Customer Reviews: Arris Touchstone TM822G DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Ultra-High Speed Telephony Modem
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on October 18, 2012
I wanted to share my experience in provisioning a brand new Arris TM822G to work with Comcast. Long read but I hope it helps someone out there.

I was tired paying $7 a month 'leasing' a modem from Comcast (TM722). So I did some research by looking on the Comcast supported devices page and purchased a brand new TM822G online.

On 10/15/12 I received the modem and called Comcast customer service tech support. I told them I purchased a modem and that I wanted to give them my MAC and MTA so they could update their records and enable the modem for phone and internet. The rep I spoke to said that it was fine but for some reason they weren't able to remove my old Comcast modems serial number from their system. They said they would call me back later in the day once a supervisor completed that step.

I received that follow up call and the rep informed that the TM822G was only capable for internet and not telephony. I stressed to the rep that the modem was fully compatible and that it could handle internet and telephony. The rep would not yield and I finally asked for a supervisor. Supervisor came on the line and stated that the 3rd party modem was not supported by Comcast and that I would need to purchase a modem directly from best buy.

I showed the supervisor that the TM822G was compatible per [...] The supervisor then put me on hold for 15 minutes. When he came back on the line his trump card was that the modem was only certified for internet and NOT telephony. This was a total farce but I knew I wasn't getting anywhere. I ended the call.

I called Comcast again and spoke to another tech support agent and told them that I wanted to enable a new modem for Internet. They complied and I gave them the MAC of the TM822G. A few minutes passed the modem rebooted and I had internet access. I ended the call.

Next I called 1-800-931-0790 and told them that I bought my own modem and have already registered it with Comcast. I told the rep that would like to activate/transfer my existing phone
number to it. They verified the EMTA-MAC number and took about 10-15
minutes programming and restarting the modem. After the tech finished
they asked me to verify that the phone was working by answering an automated Comcast call. It did and I ended the call. So my internet and telephone were working on my new TM822G.

Here is where it gets aggravating the rep that activated telephony called me back a few hours later telling me that I would need to return my old Comcast modem to a returns center. And that when I got there I had to tell the agent at the returns center to remove the serial number of the old Comcast modem from my account. If I didn't do this in within 3 days Comcast's system would disable my modem.

I thanked her and ended the call.

On 10/18/12 I drove an hour and half to the Comcast Returns center nearest to me. I told the agent at the counter that I was returning an old modem as I had purchased my own and that I wanted Comcast to stop charging me for $7 a month for the modem rental. The Comcast agent said that was fine. I also told her that my phone and internet were working just fine on the new modem and that I wanted them to update their records with the new modems serial number. She took my old modem and then gave me a receipt for the modem return. Then she began to say that the system wouldn't let her remove my old modems serial number from their system. After she made 4 phone calls she came back to tell me that the system doesn't allow them to remove the modem serial number from my account because it is tied to a telephone.

I told her that my telephone was working fine with the new modem. Then this is where I began to get aggravated. She begins to tell me that ALL modems are plug and play and that it works automatically when I plugged it in. I told her this is not how it worked and that I called Comcast earlier in the week to give them my new modems MAC and MTA. Once they had this info they provisioned my modem to work for internet AND telephone.

She said that this was not possible as only Best Buy modems would work with both internet and telephone. At this point I realized I wasn't dealing with anyone proficient in basic tech support so I didn't want to argue with her. She then told me to call Comcast support to have them remove the old modems serial number. So I sat down in the Comcast Returns Center lounge and used their phone to call Comcast tech support. Here is where you are going to laugh. After telling the agent on the phone my situation and that I WAS CALLING FROM A COMCAST RETURNS CENTER PHONE KIOSK he proceeds to tell me that he is going to ship an empty UPS returns box to my house so I could send back my old modem to Comcast. After a moment of silence I reminded the phone rep that I was currently inside a Comcast returns center and that I didn't sleep walk there. I was there to return Comcast's equipment hence me being at the Comcast return center.

He found this funny as well but said that the telephony modems had to be shipped somewhere special where they could be wiped. I said that was fine as I didn't want waste anymore of my day at the Returns center. I ended the call.

The lady at the returns center was making more phone calls whilst I was talking to the rep on the phone. She finally said that she didn't know how to remove the serial number of the old modem from my account other than disconnecting my service which would cause me to lose my home phone number. I told her that since my phone and internet were working fine on the new modem not to touch anything on my account. She then realized what a cluster f&$# this was and got permission to remove the $7 rental fee from my account. She made me take the old modem home and so now I am waiting for a UPS box from Comcast so I can return my old modem.

