Customer Reviews: Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3)
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on January 18, 2011
I enjoyed reading this book and would probably have given it 5 stars had I not been a little disappointed with certain choices that were made by Wendy. I do think that the author could have made the book a little longer and included more characters that we saw in the previous books. You really don't see Rhys or Rhiannon in this book whatsoever. Rhys appears at the end in the wrap-up but that's about it. While they weren't crucial characters I think their complete absence was still odd. I was surprised at how big a role Loki plays in this last book. I feel like he just randomly appeared in the 2nd book (not literally randomly) and had some crazy, kind of obnoxious flirty love thing going for Wendy but he was never really explained. We were told his history and whatnot but he never really seemed to have any real purpose. I was hoping in the third book the author would explain exactly why he was so important and go into a little more character development for him but she didn't.


Reading a couple comments the author wrote regarding this book, she stated that while she could see this book being compared to the Princess Diaries, she didn't see the connection with Twilight. Really? Because in both cases you have a lovesick teenage girl who starts off weak and vulnerable but eventually becomes some super powerful being that saves the world (vampire world, troll world...whatever). The love Wendy had for Finn also screamed Bella/Edward to me. PLUS what about when Wendy realized that putting herself in danger made Finn rescue her so she could see him again? Umm...? That also screams Bella/Edward...when almost an entire book was dedicated to Bella doing stupid things just to see Edward in her thoughts. This could all be accidental of course, but that doesn't mean you can deny the connection.

Well, here's my theory to why Wendy ended up with Loki instead of Finn. Because the author wanted a twist, a twist that would make this unpredictable, original and NOT like Twilight. All this ended up doing though was making Wendy end up with a Jacob instead of an Edward. Here's the problem with this though. A twist in a book is good, a twist keeps the readers interested...but you need to be in control of the twist. In this case, the author lost control of her book because of what she chose to use as a twist. It's too big of a twist and it tells her readers that her lead heroine is fickle and what you DON'T want is for the readers to suddenly lose a little respect for the lead character. This COULD have been done though, this twist COULD have worked, had she spent more time developing Loki's character. Instead, she didn't bother really making the reader fall in love with Loki (the way they did with Finn) and just threw Loki and Wendy together anyhow and tried to force her readers to accept it. If she had spent more than a portion of the 3rd book really pushing for Loki, I think the readers would have accepted the transition much easier. Also...if she had spent more than a portion of the 3rd book destroying Wendy and Finn's relationship, that would have been easier to accept as well. In the end though, the author lost control over how her readers felt about the characters....and that's never what you want, especially in the last book of a series.

So here's my wrap-up of Wendy from book 3: some girl with a crush (because calling it love would be an insult to the word) on the first cute guy she sees from Trylle. Now I see why she was attracted to Finn in the first place. In the first book, he was that super tough guy who wasn't afraid of the Vittra who tried to kidnap her. Also he was crazy about her and was her hero who always showed up at the right time to save her. He almost lost his life just trying to protect her...and of course because their love was forbidden, it made her want him even more. Of course, once all that died down a bit, she needed something more from him. Since all of a sudden, he wasn't able to prove his love for her by throwing his life away to save her...she needed him to constantly let her know how he felt, instead of just accepting that he did love her. Then along comes Loki, a cocky guy who is constantly saying inappropriate things about how much he wants her, and teasing her about how much she wants him, and that's exactly what she needs. Someone who never stops telling her how awesome she is. THEN she sees the scars that Loki got on her behalf and that seals the deal. Wendy's love goes to whatever guy shows that he's willing to die for her AND who constantly tells her how much he wants her. In the end, she's just an insecure girl who will follow the first guy that obsesses over her.

I think Finn was right about her. Her love must not mean much.

I started off this review giving the book 4 it only has 3 stars. Guess I didn't realize how disappointed in I was in just how weak of a character Wendy was.
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on July 11, 2011
So I compare this to indulging in a kinda predictable romantic comedy, you know its wrong, but you still enjoy it. Are the characters explained in depth and extremely well crafted, no (there are fleeting moments where you think she is headed in the right direction...then it stops). She has moments where segments of the book have a nice flow of a scene or action but then she becomes rushed to move on to the next plot point and ends up trying to wrap things up in one paragraph, completely ruining the flow. This was a good idea for a book and I wish it wasn't as rushed as it felt. Despite the grammatical errors, the last book I found to be better than the first two (i seem to be in the minority here). I felt the author wrote the interaction between loki and wendy well (also not surprised or disappointed that Loki and Wendy ended up together). Again we have to take at face value based on one paragraph why Loki was interested in her (although not truly explained). I felt the epilogue just tried to wrap things up too pretty and explain points that were left hanging in the last chapter. For the price of 7 dollars for the whole series on kindle, it made the perfect kindle book for me. For books I really want, I buy those in bounded copies.
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on January 14, 2011
I have to start off by stating that I loved this series and I was waiting with anticipation for Ascend to come out. Reading it with that butterfly feeling in my stomach waiting and waiting for Wendy to finally end up with her true love Finn... But chapter after chapter my heart fell and fell more. I think my heart dropped to my stomach when Wendy slept with Loki and I seriously felt my heart break. How could this have happened? How could the first 2 books make us believe that Wendy and Finn were going to be together and then have her end up with Loki? I seriously felt sick to my stomach and seriously I'm not going to lie I shed a few tears. I wish there was another book that had a different ending because this one just was not my cup of tea.

