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on April 5, 2011
Please note, this version of the Applecare Protection Plan is only for the Macbook, the Macbook Pro 13" and the Macbook Air.

The Macbook Pro 15" and 17" are covered under another version of the Applecare Protection Plan - AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac Laptops 15 Inches and Above (NEWEST VERSION) - For Portable Apple Computers 15 Inches and Above

The Applecare Protection Plan - an expensive but necessary requirement if you buy an apple laptop.

Why is it a requirement? Because Apple doesn't make the hard drives or the logicboards (motherboards) or the processors or the DVD burners inside their machines. Apple sources its parts from component manufacturers like Seagate, Nvidia, Intel, Sony etc etc. These parts just like all electronic components can and may fail after a period of time. Once a part fails, Apple is generally known to charge extremely high fees to repair or replace parts.

For example - Motherboards - $800 to $1200. Superdrive replacement - $200 to $300. LCD screen replacement - $500 to $600) It's better to be pay for Applecare once than pay Apple exorbitant repair fees every time a part fails.

Basically, the A.P.P. is a 2 year warranty extension to your apple laptop (that comes with a one year hardware warranty), it provides unlimited phone support and hardware diagnosis. It also offers Mail-in repair for Mac notebooks using a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple and service by an apple store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Every mac (just like any other computer maker) comes with a 1 year standard warranty with 90 days of telephone support. During that one year, your hardware is covered against defects and failure by the standard Apple warranty (but not damage caused by you or accidents) If you purchase Applecare, then it adds 2 more years of hardware coverage against defects and unlimited telephone support after the one year is up.

The A.P.P. also gives you global repair coverage so if a hardware issues arises while you're in another country and there's an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider near by, you can take your mac in for diagnosis and repair.

It does not offer any sort of damage protection or on-site repair.

Please remember to buy the A.P.P. if you plan to do so before the first year of ownership is up. If you bought your machine on X Date 2011 - buy the A.P.P.before X Date 2012. Apple will not honor an A.P.P. policy bought even 2 days after the first year is over (in most cases unless you get lucky and speak to a friendly agent on the phone willing to relax the rules a bit)

I HATE to be recommending an extended warranty, but it's a necessary evil. There is no guarantee that something will go wrong with your expensive mac notebook after the first year but if something does go wrong after the first year, it's better to be covered by the A.P.P. and avoid paying those exorbitant repair/replacement costs.

If you don't want to buy Applecare, a great alternative is SquareTrade 3-Year Laptop/Tablet Warranty Plus Accident Protection (Laptop/Tablet $1000-1250). They have a protection package for computers too AND it includes damage protection (which Applecare doesn't offer)

NOTE - Don't buy Applecare from Apple. Look around - there are good deals to be found at Authorised Apple resellers and other legit online outlets which sell Applecare at a better price than Apple itself.

Hope this helps!
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on May 23, 2011
Considering a laptop costs anywhere from $900 and up, the price for extending the coverage to an additional 2 years with 3 years of total coverage from the date of purchase is a great deal. I purchased a Refurbished MacBook Pro and while traveling to Costa Rica had the unit fail completely (logic board). I took it to an Apple Store and in 5 days, the unit was fully repaired and is, actually, a new laptop.

Likewise, I purchased a MacBook 13" for my daughter a few years ago and her computer had problems as well. Likewise, her unit was completely repaired under the extended warranty. I have friends with similar circumstances over the years and never have I heard a negative comment regarding the service.

The phone service is equally impressive, having called in both instances to see if the problems could be resolved via special instruction from a rep. I find it very hard to believe anyone will have any trouble getting the best service available with these extended warranties.

Laptops are portable units that are likely going to test gravity a few times in their lifespan. Not purchasing an extended warranty is rather frivolous, especially considering that it will only add up to a little over a $100 per year for Apple Care Protection. I know my laptop is definitely worth it...
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on April 27, 2012
I have more of a gripe with the "old version" AppleCare sold through Amazon, where I wrote a review as well, but I also had trouble with this "new version": an incredible hassle, at least when purchased through sellers in the Marketplace.

