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on September 10, 2012
This player is great and does what the vendor claims it will do. I have tried an ISOO 3D Blu-ray file, MVK, AVI, MP3 and others all of which worked seamlessly. The connection was simple and pretty much plug and play. I used an HDMI cable (one is provided but I did not use it) and then powered up the unit. I then added a USB external hard drive I got from Dell for free (meaning it is definitely not the best). Once I plugged it in I repowered the unit and I would say it took about 1 - 1 ½ minutes for this to come on and see the drive. This might be a bit of an issue for some but not for me, this might also be improved with a more modern drive but I could care less either way. The remote is fine, the only issue I had was turning it on, you have to hold the power button for 1-3 seconds for it to come on the rest of the buttons worked fine in full day light from across the room. Besides the power up speed this unit is killer and played both ISO 3D and side by side 3D without issue along with standard movies as well. It has several audio and video options depending on your configuration. I have an HD/3D receiver that sounded great with the ripped files. I have not tried any audio files with this unit but I would be willing to bet they sound great if the file type and size is there. Bottom line, great product that is worth the money, it works as advertised. The only thing is how long it will last, if the life span is decent then this is the product to get if you are looking for a media player that will play whatever you throw at it. This unit can be configured wirelessly or hard wired, it is not compatible with the PS3, I tried to find it on my server list on the PS3 and it does not see it.
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on September 19, 2012
I was fortunate enough to get one of the very first shipped form Amazon. After now having had the opportunity to use it for a little over a month, I can honestly say this was a great purchase. I have been on the lookout for a streaming solution which would allow me to stream bluray .iso files from my office/media storage PC up to my dedicated theater. I initially tried the Patriot Box Office with Custom Firmware and although it worked - it didn't work very well. I then learned of the HD700 and thought I'd try it out. I can say "it works!"

My PC (server) specs: Intel 3960X, 64GB DDR3 RAM, Kingston HyperX SSD (for Windows 7 OS) and 9TB 7200RPM Storage. I rip all of my BD's to an .iso and store them on the 7200 drives. The bluray iso files are streamed on a gigabit network thru a D-Link (central) switch then to my dedicated theater. To date, the only real issue I've experienced was when trying to utilize the addition of 2 additional D-Link 8 port switches on either end of my network setup (1 on the PC end to allow additional network connections in my office and 1 on the theater end to allow additional network connections on that end), the bluray .iso did stutter. When I removed the D-Link 8 port switches from either end - the stuttering all but stopped. I have tested this with several different files. To date, I have not tried to use this unit wirelessly. I can do so if there is any interest (leave a comment).

I did contact tech support to discuss the aforementioned issue and received a response in about 2 hours which is extremely impressive. In fact, I worked with tech support throughout a weekend and received several personalized responses to numerous questions. Tech support like this is generally impossible. Another impressive aspect was the request by KD Links for suggestions for improvement. I have never had a technology company proactively ask for suggestions on "how can we improve this product". I provided a few suggestions and I'm excited to see if they will be incorporated into future updates.

As for the use of the player, I found it to boot quickly and without any problems logging into my server to locate my files. The display is what I would expect from a bluray iso - excellent. Audio is good as well. The player interface is generally straight forward. Setup was uneventful (which is good). The "Premium Apps" include Youtube, Flicker, Picasa, Yahoo Finance, Facebook, Flingo (?) and Yupptv (?). Navigation using the remote is OK however utilizing the remote to input data is challenging until you get used to it.

Hopefully, future firmware upgrades will allow for a more robust and personalized front end similar to what can be achieved using XBMC with plugins however what is provided with this unit now is certainly more than acceptable. Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase and anticipate it will hold its own for quite some time. If you're looking for a small and quiet unit this may be for you. I have no problem suggesting it to others.
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on August 15, 2012
I already own a kdlinks HD680 which has been the best player until this new HD700 arrived. Ther are several improvements in the HD700 media player. First of all, it has LCD display for playback that helps to see the on/off status. You can also search play time when fast forward or rewind the file. Second, it came with a remote controller that works much easier than that with the HD680. Menu screen has a better and clearer interface so it is easy to play with. In addition, the user manual is big enough to read. These features may sound like no big deal, but it is very helpful.

HD700 advantages vs. HD680: 4 USB 2.0 ports, gigabite LAN, metal case, LCD front panel, 1186 chipset which is faster than 1185, and it supports 3D ISO movie files.

