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on June 3, 2006
I've been using the Aquasana 4000 countertop filter for about 5 months. Prior to my purchase I spent alot of money on bottled water. I would typically spend about 3-5 dollars a week on water at the supermarket and while on the go. I decided that buying a filtration system would be more convienent and cheaper for me. Now about the system itself.

+Convienent. You can get clean water whenever you want.
+Tastes better then tap water.
+Better filtration system compared to other brands.
+Installation not too difficult.
+Saves money after intial investment.
+Replacement filts reasonably priced and easy to find (Amazon has them).

-Intial investment is costly compared to cheaper systems.
-Requires water pressure to be low.
-Slow output, because of low water pressure takes several minutes to fill items from the faucet.
-Cannot be used with hot/warm water.
-The switch from tap to the filter system will sometimes activate by itself (explained in detail down further).
-Will begin leaking if too much water pressure is used.

Skip to the summary if you don't care to read my personal comments.

Some things I experienced.
1. I had trouble installing the product even though its not hard to do. I attribute most of that to user error, the instructions were fairly straightfoward though I kept thinking that the system didn't seem correctly installed. The company has a video on their website of how to install the system. I had trouble tightening the filter ring onto my faucet, perhaps becuase I was using a cheap wrench. Hopefully most people will do better then I did.

2. I have a high water pressure faucet, so I had to learn early to be very careful with how much water pressure I allowed to be used. I have to be very careful when I'm going to switch to the filter. If I allow too much water pressure to be used I end up making the system overflow and leak on the countertop. I got used to this after a couple of weeks and haven't had any incidents since.

3. Because of the low pressure of the system it takes a very long time to fill anything up. I have issues standing there and letting a class of water fill, as it takes around a minute. Instead I prefer to fill 1 gallon jugs. I let the jugs fill unattended over a few minutes and then return when they are full to turn off the water. So if your like me and don't have all day to stand and let things fill all the time you'll do like I did and buy several jugs or bottles that you can fill in your sink. I bought 3 - 1 gallon bottles, and two smaller sport bottles. I typically wait till all the 1 gallon bottles are empty before taking the time to fill them. Whenever I use the filter system I just fill all my bottles at the same time, switching them out as they fill unattended. Consider the extra cost you will need to pay if you plan on buying extra re-useable water bottles. It cost me approx. $20.00

4. As stated in the warrenty you cannot use warm/hot water with the system. You have to turn on your tap water and make sure you run it cold and then switch to the filter system.

5. As mentioned earlier the filter to tap knob is sometimes problematic. Basically whenever you wish to switch to the filter system you pull a little knob on your faucet towards you. The filtration system activates and you use it as normal. When your done you push the knob back in towards the faucet to switch back to tap water. However occasionally the knob will push itself back out on its own from the water pressure, activating your filter by itself. ***This has only happened to me shortly after using the filter system because of the pressure still in the hose.*** This is important to note, because if you switch to your filter to tap and then up the pressure on your tap it will often turn back on the filter automatically and the higher pressure you switched to can potentially ruin the filter system (as stated in the warranty). There is an easy fix for this however, if you simply hold the knob in after using your filter system with one hand, and increasing the pressure of your tap water faucet with the other. This de-pressures the hose and the knob won't go out automatically, I do this every time after I use the filter just to be safe.

6. The water chambers of the filter fill up with water each time the system is used. That water that stays in the chambers after you use the filter will be room temperature. On your next use of the filter system you need to let it run for about 30 seconds before the fresh water will be in the system and the older water from its last use completely expelled.

The filtration system is at a reasonable price compared to others. Manual states about 6 months of use before a replacement filter is needed (they cost around 40-50 dollars, you can buy them from amazon). I will probably use mine about 9 months since I live alone. If you replace your filter every 6 months after the intial purchase it should cost you around 8 dollar a months, better then the 3-5 a week I was spending. There is a stated gallon usage for the filter, though I can't remember exactly I think its between 500-600 gallons for the life of the filter.

If you typically buy your water this filter system will end up saving you money. Some drawbacks would be that you may need to invest in safe plastic bottles to store your water. The filter system is too slow to use frequently, I recommend filling several bottles of water every few days to limit the number of times you need to use the system. Because you can only use cold water and a low water pressure with the system some people may find it unconvienent. It will certainly take awhile to get used to using it. Overalll though the water tastes fresh and clean, much better then my tap water. Its more useful then a brita or similar brand filter and has a much better filtration system that catches more contaminents. If your like me and want to live healthier and save some money the Aquasana 4000 isn't a bad choice. I certainly wasn't able to find a better sub-$500.00 system on the market. Even with all the drawbacks I listed, this is still very useful for me. I hope you found this review helpful in making your decision.
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on November 4, 2006
I used one of these for about 3 years. Every 6 months the housing cracked and started leaking after I changed the filters. They will replace it for free if you join their "water for life" program, but you still have to pay $10 shipping every time and go through the hassle of water spills and waiting for delivery.