The irritating part is that Comcast still has the old modems serial number hard coded on my account. This means that if their system does some check this might disable my phone and internet. It would have been much easier if they didn't charge rental fees for modems.

Hope someone out there gets some benefit from the gauntlet I had to go through.

Here's some helpful hints:
There are three different ways
to install your phone modem. 1.) Initially, follow the Comcast
Self-Activation instructions. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY! 2.) If
that doesn't work, then you will have to call Comcast to have them register
the new modem with the C-MAC number (located on the back of the modem).
Then, you will call the separate self-install phone number to
activate/transfer the phone number on the new modem. 3.) Take your unit to
a local Comcast connection center located in limited Best Buy stores (check
for you area) and have them add the unit to your account, then go back and
do step number 1.

Comcast Self-Activation
1. Have your account number
2. Write down the CMAC address from the back of the modem
3. Plug in an Ethernet cable from the new modem directly into a computer (if
you have a wireless router, set it aside for now).
4. Connect the cable
coax (cable line) from your existing modem into the newly purchased modem.

5. Plug in the new modem so it turns on and wait up to 30 mins. (modems
don't have an on/off switch).
6. Power-on the computer, or turn it off
and back on if already on. It should connect and obtain an IP address from
the modem.
7. Open up a web browser (ie. Firefox (is easiest), Internet
Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) Or type in
[Amazon Removed URL]
8. Internet is not connected yet, but you
should get a "Comcast activation" page (refresh or try different browsers
if necessary until it pops up)
9. Enter your account number into the box
on the self activation page and follow instructions.
10. Comcast should
respond that it has found your modem. Follow the step-by-step instructions
until you get to the page to activate the device(s). TURN OFF activation of
any TV devices (button on right side next to each device line shown on the
page) before proceeding (they have already been activated when you
installed the service and doing it again may mess that up). You should only
activate the new Internet and Telephony‟ modem.
11. At the completion of
the process you should be able to browse the internet as you could before.
If you had a wireless router connected to the modem before, you can
reconnect it now (may require a power-cycle to re-connect).

If the
self-activation process indicates that it was successful (may take up to 10
minutes) and the phone is working, then you are finished. If not, and only
the internet is working, then skip to step number 5 under the manual
activation instructions.

Modems can be taken to your local Comcast
connection center and then can enter the modem in manually, then you should
certainly be able to complete the steps above.

If internet
self-activation didn't work, then begin following the steps below.

Manual Activation
1. Connect your new modem: Connect the new modem
same exact way as the previously leased modem and call 1-800-XFINITY
(Easier to work with than 1-800-Comcast).
2. Enter the 10 digit phone
number associated with the account.
3. Press 1 For Technical Assistance:
Automated voice prompts for a description - say Internet not working or
can't connect to Internet and you will be diverted to a call center. If you
say "Phone not working‟, they will divert you to the wrong call center.
Some Comcast franchises claim they cannot activate the modem because "the
only voice modem customers can own must be purchased at Best Buy (TM722G)".
Comcast approves of user's owning their own modems and the Arris TM502G,
TM602G, TM702G, TM722G, and Thomson(RCA) DHG 535 are all 3-star‟ compliant
modems (highest rating) according to their corporate techs, so don't take
"NO‟ for an answer. The following link to the Comcast technical support
page confirms this (and lists all approved devices):

4. Verify Account With Tech: Ask
to register the new modem, (the tech may inquire about it being a voice
modem, tell them a tech provided you with the self install number to call
to get your phone number provisioned/transferred on the new modem, in which
case you tell them you just want to get the internet activated with them).
Give them the CMAC number, it will take them a few minutes (sometimes up to
30 mins) to see it come online and you may need to restart (power off with
battery out) or reset it (button on the back), or restart your computer.
You may need to call a couple times to ensure the Comcast Rep did indeed
remove the old modems Cmac #, and entered in your newly purchased modems
number correctly onto your account. Your main objective when calling
1-800-Xfinity is to have them just register the Cmac number correctly onto
your account; no matter what you have to say or do to get it done,

After the modem is online, registered, and the internet
is working(preferably working, but not required as the next department can
run some tests to get the internet working)

tell them you have bought your own modem and have already registered it
with Comcast, and would like to activate/transfer your existing phone
number to it. They will verify the EMTA-MAC number and take around 10-15
minutes programming and restarting the modem. After the tech is finished
they will ask you to verify the phone is working, and you are all done!

