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on January 17, 2013
Updated review after a few months of using this unit.
Ok, If you are like me looking, reading and scratching your head not knowing what unit to purchase I took a chance on this unit, I got it in the mail and set it up right away so I could try it. I had also read from another review that one person on amazon called them on the question of lead in the unit, After reading this review I also called and spoke with there Q&A person. He told me absolutely not, there is no lead in this unit and we have the test to prove it. He was aggravated so to me that was a good sign. Because I told him I was going to return this unit if there was any danger of lead.

My older brother purchased the KANGEN branded unit for over 4 grand, is it better then this unit? I live in Moorhead Mn and our water has a 7 ph right out of the tap. I tested this unit in every mode and it does what it said it should do, I was getting a PH of over 10.5 That's still not good enough for me, so I purchased an ORP meter because I wanted to see for myself what this unit will do. My testing indicated that I was getting an ORP of 700. I know ORP meters can be a pain to work with but I have to believe what I seen. I know other people are getting around the same so I guess it is what it is.

Bottom line. This is a great product and being a kidney transplant survivor I am looking for every way to take care of my self and detoxify my body. The anti rejection medication that I am on for life cuts your immune system in half and with that you get cancers and other life threading issues along with the chalange of everyday life and I belive this machine is just as good as the more expensive units on the market. So why pay more, as the advertisement states, if you don't like it, send it back, what do you have to loose other then another 2 grand on the other brands.

Hope this review helps.
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on September 4, 2013
If I am interested in a subject or product, I do a lot of research as I am a ghost writer by profession for numerous authors. My clients depend on me to do my homework.

To begin with, we have had this water ionizer working in our home now for about a week and we love it. There are a multitude of benefits listed for drinking alkaline ionized water and you can find articles all over the web. You can also find a lot of overpriced machines. Most units appear to be well made, and there are many reasons given by each company why they are the best, but value and price do not add up in this fairly "new" emerging industry. As a case in point, I remember when my neighbor bought his plasma TV after the technology had just been launched and he paid nearly $10K for his TV. Water ionizers appear to be very much the same.

After considerable study, the two things we determined that were common among all alkaline water ionizers were pH levels and ORP. We read all the specifications on all the web sites for all the brands. One thing we did not want in our water was additives. So the machine we wanted to purchase needed to be chemical free. We also wanted to be assured that the plastics were BPA free or FDA approved. We found both these features with the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0.

We decided to buy a tester for ORP. I'll warn you that there are many of these ORP testers and most are tricky to work with according to people I have spoken with. They need to be cleaned in a solution and brushed with ultrafine sand paper. When I explained to some of the makers what we were testing, they were honest and told me that their devise would not work at its best for ionized water.

After speaking with a rep, I chose the "Pinpoint" ORP meter, which cost was about $120. Our goal was to reach a standard drinking water at about 9 to 9.5pH and get a negative (-) ORP of about -250. From what we have read about the antioxidant factor ORP, this would then be a great level for our drinking water. I don't necessarily recommend you purchase an ORP meter to prove that the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 works, but I did and it does. Remember, I do research for books for a living.

ORP and pH Testing

I can tell you that we were more than happy when our tests revealed that our standard Los Angeles tap water (our water started at about a pH of 7 and the ORP was a positive +135) flowing through the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 shifted to a 9.5 on the "daily drinking" setting and gave us a negative -450 to -475, better than what we had hoped for. We then tested the highest setting, which is for "cooking," and got an 11pH and -815 ORP. Yes, we didn't get the advertised -850 ORP, but these meters are never 100 percent correct, so that was good enough for us.

When speaking with the manufacturer, they recommended that since we are on LA city water that the internal activated carbon filter would be adequate. We found the filter to be fine for our source water. However, they do have other filter options if we need them. We also found out that the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 can be set up under the sink with a low-cost kit. We may consider that for the future.


