Customer Reviews: Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 3, 2010
The iPod that I currently use on a daily basis is my Apple iPod shuffle 4 GB Silver (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL. The main problem with THAT UNIT for me is that there is no other option than to use the Apple earphones, seems a greedy move by Apple. When the 4th generation came along, and I heard it had buttons I started to get excited. I would be able to use the Bose In Ear headphones with it. I don't exactly know why, but I wished the second generation shuffle would become available again. There was no hold function on the unit I tested, and the square shape wasn't something I was accustomed to.
Here's a general list of pros & cons:
-Longer battery life[15h, compared to 10h on 3rd gen, and 12h on 1st & 2nd gen]
-BUTTONS were returned to the unit itself [not on the earphone cord]
-Price dropped to $49, dropped by about 17%
-Another color choice added, ORANGE

-Price, $49 for 2GB, not great compared to other brands
-No hold function, though I hear Apple might add one
-No option for 4GB of storage anymore
-USB cable is 45mm[about 1.8 inches] VERY SHORT
-When the clip is pushed, it's hard not to push one of the buttons
-Buttons slightly harder to press than other models
-Square shape makes it harder to use when not looking.

Thanks for reading, hope the review helped.
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2009
My first generation iPod Shuffle finally gave up so I got this one to replace it (you can only recharge it so many times, but it did last for years). How do they compare? Gen 1 was only 512 K, with a later 1 G model. It was a white plastic rectangle with the next song/ vol. control in the center. I could plug in my JVC headphones, which have clips that attach to your ears. It was pretty much perfect, another example of simple, clean, outstanding Apple engineering.

Some years later, enter Gen 4. It's 2G (with a 4 G model available). It talks (unnecessarily, since if we wanted to know what the song was we'd get a Nano and look at the screen). I suspect this is Apple adopting the Microsoft idea of having customers beta test new ideas. But it's not the leading edge; it's the bleeding edge.

Where are the controls? On the cord of the throw away Apple earpods, as I think they're called. Why throw away? Because if you've got elephant ears like this reviewer (and many elephants), they fall out while you're on the treadmill. So merely to use this ill-conceived invention, I've got to buy some extra dohickey just to put headphones into it. Small-eared people, of course, may be all right. Also those who like annoying voices between songs, which, to be fair, can be turned off.

Does this bode ill for Macs? Not at all. Look at the great iTouch/ iPhone. Gaze on the amazing G5 new Macs--it's not just that Macs are better than PCs--it's the software. Revel in the simple, clean operating system known as OS X Leopard (now Snow Leopard for the G5). Visit the Apple Store and try out the amazing iMovies and Garage Band. Write with the excellent word processor, AppleWorks, and you'll never use Word again. In fact, you'll never have to use Internet Explorer or Office or any of the other more is more programs on your less is more Mac (although you can get Office for Mac if you absolutely must). Apparently, with all these outstanding Apple creations, the iPod 4th generation simply got lost in the shuffle.
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on December 28, 2011
I am unsure as to why Apple redesigned the Shuffle, only to make it a about a half inch smaller. While it's an improvement over the third generation, it still doesn't live up to the second generation.

My last iPod Shuffle was the rectangular 2nd generation shuffle. It lacked the automated voice to change playlists, which I admit is handy. But what the 4th generation shuffle lacks is the freeware software that used to allow me to bypass iTunes (which I personally cannot stand), and simply throw .mp3 files straight into a music folder like a thumbdrive. So far nobody has made a program similar to iShuffle.

The metal used does seem to be a bit more heavy-duty in this version, but the reduction in size also diminishes functionality: The elongated version of the rectangular 2nd generation allowed you to more easily orient your fingers on the device while holding it. Now that it's square and symmetrical, you accidentally hit buttons and cannot get a decent grip on the unit. More annoying is the fact that while the clip is stronger, it is also very difficult to open, being almost in line with the edge of the unit and having no leverage--thus your thumb and index finger both slip or accidentally hit the back button. So good luck clipping it on your pants or shirt with sweaty or even slightly oily hands (I presume you'll use this to workout).

To change between off, shuffle, or no shuffle, there is a 3-point-slider at the top of the unit. If you clip your shuffle to the right side of your shorts like I do, it's difficult to tactfully slide the button to just one position while the buttons are facing front. I again preferred the more functional design of the second generation shuffle where the on/off switch was separate from the shuffle/straight slider, and they were on the back side of the shuffle (facing back while jogging), making it easier to just use your thumb to nudge one of the two-point sliders.