I love Amanda Hocking's writing but I feel in all sincerity that Wendy's character and the whole story line changed in this last installment. It was not the Wendy we loved in the first two books... And in the end I was heartbroken..
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on February 23, 2011

I loved the My Blood Approves series and was excited to read the Trylle series. I am a mom of small children and in my late twenties but still LOVED the blood books. However, the Trylle trilogy was disappointing. The first book started out promising. It was a unique idea and the characters were interesting. The lack of character development is a problem for the author and that soon revealed itself in book one when I found that I really didn't know the characters by the end of the book. Matt, for example, is very one dimensional. His behavior is very strange and honestly borders on psychotic in my opinion. Why is he so angry and protective? I get that Wendy had a traumatic childhood but that doesn't explain Matt's issues.

The lack of character development is not the biggest problem with the series-I also found the writing much more juvenile than the author's other books. I felt like I was reading a teenager's work and this was not a problem in the My Blood Approves books. The dialogue was weak and so much of book three just seemed like filler. I didn't get why she went to her father only to come home and then go back again? That made no sense to me?

Finally, the Finn vs. Loki thing at the end. Maybe it is because I am happily married but the adultery was disgusting. I lost respect for Wendy completely because she is SO weak about the whole thing. I felt sorry for Tove and wanted to slap them both. The marriage became filler at that point because it made me wonder why the whole marriage became part of the plot if Tove was going to come along and then annul it? And why did Finn suddenly drop off the face of the earth? Wendy and Finn were so hot and heavy and then suddenly, in book three, Loki is the love interest and Finn is not?

The series is entertaining to read and was still a very interesting idea. I think that if the author had taken more time to edit it, develop characters, and written more decisively then it would have been a great series instead of a so-so one.
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on November 19, 2014
(2.5 stars) This is the third book in the Trylle series and concludes the story. Wendy is going forward with her marriage to Tove in hopes of saving the kingdom. While they care about each other, there is no romantic love between them. Wendy knows that her mother’s time is short and soon they will be responsible for ruling the kingdom and trying to keep the Vittra and her father at bay. Wendy begins a search through the historical record, trying to find a way to defeat her father. Her responsibilities also weigh on her choices and she must reconcile her feelings for both Finn and Loki. An attack on an outlying enclave brings home how serious the situation as the final showdown with her father approaches. The characters matured in this final novel which reduced the teen angst level to a more reasonable level. This was a fitting ending to the series, with a few minor twists along the way.
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on April 27, 2014
Hocking's trilogy (because you can't stop after the first one) is a refreshing deviation from the typical YA paranormal stuff yet also left me unsatisfied.

I liked the premise, and I generally liked the characters. Wendy is a strong, powerful, and beautiful young woman, but she isn't a Mary-Sue. Nothing is just solved for her, and she works pretty hard to accomplish what she wants. She has a determined character that I like, and she doesn't let men solve her problems.

I liked most of the other characters, except Elora - Wendy's mother the queen. I just couldn't warm up to her in spite of the way she changed. She just didn't really fit.

I liked the romance angle, another departure from the typical.SPOILER ALERT: I really liked that Wendy did not end up with Finn, the broader. She was a much better fit with Loki.

But, despite the things I liked, there was something about this trilogy that left me unsatisfied. I can't quite place what it was, but something about the trilogy reads as a bit unfinished. There wasn't quite enough history of the Trylle presented to make the alternate a reality. Hocking needed to flesh out the history and explain the politics better & earlier.
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on March 5, 2011
I feel like this book was a huge let down especially after how good the first 2 books in this series were. I agree with a lot of other reviewers when they say that some of the characters lacked development, there was a lack of mention of key characters from the first 2 books, and the unexpected roll of Loki came out of left field. I felt like the ending left you not believing in the story anymore. I was annoyed by the numerous love interest thing just because it seemed very weird for the story since all of a sudden she just has a change of heart. I really enjoyed Rhy's character and I felt like his absence was extremely odd. If he lived in the house he should have showed up at least a little bit.

