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on October 10, 2013
So far we have seen the beginning of the Emerald Archer from the island to the city. This journey has been wrought with love, tragedy, death and rebirth. Now in season two, we see the start of the true Hero that this has led up to...from "the Hood" to "Green Arrow" As Oliver said, when the hood goes on, it's kill or be killed, now, as Green Arrow, a new path to Justice has opened it's door. With the help of Diggle and Felicity, there is a new way to dispense that justice without the body count.

I've a feeling we will see more of the old DC version of Oliver {i.e. more non lethal trick arrows)
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on October 14, 2013
LIKE BATMAN BEGINS.. BUT WITH ARROWS YOU'LL LOVE IT! As a kid I never read Green Arrow Comics, I read Batman, Wolverine, Punisher, Moon Knight.. the realistic hard core heroes of DC and MARVEL.. little did I know Green Arrow fits very nicely in the company of those guys.. at least this one on TV does.. ITS no joke..
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on November 19, 2013
We started watching this show shortly after it came out looking for an alternative to some of the other shows that had become too complex and convoluted. The plot and interesting characters pulled us into story. I was actually expecting that the second season would be a flop because of the success of the first season. To my pleasant surprise, the second season has been excellent like the first one.
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on December 21, 2013
It's often said that Ron Moore's award winning "Battlestar Galactica" series was "like a movie spread out over 4 seasons". The CW's "Arrow" trumps that: every episode is an action movie packed into 45 minutes. The writing is superb, the stunts are intense, and the actors display an amiable array of talent.

If you haven't watched "Arrow", you need to start--or you have failed to appreciate good TV.
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on December 7, 2013
Big fans of this superhero show! it feels more like a movie quality - from the actors to the stages/scenes. My 16 year old son turned me on to this show and so now my younger 2 sons (14 and 12) watch it ASAP. For a while we were gorging on season 1 on Netflix, and were watching 1 show a night. Now we are almost caught up on Hulu but 3 episodes were MIA (purchased them on amazon). The main characters are all real life cool, plus omg that body!! I really don't need to name a name here... 8) he is SO good as Oliver - calm, humble, but all knowing without being cheesy. The 2nd season had a big surprise start with a return of a "dead" character and although we like her, the actor has many uncomfortable and unnatural mouth expressions that do distract us a bit. I only mention this because the role is significant and all of us notice it a lot. We really love the intelligent, MIT educated female sidekick Felicity )my 16 year old is infatuated big time) and her genuine quirkiness -a dork in disguise. :) we all Love Felicity. The fights on this show are epic and original. A triple head slam against a wall is something that comes to mind from season 1 but there is an endless list.
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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2015
Arrow - The Second Season [548 2014-01-27]

Oliver Queen - rich playboy - is ship wrecked then marooned for five years on a remote island. He returns home with a crime fighting agenda using the disguise of a hooded archer. His purpose is not clearly defined, something about bringing a vigilantly "justice" to individuals on a list of urban exploiters from a notebook handed to him by his father. Needless to say Oliver gets some push back from the local authorities, the underworld bosses, his mother and his pals.

As season 2 begins we find the Arrow teamed up with two companions: John Diggle - former special forces warrior and Felicity Smoak computer wiz - and secretly in love with Oliver Queen/Arrow. Oliver renounces his murderous methods of taking down the enemies of Sterling City - he become less deadly but nonetheless still a force for good. Ghosts from his past conflict him remorselessly in Season 2

The creative team for "Arrow" had to somehow integrate a comic hero - The Green Arrow - and a contemporary action TV series utilizing, of course, real actors. How well this concept has been successful is a judgment left to the individual viewers, but as of the date of these comments the show has been renewed for a third season. As they say vox populi vox Dei.

The Season Two package consists of 5 disks and 23 episodes originally show on the CW Network during the period October 2013 through May 2014. Also included are several special features on disk 5 that I founding modestly interesting.

Positive Comments:
· Many episodes include deleted scenes, which are not to be missed. Some are quite lengthy and are interesting and informative concerning that particular episode. The deleted scenes are identified with an icon next to the episode titles - a helpful viewers aid.
· Each episode juggles multiple plot lines: one reoccurring theme detailing Oliver's convoluted misadventures on the Island during his 5-year involuntary vacation and then a jumble of scenes of Arrow meeting out justice to some hard case dudes.
· The action sequences are quite intensely interesting but strange only the bad dude get killed.
· I watched the DVD in sequence and with the deleted scenes and the few extras "special feature' found it was worth the purchase price.
· Season 2 used a flashback technique to introduce each episode - you know what I mean: a voice tells us "Previously on Arrow". Much better that season 1 reuse of the same introduction over and over again.

The Cast:
· Steven Amell as Oliver Queen is more that adequate for the demanding emotional and physical role he is cast in. David Ramsey as John Diggle Oliver's sidekick is a plus. Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak is real cute with those glasses she is always wearing.

Negative Comments:
· There are a vast number of important plot events placed in motion in season 2 - way too many - is my brain too small or what? I could not keep everyone's identities and relationships quite in sync - who is behind that mask and where does he or she "fit' in the big picture so to speak. If you miss several shows you may by scratching your noggin asking what's this all about. Not the show you can skip and come back too.
· Two principal characters are resurrected from the dead - yes they show up not as your typical ghost but in the regular body - or their own body that is. Since there was no explanation this completely confounding this viewer - I could only assume this was a joke on the audience. [Say, guys lets bring back so and so - just have him show up - I mean the viewers won't mind so lets do it!] I was not amused and felt I was being played for a dope.
· I still found it hilarious that all the young ladies and men in this show were just knockout beautiful and handsome - and, oh yes, dressed to the nines - just unbelievable.