If you're like me, looking for a good value, good product support (from the manufacturer), Amazon Prime benefits and want to trust someone who does his research, then I highly recommend this very user-friendly Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 water ionizer. Enjoy!
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on June 28, 2014
After reading all of the books on how to keep your body healthy and resistant to disease / cancer, there was one unanimous theme. Keep your body in a Alkaline state and drink alkaline water!!! Ionized/ Alkaline water is smaller in the molecular state so it will flow better throughout your body. My husband was diagnosed with gout and that is what started our quest for a healthier body. He has been gout free ever since we discovered alkaline water. Before my husband & I bought this ionizer 1 year ago, we were purchasing alkaline water for .89 a gallon at a health food store that was 12 miles a way. Then we purchased this ionizer 1 year ago. We researched all the ionizers available & decided on this one. It is easy to install and easy to use. Greg at Customer Service was & is always there to answer any of our questions. Every time you use it, it cleans itself then after 5-6 gallons it goes through a deeper cleanse. Then about every year (depending on your facet/ municipal water -hard, soft, mineral content ect... ) you descale the unit & change the filter. We just descaled & changed the filter it was very easy. After descaling the unit the alkalinity of the unit went back up. The filters are just $40 a piece when you purchase 2. We just bought this 2nd ionizer & installed it at my mothers house. Very easy.

We tested the ph of the water on every setting after we installed this at my mothers. The readings were exactly what they said they would be.
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on October 1, 2014
ok so I waited a while before making my review just to be as thorough as I could we go:

First my background/experience with Ionized Alkaline water prior to getting the Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer was that i was drinking the Kangen 9.5 for five months and NEVER felt better in my entire life. And for the type of results that I got and as fast as I got you really have to commit to the water. I cut out every other liquid from my diet, no soda, gatorade, even milk ( I still ate foods with milk an dairy, just cut my liquid in take to only the ionized alkaline water). I drink about 2 gallons a day give or take, but the first couple months really made sure I drank at least 2 gallons or more ( I'm 6'6 192 lbs. that's how much I should be drinking before I hear from anyone about water poisoning or any other nonsense). I'm 29 years old and was an all state basketball player and all around athlete growing up and in high school, lifting weights, cardio, the whole 9 yards. For the last 8 years I have had terrible back pain, energy levels, and depression that stemmed from that inactivity... I had doctors tell me that the back and leg pain were due to sciatica and all other kinds of things that there was no real treatment for other than addictive pain killers and that was not the way I was gonna go... Any ways after a week on the kangen I had never felt fresh in the mornings and my pain was completely gone so I decided I would try to run before my wife and kids got up one mornings. So long story short within a week I was up every morning running and soon after I started lifting weights again. Fast forward 5 months and my Kangen water supplier was about to cut me off and I knew I didn't wanna go back to the way I felt. After some research a family member purchased this machine for me and it has taken things to another level... Instead of getting up at 630 am to run I get up at 430 am everyday to run then lift weights after, I am literally in the best shape of my life and have never had a better body... I use the beauty water after I shower and on top of my new awesome body everyone tells me my skin and hair looks incredible and ask me what i've been doing, I've even been using a combination of the really high pH cooking water most days and some days the cleaning water and now have the whitest teeth I've ever had... I am more focused at work than ever, the water for me really has been life changing incredible and would recommend it to anyone. Also I was very skeptical when I got this machine because I was used to the Kangen water and thought no way would this machine be 1/5th the price and exactly the same... after setting it up first thing tested the pH on each setting and they were all exact as they should be 9.5 daily drinking, 4.5 for cleaning, etc... you can also see the different levels and strength of the ORP... after waiting two months I can say this machine is legit... Even my mother in law who has diabetes doesn't even drink the water correctly she uses it to make her tea now, but still drinks diet coke sometimes but mainly tea with the water and at her last check up the doc said her levels were the best he'd ever seen... Not saying this machine is a cure all and will do all the same stuff because you have to be committed and do other things but for anyone who has tried Kangen that is looking for a cheaper alternate that has a similar story to mine go for it
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on March 3, 2014
The system does what it is suppose to do. I tested the PH at all the levels with my electronic tester and readings were spot on with what the manual says they should be. Installation was super easy, took be less than 10 minutes. My recommendation is to try it, you have nothing to lose with the 30 day money back guarantee.
I ended up utilizing the 30 day money back guarantee after using it for 28 days. On the day I decided to return I spoke with Greg at Air Water Life (super nice, no pressure at all) and he told me to resend to amazon. I did 2 day shipping coming from Texas and it was about $28. Not sure what that other reviewer was talking about with $100 return shipping, not true. And amazon fully refunded me the $895. So why did I return? First I just didn't love the taste. We have a whole in house system and even after filtering with this it still tasted a little chlorine ish to me. I'm super picky about water though, my husband thinks all water tastes the same. It definitely had a smooth nice PH taste so that was good. But I feel it just wasn't worth the cost. The other major reason was that I started to have chest pains. I'm a healthy 35 year old who works out 3 times a week and eats fairly well. Of course there's no way to tell if it was from the water but now that I'm not drinking it I don't have the pain anymore. If you google "chest pains water ionizer" there is some information stating that water electrically ionized can create heart problems. Who knows but I didn't google that until I was having the pains and thought . . . well maybe it's the ionized water?
My recommendation is if you're thinking about it you definitely should try it out, as you really have nothing to lose aside from maybe $20 or so for the shipping, which was worth it to me for the almost month long trial.
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on July 7, 2015
I bought this machine from the manufacturer about 6 months ago. I bought it with the under-sink kit and the install had medium difficulty.