I got fed up and bought the Multipure. The water is as good or better and the housing quality is much better. The Multipure's flow is also about twice as fast, which is nice.
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on December 17, 2006
As everyone else has pointed out, the filtering is superior, the unit is junk, I am sad to say. Ours is completely shot after 1.5 years...and its out of warranty too. We have been VERY careful to only filter cold water and we try to be very careful to only run it at low pressure, which is tricky with the activator valve acting up after we had it about a year, and sometimes you have guests that don't read the reminder notes you have to have tacked up.

After the activator button problems, the inlet O-ring started to leak. With some fiddling I seemed to have fixed that. Then another "mystery" leak started happening. Turns out the MIDDLE section of threads on the "A" cap are shearing right off the unit.

At the price of the Aquasana I can get a couple of instapure or some other unit and put up with the pricier "per gallon" cost of the CARTRIDGES. But of course I JUST bought a new set of the pricey Aquasana cartridges which last about as long as the unit, I NOW know.

They need to dump some of their slick Marketing money into some BASIC engineering. I design stuff like this for a living. There is no excuse for the poor design of the threads that sheared.

This filter might be good if you have almost no water pressure at your home.
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on October 3, 2009
I've used several in-store filters (Pur, Brita, etc.) and never has the difference in taste been so apparent with this Aquasana filter. If you can't taste the chlorine in your water, you will taste it (and Lord knows what else) in a taste test between municipal water and water filtered with this particular filter.

Installation was simple. Remove the aerator attach the collar to the faucet (no adapter needed though they were included) and a 3 minute filter process and I had clean water. I had to turn the entire hose outlet (not just the swivel collar) to tighten it completely so it wouldn't leak, and that put the line in an awkward position on the countertop. This limits where I could put the filter housing. A small gripe but if you're picky about your countertop space, it's worth mentioning.

This unit is reported to filter all contaminants. It even filters 40-60% of fluoride levels, an amazing claim considering it doesn't use reverse osmosis. I will be testing that claim in the future, but several reports on the web convinced me this claim is likely true.

Operation is simple. Pull the activator plug out for filtered water. When you shut the water off the plug returns to its off position.

I emailed the company (before I ordered this unit) about claims of leakage and I got a email reply from a real person in less than five minutes. No company has ever responded through email that quickly.

Noting the taste of the water, I wish I had optioned for the under counter unit. But no worries I'll stick with this unit, get some tests of my own performed and option to upgrade in the future. But bottom line, the water tastes amazing.
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on January 27, 2007
I purchased the sink top model AQ4000 with dual filters on 9-12-06. On 1-24-06 the right cartridge unit (inside the housing) cracked at the bottom and started leaking quite a bit. It was just sitting on the counter when this happened. We have low water pressure (can't run two things at the same time!) so I know it's not that. We do use a lot of water. Anyway, our 90 day warranty had run out but my husband called the company and, because we are on the water filter replacement plan, they replaced the unit at no charge. Customer service was just great. The new unit came 3 days after we called, so we are in business again. We have enjoyed the system and wanted to keep it.

Follow-up: We have been enjoying the new unit that replaced the defective one. But, incredibly, on Nov 6, 2007, the second unit cracked! It leaks terribly! It is still not even a year old. We called, and because we are on their filter replacement plan, we are receiving another unit. We have to pay for postage, however. The filters run about $45 and last about 4 months for our busy household. Aquasana had a lifetime guarantee as long as you are on their filter replacement plan. So no matter how many times this unit cracks, at least we can get another one.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 11, 2008
Filters are much more difficult to install than I think they should be, unit consistently breaks or has a problem every few months. The white plastic filter housing has broken twice (see photo) and I've had to replace the faucet/dispenser at least once because it constantly dripped or even poured. I am now on hold to get another part since I am a "Water 4 Life" subscriber for about $100 year - which includes two filter changes and warranty. Eventually I will probably spend the time and money to get a better unit.

