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on October 25, 2005
My parents bought me an iBook for high school graduation a couple years ago. Thank God they bought Apple Care to go with it. My generation of iBook seemed to be plagued with issues. I took it in to the Apple Store and had it repaired several times (for free because of Apple Care). These repairs alone would have cost me several hundred dollars. A couple months ago, I took it in because it was still having problems. They proceeded to tell me that because they had repaired it too many times, they were going to replace it...just like that. I got a brand new, better (G4 instead of G3) iBook for free because of Apple Care. It may seem expensive at first but it can save you some serious money in the long run.
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on March 25, 2005
The AppleCare Protection Plan is a wonderful thing for any Apple product. The best thing of all is that you have an ENTIRE YEAR to purchase it after you buy your Apple product. PC manufacturers usually REQUIRE you to purchase the warranty at the time of purchase or you don't get a warranty at all. Apple gets five stars for this AppleCare because it is a VERY good price for a three year warranty. Besides, when do Apples crash? HARDLY EVER! However, with all electronics, there is always the possibility of a fluke happening and in case you get one, AppleCare will get it taken care of and you have nothing to worry about. Yet again, Apple amazes me.
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on January 14, 2005
I have now replaced my 4th Mac and after using everything from Packard Bell in the early 90's to NEC. Sony, Gateway, and Dell I am experenced with "everyday" use of computers, here are MY findings:

The price for Apple Care is 1st class service for those who want worry free ownership at a very fair price. Chances are you will never need it (I have yet to crash an Apple unlike PC's) however, it does add peace of mind.

The cost is far less then COMPUSA plans with far better support.

Apple does not try to blame everyone else IF there is a problem, they fix it, period!

One of the other reviews said it cost $450.00 to fix the CRT (Apple Paid) and that was a reason for one star...if you look at Consumer Reports it clearly states who is the leader in service, quality, and over all satisfaction---and that----addresses real world operations not some opinion of one consumer.
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on January 19, 2006
I buy Apples because I prefer spending my energy doing my computer thing rather than spending it trying to outsmart the internal workings of a plastic box. On those rare occassions when an Apple malfunctions or does something "outside the box" one phone call to the 800 number has generally resolved it. The time it didn't, I was sent a new DVD burner and over-the phone instructions even I couldn't mess up. AppleCare allows one to call that 800 number for three years. Besides the technical support of the internals widgets the support desk also helped me with my beginner "how to get out of this mess" problems. Well worth the price.
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on November 13, 2014
I am now 24 minutes into my 3rd phone call in a week . All 3 times I have not ONCE been able to speak to anyone who can help with my IMAC computer issues. The first 2 times I was left waiting for 42 and 53 minutes before I just hung up. One of the reasons I buy Apple products and have been for 15 years is the excellenet customer service..that once existed Now it has become an absolute JOKE...
Today I spoke to a woman who could barely speak english and I had a Very hard time understanding.. who told me Ill connect you with someone to help with your problem ..The recording said "5 minutes or longer" ..that was 28 minutes ago.,,,STILL waiting !!!!!!!!!
Also when I put in my serial number the machine NEVER gets it right no matter how hard I concentrate on my diction.
So now i am sitting here fuming that I paid all this money for Apple Care and I get treated with such disregard and Incompetence.
Im about to buy a new phone and think I will look to buy something other than apple..What a SHAME!!!...One of the great companies in this country is run SO poorly.
I have been on the phone for over 47 minutes now and NOTHING but classic rock and "all Apple advisors are still busy""...Guess ill have to hang up again...
Matthew Grace
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on September 5, 2012
I know we're all supposed to love Apple / Mac, but I've become a skeptic, esp. given the high financial cost to support a love affair that is hit or miss on performance and service.