The first thing I did was buy an ORP meter to find out the Oxidation Reduction Potential and compare it to the manufacturers claim of up to -850.
The alkalinity held close to the manufacturer claims, but the ORP didn't. I was very upset to see that the normal setting ORP was +100.

So I started fooling around with the flow of the water. I found that when you reduce the flow to about 25% of the normal flow, the alkalinity and ORP levels jump up. On the normal 'Drinking Water' setting I was able to get an ORP up to -230 when I reduced the flow to a slow trickle. BE CAREFUL when you do this because the machine turns off and into cleaning mode when you reduce the flow too much and you don't want to drink the water that comes out during cleaning mode. I'm not sure if you can adjust the flow of the water on the counter-top model.

If you use this trick you will get an acceptable ORP and Alkalinity. I give 4 stars instead of 5 because out of the box the machine should have the ORP rating that the manufacturer claims it has without having to do my hack. Other than that the machine is great. The price is good and it makes good alkaline and ORP water. Kangen uses additional minerals in their machines to increase the ORP, which is why their ORP is much higher than this machine.

P.S. - When I started drinking the water I had a runny nose and a gassy stomach for about a month but it stopped after that. I drink about 40 ounces per day and that's all the water I need now. Before I was drinking about a gallon of filtered water all day but now with this water I don't have to drink ridiculous amounts of water all day. I can also sleep at night because I'm not waking up thirsty anymore. Good stuff.
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on April 18, 2015
Towards the end of my 1st year of use, I purchased a TDS meter. My tap water is 450+. My ionized water was the same at 465! Even the un-ionized water was around 465. My tap water went through 3 Airwaterlife filters and a mineral filter. I was shocked that my tap water was just as toxic as this filtered water. (I have Huntington Beach, CA, tap water. ) Also, look at this photo. The blue glass bottle held ionized water and has a white, chalky film that cannot be cleaned. The green bottle (for my dogs) held purified water (not ionized) and it is clear. What on earth is the film from? What did it do to my body?
This was a bad investment. The filters didn't work. I even tested the TDS reading without the mineral filter and it was still 465.
So, my newest purchase was a $200 stainless steel distiller (with the glass nozzle insert). Good investment! The TDS reading is 0. Zero. I finally have pure water.
Lastly, I eat a plant based raw diet of acidic fruits and alkaline vegetables. I drink my pure distilled water which is also acidic. Checking my urine pH, it's consistently 7.3. Perfect. (And its not my body trying to make me alkaline. I only changed my diet because I was terribly acidic and asthmatic. My body couldn't correct my pH by itself because my alkaline reserves were gone at 46 years old.)
I wasted $900 on this marketing hype that doesn't work.
(Purchased directly from AirWaterLife.)