HD700 claims 3D capability which I cannot test because I do not have a 3D TV. It is equipped with a bunch of Internet Apps such as Youtube, Flicker, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. You can watch any Youtube video you like on your TV in full screen which I think is awesome. HD700, like HD680, can play almost all formats, including AVI, WMA, MP4, BDMV, BD-ISO, MKV, DVD-ISO, MP, M2TS, TP, etc. Of course it supports 1080 full HD.

This HD700 player is a must have that can satisfy your need to play any video and audio files. You would not regret your phurchase!
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on June 9, 2013
My two and one-half year-old Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK finally gave up the ghost, so I was in the market for a new well-rounded media player. The primary purpose of said media player would be to play 1080p matroska (mkv) files from external NTFS drives. I was happy with the Seagate, but it was showing its age, taking approximately two minutes to index a near-capacity single 2TB drive. Its shortcomings were that it did not like files with multiple headers---a fact of life with regards to downloaded media files, but with a little file maintenance, this could be overcome. I quickly found reviews indicating the Seagate's successors were, in fact, inferior to the first generation product. As a result, finding an exact replacement for my model would prove challenging and ultimately cost-prohibitive.

This lead me to an amazon search in which I found the KDLinks HD700. Frankly, I was hesitant, since I had never heard of KDLinks. The amazon reviews were in large part positive. My skepticism had me questioning the legitimacy of the almost one-sided reviews of this virtually unknown brand. So, to alleviate my concerns, I turned to AVS Forums. There, I found real-world reviews from users I am confident have no ulterior motives. To my delight, users, by and large, like this new player on the scene. I was thus, sold.

I will not simply repeat what others have said with regard to this player's ability to play a variety of files. Suffice it to say, it plays every type of file it claims to. Additionally, it flawlessly managed to play matroska files with multiple headers without my having to "clean" the file first. It played files my Seagate never could.

Its wireless function was at least on par with other wireless media players. I believe I can safely say you will not be able to blame the HD700 for any shortcomings while wirelessly streaming 1080p movies. Most users' bottleneck will be their own router and bandwidth.

With regard to aesthetic, somehow KDLinks has managed to pull off a perfect combination of retro while seamlessly fitting in with my current modern AV components. The aluminum case is a nice touch. The eight front-panel button layout gives a nod to the seventies while maintaining a modern touch. The soft blue, no-nonsense, LED display is unobtrusive and elegant.

The overall manufacturing is top-notch. There is no give or creaking when handling the player, and while it is certainly not heavy, it does have enough heft and grip as to stay put when pressing the front panel buttons. Speaking of which, the buttons are tight---not wobbly---and smooth, with a dull audible and tactile click when pressed. That said, I cannot imagine any user actually using them, as most will use the remote which also is a fine piece of craftsmanship. I will never use the remote, however, since, thankfully, the HD700 is perfectly controlled by my Logitech Harmony One remote. (For the less savvy, KDLinks has simple instructions on their website that explain how to incorporate the the HD700 into your Harmony Activities.) The connections are tight, a welcomed attention to quality that unfortunately many higher level manufacturers often overlook.

Some reviewers have dinged the HD700 for its somewhat dated interface software. I cannot disagree with those observations, but only on a purely aesthetic level. The software is fast, lean, and intuitive. Frankly, I am glad there is not a lot of processing allocated to accomplish slide/carousel-style menu navigation, edge-smoothed icons, or 3D icon-shadowing, etc. I would rather the player use is processing power to play and navigate my media files, which it does flawlessly. With two, near-capacity, 2TB drives connected, the HD700 boots up within 40 seconds. After booting up, it takes less than one minute to fully index the files, but I can begin accessing the files almost immediately with the software's file manager. Playback is virtually lag and skip-free while fast-forwarding through 1080p, full-length movies. As an unexpected bonus, I really like the different take on chapter skipping. Pressing the directional pad left or right during playback will pull up an on-screen overlay of a timeline allowing you to either hold down the button to quickly advance or reverse, or single-press to skip forward or backward in time. All this is done without leaving your current scene, then when you select (the center of the directional pad), it instantly jumps to that place in the timeline.

