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on December 27, 2002
If you're looking for entertaining Halloween picture books for 3 and 4 year olds, Arthur's Halloween fits the bill.
Arthur and his friends go trick or treating. Arthur is very scared at first, but he learns to overcome his fears along the way. Only D.W. is brave enough to approach the "witch's" house, but then Arthur and D.W. learn that the "witch" is really just a misunderstood elderly lady with a messy house and yard.
Arthur's Halloween is about trick-or-treating, mainly, and there is no mention of Halloween parades, bobbing for apples, or other Halloween traditions. If your children are afraid of trick-or-treating, this book may help them to escape their fear.
Often characters in Arthur videos and books daydream or imagine episodes, and I find that those episodes are presented in a way that my three year old finds confusing. He does not distinguish between the trappings of characters' imaginations and the regular plot. Now I know that I can add commentary so that he understands that certain elements in a book are just the dreams of a character.
For example, in Arthur's Halloween, some of the kids imagine that the "witch" is harming Arthur and D.W. in several different ways. When a toddler sees illustrations of the "witch" doing such things, he believes it just as he believes the rest of the plot. I have learned that I can say "Francine (or The Brain, or Buster, etc.)just THINKS this is happening. It's not really happening, is it?" Then my child doesn't confuse the "real" plot with the characters' fanciful thoughts.
In any case, Arthur's Halloween is not a bad Halloween picture book, and even if you steer your child away from "series" books or books allied with television series, give this one a try.
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on October 15, 2008
Arthur the Aardvark is having trouble falling asleep as it is the night before Halloween and his house is decorated to look incredibly spooky.

When he finally does fall alseep and wakes up the next morning,things get even worse when his annoying little sister D.W scares him as she is dressed in her Halloween costume ready to go trick or treating.

Arthur feels embarrassed and irritated that he has to take D.W trick or treating with him because he'll be "the only one who has to drag my baby sister along".

When Arthur,his friends and D.W eventually go trick or treating,they are all scared to go into 'the Witch's House'.

But D.W breaks her candy bag,Arthur has to pick it up,and when he turns round D.W has gone into the Witch's House...meaning Arthur will have to go in after her!

Arthur's friends worry what has happened to them...'Maybe the Witch put them into an oven just like Hansel and Gretel,maybe she's using them for horrible scientific experiments or maybe she's locked them in a cellar to starve'...

Arthur's Halloween is a really good book to read to young children who are scared of Halloween.

It features colourful illustration and shows Arthur back when he looked more like an aardvark and less like the TV version we all know so well today!
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on May 12, 2013
It's Halloween, and Arthur the aardvark reluctantly participates. His house is decorated with black cats, bats, skeletons, and Jack o' Lanterns. His mother sews him a superhero costume (to give him some courage, maybe). D.W., his little sister, dresses appropriately as a little red devil: horns, cape, tail and all. She is the epitome of energy unleashed, and she wants candy!!

Everyone at school is very enthusiastic. Even his teacher, Mr. Marco, dresses up as a robot. They pass out goofy treats like vampire blood (fruit punch) and put on blindfolds to feel eyeballs (grapes). Arthur feels queasy about it all.

Arthur goes trick or treating with his friends, but D.W. has to tag along, and inevitably, they get further and further behind the others. D.W. decides to visit a house where a "witch" is rumored to live. Arthur must chase after her. He imagines all sorts of disasters, but in the end, finds that the witch is Mrs. Tibble, a kindly neighbor who gives them doughnuts. The illustration shows many, many cats in the room. We had some fun counting up all the cats (including the ones who are hiding).

Even though I agree with the message that we should not judge people before we meet them, I do think that having Arthur and D.W. go into a stranger's house is not a good way to deliver this message. It is important to stress to young children (ages 3-7, who are the target audience for this book) that anytime they go into someone's house, they must be accompanied by their parents or a guardian--- especially at holidays or times of celebration, where there are crowds and unfamiliar faces roaming one's neighborhood.
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on June 16, 2014
I recently purchased this book for my nephew, because I remember reading the Weekly Reader version when I was a kid. I was happy to see that the interior illustrations are the same as the original, only the cover art has been changed.

The artwork is really nice and is the best part of this book, in my opinion. It also has some good messages about not being afraid of things you don't understand and not making assumptions about people. It might not have the best stranger danger advice, however, as the protagonist enters a stranger's home while trick or treating, but to be fair, the protagonist is also a talking anteater, so...

Overall, it's a really cute Halloween story with cool artwork.
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on October 28, 2014
When you write and illustrate half as well as Marc Brown it is more than acceptable to revisit familiar themes. Younger sister D.W is the starlet. It is the normal Halloween fare with preparation, the day and in this instance meeting a lady who has difficulty keeping her property up. Thanks to D.W. the children and the lady now have each other and a lesson may be understood or missed.
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on January 21, 2015
Great Halloween story with a wonderful message. Always read it to my students and use it as an opportunity to discuss Arthur and his friends going into a stranger's home and reinforce the idea they should only trick or treat with an adult. Sadly, times have changed since Marc Brown went trick or treating.
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on December 14, 2014
Arthur and his friends are trick or treating, but they always avoid one scary looking house, but not this year, because Arthur's pesky sister DW runs right inside and he has to go after her, once inside, Arthur learns that appearances can be deceiving and things that seem scary might be really nice.
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on October 13, 2012
This is a great book along with all the books in the Arthur series! I teach kindergarten and this is a great story to use when we are drawing/discussing different characters! The seller also gave me a few extras at no cost!
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on June 22, 2014
My granddaughters loved this Halloween movie. We had a little "Halloween" gathering for some of their friends and they watched the Arthur movie and loved it.
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on September 2, 2015
It's wonderful to see some classic children's books now available as part of Kindle unlimited. My grandson very much enjoyed reading this one with me.
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