6. Take the Comcast Leased Modem Back. Take the Comcast leased modem
back to one of the service centers nearest you and they will give you a
receipt to confirm the lease return. What you say to them after that is up
to you? Keep the receipt they gave you with your account information in
case you still get incorrectly billed for a rental modem.

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on January 8, 2013
Like my TM822G's install, I'll keep this short and sweet.

- I installed the TM822G's battery (sold seperatly).
- Connected my existing cable to the TM822G's cable input.
- Connected my PC's network cable directly to the TM822G's ethernet port.
- Connected my telephone line to the TM822G's Tel 1 input.
- Connected power to the TM822G.

After a couple of minutes, the PC acquired an IP address. Then I performed the following steps.

Opened the Web browser to -[]

As prompted, I entered my account number and telephone, then selected next. The TM822G had little activity followed by the browser prompt for me to verify the CMAC matched the oned displayed in the browser. The remaining prompt was to verify that I wanted to activate the device.

Upon verifying that I wanted to activate the device, the device reset several times, completed the the provisioning/setup process and ended with confirmation that the device setup was complete. The completion screen also provided a link to test my telephone's operatoin, with an automated test call, which was also good.

I finished things up with a speed test - DL=25.48/UL=4.03. Then I disconnected my PC's network cable from the TM822G and connected it's original port on my wireless router, connected my wireless router's WAN connection port to the TM822G and power cycled my wireless router. Within a minute, the rest of my network was up.

Overall, the setup was easy. No interaction was required by company X. Don't pay company X to do it. Just be sure that you buy a device that isn't attached to someone else's account and you should be fine.

Good Luck!

*** Added 3/6/15 - It's been a couple of years now and I'm still loving my TM822G.
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on August 20, 2012
I wanted to write this review since no one has been able leave feedback to let us know if this works with Comcast. I purchased this modem before I ordered Comcast Triple play from BestBuy (I also bought Comcast TM722 modem package sold at BestBuy, which is older version of this modem that is currently in use by Comcast installers). I read reviews stating that it did not work with Comcast but I ordered it anyways. The night before Comcast scheduled visit, I connected the modem (house was previously wired for Comcast) and to my surprise, after a few minutes of blinking lights, all of them turned green and my iMac obtained an IP address. I fired up Safari and was redirected to the activation page. I was asked to put in account number (got it at BestBuy when I ordered the Comcast services) and phone number. After a few minutes of activation, my internet and phone started to work!!!
The next day, installer came in to deliver my cable box but he didn't have to do anything else since all services were already working. However, few hours later my phone went offline (internet and cable were still working). I went to chat with customer service and they told me the same old story quoted in all reviews written on here, that the modem was not supported. Yet! They asked me to call back tomorrow and talk to activation department to see if they could help (800-931-0790). So, I did. A very friendly rep (named Nick) tried to reset the modem multiple times but no success in provisioning it to make the phone work (internet and cable still worked). He said, he would call the higher tier support and would let me know. In the next 30 minutes, the phone started to work!!!. I've had this working for over 24 hours now. I would suggest to buy the battery, as in my opinion, the modem will try to keep "telling" Comcast it doesn't have a backup battery and that may prompt phone service to be interrupted ($12 on Ebay). Also you can buy the same modem with battery for $50 on Ebay, though you are taking a risk if it doesn't get activated (mine did and works fine), you won't be able to return it. I hope this will help many of you who wished to buy the new generation modem instead of the the one sold by Comcast and save some money avoiding rental fees.
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on January 3, 2015
There are several variants of this modem that are specific to different ISP networks. Arris told me that this modem is not supposed to be sold to retail consumers. In short, the model I received is not compatible with my network (Comcast) as I was shipped the variant for Optimum. The part numbers are subtly different: TM822G/CV (optimum) or TM822G/CT (comcast). There is no way to choose which one you want when you purchase and no information from the vendor on Amazon that the unit will only work with a specific ISP. I am going to attempt to return mine, though I bought it about 6 months ago and only now have had time to attempt an install. Arris actually recommends Comcast users buy the TG862G/CT retail kit which is available from multiple sources (including Amazon) and designed for retail consumer installs.
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on December 18, 2014
Purchased new Arris TM822G modem through Zumbee Inc and shipped/fulfilled by Amazon, and activated it on 12/12/14. Ordered on Thurs eve and was delivered on Sunday at noon by US postal service - the postal worker said they only work on Sundays for Amazon. Contacted Zumbee several times via email before purchase and they always responded promptly. Modem was new as described and works perfectly with Comcast.