I suppose they may have simply appealed to the left-handed? Needless to say, I'm somewhat disappointed. Still a very durable design, just lacking the ingenuity of the older generation.
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on December 29, 2011
I just received this item and I am slightly disappointed. The iPod is in mint condition but the headphones are not Apple, they are some sort of cheap generic version of Apple inner ear headphones. They dont have the sound quality of iPod headphones and they are extremely flimsy and one ear bud does not work. I understand that this is a used product but I was expecting all components to work. I would not recommend this product to anyone because I have to purchase new headphones now in order for the product to work as expected, just save yourself some money and time and purchase this product from Apple.
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on June 21, 2012
I bought 3 of these to give away as gifts for a baby shower, but we ended not even being able to give these things away.
I recently tried to return them to Amazon, but I got a good slap in the face by Amazon's return policy. Apparently, electronics cannot be returned for full value. I cant return them to the apple store without a receipt, Target either. So, I'm stuck with old iPods that nobody wants. This is now old technology and is worthless. My suggestion: spend the extra $2 or $3 and buy this directly from the apple store, at least you can get store credit or something if you decide to return the items.

As far as the actual product? I have no idea if they work properly, they are still unopened in the original iPod packaging. If you're concerned with the packaging it comes in - it is exactly what you would get if you bought it directly from the apple store.
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on December 15, 2012
i'm not an apple products fan. but i got this iPod to hookup to the USB in my worked for a while and then i started getting error messages that no unit was my solution to that is that i threw it away and got a micro SD card and a USB adapter. loaded music on the card and inserted in the car USB,this works great and since the car radio can read cd files i did't even need to convert them also works with mp3 files.
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on November 10, 2012
My Husband loves this lil thing. There are a couple issues though.

1. you can't create 'play lists' or forward to a specific song.

2. it won't charge while docked to a speaker.

If there aren't issues for you, you'll like this product. It's good and small, and easy to walk with.
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on February 25, 2015
heavely scratch,,,almost same price as new ,,,its a used item and its my fault ,,,I knew it but I have had very good experiences with used items ,,,anyway the item its working properly despite the cosmetic appareance ,,,thanks
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on December 5, 2012
(skip to last paragraph for summary)

I've owned a shuffle now for a year, and now I'm looking towards replacing it, so I thought I'd write a review. Most things function well, so I'll cut to the point and tell you about the things I don't like. I think this probably serves well for other ipods too.

-You have 2 sets of playlists, your normal playlists and all music, which is a collaboration of all songs on all playlists. Of course as we all know, every song takes up space, unfortunately for ipod, when you get tired of a song on one playlist and delete it off, it only deletes from that list, not the all music section. Meaning you haven't actually cleared any space off. So when you're sick of a song, not only do you have to delete it twice, but you have to take the time to find that song in the all music section. I used to burn a new cd every week, I'd be lucky to change them every month now. Manually editing playlists just takes way too much time.

-I guess this kind've goes along with the other point, but if lets say I'd like to delete an entire playlist, as mentioned above those songs would not delete from the main list. So my idea to get around that problem and save time was to copy+paste all the songs I wanted to keep, clear out the player and re-paste the kept songs back in. Unfortunately, once files are on the ipod, they become encoded and can not simply be backed up by dropping them into a playlist or or on an empty folder on your desktop. This is a huge inconvenience as inorder to recreate an entire playlist down the road, you have to research for those songs and add them back piece by piece. Or in my case, what I do is make a playlist on my computer in a folder before I copy it onto the shuffle.

-Initially my reasoning for buying a shuffle was simplicity and size. I did not want a screen to drain the battery or any more buttons than needed. I just wanted it to do what it was intended to do, and that is to play music. And for that it serves its purpose well, however I've realized how much better sound quality is from cds, and it's made me realize how obsessive I really am about audio quality. I do not feel like my panasonic receiver or pioneer/infinity speakers are being used to their full ability, and I blame this on the internal amplifier. My biggest regret and why I'm now after a year considering something with better audio quality. Also heads up (and this was expected) the ipod does not accept FLAC or OGG audio, which for those technology illiterate is the alternative to mp3 format with far supperior sound quality. While most people don't use this, I suddenly find a need to just because the shuffle at high volumes isn't putting out what I expect it to.

-Not really a negative point, but if you're used to using a cd player, it cuts off when the car cuts off. Even after a year, I still forget to flip the micro sized switch. Battery life is 6-8 hours before it begins to die, not bad at all, but it can easily drain in as little as only 1 hr if the volume is cranked. For something so compact, I can't argue too much on this point, most players (none that I know of) cut off with the vehicle, but just something to consider.

So if you aren't concerned with audio quality, don't think you'll turn your music up loud, and rarely ever change your playlist or have time to change it piece by piece, this may not be a bad buy. I love iTunes, the visualisations and overall setup, but everything else apple has out still has the same standing it had with me through the 90s. Once again this confirms apple products are overpriced, uncustomizable, and in this instance low quality cheaply made pieces of **. For all the hype, Apple isn't all that, still though I will admit it gets the job done sufficient enough to pass on being acceptable. 3 out of 5 stars.
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on March 22, 2012
The product is good. It is obvious that it is the low-end ipod, but I bought it to use during exercise because it doesnt matter if i break it.

Only problem is the charging cable is too short and is very easy to use. I bought a replacement cable from apple and the package includes 2 cables (1 short and 1 long).
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