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Arctic Silver's instructions say to use a lint free cloth like a lens cleaning cloth or coffee filter. I tried coffee filters, but they didn't seem to work well. Ended up using a microfiber cloth. Here's their website for both removal and application instructions specific to your processor:
Oct 8, 2013 by John Kaiser
The Thermal Compound contains: Silver (Metallic) Boron Nitride Zinc Oxide Aluminum Oxide Ester Oil Blend The bottle of Thermal Material Remover contains: D-Limonene Methyl Esters of Soybean Oil Non-Ionic Surfactant The bottle of Thermal Surface Purifier contains: Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Azole-Triazole Inhibitor Proprietary Inhibitor (non-Hazmat, TSCA listed)
Dec 5, 2013 by John Kaiser
Its really good thermal grease, it has many useful applications and yes ... its the only brand I trust when doing 360 repairs
Nov 8, 2013 by Brandon M.
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