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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 26, 2008
The first thing you'll notice about Aquaphor Healing Ointment is that it's not calling itself a "moisturizer." Take that as a hint -- it's not for casual, all-day use. For that, I recommend the peerless Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This Aquaphor ointment is what I turn to when my hands or elbows or toes or heels are severely distressed. It's heavy, it's greasy, it doesn't rub in very well, and I don't mind, because it really works as advertised: it truly heals the rawest, itchiest skin.

The best way to use this ointment is at night. I've been known to go to bed with medical white cotton gloves over a slathering of Aquaphor when gardening or cleaning has really torn up my skin. The change the next morning is amazing. A little experimentation also taught me to put a "base coat" of this ointment on my hands whenever I'm about to undertake some work that I know will mess them up. Because Aquaphor is so thick and greasy, it actually repels water and dirt, greatly decreasing the amount of damage caused by washing dishes, digging in dirt, cleaning up, etc.

In short, Aquaphor Healing Ointment is heavy-duty. It doesn't smell pretty (though it doesn't smell bad either). It's not light and airy. It's not dainty. It doesn't have a picture of flowers on it, and it doesn't make you feel "pampered." It's medicine, and it works.
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on November 16, 2008
I've read reviews of this product complaining that it's an expensive version of Vaseline, which I sympathize with. Having had severe-moderate psoriasis for years, I have lots of experience with Vaseline and various other greasy, heavy lotions. Aquaphor certainly LOOKS like Vaseline: it's clear and kind of slimy. But there are nonetheless perceptible differences between the two. Aquaphor's consistency is much better. It's thicker, it stays on the skin longer, it absorbs better, it doesn't rub off onto everything as quickly, it isn't quite as greasy. I would (and do) pay the extra price to use this product over Vaseline any day. They are not the same product.

This subscribe and save deal, moreover, is the cheapest I've ever found this stuff anywhere. In the store, you'll pay $14-$16 for one container this size. So if you have dry skin or a skin condition and use lotion every day like me, you should look into this offer while it lasts.
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on January 19, 2010
My knuckles dry out and crack badly during the winter. I had some especially painful and bleeding splits on my hand and asked my CVS pharmacist for her recommendation. She pointed me in the direction of Aquaphor. For three nights I applied Aquaphor before going to bed and wore white cotton gloves as I slept. After three days the dried, calloused skin around my wounds had become soft and the split skin was healing! Aquaphor is a little greasy, but I have never found anything that heals my dry skin as quickly and fully as it has. I will keep a tub "on hand" for the rest of my life! You can see a photo of my knuckles after three days of using Aquaphor in the product photo section.
review image
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on January 7, 2009
My father is in a nursing home,wears Depends and he sits in a wheelchair all day. He developed large nasty rashes (with whelts) that no matter what the doctor prescribed, it would not go away. Actually, it seemed to get worse. I had heard from a mother with a young child the wonders of Aquaphor and Aquaphor mixed (equal amounts) with Maalox. I took a jar of Aquaphor and a container with the mixture and told the nursing home what it was for and what to do with it. They used the mixture first as the rash was really bad. By the next morning they could see results of the healing. They switched to the regular Aquaphor a couple of days later and the rash has since gone away. Now, when any sign of irratation is noticed, they apply it right away and prevent any more rashes. Aquaphor will be a mainstay not only in my home but in the nursing home. It's a wonderful product!
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on October 11, 2012

Ok, Glamazons, there was a misprint in my last review, seriously, a MAJOR one. I am a human being and guess what???? Sometimes I make mistakes! This one just happened to be one that I didn't proof read ahead of time, and therefore brought a hateful, and personal attack down upon me. On the bright side.. I am able to correct my mistake! Yay! Blessing in disguise! :-) Here are the reasons I love this product, and so do many physicians, estheticians, beauty experts etc.

Vaseline is 100% petrolatum, while Aquaphor is 41% petrolatum based. With that being said, I am NOT writing a negative review about vaseline (vaseline has it's own positive attributes, I'm focusing on Aquaphor), I'm writing a positive one about Aquaphor.

Aquaphor is more miscible with aqueous solutions than Vaseline. Vaseline is mainly used in lotions as a catalyst, or lubricant, Aquaphor is not used in lotions. Aquaphor is made up of 41% percent petrolatum while the rest of the ingredients are lanolin and glycerin. Pharmacists use Aquaphor as a base for pharmaceutical ointments, unlike vaseline.