I bought a Mac Air a few years ago --- lemon since the start. I've spent well over 10 hours on the phone w/ tech support... most of those individuals have pretty much said between the lines that the thing seems to have something wrong with the computer, but their hands are tied beyond the (unresolved) issues that they're trying to deal with as part of Apple Care. Besides being slow, it often doesn't recognize wireless networks (that everyone else around me is on); it freezes and times out; the screen had to be fixed; it only sometimes recognizes when a camera has been plugged into it.

Further to that, we purchased Apple Care for it...that's only prolonged the pain... more tech support calls, no resolution or admission by Apple that this computer is terrible and should have been replaced at the get-go. They did fix the screen at no cost (when I was in NY at an Apple store).

Because I live in a state where there are no Apple stores, I was told that issues would need to be taken care of over the phone w/ tech support. Tech support led me through wiping hard drive clean, loads of speed tests, loads of other tests, reboots, etc. After all these hours of my wasted time with Apple "Care", I still had a lemon.

Apple ultimately allowed me to mail the computer in after I wrote a letter (real paper and envelope)... they then admitted the mother board was flawed (after 2 years of dragging me through tech support); they replaced the mother, but the mother computer still works horribly.

Re. the Air, mine is not the only.... two good friends have Mac Airs --- one friend loves hers; the other has had similar issues since the start and ultimately had to replace hard drive (but still has issues).
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on December 27, 2009
When I first bought
AppleCare, I did so begrudgingly because I had had some problem with the power cord and needed it replaced, but it turned out that the customer service call alone would have cost $50. Well, AppleCare has come in handy at least a few times since (is it because Apple products are mostly faulty? I don't know). They sent a replacement battery and a second new magsafe adapter (this is a horrible power cord!).

I bought my computer used and it had a few issues to begin with. When I went to the Apple Store to see if they would repair it under the warranty, they claimed that they couldn't do that because it was due to "abuse." However, recently I had a failure of my hard drive and called AppleCare. They sent a box express the next day. I packed the computer up, called Fedex and they picked it up from my house. Two days later the computer returned and the hard drive was replaced, and so were all of the major issues that I had tried to have repaired earlier. Essentially, I have a new computer. It's in better condition than when I bought it (I bought used 2 years ago) and the computer itself is going on 5 years old or older.

I'd really recommend Apple Care. You may run into some "snags" in trying to get the repair but I'm so impressed with the latest work that they've done. Their service has been very prompt and comprehensive.
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on March 17, 2015
Applecare used to be great. I've owned over 15 different Macs and loved the help from Applecare until now. I've called several times to resolve issues and while at least I can understand the representative, compared to some foreign person I can't, one rep sounded like she had just taken the job and knew nothing. The others were only mildly helpful. I used to be able to go to an Applestore for help, even though they are about 20 miles away. Now they only take appointments if you book a week in advance. It took me 45 minutes of being pushed around the internet before I finally even got to that point. Everyone seems to be trying to sell you something on the net and it gets to be a hassle to get anywhere without all the interference. Unfortunately I hate PCs but the advantages of being on a Mac seem to be getting smaller and smaller. While their sales are up, their service capability has not kept up.
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on October 20, 2014
I just spent 30 minutes on hold for a rep who told me my computer was not covered even though I bought it less than a month ago. Then I got transferred to someone who fixed my date of purchase so my computer is covered. Then she said I had to get back in line which was going to be approx 40 mins for tech support. I recently bought two iPhone 6's, 4 iPad minis, a new iMac, an iPad air. I own 2 MacBook pros, two MacBook airs, a white MacBook, an iMac, 2 iPhone 6, 5 iPhone 4s, 6 iPad minis, 1 ipad 3,1 iPad 2, and about 13 different iPods. Love the products.. But the service is garbage for the amount I've spent.
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on September 14, 2009
I can tell you that this can come in extremely handy and is not a waste of money. The iMac's hard drive failed and needed replaced after the 1 year warranty. The hard drive replacement procedure requires removing the glass off the display and going in that way. Not an easy replacement. The repair wasn't cheap but luckily with AppleCare it didn't cost me anything.
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