First, importantly, while Amazon is an authorized Apple retailer, sellers in Amazon's Marketplace are not. This means Apple does not have to honor the purchase. There is no official "old" and "new" version by Apple, it's Amazon's lingo only. When I thought I was ordering the "new", hassle-free version (where you can register quickly online), I received instead the "old version" which requires a lot of time on the phone with Apple, who -- again -- don't need to honor the purchase because it's not authorized. I had to return to seller.

Second, you can get AppleCare legitimately and for less money at authorized retailers. Check out B&H Photo in NYC and online [...]. I paid $190 and registered online the same day.

Third, I've had trouble ordering the "old version" from the Marketplace as well. Many sellers don't know the difference, and may not care about the hassle they're roping you into. The short of it: For AppleCare, stay away from Amazon.
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on May 15, 2015
Item as described. The registered code number inside the box is valid for MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015). I am glad I purchased this extended protection plan because usually after manufacture warranty expired it can cost a lot of money to get it fix if something wrong to the MacBook Pro. I would recommend this to everyone.
review image
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on September 4, 2012
To be specific, here are main reasons why this kind of plan not worth the money:
1. Electronic products often fail for following common reasons: Bad connection in assembling process, such as loose soldering; Over heating for failed components or circuits. Those problems, if ever exist, will happen during the first year under normal usage and covered by standard, free, one year warranty. It is very unlikely to happen after one year, unless you hardly used it during first year. If so, why buy it now?
2. On 2nd and 3rd year, the value of the product depreciates significantly. In general, if you buy it for $1500 new, it will worth $1000 or $750 after 2 years. So your loss will be much less than you think. But even in this worst case, you still can sell the computer for parts, further reduce the loss.
3. But fundamentally, assuming Apple makes money selling this plan (no brainer!), then statistically you lose. Buying the plan and hope to make the money back, is like going to Las Vegas to get rich.

But, you do lose less money if you:
1. Buy the high end laptop which cost $2000 or more (so insurance is relatively cheaper);
2. You use it extensively (long hours, heavy load), pushing the product to the limit (under extreme environment) without abuse (more chance to fail and needs coverage).
3. Buy the plan cheaper by shop around.

This plan is basically a type of insurance. You should only buy insurance for things that you can't afford to lose, such as fire, life and no fault auto insurance. And typically, plans like Applecare is statistically much more expensive than those standard insurance. I read Best Buy's financial report couple of years ago. Their profit of selling goods only covers their operation cost. The net profit all come from the protection plan they sell. That's how lucrative those plans are and that's why the cashers are required to ask if you want to buy those plans.

So if you can afford to buy another new laptop when this one fails, take the chance, skip the plan. If not, then you shouldn't buy this one and no need to buy a plan. There are plenty of used Apple laptop on market, and they used to be same expensive as this one, with or without plan, and they are still working properly. Chances are, they can even satisfy your needs just as well as new ones, at a fraction of the new price.

For all the reasons to buy the plan, ask this simple question: Does this reason still hold, if the price of this plan increase to $300? $400? ... $700...? At what price point this reason will be invalid?
But say: Apple is not asking for $700. Good! It means Apple set the price based on some analysis, or statistics, that they can make the maximum profit at current price. It means you will pay more, on the average, than you will get! The difference includes Amazon's commission, Apple's profit, their operation cost, credit card's transaction cost, plus tax...

For me, I bought more than 20 desktop, laptop, tablet and phone since 1995. None of them failed within 3 years, or before I sold them. If the plan cost only $50 and I am buying a $1500 MBP, well, I might buy it.

Am I saying that people who buy this plan are all insane? Absolutely not! "Peace of Mind" has its value, and it is very subjective. Only you can determine how valuable it is to you.