There was no user guide in package (downloaded later), just the warranty pamphlet, which is not valid. I contacted Zumbee seller and Arris manufacturer via email about warranty and both confirmed that while it's legal for 3rd parties to sell Arris modems, a marketplace seller on Amazon is not an authorized retailer, so there is no manufacturer warranty for the Arris modem. However, Zumbee said they would give 30 days warranty and 90 days replacement after that. I purchased a 3-year Square Trade "PC Peripherals Protection Plan" from Amazon for a cheap twenty bucks (check out my review for Square Trade). Warranty covers free shipping both ways, repair, replacement, cash, or gift card, at their discretion. The warranty has to be purchased on Amazon within 30 days of purchasing the item to be covered.

Was simple to setup with Comcast self-activation. Please note that I am already a Comcast subscriber for phone, internet, and tv, and I bought this telephony modem to replace the leased telephony modem. If you are a new customer to Comcast for internet and/or phone, your experience might be different. Also, be aware that you should not plug in your telephone wire into the modem, if you are coming from regular phone service from a telephone company. Something about the power in the telephone wiring that can fry the modem. A Comcast telephony modem has to have a technician come out and do something to the telephone wiring so it fits the specs of the modem. We had that done last year, and it was free with the signup of a new account.

So here are the steps I took:

1. Downloaded the TM822G user guide and accessed support pages related to the TM822G from I read the user guide and decided that I would NOT setup the TCP/IP configuration as instructed, as I assumed that would probably be automatic. The user guide is helpful, though, to know how the status lights work, install the battery pack, access the modem settings, etc.

Link for the TM822G user guide:

Link for accessing other info that is not included in the user guide:

Choose TM822G/CT, even if your model number does not have the "CT" suffix. The other TM822G links don't seem to work. Also, leave the Topic and Keyword sections blank, and select Search. This will return all possible instructions for the TM822G...except for the user guide.

2. Disconnected the leased modem and router completely from the wall outlets.

3. Plugged in the new modem for power and for Ethernet to computer only, to view the modem status before I connected the cable. I DID NOT connect the cable, router, or telephone, nor did I install the battery pack. I wanted the simplest set-up possible at first, and I also wanted to check the Firmware version before a new one got applied (FYI, as soon as you connect the cable, it will download firmware). I took screen shots of all the status pages, to compare later on. To access Arris modem status, type in in your web browser. Firmware was dated 2012.

4. Attached the cable to the modem. Let it sit for 30 minutes and watched it cycle through several times. Then I disconnected all wires from the back of the modem, let it sit for 30 seconds, then re-attached. Waited 5 minutes for things to re-initialize.

5. Accessed the status pages again to confirm the Firmware upgrade - newer 2013 version was applied. Took screen shots of all the status pages again. Because the phone line was not connected and there was no battery pack, I got messages saying that the phone was not activated and there was no battery pack.

6. Connected the phone line and went to, upon which the self-activation page was displayed. I chose the link for "existing customers", where I typed in my email and password. The activation page made me wait about 5 minutes, after which it said everything was activated. I did not have to enter the MAC address, Serial no, Model no, etc.

7. Logged into my Comcast account to confirm that the new modem was added to my devices. It was added to internet devices, but not phone devices - oh well, the phone worked and the device was added in internet, so I decided not to worry about it. The Model no. and CMAC address was already added, but the Serial no. was blank.

8. Accessed the modem status again and took screen shots of all the status pages again. It showed that the phone was activated, and that I had 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels. Double-checked the signal levels with the TM822G Signal Levels spec sheet I accessed from It's important to review these levels. For instance, too much power in the upstream direction will shorten the life of the modem. I also confirmed that the LAN was connected to 1000 Mbps internet, and it was. All looked good!

Link for TM822G Signal Levels spec sheet:

9. Completed a Comcast Speed Test. I was a chronic "speed checker" before the install, and I was well aware of what the speeds were with the leased modem - 26 down / 5 up, for IPv4 only (leased modem did not have IPv6). After the new modem, it was 29/6 up for IPv4 and 29/0.8 up for IPv6. Googled the slow up speed for IPv6. It's a setting in Device Manager - Network Adapters - Right click on adapter - Properties - Advanced - DISABLE "Large Send off load IPv6". Decided to do the same thing for IPv4 (in case one day I get the super-high capacity internet package). Ran speed test again, and it was 29/6 for both IPv4 and IPv6.