I, and my colleagues, clients etc. love to use this multi-tasker on our lips, with a little pigment mixed in you can make it any color. It's great for hands and feet in the cold dry months, and is really soothing in a medicated version on cuts, burns and scrapes. These facts came from a pharmacist, and can also be found on (vaseline vs. aquaphor). Love Aquaphor, I find it to be a household necessity as well as a "must have" in your makeup kit. My reviews are done in the light for the greater good of all. Thank you to the person who brought my mistake to light. Many blessings to you.

Licensed Beauty Pro
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on April 24, 2014
Let me first start off by saying this is probably my 2nd review I ever wrote. I guess that says either 2 things about me - I'm lazy or I've never come across a product that is this good. Clearly, its the second choice. I am in my late 20's and let me tell you I'm what you call a product junkie. If there is a product that says I'm going to have clear skin (not this ultra oily acne prone skin) or beautiful Victoria Secret model hair - I'm in! Most products don't change my life and most products I barely see a difference so why write a review? Well Aquaphor made my skin soft and glowing like I've never seen before. Those irritating pimples that are like cysts that would otherwise be there for a month, went away over night! I don't want to sound like one of those people on an infomercial but if you have to try any product please let it be this one. I actually feel like a different person, a little more confident because of how great its made my skin and if I could pass on the secret I would do it in a second.

Let me just tell you a little about my skin. I have extremely oily skin, acne prone, blackheads, white heads and I can't forget about those under the skin pimples that make my forehead look like theres a golf ball growing underneath it. I had one of those 2 days ago and it is completely gone today after wearing Aquaphor on my face overnight. You will look nuts but it will be so worth it. My eyes also are always puffy and dark circles galore (I didn't really win in the genetic pool) today they look less puffy and completely hydrated.

If I can come across a product that changes my outlook after only using it for 2 days - than I hope everyone tries it and can have those same results. We'd have a bunch of happy people walking around and how could you go wrong there?!

Good luck and I really hope this helps!
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on May 3, 2015
It healed my cracked index finger. I applied the ointment and I wore a medium PROTECTIVE LATEX TISSUE FINGER COTS on my middle finger during the day. 3 days later, my finger was healed.
review image
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on February 25, 2015
This looks like vaseline but far from it! Aquaphor is the best "any" body part ointment on the planet! It works wonders on dry, super dry or extremely dry face, hands, legs and feet. It spreads easily.The best part, it's absorbent, unlike a vaseline that just lays on top of the skin. In the evening I put a tiny tad amount on each eye lid. I than apply a small amount to eye and cheek area. By bedtime it has absorbed enough to not ruin pillow cases. The next day I FEEL CONFIDENT THAT once I wash my face I'M NOT GOING RIGHT BACK TO DRY SKIN. It glows! I've had many, many people ask if I had eyelid surgery. I haven't. It makes the skin over your eyes appear so much tighter! BONUS?? If you have "dry eye" this helps without the stinging and burning lotions and creams cause when applying to lids! I rub Aquaphor on my feet, slip socks on and by morning my feet are super soft. Seven years ago my doctor of dermatology recommended Aquaphor after a small laser procedure was done on my face. I've used it ever since!
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on May 9, 2014
Great big tub for less on amazon gotta love it. My doc was okay with putting this on my baby any time. This is the same as baby aquaphor!! They just put "baby" on the tub so it can get shelved with with baby stuff and easier to find.. Basically another "brand".
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on November 12, 2009
While it may seem unlikely, this is the best thing I have ever found to help heal tattoos. This is not "expensive vaseline" as one reviewer comments. A look at ingredients would show you this.

I am heavily tattooed and I have always been advised to use "unscented plain lotion".
In the past I used to swear by Burt's Bee's Milk and Honey lotion, though it does contain fragrance. It always did the job.

Until I got a large portion of my left arm done and the area was drying too quickly in such large patches for lotion to help. At the advice of my artist, I purched Aquaphor.

Aquaphor saved my tattoo and has since become a part of my tattoo ritual. When I get a fresh tattoo, for the first few nights, I lighty coat in aquaphor and wrap in plastic wrap and sleep like this over night. In the morning, I wash the area. By the third or fourth day, the areas of skin that would scab and last for days under normal after care, just roll right off in the shower. My tattoos heal in under one week and remain brighter and more colorful with the help of aquaphor.

I have everyone I know using it and I don't think I'd ever use anything else. All aftercare products marketed for tattoos specifically have seemed like a joke to me compared to this.

Sure, it's not cheap, but after paying almost $1,000 to have someone tattoo an original work of art that covers my entire arm, I think it's worth it to keep it beautiful. I've used Aquaphor on about a dozen of my tatoos and most people can't believe it when I tell them some of the tattoos were done years ago. The color held so well they look like they were just done.
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