Everything I said above, is based on valuation of "Peace of Mind" to me, which is obviously very low. If you look into the details from both technical and business point of view, maybe you will feel more comfortable not buying the plan at current price. And that's the whole purpose I write this review. Hope it helps.
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on October 1, 2011
I have been buying Apple Care Protection Plans since the very beginning of the concept. Although my Apple products rarely need "Care", I have dealt with Apple numerous times regarding things that they shouldn't even be respondent to, such as 3rd party application conflicts. They will stay on the phone with you for hours if necessary, and they are always the epitome of politeness and expertise! Could be the reason they have been #1 in support for several years running!
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on May 31, 2014
I rarely purchase extended warranties. Apple's products are very well made and you don't often need warranty service. But hard drives go bad. RAM goes bad. Screens go bad. Stuff happens. Just replacing any one of those, especially now that most of those components are no longer "User Replaceable" is so expensive that the coverage from AppleCare would pay for itself with one component failure.

PLUS, if you need some sort of tech support, you have it for three years now instead of 90 days. You may not need tech support. You might be pretty computer savvy. But every year Apple updates their operating system. Things don't always go smoothly and you may need Apple's tech support to help you iron out a kink. If you are on your second or third year with your computer and you have an issue during an upgrade, you won't have the help you may need without AppleCare.

PLUS...AppleCare is fully transferable. It's linked to the computer's serial number, not the owner's name. If you're like me and decide to sell your 1 or 2 year old computer to buy the newest, latest, and greatest, it is so much easier to sell if the buyer knows that they will get a year or two of warranty and tech support for it.

Buying it here on Amazon at a price much discounted than buying it from Apple, makes it pretty much a no brainer.
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on March 3, 2013
In 2007 I bought a refurbished Black MacBook from Apple and got the AppleCare Protection plan. About 14 months after I got the MacBook the logic board went bad. Apple took the laptop, sent it off to that magic Apple repair place and within 4 days I had a replacement. They used my larger hard drive and memory and placed them into a new body. Whatever the AppleCare plan cost back then paid for itself many times over with that one repair.

In 2013 I bought a 13" MacBook Pro from Amazon; the one with the 750 gig hard drive, dvd drive, 2.9 gig Intel Core 2 and 8 gig of RAM. The price was very good. Remembering my prior repair, it was a no brainer for me to once again get the AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac Laptops. Use it once and it's paid for itself and then some. Hopefully I will never need it. I have car insurance too. Hopefully I will never need to use that either. In both cases, Mac and car, it is far better to have and not use than to need and not have.

By the way, the 2007 MacBook is still running just great. All I have needed to do was replace the battery in February 2013. I expect the MacBook Pro to be equally durable as well.
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on November 25, 2014
I ordered the protection with just days to go before the first year was up. But the Prime delivery was on time and I registered without incident. Here's a few things that someone else may want to know.

1. The protection covers the 13" MacBook Pro Retina model. The fact that it covers Retina is not made clear in the product description.

2. When I received the Amazon purchase confirmation email it said "Your protection plan service agreement will be sent via a separate e-mail by your seller." The protection I purchased was sold by Amazon so it wasn't clear what the "seller" reference meant. But worse, it made it sound like I would receive the agreement or at least the registration number in an email. I received no such email. I did receive a physical box on the day promised and that had the registration ID. Now having completed the entire process I think it means that when you get the registration information delivered and then register you can get the confirmation in an email which is what happened. See next item.

3. By going to the Apple web address that came in the boxed instructions I was able to navigate to the Apple page where I entered my registration id and the serial number of my MacBook. No problems encountered. The completion message said I would be sent a Protection Plan Certificate by regular mail or email--the choice was mine. I chose email and the certificate arrived within about 10 minutes.

It was a bit nerve racking for me because I let it go until the last minute. If there was a glitch that would have been a problem. There were no glitches in the end and I am a happy camper.
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on January 2, 2016
Always a good idea for expensive purchases, especially ones with something as fragile as a LCD displays. This laptop is going to be used by a college student. It WILL be abused.

I do think it is over-priced, which is why it loses a star. BUT, Apple has USUALLY been really good about any insurance needs that have come up.

On the downside, getting any help from Apple if you don't have AppleCare is horrible. I had a wi-fi radio problem with my iPhone after a software update. This really should have been taken care of by Apple since it was definitely a manufacturing problem - one that had plenty of coverage on the Internet by others with the same problem, so I definitely wasn't making it up - and they refused to help at all, so I had to use a phone for two years that had no wi-fi, since the software update overwrote the firmware so I couldn't go back to a previous version of iOS.
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