10. Connected my wireless router, Linksys N750/EA3500 and installed the battery pack in the modem. Wireless worked…and it’s faster, especially the 2.4GHz band at farther distances. Even though I only installed a new modem, maybe the slightly faster speed of the new modem is somehow enabling the wireless to be faster? I used to get only 2 - 5 Mbps down in the guest house (where router is located in the main house), and now I get 5 - 20.

11. A few days later I used Comcast chat customer service (I hate calling those people) to inform them of my newly self-activated retail modem, and gave them the Serial no. They did some sort of "check" that involved me losing internet for a few minutes during the chat, and then the chat resumed. That chat lasted about 10 minutes. I took a screen shot of the chat, and also printed it, to prove that this is retail modem, and not a leased modem, in case Comcast decides to charge me a non-returned equipment fee if I decide to cancel one day (I’ve heard they like to do that).

12. Made multiple copies of my modem receipt and made sure to save the Amazon purchase email, for same reason noted in previous step.

13. After I had the modem a few weeks, I registered the modem with my 3-Year Square Trade PC Peripherals Protection Plan via the Login link that was in the Square Trade email purchase confirmation. I did not upload the modem purchase receipt yet - that’s not required, but I’ll do it when I get to it, as it can serve as a backup if I lose my receipt.

14. Kept the leased modem for a couple weeks to ensure that everything worked ok. Then I returned the leased modem to the nearest UPS store, in which Comcast has recently partnered with to provide customers the option of returning Comcast equipment for FREE (yay !!). The shipping is free and you do not need to bring packaging. Just fill out your account info as requested (bring a recent bill with you), double check they enter the serial number correctly, MAC address, etc, and get a tracking number. I WILL KEEP ALL PAPERS FROM UPS FOREVER AND EVER to prove that I returned it. Confirmed that the item was delivered via the tracking number and printed out the delivery confirmation. AGAIN, I’M KEEPING THIS PAPER FOREVER AND EVER.

15. Decided not to do the TCP/IP configuration as instructed in the user guide, as everything is working fine.

review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 28, 2012
This cable / telephony modem is at the leading edge of technology, HOWEVER, Comcast is years behind in their adoption of this unit. My local Comcast tech said that this out performs any modem on the market, but he can't put on its system because it hasn't been approved. Check with your local provider prior to purchase.

As an update (10/06/12) - I just found out that as of the first part of September, Comcast has FINALLY approved this modem for use on it's service. Great news for those of us who were ahead of the curve.
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on July 3, 2013
Just received this about 30 minutes ago to my doorstep.

Unpacked it, plugged in the power cable, the yellow Ethernet cable (comes with it), installed the battery, and attached my phone cord to it.

Then I attached the other end of the Ethernet cable to my laptop directly.

I disabled my wi-fi network, and enabled the LAN connection (Windows Vista)

It took about 5 minutes before the laptop recognized that it was on the internet, once this was the case, I opened Google Chrome and it took me directly to the xfinity webpage to activate my new device -- I have cable modem and voice --

I clicked on an agreement, hit "next" and it began the process, and approximated 10 minutes.

After 20 minutes, it seemed about 1/5 of the way complete according to a status bar, and Chrome indicated to me that the xfinity webpage was not responding. All the lights were working on the modem, I picked up my phone at this time and the I heard the dialtone.

I opened a website, [...] and it worked fine. Apparently it was probably done activating 5-10 minutes prior to me recognizing that the website was hung. Oh well, it worked fine and I didn't have to speak with anyone at Comcast (that's always a good thing).

My download rate is 28mbps, up is 6mbps -- about the same as prior to the upgrade with my old cable modem, Arris T400 series

My purpose for upgrading was because of frequent (once or twice a day) dropouts in the 'net service, and I've already changed all the RG6 wiring both inside the house and I replaced my own drop line to the house with quad-shield 3ghz 18awg RG6 burial grade/flooded cable. Hopefully the problem was my old rented Arris T400 series cablemodem that I've had for 4 years now. My secondary reason to get this was to stop renting the damn modem from Comcast!

Will give it 5 stars if it continues to work well for me down the line, but for now, it gets 4 stars because it was a breeze to install.


