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on July 20, 2010
I been following the game ARMA since the beginning and I bought it through Amazon.For my personal opinion, Bohemia Interactive still have the Legacy of Operation Flashpoint and I have no doubt about this after to be playing theirs MilSims for years.

This Company created serious Military Sims for several Armed Forces through the World, including the US. That means, they are focused in the development of a game which recreate with realism how is to be close to a real war, where the tactics are the key to achieve objectives and the common run and gun behavior in so popular games doesn't work in Operation Arrowhead, as like in a real war.

Some of the characteristics which OA have and the another Shooters doesn't:

a) Immersive environment: Operation Arrowhead is closely inspired on the current Events on the Middle East wars and you will hear NPC's speaking in Arabic, doing daily activities like walking on the streets, talking with themselves, driving cars or motorcycles. Also they react positively or negatively depending how you gain their "hearts and minds". For example if during a mission on a village accidentally you kill civilians, the community there will not provide you the necessary intel for the following missions Walking in the desert or on the streets you can almost feel the heat of the environment. This is the kind of reality which the average FPS's doesn't provide it.

b) Replayability: Operation Arrowhead have a total replayability and this is because the lack of tight linear scripts, let the gamer to use different strategies during the missions on the campaign.

Also the powerful Mission Editor let you create any mission with just a couple of mouse clicks .

c) Graphics: The myth of a ubercomputer required to play it is is not so true, because the game let you configure the graphics according to your hardware capacity. However if you are lucky enough to have a powerful computer, you will appreciate the high end graphics configuration capable to create an almost photo-realistic environment, highly detailed objects and terrains without "invisible walls" or narrow corridors.

d) Multiple games in just one Box: Arma games series, including Operation Arrowhead is the Swiss Army knife of the games, because include tank simulator,flight simulator ( and yes, you can use a joystick), FPS, strategy game, RPG, free roaming and sandbox with very huge maps. By this way for example you can ride in a helicopter, flight to a village in the middle of the desert get out, talk with the people there, enter to a house and then take a car to ride back, like you do in games like Grand Theft Auto series,or you can control entires armies in real time like you do in C&C.
The combinations are almost infinite.

e) DLC for everyone and full support from the developers: Thanks to the big community related with Arma games and the open code which Bohemia Interactive provided to the gamers, we have the possibility to expand even more the capacity of the game by adding new campaigns, missions, libraries (vehicles, soldiers, weapons), maps and sounds. This downloadable contents are ALL FREE and the skilled members are continuously adding more and more features. Also if you have the basic programming knowledge, you can create you own mods, missions and then post or use it on the game.

f) Multi-players with dedicated servers: The game can be played in single or multi player. The last option let you enjoy on different communities focused in tactical games, where the strategy, the planning and the coordination is the key to achieve successfully missions as like cooperative of full multi-player.
On cooperative, the online players have to beat risky missions working like a professional team against non scripted NPC's and on full multi-players, the gamers have to challenge another humans using military tactics. So if you are going to go running and bouncing like an headless chicken, you probably will be killed after just 5 minutes of game, also you don't have health pack or endless rounds of ammo. The bullets are affected by the physics laws and the enemies thankfully doesn't have Superman sight (Did you hear "Sniper Ghost Warrior"?).

I recognize Operation Arrowhead and Arma series is not for everyone, is for serious gamers who likes military stuff and are tired of unlimited spawning enemies, narrow maps, zero re-playability and a very linear script witch don't let the gamer the needed freedom, also bombastic cinematographic effects but nonsense reality.

This is the kind of game which you will discover more and more features and become one of your favorites for several years to come.

Personally I give it the score of five stars.
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on May 19, 2012
For those who aren't aware, there is a Zombie apocalypse mod called Day Z that has gotten fantastic reviews and boosted ARMA II sales by several hundred percent. This mod can be run with just a purchase of Operation Arrowhead. At the time of this review, this is the cheapest way to play the Day Z mod, and adds a ton of value to an already good purchase.

Its rather difficult to set up the mod, and many of the guides refer to specifically the Steam setup. Amazon doesn't seem to like direct links, but a very detailed guide for setting up with mod with your Amazon purchase can be found by searching "getting dayz mod jpg". It should be the first link. Best of luck.
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on October 1, 2010
- Operation Arrowhead is a great addition to ArmA II. With less environmental effects to process (grass, trees, buildings, etc) you can turn everything up and keep your FPS in check yet still enjoy the most realistic sim ever created! As an owner/ArmAholic of the OFP/ArmA collection I can confidently say BIS continuing to lead the world of simulations... OA and the new BAF expansion make me feel like I never left the sandbox ;)

- After returning and installing new hardware/Win7/ArmA I have NOT (yet) found a reason to re-install modifications. This ORIGINAL/updated install has all the basics covered now so anything else is up to the gamer.

