Generation Shuffle came out, I enjoyed the clip on design and bought one as soon as I could to replace my old 2nd Gen Shuffle. The thing worked fine until about 2 months after I bought it. I had it replaced by apple where THAT one stopped being responsive after approximately a month. I promptly went out and bought another one to have a backup in case the first one broke. One of the two Ipods broke and was replaced. As of today both IPODs are not working and are going to have to be replaced.

Apparently the fact that when I work out, I tend to break a heavy sweat has killed these things faster then the Ebola virus. Apple needs to either have these things more resistant to sweat or manufacture a case that can protect them better. I'm not trying to deep sea dive, but the fact that they can't stand up to the workouts that I do is rather telling of the overall product.
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VINE VOICEon September 7, 2010
Apple has a history of being slow to admit mistakes (how many years did we suffer through those hockey-puck mice?). The third generation of iPod shuffles was a mistake. I wanted to like them. I tried them out more than once but recognized that in practice, it was better to drag around even a Sony Walkman than the buttonless, screenless oddity that was the Shuffle 3rd generation.

So credit to Apple, they went back to the second generation model, which everybody loved, and just made it better. It looks great, it feels great, it has a nice clip. I got an early unit, which I use with Nike SHJ036 Flexible Earhook Headphone (White)s, which I find comfortable and which, crucially, have a short cord that won't hang down for me to trip over if the Shuffle is clipped somewhere on my shirt.

The one shame of this device is that, though it is perfect for running, it is not compatible with the Nike+ iPod running kit.
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