Update 7/4/2013:

I get home from work to find that the modem light activity looks normal, but no internet connectivity and my phone has no dialtone, and my Comcast HD Tuners work fine -- no problem with TV. My wireless router is working fine (brand new Cisco router). I rest the Arris modem and it does not light up normally -- it shows two orange lights and a few green -- online is NOT lit up -- something is wrong.

I call Comcast -- I get ahold of a rather intelligent representative who states there was an electronic "audit" of my account, and two modems were found on it, my old T402 (haven't returned it to comcast yet) and the new Arris -- she can't remove the T402 until I return it to the Comcast service center. Also, she reset the new Arris and everything worked again, took the EMTA and Serial numbers (I only had an EMAC number to give her) -- she then tells me this: Only people who buy this from BEST BUY can upgrade their cablemodems with Comcast, and therefore I may continue to have this modem shut down, even after i return the old one. What????!!!

She is currently emailing someone else in the "modem activation" department etc etc to see if this is truly the case and will get back with me apparently to let me know the good or bad news. I clearly discussed with her that there are many happy customers that wrote reviews stating this modem worked just fine with their Xfinity service, and I can't imagine I'll be the only one this won't work for. She told me that some people may not be updated on things and hopefully this will work.

Wow. At least I was dealing with a very reasonable person who was able to quickly restore my cablemodem.

The jury is still OUT on this one folks.. will write back with more info as soon as I know. The four star rating just went to a 3 star rating, all thanks to Comcast.


Update: Comcast just left voicemail, same representative as above: "We don't support cablemodems that were not sold by best buy, sorry"

Update: Called another comcast rep, he states he's never heard of such a thing, people buy cable modems from ebay and they work fine with Comcast/Xfinity, Best Buy has nothing to do with it. He states I should have no problem; I tell him, sorry if I don't have much faith in your words, but please put me on with someone who can guarantee this: He puts me on conference with a lady who apparently authenticates all these modems and she states very clearly, you do NOT have to buy this from Best Buy, and this modem is 100% supported whether you buy it from ebay, from Amazon, or from the Dali Lama. I said ok, please put a note in my account stating to the customer rep I'll be seeing on Monday (at the Customer service center to drop my old modem off) that I want my $7.00/month taken off my account and the old serial number and old EMTA-MAC address taken off the account. She put that note in apparently.

OMG!! This has been 3.5 hours on the phone with comcast!!!!

Crossing my fingers that I have no further issues... (will give product 5 stars as none of this is the product's fault, and thus far is has been doing well)

** Update (again) ***

I returned the rented cablemodem to a comcast service center, no problems, she printed out a form for me to sign and handed me a copy. So far, it's been two days of uptime and the modem has been working well, no apparent dropouts. Now, i will scrutinize my comcast bill to find out if they successfully drop the $7.00/month charge and give me any issues on this...

** final update **

For over 14 months since getting this modem, I've been on the phone with Comcast, sometimes 3-4x a month trying to get it back on my account -- they keep adding my old leased modem to my account and punt this one (TM822G) off. When it works and Comcast isn't screwing with me, it works great -- never a glitch, 30mbps pretty much all the time. Last night was the final straw -- once again Comcast punted the CMAC address for the TM822G and re-assigned my old leased modem -- I called and was on the phone with a bunch of idiots (most of which barely speak english) and are hyper-apologetic but have NO ANSWERS for you. They have no idea what is going on - finally a "level 2" tech (I think they make up these titles on the fly) told me this modem's CMAC address was already assigned to a guy in Miami, Florida -- and I live in Illinois. As far as I know, I've been the only owner of this modem and bought it new from Amazon!! Perhaps this was a REFURB modem and a guy prior to me owned the internal hardware. At any rate, they found out that since this was "disabled" in the comcast system, the modem would be disconnected once a month or whenever the Comcast bots did their sweep of all inactive modems. Perhaps someone tried to clone my CMAC address? I don't know, I got so frustrated that I went and re-leased a new TM822G from comcast -- i'm sick of dealing with Comcast and this issue -- it's not worth to me the $7/month savings over this garbage. you win, Comcast, touche.

