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Having owned several Macs over the past ten years, the decision to buy AppleCare has been varied for me.

On the 13" models, I think it's just about a requirement, especially if you have a plastic MacBook.

From the very first time you call Apple or talk to a Genius at an Apple Store, you're going to be pestered about AppleCare. Do you have it? Did you want it? You know what we gave you expires in XX days, right? Personal experience has shown me that having AppleCare makes them infinitely more apt to help you (even if you're within your factory warranty).

One misconception people often have about AppleCare is that it covers accidental damage. It most assuredly does not. HOWEVER, it does seem to induce Genii in an Apple Store to be somewhat forgiving on cosmetic repairs and accidental damage that could plausibly be caused by something else.

AppleCare also covers replacement batteries, which is fairly important. Since the switch from PowerBooks to MacBooks, I've yet to have a battery that lasted longer than about a year and a half. At what batteries cost, you'll recover about half the cost of AppleCare before your second year, and possibly more than that before the coverage is up. This in itself makes the cost of AppleCare a bit easier to swallow. The ability to walk in to an Apple Store and walk out with a new battery is also something that makes AppleCare a bit nicer than a SquareTrade warranty (although, I'm a huge fan of their warranties).

A final thought: Apple is (allegedly) starting to crack down on grey market purchases of AppleCare (e.g. ones where someone e-mails you a code and nothing else). Amazon usually has AppleCare at a nice discount from what you'd pay at an Apple Store, and in between what you'd pay at an Apple Store and an online auction. I'm rarely one to suggest paying more for something than you have to, but the peace of mind you get buying a legit warranty from Amazon really outweighs the few bucks you'll save buying on the grey market.
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on January 24, 2010
Get Applecare if you buy a mac laptop. Logic boards and lcd screens can commonly go bad within 3 years and cost +$900 to fix without warranty at Apple. I've seen many laptop screens that start getting white spots that appear after 1 1/2 years old. Some example of Logic board failure are like firewire/USB/External video port don't work right, or after upgrading to new version OS(example 10.7 when it comes out) you computer doesn't boot or recognize the original OS on the restore disc (10.6), wheezing fan and constant freezes are some other logic board issues. I guess when all the dust collect inside it stops cooling and the logic board goes bad.

Other common parts that fail are the superDrive, cost about $350 without applecare at Apple. Hard Drive fail often and cost about $350 at Apple. More so on the lower macbook models I've notice Apple are now using Toshiba brand 5400 rpm hard drives in them. Every tech I know has a shoebox of failed Toshiba Hard Drive that came out a macbook. This is going to break just a mater of when.

Other part that normally get worn out but should be cover by Applecare. Such as the display hinge clutch. Every Mac I know that is more than a year old has some play in the screen hinge clutch. Worn hinge clutch also doesn't hold the screen open and tends to shut when holding the laptop straight upward This alone can cost $400 at Apple.

Trackpad and especially the clicker can get worn out. it goes flat and doesn't bounce back as when new. Not as resilient. This alone can cost $350 to fix at Apple.

See after a few repairs, Applecare pays for itself. I fix macs and I guess I just see a lot of broken macs all the time because I'm in the repair business. But all I said above is true and I'm not exaggerating.


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on September 11, 2010
My review is on two subjects: AppleCare and getting it through Amazon.

Well first off, If you already own an Apple product, you should know this is a must. For those who are new to Apple products, please know, this IS a must!! And is making it cheaper for you to retain this product. Apple is not your typical store purchase. Most of the time, people have a purpose for buying one and making sure that you have the protection it needs should be considered with it. From an iPod to an iMac, you're buying the latest in technology. What makes AppleCare so special, is that the Apple company gives you ONE year to decide on purchasing this protection and adding it to what ever it is (apple product) you bought. Generically speaking, most other places require you to purchase protection when you buy the product. Some even give you 90 days after purchase. With Apple products, you get One year from date of purchase of your Apple Product. Thats pretty good trust there. So even if you don't use it, it WILL give you peace of mind when having it.

