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on April 20, 2001
In 1999, I GAVE away my Journey tickets to friends when I found out that some Kenny G lookin' dude named Augeri replaced Perry. What a mistake. I missed out. Fan reactions definitely were full of jaw-drops and creative profanity following Augeri's performance. Thinking of Trial By Fire, I bought the new Arrival CD with little enthusiasm. At least the cover doesn't look like an ad for a travel package to Jamaica. Then I heard it off my 10" woofers. Man, I cranked that *&$# up to force the public to hear. That's how much I enjoyed this album. Other reviewers were right to say that it's the best since "Escape." For some reason, "Higher Places" reminded me of Van Halen's "Top of the World". The rock element in Journey has finally surfaced. Van Halen was fortunate to have Sammy Hagar who already made it big as a solo. Journey has a harder road because Augeri is still a no-namer, but have a real chance of restoring itself as a true rock band, something founder Rolie wouldn't mind at all. Bottomline, Arrival is great for Journey fans who can focus appreciation for Schon, Cain and Valory. Die-hard Perry fans will remain unconvinced but tolerate the new Journey as a refreshing oasis in this vast desert of slacker rock, country twang and rap crap.
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on May 8, 2001
I am a die hard Journey fan and was quite skeptical of a new singer. Journey, without Steve Perry, seemed impossible. I watch the VH1 special on Journey (isn't Steve P bitter!) and heard some of the new tracks before the release of Arrival and I was hooked from the 1st time I listened.
Right now DIRECT TV is showing a concert from earlier in the year, taped in Las Vegas and it is fantastic. They have the same great energy and great sound as they always have. Anyone that thinks the Journey ended @ "Frontiers" is sadly mistaken and shoud NOT consider themself a "Journey Fan." "Rasied on Radio" had a lot of good songs as did "Trial by Fire" (admittedly not their best album). Can every album be better then the last? They're musicians, not gods! "Arrival", as a whole, is as good (if not better) than "Rasied on Radio." If you are a true Journey fan then you will love this record. If you are a Steve Perry fan, you will be bitter about it. I love Steve Perry but I was pleasantly surprised to see the bad did not miss a step when the replaced him with the "new Steve."
Still, I hope one day Steve Perry will reunite with the band but that looks to be a school boy's dream @ this point! Enjoy the album!
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on June 19, 2011
I understand that Steve Perry wasn't on this album so a little something is missing but I think Jack Blades song writing is great (though the guitar solo on "World gone wild" is a bit too long). I love his tunes. I put this one in a stack of old and new Journey (six disc set on random) and nothing poked out as hey this isn't Journey. I think they should invite Jack to write more often. I like Augeri's singing and wish he hadn't been too ill to continue. I previously was only familar with his voice from "Red 13" and "Armageddon." After hearing this album, I like it much better. One of my husband's co-workers saw him in concert and said it was just like being at a Steve Perry Journey concert so he was obviously good. Though I think getting Steve Perry back would ultimately be better songwriting-wise he just added something to Jon Cain and Neal Schon who are great tune-smiths and I love "Bad English" songs but I think somehow John Waite must have motivated them to make their songs better just like I think Steve Perry did. No great hits but a really solid album worth adding to your stack for the price they are selling it at. "Kiss me softly" is definitely worth a listen if you want a nice romantic tune to set a mood for a romantic dinner.
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on July 9, 2004
This is a great album, hands down. This might be the only album that I can sit down and listen through the whole thing without skipping a song.
When I heard Perry was replaced with some no name singer by the name of Steve Augeri, I was shocked. But one day I stumbled about the internet and found I decided to give them a shot and checked out the live video of "Higher Place". I was blown away and went out the next day and bought the DVD, Arrival, and Red 13. It took a while to make my Dad accept that Perry was gone and I finally got him to listen to all the new Journey material. He loved it. In fact, I just made my Dad buy tickets to one of their live shows this month.
My favorites I would have to say are "Higher Place", "Signs of Life", "World Gone Wild", "Nothin' Comes Close", and "To Be Alive Again". Also the openning drum solo on "We Will Meet Again" is awesome and Steve's vocals on "Kiss Me Softly" are amazing.
So, I ask you. What are you waiting for? Buy this CD, Red 13, and the live DVD right now. And if you still have some money left check out and see if they're playing anywhere near you so you can buy some tickets to one of their shows.
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on January 28, 2014
I had this one when it was first released and saw Journey with Steve Augeri. One year later, this CD disappeared along with a lot of my other stuff, if you get my drift. Not wanting to be reminded of this, I never bothered to replace it until now. What was my inspiration to replace it? Steve Augeri will be performing near my area in a few weeks, so I checked out those old sound clips. My reaction was that this was some damn good music and I should just forget about the past and replace it. The mail lady dropped it off on my front step a little while ago while I stayed home to avoid icy roads. This puppy rocks for the most part and is very upbeat. The only cut that I don't like is the mushy Loved By You, but the other 14 songs deserve my high rating.