Buyer beware -- are you getting a refurb modem from this company selling this item and if so -- please check with comcast to make sure the CMAC address on your modem is clear for use and not "disabled" in the comcast system.
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on January 26, 2015
I read some of the horror stories from past reviewers and almost didn't buy this. So glad I went for it, for me this was easy breezy rice and cheesy. I think Comcast has improved the self install experience since the scary reviews. I never had to call their "customer service" to complete this install, and my download speed went from 59.79 MBPS with the rental TM722 up to 125.92 MBPS on the new TM822G. Plus I am no longer paying the recently increased 10/month rental fee. This is a no brainer, it's rare that the things you buy pay for themselves.

What you'll need:
1. TM822G, it's backup battery (if available) and it's power cord
2. Ethernet cable
3. Computer
4. Your Comcast Account Number
5. Your Phone Number

1. Install the TM822G backup battery (if available, for me this was included in the box with the TM822G, maybe I got lucky?).
2. Disconnect the existing modem, Power Cable, Coax, Phone, and Ethernet (Set old modem and power cord aside for return to Comcast).
3. Power down your Wireless Router.
4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the back of your TM822G then directly into your powered down computer (not into your wireless router yet).
5. Connect the Phone line to the [Tel 1/2] (far left) input, and Coax cable to the back of the TM822G.
6. Connect the Power cable to the back of your TM822G and plug it in. Allow a few minutes for the TM822G to power up completely.
7. Power up the computer you connected to your TM822G via the Ethernet cable in Step 4, allow your computer to boot up completely.
8. Open your internet browser and go to -[].
9. Comcast will detect your new device and prompt you to enter your Account Number and Phone number then click Continue. Comcast's self install system now takes over and moves to step 2 of 3 where it activates and provisions your new TM822G; this takes about 10 minutes. Then step 3 of 3 will open asking you to confirm your install, click continue and you're almost done.
10. Power down your computer and disconnect the Ethernet cable.
11. Connect the Ethernet cable from your Wireless Router to the back of the TM822G, and power up your Wireless Router.
12. Try making and receiving a phone call, and test your wireless network, you might enjoy a Comcast speed test.
13. Return your old modem to a Comcast store. (Try to go on a weekday morning, otherwise those places are worse than the DMV used to be). When you finally get service hand them the old modem, and tell them you purchased a new modem so you would no longer need to pay the rental fee. Make sure your service rep confirms they removed the rental fee from your account, then get a receipt that shows you returned your old modem. Hang onto the receipt in case you notice an error on your next bill.

You're done, enjoy your monthly savings, and improved performance.
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on February 23, 2013
So far so good. I have the Arris TM822G installed now for 3-days and no apparent issues. I, like others that have posted reviews, was tired of renting a telephony modem from Comcast/Xfinity. I thought about purchasing my own a couple years back but balked at the cost because it would take about 2.5 years to break even. But here it was 2-years later, and I was still renting. I do see myself with Comcast for awhile (fastest internet around), so I finally decided to just take the plunge and gain some satisfaction of ownership. Being this is a DOCSIS-3.0 unit, it should be a valid modem for years to come.

It actually surprised me how well the installation went. I have a Netgear wireless router, and I decided to just go for it and just replace the new modem in the network chain, keeping the router attached. That part was totally simple. I just unplugged the network cable and telephone line from the Arris TM602 (i.e., my rental modem) and attach them to the new TM822. Then powered up, and waited a short while for it to validate and connect with Comcast internet. Then on my PC (connected wirelessly) a popup to open a browser came up. Opened the browser and was greeted with the modem registration screen from Comcast. Entered my account number and telephone number, and continued. Took about 10-minutes for everything to be confirmed and I was up and running. I was admittedly surprised. Usually these type of things never seem to go just right. Maybe I was lucky. But that was it. 2-days later I returned the rental unit. No issues there either. Now I am just waiting for my bill to reflect the non-rental $7.00 charge.

Hopefully a few weeks or months from now I will feel the same about this unit. I haven't really noticed any speed improvements. I already had the Powerboost-Blast internet service (residential), which is pretty responsive for the most part (20-25 Mbps down).

One last thing, the unit I bought through Amazon included the standard battery which was nice to have. I read some reviews here where their purchase did not include the battery. Just something you may wish to verify when buying.
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on December 22, 2012
For everyone reading this review, I didn't have any problems installing this modem with comcast. It was very simple, all I did was connect all the cables and I went right away to check on the internet connection. When I opened my internet browser, I had a comcast screen saying they were recognizing the new modem and that they needed my phone number and my account number to register the new modem and complete the set up. After I gave them the info, it waited few minutes and my phone and internet were working perfectly.
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