- Unless you just happen to be around Best Buy or another seller THIS Amazon DL option is very fast and includes updates/patches you'd normally DL off *hint*

BIG Thanks to AMAZON, BIS, and everyone else involved in this work of art!
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on January 1, 2011
Nice military shooter, reminds me a bit of the original Ghost Recon games back in the day. You can't just rush in, as you need a plan, and patience. Also, this game requires a strong machine to run with all the effects turned on to really enjoy it. (IMO) My system; Win7 64 bit, 8GB ram, AMD Phenom II X4 925 cpu, Radeon 6870 graphics card.
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on April 29, 2012
So far I have mixed feelings about the game. The attention to detail and the depth of simulation are definitely refreshing to see in todays age of instant gratification and arcade sensations. The graphics are very well done yet the weapon sounds leave a bit to be desired, very good smoke and fire effects but not very much in the way of bullet effects or would be nice to see more dust blowing in the wind and such. I have not played the game to great length yet but feel as though it does offer reward if you want to put the time into it. I would have to describe the game as more of the old style microprose type simulators in the old school days with some very good graphics, yet lacking a bit on the special effects. The game, for sure, has a feel of military written all over it, which may be depressing or exciting to you depending on how you see it. Games attempting simulation aspects are always about the balance between realism and playability. In single player campaign mode I'm finding the AI to be pretty lame so far, so I am looking foward to experimenting with multiplayer while using the single player as a training tool. What really makes the game stand out is the open ended way you appraoch missions; there is nothing scripted about this game which is very refreshing. I find flying the helicopters quite realistic and was suprised to see that level of detail to them in a foot soldier simulator. You can assign both a flight stick and TRACK IR to the game as well. I have a hunch that ARMA 3 will hit the mark ARMA 2 has hit but with all the special effects and finishing touches many may find missing somewhat in ARMA 2. I give it 4 stars because it's a great game with simulation aspects missing from Battlefield 3 but having some loose ends throughout it detail wise. If you crave a Battlefield simulation without the Arcade confinement this game is worth getting into.
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on February 15, 2013
Amazon Downloads are the easiest possible items to download, but sadly, Arma II and its mods have keys that do not work with "Steam". It is still perfectly fine. I am just saying it COULD be easier.
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on March 19, 2011
I bought the digital download off of, getting the game to download is easy and installation was quick.
Now, before you buy this game, if you are looking for a Call of Duty style, point and click, or run and gun game, do not buy. This is a military similar and is extremely realistic. Running out into the open will get you killed like in real life.
Personally, I love this game. It's quite amazing what the game designers have been able to pull of graphics wise with how incredibly large the playable game map is. The vehicle and gun physics are very realistic and are quite detailed. The in-game map editor is one of the easiest to use and most advanced I've seen. The community for this game is strong and many great addons/mods make the game even better. Joysticks are recommended for flying the jets.
On my computer, I can play this game at nearly max settings at 1080p (rig specs-AMD Phenom II X4 3.2ghz, 5GB RAM, GTX 470) and is playable on my friends computer (AMD Athlon 2.6ghz, 4GB RAM, GTS 250). Anything less is not recommended to play the game at 30fps with the settings on lowest.
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on September 25, 2010
First off the only way to properly enjoy this game is to have a powerful machine. This isn't some made for PlayStation ported over to PC kiddie game. This is a true PC game. That being said, there is a high learning curve to this game but once learned the rewards outweight the learning process. If you run through the boot camp first, you shouldn't have any problems as they walk you through everything you will need to know. This game is backed by a superb company that seems to offer a high level of support. The game is totally moddable which means there is a massive online community and an endless supply of mods and custom missions.

If you are tiring of the flinch trigger run and gun games like Modern Warfare or Bad Company series, this is for you. If you love the flinch trigger FPS you may not be ready for the ARMA series. I myself was tired of getting a ported over game that required many more months worth of patching with limited support. I had downloaded the demo for ARMA2: OA and within a week I purchased it and never looked back.
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on August 26, 2011
I've been playing this franchise since the original Arma: Armed Assault came out. And this by far has been the best out of BIS, performance/game play wise. An almost unlimited amount of user-made mods available from a host of truly dedicated fan sites..really makes this game shine.

As with most reviews you come across of any game in the Arma series, this is not your typical "run-n-gun" COD type FPS game. This is a Military Simulation game. Those new to the Arma series, will be frustrated with the controls, gameplay style e.t.c., like I was years ago in the beginning. Give it a little time, and some patience, and you'll find yourself not being able to stop playing this, as I have!

This my 1st time using the Digital Download service here on Amazon, and it was a great experience, at an unbeatable price!
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on January 19, 2011
This is a great game! There is a occasional bug in the game, but the developers have been putting out patches often to fix known problems. However, this game is fun enough to excuse the issues for a great and realistic game!
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