Because of the intuitive nature of the software, some users will never need to refer to the included manual. However, the layout of the manual is better than most I have seen with this type of product. It is also available for download from KDLinks website. I strongly recommend end-users to visit KDLinks' site as there is a wealth of information there to help you get the most out of your player.

In the box you will obviously find the player, remote, and manual, but do not expect to find the obligatory required AAA batteries for the remote. Frankly, this is an unnecessary addition to modern electronics, anyway. Many users will never use the remote, and shelf-life proves most of these throw-in batteries are a waste of time to begin with. What you will find instead of batteries is a welcome trade-off---an included HDMI cable. This was something I considered a premium addition to this already classy package.

I could not be more pleased with the HD700, with its solid build with regard to both hardware and software. It is a clear upgrade to my dead Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ and a welcome addition to my home entertainment ensemble.


Setting audio to HDMI raw is preferred for those of us with AV receivers capable of decoding the HD audio formats. However, if you come across some lesser files like avi's you may find there is no audio. This can easily be remedied by changing the audio setting to "Auto".

As with all electronics of this nature, do not leave the plastic film on the front of the player. I know you think you are protecting its "newness", but you are only risking overheating. It is only there to protect it during shipping. The heat emanating from the player will likely cause the adhesive to gum up and ruin the shiny appearance, so go ahead and peal it off and enjoy.
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on November 8, 2014
Being the inveterate movie addict that I am (and there being more hours of movies and TV shows being produced in month than I will ever have viewing time for, even in an 8 day-week!), I've a compulsive and compelling need for digital media players - to watch movies/TV shows stored on my hard disks at a time and place convenient to me and, more importantly, the rest of my family! Therefore, I've had occasion to use pretty much most of the popular brands, starting with WD TV Live (which remains a competent performer and my second favourite), Iomega, Amkette EVO, ASUS O Play, etc. right up to the KDLinks HD 700, a relatively unknown (to me, at least) brand that I came across and purchased in February 2013. The decision was influenced in large measure by the one unique feature it offered at that time: the capability to play back 3D content.

I haven't regretted that decision a single day in the 20 months I've been using it.

The KDLinks HD700 has played back everything that I have thrown at it - all conceivable video formats - VOB, 1080p iso, AVI, BDMV, BD-ISO, DAT, FLV, M2P, M2TS, MKV, MOV, MP4, MTS, SWF, TP, TRP, TS and WMV - in brilliant colour, DTS sound and both 2D and 3D renditions, no different in visual and sound quality than the originals. Not only does it excel in 2D but, to my mind, leads on the 3D front, too. I don't know whether it was the first HD digital media player to offer 3D but others are still playing catch-up. With built-in Wi-Fi, one can directly stream YouTube and, if you have a subscription, Netflix movies and shows in high definition (so long as one has an internet broadband connection capable of streaming HD quality images - upwards of 6-8 Mbps, which is pretty much par for course these days). With 4 (yes, four) USB connections, you can attach your entire digital library to the KD Links 700 and switch from one storage to another at your convenience (Storage scan is fast and accurate). If, for the sake of balance, one has to mention at least one CON, then it might be the Remote that can be just a wee bit sluggish at times. Since I have not used its Network facility (movies, etc. stored in the Cloud), I can't comment on how competent the KDLinks 700 is in retrieving and playing back HD content stored in that manner.

Though I've had no reason to consult KDLinks support in the 20 months I've had the 700, when I did communicate with them to find out about their new model, HD720, I was happy with their technical knowledge and speedy, helpful responses - so much so that I've gone ahead and picked up the HD 720 too! Of course, my excellent experience of the HD700 had a major influence in that decision!
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on March 2, 2013
For the price, the HD700 is a great media player. I know that things "just worked" for other people but I had a hard time in a few areas at first. It comes with built in wireless which works great but because I use MAC filtering I had to do a few extra things. (I had to turn on "Virtual AP = ON" and set Virtual AP Bridge to Wireless to on in order to get a MAC address which I then used to add to my MAC filters which then allowed me to connect browse the network and connect afterwards. I suppose I could have disabled the MAC filtering on my router, connect via the standard Wireless detection and hopefully get the MAC address through the network info section or via my router.