November 17, 2015 Update: It's been months since I've been using my $200 DISTILLER. My glass bottles are all free and clear of that crud. This water is scidic yet my urine is consistently alkaline. I eat fruit/greens. You need to change your diet to be alkaline. It doesn't happen with alkaline water only. (Even though the alkalinity is gone after a few minutes with the Air Water Life Machne. ) Buy a distiller and change your diet!
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on December 15, 2012
My husband had been wanting a water ionizer for a long time but we couldn't afford the thousands of dollars that most sell for. When we were doing more research on them and comparing prices along with specific details for each product, we stumbled upon the Alive Air Purifier and Ionizer website.

PROS: What sold us was not only the initial price but also the cost to replace the filters. Alive's are around $40 each compared to the $100 or more for other brands. Also, that it is completely self cleaning. It does a rinse at the end of each use and a self cleaning process evey so many liters of water. When we received it, we also checked the water output on each setting with Alkaline litmus paper just to be sure that it was changing the alklinity as it should. Every setting tested right in the range that it stated. We also purchased the under the sink converter, which I think is nice because I don't like a lot of things sitting out on my counter.

CONS: The only thing I would warn is that if you have the machine under the counter, you need to look at it each time before use it and make sure that it is not on the self cleaning status. It plays music when it is on the cleaning cycle, but it's hard to hear when under the counter. It's easy to see the difference. The machine should be lit up bright blue. If it's time for the cleaning mode, it will be lit up bright red. Otherwise, if you don't check it, you could get cleaning water instead of the alkaline you were hoping for.
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on January 24, 2016
Have had for a week & love it. My sister had turned me on to the alkaline water in October. After a week or two I noticed a difference in my skin & stomach bloat was gone. Just felt good in general as did my husband who was weary at first. Started traveling 20 mins away to a natural health store where the cost was $30 a month for unlimited water. They used the Kangen machine which I could not afford. I found this one on Amazon that had an affordable price & does all the functions I wanted such as cosmetic water & higher alkaline for cleaning veggies, which by the way had no idea how much pesticides were on grape tomatoes (see photo below.) It came with a fluid to test the levels & each time the ph levels were spot on. Even tested the Kangen water I had left over versus my new machine & they were the same. Since I hate clutter I elected to hook it up to one of the faucets in our master bathroom. This way I can use for my face too. I have a bpa free jug I fill & keep up in the kitchen to refill water bottles for drinking. When we received the box there was info to order a under sink part but for now I'll just leave on counter. Highly recommended if you are like me & don't have $3k to spend on a machine but still want the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Installation was easy. We had a question during installation but there is a YouTube video that demonstrated the installation process so that helped. A day after I placed my order online a rep from the company called to thank us for the purchase & left a number for us to call with any questions. We wanted to know if we could run hot water thru the machine & it was not recommend for the 7.0 machine.
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on September 5, 2013
Dear Health Conscious Consumer,

I spent a lot of time searching for the right water ionizer, and found that the Aqua Ionizer is the best deal for a very reliable counter-top unit. Also, the customer support is great.

There are more expensive units out there that make the same healthy water, and I would recommend the Aqua Ionizer as the best value for a savy, health conscious, shopper.

If you know you need an ionizer, buy this one. If you still are not convinced, read the reviews of satisfied buyers. Also, listen to your body. I encourage you to try ionized water from a friend or another source and see for yourself. I found that my cardiovascular system, kidney system, and sweat glands improved noticably upon first use. In other words, I was eliminating toxins better. If you are already healthy, the effects might not be as noticeable, but this unit will help you stay healthy.

I briefly tried ionized and alkalized water from friends and health stores before committing to this unit, but quickly bought it because I can produce my own water at less than half the cost of retail, and I can produce it easily, whenever I need it. My whole family enjoys the health benefits, and I save even more. This is a purchase that you won't regret.
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