To be honest this show is mindless viewing candy. I found it entertaining but refrained from trying to look for any kind of plot logic to the drama. Just enjoy the nice looking people, the convoluted - nonsensical plot, and wild action sequences.
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on December 11, 2013
Everything you would want, expect and more from an action thriller. Arrow gives justice to our superhero the green arrow.
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on November 22, 2014

Oliver Queen/Arrow is a good, well-meaning guy. His mother says: "You see only the good in people, even when they don't deserve it." Played terrifically by stubble-faced Stephen Amell, he maximizes audience compassion, sympathy and admiration. WB was wise to avoid a neurotic primo uomo for this role, and Amell is solid and indispensable for making the show work.

Oliver Queen has been through years of isolated island hell, and he continues in Starling City's brand of it. Because he's not nearly as intelligent and worldly as Bruce Wayne, arch villains most always far outdistance his imagination and thinking, and he mainly reacts instead of leads. So bad guys and gals outthink him plenty. But he keeps trying and plodding, and gradually learns and grows. After all, he's a young guy who was completely out of touch for 5 years.

John Diggle: A seasoned, wise, tough YOUNG Alfred Pennyworth-type whom Arrow leans on and who's in plenty of action with his boss.

Felicity Smoak: Arrow's un-disabled Oracle-type IT expert, and with lots of dry and all too scarce show humor, even though she's never been a martial sort. Lots of the actor's catchy dialogue is regrettably obscured by mumbling and mushy diction.

Sara Lance: A deadly Huntress-sort as "Canary." Sometime lover of Oliver, and daughter of policeman Lance.

Laurel Lance: Silver St. Cloud-type, sometime lover of Oliver, and daughter of policeman Lance.

Quentin Lance: Police detective, akin to Jim Gordon, with two grown daughters and who's learned the hard way (like Gordon) to trust and help Arrow. They meet on rooftops, too. Maybe someday he'll be police commissioner.

"Arrow" Comic Formula: Fantasy story and writing techniques crafted to keep the characters constantly in severe distress and hypertension, and so keep viewers tense, stressed, cliff-hanging, and morbidly curious and fascinated about what will happen next. More specifically on what will happen next with the mostly screwed-up good guys and extremely embittered and hateful bad guys. So drama kings and drama "Queens" abound! Warner's has honed this formula through decades of Batman, at least, and executes it in "Arrow" with skillful and brutal power. "Arrow" Season 2 demonstrates a lot of avoidable torment, no matter what the intentions, that honesty really is the best policy (except for trying to conceal Arrow's secret identity, which nonetheless gets repeatedly compromised) and that ends really don't justify means.

SOCIOLOGICAL THOUGHT EXPERIMENT - Got a Problem? Get Panicked and Violent.

The frenetic, relentless angst all the characters suffer in "Arrow" is something WB pulls off powerfully with its longtime experience with comic fantasies. If real-life people were embroiled in these situations, they'd hardly live to 40 due to premature strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, anorexia, hyper-insomnia, addictions, nervous breakdowns, and suicides -- if the bad guys didn't snuff 'em out first.

And this is where "Arrow" can qualify as a sort of sociological thought experiment. Even if unanticipated and unappreciated by WB, "Arrow" does depict individual and societal "what-ifs," if lives were to go mostly in those shattering ways.

"Arrow," and other such high-anxiety comic fantasies, powerfully portray visions of humanity frantically struggling to cope with even the next minute or two. If such visions gain more and more appeal and traction, maybe they might even have more social impact on actually materializing. So shows like this are ripe for studying as types of sociological thought experiments. The show belongs to a category of portrayals that might be correlated with actual social developments -- if real developments ever do increasingly come to emulate desperate and frantic and frenetic comic fantasies. So besides thrilling entertainment, "Arrow" may thus be one more exciting media "advertising" example for sociological study, and what social-science investigations might find based on turbulent and violent comic shows as potential role models and social influences. Besides commercials, the content sure does advertise a lot for certain lifestyles and societal situations. While traumatic, you sure can't deny they're exciting, and so perhaps appealing and even ultimately influential on real life.
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on January 5, 2015
A miracle drug called "Mirakuru" is the unifying thread of season 2. Unfortunately it has considerably less credibility than "The Undertaking" as the unifying thread of season 1. It's too far out, too comic bookish, to fit in well with the first season which appeared to make an effort to stick to a grim reality. What happens to the character "Roy Harper" is especially hard to swallow. The most interesting character of both seasons is Detective Lance who makes an evolution from a Javert-like police officer to a man who is learning more and more the gap between the law and justice. He makes an effort to always "do the right thing" and suffers increasingly because of it. There was no need for the "Mirakuru" thread. The show would have done well enough to simply follow up on the first season. I will not be purchasing season 3. I'm not even sure if I will complete watching the episodes of season 2. Somewhere around the episode "Suicide Squad" I lost interest.
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on December 30, 2014
The BEST show on tv right now. It has everything....action, excitement, suspense and an epic love story. My fifteen year old daughter likes it just as much as my twelve year old son. Stephen Amell does an amazing job portraying the complex character of The Arrow/Oliver Queen. David Ramsey as The Arrow's friend, partner and sparring partner, John Diggle was the perfect casting choice. However I have to say Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak is what brings that extra spark to the show. Felicity and Oliver are without a doubt the cutest couple on television right now. There isn't another actress anywhere who could have played Felicity better than Emily. She is so much fun to watch! Making Team Arrow complete is Colton Haynes as Arsenal/Roy Harper - formerly of Teen Wolf. The show is awesome and the cast is amazing. Definitely worth watching!
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