Next, I had a difficult time setting up a media server at first so I tried Windows 7 file sharing.
Under "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings" I turned on sharing of public folders, turned on media sharing and allowed the HD700 to connect (it originally said blocked), set the encryption to 40-56bit, and turned off password protected sharing. I also set "Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections". Whether all these settings are necessary, I do not know. Then on the HD700 under "Media Center -> File Manager -> Network in the My_Shortcuts" folder I pressed the Green button on the remote and added a shortcut to my computer. You can add shortcuts to other folders that you share on your PC. The only thing about this method is that you can't really control what shares show up, i.e. there are some shares that you can't hide like C$ and it just seems cluttered.

Now the file sharing method that seems the easiest is to use UMS (universal media server) universalmediaserver(dot)com and the best way to configure it that I found is to backup all the *.conf files in the "c:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Media Server\renderers\" folder and delete them all except for the "Realtek.conf" file. Upon loading UMS, it should detect a Realtek renderer. Next, in UMS, configure Shared folders in the "Navigation/Share Settings". On the HD700 side you go to Media Center -> File Manager -> UPNP" and UMS should show up in there with the folders that you shared.

I also wondered how to connect an internal SATA hard drive to the SATA port and with a cable like this:

which is a "22 Pin SATA Female to 22 Pin SATA Female Power and Data Adapter Cable" i can set my hard drive on top of the HD700 and connect it via the cable. Eric from kdLinks helped me with this.

Thus far the HD700 has played everything I've tried (AVI, MKV, MP4, MPG) without any problems. I will continue to use the HD700 indefinitely over my PCH a-400 while the a-400's firmware improves. The a-400 cost almost twice as much and it doesn't even come with built-in wireless. Overall I would highly recommend the HD700 but do your homework to see if there are any issues that may be show stoppers for you. For the price, functionality, and support you can't beat it.
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on May 20, 2013
I purchased the HD700 almost 6 months ago and have been impressed with it ever since! HD playback is flawless and crystal clear on my 135" screen. The menus are easy to navigate and setup was a breeze. One of the main reasons I purchased this unit is because of the ability to play so many different formats AND this unit supports 7.1 surround sound. Networking was easy and the HD700 found my 2TB NAS without any problems. Jumping to chapters or moving to different times in the videos is the fastest I've ever seen. This player does everything the description (and the reviews)give credit for and more.

Highly recommended product - you will not be disappointed.
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on January 25, 2013
This is a very tough product to rate, because your satisfaction with it depends on both how you use it and the peer group you are comparing it to. For me, there is no way this thing gets anywhere near 5 stars. I would say that much of its functionality is closer to 2 stars, and much of the user experience would simply be unacceptable for a major brand. That all said, I'm considering purchasing a second unit, which probably says something by itself. I've only used the hard wired ethernet, and only accessed files remotely on a network. I can't comment on wireless or direct external hd playback.

I also have a WD Live TV unit. In comparison, this offers many more options that I wish the WD had. First, you can connect to a network share via IP address, which is not an option in WD. Second, you can set the video to scale at 90% which is good if playing these things on older TVs, and we have a couple of those in our house.

Ability to play a variety of files: 4.5 stars

I can't say that I'm a power user, but it has been able to play every file format that I've thrown at it. I have not tested its ability to delivery proper audio with movie experiences, but what I have experienced seems pretty good. The image quality is excellent and the audio appears to be fully intact and excellent as well. The one annoying thing is that it defaults to sub-titles on and you have to turn them off every time.

Remote Functionality: 4 stars

The remote has a lot of thoughtful features. Generic 'color' buttons on the top allow some flexibility with offering specific functions on specific screens. It works well for playback including rewind, fast forward, slow, stop and pause. It also has thoughtful features for full-screen playback of youtube videos, quick on/off of sub-titles, and a nice menu button. I think it's as good as i could expect for a device like this.

Ease of accessing network files: Can't Rate Properly

I spent 3 hours trying to get this thing to recognize my shared windows files, and it has not been able to find them through a 'workgroup' shared network group. Only by manually entering the ipaddress for the computer could I make it work. It's the absolutely bare minimum requirement to do what I expect it to do. And it took quite a bit of time to figure out how to just make that work. If having issues, try enabling your guest account on your pc. there are some good tips on random xmbc forums as well (my disclaimer, I've never actually ran or installed xmbc). That all said, I can't access my Windows shared workgroup via my WD Live either, so there's just something messed up with my setup. I can access KDLinks from both Windows and WD Live.