It is also good to note than I am in the 75% group of reviewers who rated this better than 3 stars. I was never one who liked Steve Perry, having been a fan of Journey before he even joined. So, I have no basis to compare him to Steve Perry. However, I have seen Journey with Steve Augeri and their current lead Arnel Pineda. I will take the stage presence of Steve Augeri any day over Arnel, who uses gimmicks like running through the floor of the arena and high-fiving as many of the fans as possible. Any idiot can do a cheap shot like that, but Steve Augeri has a truly awesome stage presence. Many compared him to Steve Perry, but I have no basis for comparing that. It is unfortuante that vocal chord problems caused Mr. Augeri's gradual departure. The follow-up full length CD to this one was called Generations and also has Mr. Augeri on it. The band experimented with all members being featured on lead vocals, which did not work. However, that "experiment" may have been to cover for Steve's vocal chord problems. Hopefully, Journey will bring Mr. Augeri back. Both Augeri and Pineda sound great in the studio, but Augeri's stage presence wins hands down. Journey is best enjoyed in a large arena!
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on December 4, 2000
I just received this album today and I have listened to it 3 times. It's a FANTASTIC album. The members of Journey have done it again. This is a must for Journey Fans. Steve Augeri sounds great and is a fine choice to replace Steve Perry. The bonus track is really good, too bad it isn't slated to be on the US release version. Thanks to the members of Journey for keeping the magic of Journey alive!!!
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Granted there haven't been that many Journey releases in that time period, but Arrival is still the best one. Arrival is, of course, the first Journey album to feature former Tall Stories vocalist Steve Augeri instead of longtime frontman Steve Perry. As far as I'm concerned, Augeri's arrival (sorry, couldn't resist) is the best thing to happen to Journey in quite some time. Sure, his vocal style isn't that far removed from Perry's, but he brought a new energy to the band, and the personality clash that resulted in the lackluster Trial by Fire is no longer an issue.

Arrival is a high energy melodic rock album showcasing a revitalized Journey. The band released some of their best songs in ages. Album opener "Higher Place" is an upbeat rocker, and is easily Arrival's standout track. Some of the other highlights include "All the Way", "Loved by You" (which feature some of the most chillingly beautiful lyrics you could ever hope to hear in a ballad), "World Gone Wild", "To Be Alive Again", and "Kiss Me Softly". At 15 tracks, there is a bit of filler. Songs like "Livin' to Do" and "All the Things" probably should have been left as b-sides. Otherwise, this is a remarkably solid album for a band that was essentially starting over. Augeri makes an impressive debut, and Schon & Co. are all in top form.

Unless you're the most die-hard Steve Perry fan, I just can't see how Arrival could possibly disappoint Journey fans. It's a fantastic album, and a worthy part of the Journey Legacy.
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on May 11, 2001
This is an excellent cd, I bought and it has yet to leave my cd player, This is classic journey, the new vocalist is incredible he can sing every note that steve could and absoloutely takes those vocals to a new height. The words are outstanding, a well written group of songs, Neal sounds incredible as does the rest of the band, I recommend this cd to any journey fan of old and of new, great stuff.
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on October 17, 2006
When Journey came out with their 1996 "Trial By Fire" album, the fans were hopeful to see the Journey that they remembered was back for good. Unfortunately, that was to be the last album with lead singer Steve Perry (read my "Trial By Fire" review to about this transition period).