I don't understand how all of a sudden she just fell out of love with Finn. I feel like the author made a huge mistake when she started to veer away from that. A big part of the reason I enjoyed this book was because of the forbidden love and I really did enjoy Finn's character. When the author introduced Loki I didn't understand exactly why he was there. I was also very annoyed because she never even developed the character but you are supposed to just understand their relationship. I feel like she should have kept the Finn/Wendy aspect and it would have ended better. Especially since there was such an emphasis on equality for her people. To have her with Loki could only make sense if she developed that much, much better. I just never warmed up much to Loki's character and its hard to imagine them together when Wendy never really seemed to care for him, especially when compared to how she was with Finn. I guess I am just a hopeless romantic but this was not at all what I expected.
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on February 21, 2011
I found these books to be quite enjoyable. The last book nicely ties up all the loose ends for all characters involved. In certain instances, the loose ends where tied up too quickly. Please be aware that I may spoil several plot twists and events throughout the book in my review.

The concept of this particular series is quite interesting. This is one of the only books that I have read about their particular race. I wish that there was more cultural information about them was given throughout the series. The only history learned was what was needed for Wendy to fight her battle. This would have lend a hand to her identifying with her people understanding where they come from and where she, as their new leader, needs to guide them. At times I find it hard to believe her connection with her people and why she felt so strongly about them. Personally I would have liked to understand in more depth her personal connection to her kingdom. Or was it all really just to save herself?

The writer does paint a very vivid picture and it was very easy for me to picture the surroundings of the characters. At times, I found the writer repetitive of the descriptions of various scenes (this is also could just be me since I read all 3 books in 2 days and at times the books all blend together).

Many reviewers seem particular upset with the choice Wendy eventually makes. When she explains to Finn why she chose Loki, I got it. How many times does a girl need to be rejected before she stops her advances? He only gave 50% when she was ready and willing to give 100%. The back and forth was just a little too much for me. He would kiss her and then push away from her and tell her how they couldn't be together. If she did end up with him, I think I would be more upset. First it would be quite predictable. Secondly, how would it work? Bella and Edward you got how they worked - Edward would suffer for the rest of her life for her if she didn't become a vampire and Bella would give up everything (her life included - which she did) for him. There was no give and take with Finn and Wendy. Finn seamed to be able to take but never give. Also, it's nice to see that the first love is not always your last, especially in a young adult novel.

Though the love between Loki and Wendy felt somewhat rushed. The story is told from her perspective, so you don't know what's going on in his mind and what motivates him. There could have been more development between them. There was ample opportunity to have their love mature and for them to connect on a more intellectual level. Here is one of the instances where I feel the story was rushed.

The final battle was another event that was rushed. So she was just totally cool with beheading a man. I don't know about you but I would probably have some psychological issues after doing that.

Also where did Rhys go? He almost totally disappeared from the book.

Overall, just like Transformers 2, if you kindly overlook the plot holes, the story is quite nice. The characters are likable and you do find yourself routing for one or another at different times.
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on September 22, 2012
I think I'd ideally give this 3.5 stars, but I don't think it's great enough for 4. The book concludes the story and wraps things up quite nicely on all fronts, and it does it fairly well. I still feel that the romance was missing some true development to make it completely satisfying and believable. That's not as much the fault of this book as it was the previous book in the series, when the romance "arc" just didn't quite work. Hocking didn't create a convincing character/storyline for the love interest that she introduces, and that is a big problem for how it continues in this final book.
The whole series is entertaining but nothing unique. It works as another easy read for those who want something along those lines in the romance/kind-of-paranormal YA genre. I do think, though, that Hocking has potential and will do better as she writes more.
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on March 22, 2011
I took away two stars for the grotesque editing.

Other than that, I LOVE that she ended up with Loki... in the middle of the book, I really wasn't sure. But Wendy is right. Finn did not and never would have run away with Wendy. He did choose duty over her. And while us readers waited for him to change or a rule to change, Wendy moved on. It's perfect. Totally a person who moved on to someone who would do anything to be with her. It wasn't messy or difficult. I mean aside from him being half Vittra.

Hocking made me hate characters, which is great. The Chancellor is a pig, that Laurent woman is (c-word), and the King was merciless. I loved Elora's redemption. It's too bad there wasn't a scene of Elora embracing Wendy. I was waiting on that. I would have loved to read on and on, but I'm glad it was non-stop action. (Sorry to compare) The Twilight series (which I like too) dragged on and on and on, when it was so obvious, Bella would always choose Edward. (And again, Edward did end up risking a lot to be with Bella. Finn, not really)

This was a fun read, even though I think it should be edited thoroughly. That messiness with the words stops the reading flow. So if you're going to read it, be prepared for it and try to skip over it.
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