There is something wierd going on when it comes to transferring files to a Seagate external HD that is connected to KDLinks, starting from my home windows machine. It takes an hour to transfer a single 6GB file. I did notice, that while transfering a file, that I could play a video file off the same externa hard drive from my WD Live. So I'm wondering if they designed this on purpose to not hog all resources while copying files so that you can still us KDLinks as a network share without significant performance degregation. I just don't know.

Engineering Quality: 2.5 stars

Half the time I can't use the power button on the outside of the box to turn it on or off. On some occasions, the thing randomly freezes while trying to access youtube or other apps. I spent 20 minutes trying to find a generic dvd code to operate it with my uverse remote to no avail, and no guidance is offered on codes for using a multi-media remote. I just get the feeling it's a cheap box.

I want to reiterate here that it does NOT freeze when playing network media, and I'm quite happy with its ability to play video files. The freezing has really only been experienced with premium apps.

Documentation: 1.5 stars

The black and white manual is bare bones, and many features are found through trial and error. It has a rudimentary web browser and it's only by playing with buttons on the remote that I figured out how to navigate effectively.

Premium apps: 3 stars

This is sooooo subjective. I wish it had Amazon Instant Video, and it doesn't. So I'm not super happy with the choices. And the web browser is a nice touch, but it has severe limitations. for one, it's cumbersome to navigate with included remote. Second, I thought it would be cool to access full programs on using the browser, but there is NO WAY to play the video files on the website even though I can navigate to them and even seem to select them. It's kind of an exercise in ironic frustration.

User interface for finding media: 3.0 stars

You can sort remote files by alphabetical or date stamp. You can show files as a simple list, a preview view, or thumb nails. If your file names have spaces in them it parses out the spaces and just puts the alpha-numeric characters together. It's functional but not a video jukebox. The WD Live unit offers more versatility for sorting and finding files.

Other thoughts

It's quite nice to access what are essentially long-lost family videos from our pc on our living room tv, and it's nice to watch media from a central location as well. There are some real benefits to this device but don't expect a polished and mainstream device, because in my opinion, this is not that. I don't really know where all of the 5 star ratings are coming from, but certainly, they can't possibly be inferred as meaning this box is perfection, as it ain't that. If you lose the remote, you are totally hosed as well.
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on August 12, 2013
I ordered an HD700 from Amazon last February (2013). It was very easy to set up and get operating. The only thing I did not care for was the way movie titles were sorted. Several months ago kdlinks created a new firmware release which improved the sorting to my liking. That firmware was made available on their website for free downloading. The upgrade was simple and fast. We have been completely happy with the device ever since.

Recently I ran into a problem where the HD700 did not provide an output to the TV. I asked Amazon for assistance. They offered a refund if I wanted it, but suggested I might want to first contact the manufacturer, kdlinks. I did and received immediate assistance in the form of a firmware fix. The unit is now, again, operating fine. From the time of my initial contact until full resolution was only a couple of hours. Anyone familiar with computers knows they occasionally have glitches, but most also know that getting assistance and resolution can often be a trying and time consuming process. kdlinks does an outstanding job!

While I think the HD700 is a fine product that does exactly what is expected, I think the support from both Amazon and kdlinks is even better. Knowing that both companies stand so solidly behind this device makes me completely confident in giving it my strongest recommendation.

Sincerely - Tom Curl
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on June 13, 2013
Most media players work about the same and can play just about everything you throw at them, but the HD700 had a feature that set it apart from the rest: 3D iso playback. That was the first thing I tested when I received this player and it worked perfectly.

Very happy with this player. It plays every video file I have loaded onto my flash drive to date, and can bitstream HD audio (DTS-HD and TrueHD - a very important feature for this audiophile). Easy and quick user interface, a small physical form factor, and stellar customer support (seriously, try their customer support and I bet you will be impressed with speed of responsiveness and the lengths they will go to correct the issue).

One small issue I have is when about to play a video from a USB flash drive, you need to be sure to use the "Safely Disconnect USB Device" feature on your pc. Took me a while to figure out why the picture on the HD700 would cut out after I inserted my flash drive. Turns out its because I was just "hot unplugging" the flash drive from my PC instead of using the safe disconnect and that was causing the issue. But thats a minor issue and a safe usb disconnect only takes a few extra seconds. So no big deal really.

Overall, extremely happy and can easily recommend this to anyone.
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