UPDATE 2008-11-29: After the water filter housing broke a third time, I requested that they send me another one for free which they did (no shipping charge) (I am a Water4Life customer). They seem to have redesigned this part so hopefully it will not break again.
review image
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on December 25, 2009
I have been using this filter for about three years, and while I have had some problems with leaking and cracking, the company has provided excellent support. I would definitely recommend this filter over others I have tried. The only down side is that the replacement filters are a little costly, but you only have to replace them every 5 or 6 months.
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2009
My IBS symptoms have dissappeared since I started using this water filter on my kitchen faucet to cook with and drink. I store the drinking water in glass bottles in the refrigerator and have no need to buy bottled water. The unit was leaking in the beginning but has stopped. I highly recommend this.
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on May 16, 2009
I owned this Aquasana unit for about six weeks. After just a couple of weeks the flow of water began to decrease noticeably. After six weeks it slowed to such a trickle that filling a glass of water would take so long I'd have to go do something else while waiting for it to happen. It didn't take long for the unit to become unusable.

I called the company several times. They kept blaming the problem on my water - they said that where I live there's a lot of sediment, etc. (Not that I live on the moon, I just live in a typical American city.)

Well, DUHH. If I had clean water, I wouldn't need their filter, right? Basically what the company is telling me is that the job is too tough and their filter just can't cut it. So why pay them all that money? I even used their sediment "prefilters" regularly, changing them once a week at an additional expense, and it made absolutely no difference.

I bought the Aquasana based on a lot of internet hype that this product simply does not deserve. Finally I decided to stop throwing good money after bad, canceled the expensive "Water for Life" program, and threw the thing out.

I'm not sure why the Aquasana is so inefficient, but I suspect one reason may be its small filter size. There are much better alternatives out there, with decent filters, and I got one that really works. The Multi-Pure water filtration system has a true solid carbon block filter that's large enough to handle the job, and does not need any "prefilters" that raise the cost unnecessarily. Their regular filters also last longer. Thus the Multi-Pure does a better job at a lower cost for replacement filters. I got the Multi-Pure unit with the metal case, which not only won't crack but also has a separate spout that produces a full, rich stream of water. I've had the Multi-Pure now longer than I had the Aquasana and its flow has not diminished, no matter what Aquasana may think of my troublesome water. And because there are no stupid "sediment prefilters" to jack up the expense, in the long run the Multi-Pure is cheaper to operate.

I notice that even some "good" reviews of the Aquasana complain about how slow it is, and about water pressure issues, etc. I don't worry about any of that with the Multi-Pure. So filtering water efficiently is not beyond the possible; it's the Aquasana system that's a piece of junk.

Unless your water is pristine (in which case you don't need a filter), forget the Aquasana despite the hype, and buy a good system that really works. It is not hard to find something better than Aquasana.
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on November 8, 2008
Owned the countertop version for almost 6 months and just replaced the filters. Couple of points...

1. Water quality. It was about the same the whole time. I ran a little with the old filter and the new one, the new water tasted a little better but also had a little odor (not a bad odor). But that could be because the "living" material has not set up shop, or the silicon,etc. Is it better than tap? Yes. Is it better than a PUR faucet filter? probably, but not a whole lot. Is it more economical? Barely. Does it do everything Aquasana says? Probably not because of....

2. What are the filters made of? Basically the same as a PUR filter. After replacement I decided to tear one apart. The filter is Nothing but formed activated carbon. Both filters are exactly the same. I'm not sure why they mark them different, call us suckers?? Or was the second originally something else and they had trouble with mold and such. Who knows. Basically, a thick cylinder shape; water is pressurized in the middle and forced through the media, and there you go - filtered water. Same as PUR, but with 2 larger filters. Activated carbon is largely good for odors It can absorb some chemicals and such. The carbon in this design is also good as a basic "filter" as well and needs little "flushing" to get rid of loose material. Without a true "multistage" design it will not be as effective on chlorine, sediments, Ph, etc. That explains the sediment buildup on the spout that everyone talks about. Some people have tested the water and have NOT been impressed. If you want a little cleaner, nicer smelling water this filter is fine. It is a step beyond a PUR faucet filter. IF you want more than that you need to move on. I can't help but think someone could come out with something better.

2. Replacing the filters. I've read all the issues with cracking, mold, can't get filters out, etc. I had none of it. Push down on each hose and then pull out while holding down the grey ring. I used a 11/16 socket wrench to break the seal on each. There was a little mold on the bottom of one side of the housing, or was it carbon residue? As you can guess, it is irrelevant. To be absolutely honest there was NOTHING to talk about, No odor, no sediment, no build-up, no gunk! Kind of disturbing actually. I'd prefer it WAS a mess. Makes me wonder if I should bother.

Finally, there is no doubt these filters could be sold for half the price and still make a tidy profit. Might explain the need for the "WATER FILTER COMPARISON" website made by these people. They don't mention DIRECTLY the conflict of interest; kinda sleezy tactic. I think the shower filter is actually probably a better product. I haven't broken it open yet to see what's actually inside. I will review it over there later.
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