Getting it through

I was a little hesitant at first. I was worried that I was going to get a code that wasn't going to work with my computer, but i was wrong. It worked like it should AND i paid almost $30 less then I expected too. Best part was, I asked for 2 day delivery, and got it the next day! Not sure if I live close to the shipping location, but i was VERY impressed on how smooth everything went. You can bet I will be buying my AppleCare here from now on.
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on April 14, 2010
I have APP on my MacBook and my battery went bad and I called Applecare and they told me the battery was not covered. They said that it was considered normal wear and that Applecare does not cover batteries .. so, the logic that one battery pays for applecare isn't true because I had to buy Applecare and a brand new battery at 125+tx. I rated APP 4 stars though bc I had a problem with my disc drive ruining DVDs and I sent it in by mail and had it back two days later fixed and they replaced the entire casing on my Macbook (a big plus) gotta love service like that. Just wish it covered accidentals.
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on October 27, 2015
Got crack laptop display, Inside just frisking cracked on its own, like some pressure point or whatever, NOT user related, i did not damage it. Apple support told me its not covered and i had to pay $700 for repair. REAL APPLE!!!!!!! after you told me "get this and everything is protected, you have peace of mind". Apparently NOT EVERYTHING!
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on March 27, 2010
Comforting to know I have this for my machines. Love Apple products, but like anything else, they break down from time to time. Get this! Usually cheaper at Amazon than from Apple, but registers with Apple without a problem.
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on December 18, 2010
AppleCare Protection Plan for Portable Apple Computers 13 Inches and Below (Newest Version)
In my opinion this is a no brainer - I have owned many different Mac computers and though they are the most reliable machines available -sometimes even the best need some repair. I always purchase the Applecare and have made use of it 3 times in 6 years to cover a broken DVD drive on an iMac, a malfunctioning iSight external camera (yes - it was covered under my iMac), and a screen replacement for my Daughter's old iBook G4. Also the extended telephone support is invaluable, specially for Mac newbies or Windows switchers. Highly recommended for that extra peace of mind!
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on April 18, 2010
I always purchase my Apple Care from Amazon, cheaper that buying it up front with the purchase of a new computer. I have never had a problem activating or using this product purchased from Amazon that some have encountered (or so I've read).

I'm not big on extended warranties for the most part, but I have had to use Apple Care on my white Macbook and Macbook Air. I live close to an Apple Store and the use of the warranty for repairs has always been smooth.
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on September 27, 2010
I made the serious mistake of believing that AppleCare would provide peace of mind for my 13inch MacBook. After about 10 months of service my screen began to show non-functional pixels in the upper left corner. The computer was never dropped or mishandled, the case shows no physical damage or harsh treatment, and the screen is not physically damaged. I took the computer to the Apple Store where I was told that I would need to leave the computer. Several days later I receive a call from Apple's TX repair center stating that the damage was accidental and not covered by the original warranty (still in effect) or the very expensive extend AppleCare warranty I purchased. I asked for their evidence of accidental damage and was told that the type of failure could only occur through accidental damage. They based this on a cursory visual inspection of the screen with the power on - they did not perform any internal inspection of the computer. In other words: It doesn't work therefore you broke it! Even if I could accept this specious argument, why couldn't the Genius at the Apple Store have told me that right away. I declined their offer to repair my computer for $750, and two weeks later I had my unrepaired computer back. I purchased a $100 screen which will take me about 30 minutes to install (see the Amazon reviews). The $240 for AppleCare is totally lost, but I'm not going to pay Apple $750 for a new screen.

To add insult to injury, I called Apple's support in order to find a customer e-mail address. (Try finding one on their website!) Two different operators at what I can only presume is a foreign call center promised to redirect my call to someone who could help. Both time they hung-up on me.
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on April 14, 2011
So after long consideration of buying apple-care, I found it on sale at After the purchase I register my 2011 13" macbook pro on apple's website and with-in a hour I received a email confirming that the warranty went through. I feel that the warranty for the macbook is a must because if anything goes wrong with it, it will be expensive to fix.
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