Jump ahead five years to 2001 and enter new lead singer Steve Augeri and drummer Deen Castronovo. Steve Augeri is no Steve Perry - he doesn't have the range - however, I've seen the "new" Journey twice in concert and he does a nice job of filling that role. Even he admits in interviews that he's "riding the crest" of the former lead singer. He is very humble and feels privileged to be in the group.

With that said, what about former drummer Steve Smith? Apparently he left the 1996 reunion when he found out that Steve Perry was no longer in the group. His replacement was a buddy of Jon Cain's and Neil Schon's from the Bad English years. Deen does a nice job of drumming, but lacks the fine technique and touch that Steve Smith put into his playing. Steve Smith is an incredible jazz drummer. It is this reviewer's opinion that those techniques help to "round out" and not limit a drummer's playing, giving the musician a larger palette to draw from.

The album, on the whole, is very good. There's a lot of music on it - fifteen tracks! It is very apparent that they are drawing from the past; it's almost as if "Departure" meets "Trial By Fire." There is very little of the big synths associated with "Frontiers" and "Raised on Radio," and more acoustic piano and organ. The song structures are less pop and more rock-sounding - one would almost think that Gregg Rollie had a hand in writing a few of the tracks. Songs like "Higher Place," "I Got A Reason," and "To Be Alive Again" all lean back to the "Departure" days, but with a new sound. "Livin' To Do" is a ballad written by Neal Schon about his recovery over his father's death. This song is so well done it could have been included on the "Dream After Dream" soundtrack. Then there's "Kiss Me Softly" that sounds like it came off of Schon's solo album "Electric World" - another well done tune.

There's always a downside to an album and this one has its share of duds. There are too many sappy ballads, all attempts at revitalizing their success with "When You Love a Woman." Tracks 2, 5 and 9 are just filler. Having heard their most recent album, "Generations," I can review this album with hindsight. Tendencies towards the "new sound" rears it's ugly head in "All The Things" and "Nothin' Comes Close" (please read my review on this album for further information).

All in all, it's one that I would recommend to any Journey fan. If you're a diehard Steve Perry fan, you probably won't like it. However, if you're a diehard Journey fan, you won't be disappointed. Remember... Steve Perry didn't join the group until their fourth album.
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on May 26, 2004
I had the pleasure of seeing Journey's DirecTV concert special before the Arrival album's release in 2001, and a lot of people had said the same thing before hand: "Journey without Steve Perry is unthinkable..." then out came Steve Augeri onstage and people were standing there with their mouths down to the ground hearing this guy hit all the notes. Anyone who thinks Journey should have changed directions instead of getting someone who could sing their biggest songs and do them justice needs to ask themselves: Does Journey need to do the songs that made them great or do they need someone like the lead singer of ZZ Top trying to sing Open Arms and Faithfully? Journey is known for those hits and so much more. You need someone who can sing them. Styx, on that same note, found the perfect act to follow Dennis DeYoung in Lawrence Gowan...and in return, we don't have to sit through songs like "Mr. Roboto" and "Babe" in concert, which the rest of the band were never big fans of to begin with. Both Journey's "Arrival" and Styx' "Cyclorama" show what the bands are both made of...and it's a nice progression from what could have been disastrous for both bands. You won't be disappointed in either album...and last year they toured together with REO Speedwagon, and the shows just ROCKED. It's nice to remember all the hits they had with their former lead singers, but it's a testimony to their determination to remain vital musical units that these two albums are as GREAT as they both are. Wherever Steve Perry is, may he come out with some new music as good as this...and I hope he does...nothing against him for his choice to leave, but the band deserves to carry on, and carry on it does well...same goes for Styx!
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