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on April 11, 2000
The game is great, the reason i picked it up is for some reason a while back, i was interested in World War 2 and i also love the Army Men Series, then this game came out, the best part i would say is the multiplayer. The game has real nice, sweet sound to the explosions and the gameshots are nice to. The reason i took one star off is there wasnt really an improvement on the graphics like Sarges Heros but its a fun game, oh yeah, they added a new vehicle (PT Boat) and the tank now has a cannon and a machine gun. They also added the new weapon of the Bayonet for taking guys out with stealth. The Tans brains seem to have gotten bigger to, if there patrolling an area and its a mission where you arent suppose to be caught and they here your gun shot, they will run, dive back behind a rock, sandbag, etc. and pop up and shoot you so it makes it harder. The game also made the basic rifle have a better sound to it. They also added the Combat Cam which if you can remember, was in Army Men 3D where it has the camera up about 5 inches away from the end of the gun at an angle so they took the crosshairs off that was in Sarges Heros. Overall, its a great game, i highly recommend it if you like World War 2 combat.
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on April 13, 2002
Ok, Im not Mary Ray, Im her son, But anyway... WHAT IS THIS GAME, IS IT A LEGEND?! I have never, in my entire life, seen a cooler army game. I am in love with this game. Ah, we first met when I went to rent Tony Hawk 3. They didnt have it and I noticed all these army games and asked my dad if we could rent this one because World War would attract attention ya know, and he said yes. As soon as I started it I couldnt believe my eyes! Its so cool! Sure level 4 is a little hassel but you get through it. And as far as what most of the other reviewers say about the graphics, my response is: Dark? Hah, my [rear]! Overall its a great game and I highly recomend you to get it... unless your one of those other bozoes who think its [junk].
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on April 10, 2000
Anyone who has played the original Army Men 3D for the Playstation knows how fast and fun the game is, Sarge's Heros was a real let down and I was hoping that this game would mark a return to the standards set by the original does not. This game is an improvement over the terrible Sarge's Heros but still a disapointment. The game includes one and two player modes. In two player there are several senarios to hunt down your co-player on. The graphics are different, the environments are more complex, often you are not able to walk under a leaf or around a small rock. The prespective (view) has changed also, to zoom in and out is an awkward process. Health kits, flamethrower fuel and grenades blend in with the background. The .50 caliber guns are not powerful enough. In one player mode on the hard setting the artificial intelligence often did not allow the enemy to attack me even when I was in plain view and firing at them. In two player you are not allowed to assign your allies to defend or attack, the computer does it for you. The overall control of the game play is slower and bulkier than the original game. Rent this game before you buy it, I wish I had. The first Army Men 3D is still king of the hill. Wake up 3DO!
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on September 21, 2015
Army Men: World War. The first game in the World War sub-series in the Army Men video game franchise, which I quite honestly believe is the most underrated video game franchise in history, at least for me. It's the Green plastic army at war with the Tan plastic army one again, and you are the Green Nation's only hope.

World War, like most Army Men games, is a 3rd person shooter. You start out with the trusty rifle, as well as a bayonet, and pick up a variety of other weapons throughout the levels. This includes the bazooka, flamethrower, mortar, grenades, and more. But watch out, because the Tan have all of these weapons as well. Missions may involve escorting a platoon of Blue tanks through a level, finding and destroying enemy gunposts, or storming a hostile beach V-day style. The gameplay is very fun, if somewhat marred by mildly stiff controls.

Graphics are near the bottom of the barrel for the PlayStation. With grainy, ugly textures that would make someone thing the game was released in 1994 rather than 2000, I hope you're not expecting a dazzling display of what the PS1 was capable of.

Music is very ambient with bits of classical 'army tunes' scattered throughout, personally I thought it made the game very immersive. There's enough good music in here though to give it a thumbs up, particularly the menu theme.

In the end Army Men: World War is a very good game underneath the muddy visuals, I heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys 3rd person shooters, war games, as well as those with friends and family as World War also offers a fun multiplayer versus mode to boot. I'd give it closer to 4.5 if I was able, but 5 will suffice given this game's ludicrously low Amazon rating.

I hope I helped you in any way. If you enjoy this game I also heavily recommend Army Men 3D, my personal favorite Army Men on the PlayStation.
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on November 3, 2000
#1 - VISIBILITY. I had to screw with the brightness on my television just so I could see the opening screen right. Everything is in a million shades of green, and you'll be constantly running into obstacles, trying to turn yourself around while an enemy slowly chips away at your health.
#2 - DIFFICULTY. On the easist setting, I still can only get three levels into the game. It's not that I'm a lousy gamer, it's just that certain spots where there may be a concentration of plastic helicoptors, infantry, etc., are next to impossible to get around. I let a friend who is an excellent gamer borrow it for a week, and he couldn't get any farther than I did.
#3 - TWO-PLAYER MODE. Two-player modes are supposed to be fun. This one, well... isn't. The levels are too big, and you'll spend ten minutes hunting down your friend's flag, and once one of you gets the other's flag, it's too easy to cross back over into your territory without getting caught.
Please, I beg of you, don't make this an impulse buy like I did! Rent first, and even then you'll probably feel like you've wasted your money. (1.5 stars)
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on April 9, 2000
Armymen Worldwar is not an improvement from Armymen 3D. The graoics are weaker, the levels are shorter, and the gameplay is slower. Don't get me wrong, the game is still fun but the gameplay is so slow that you feel like you are going to crush the controller just to turn around. The map is cofusing compared to the original. You can't tell where you are or where you're going. On the up side, the sound is realistic and the themes are good - no cockroaches or tennis shoes to deal with. But all in all it falls a little short of the original.
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on June 23, 2015
it was basically like playing armymen 3d but with glitches so bad there was no way of completing the level sober. enemies will vanish with in thin air and the re appear. if your going to buy one of the army men series games cant go wrong with sarges heroes
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on June 23, 2000
this game is another good army men series addition. The game is very fun.with the tan soldiers smarter to make the game more fun. with awesome new weopens including a 50. calibur machine gun and other classic weopens including flamethrower and bazoka you can shoot burn and blow up your tan enimies. you can also contol a tank, jeep, a pt boat and guns on a trian, but the down side is the graphics. you would think they would be better but there not. but the game is still fun and worth buying.
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on April 12, 2000
Not anywhere as good or fun as the original Armymen 3D. This game has one and two player modes. The graphics and fighting environments have been "improved". There are times when your soldier cannot walk under a leaf or around a small rock, the zoom feature which worked so well in the original has been replaced with an inferior much slower zoom/aim feature. Ammo crates so easy to see and obtain in the original have been replaced by icons that are hard to see against the background of plants and rocks. In two player mode you are not able to assign your allies to attack or defense, the computer does it for you. While playing the computer I noticed the artificial intelligence seemed to get confused, for example while attacking a villiage a bunch of tan soldiers ran to attack me, they then stopped and stood there while I blasted away at them. You are often able to stand in sight of the enemy and get no reaction, even in the hard setting. Many actions are slower than in Armymen 3D. On the bright side it is better than Sarge's Heros, there are no bathtub battle senarios, this is more realistic. It is cool the way you have to "finish off" the wounded enemy. I was real excited about this game, I bought the day it went on sale, it was a real let down to me. We will just have to keep playing the original to have fun game play. You will find nothing like Snake Canyon, Cabin Fever or Tanks Alot in this new game, sorry back to the drawing board.
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on April 9, 2000
Just Bought it and love it , great multiplayer, fun story! Become engulfed in a World War Army Men style
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