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on December 9, 2004
I'll be honest -- I don't know what to think of the claim that Esther Hicks is channelling non-physical entities. I initially resisted buying this book because I am cautious around such claims of supernatural inspiration. But I respect Wayne Dyer and other great thinkers who praised this book, so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad that I did.

This is one of the most powerful books on manifesting your dreams that I've ever read. Every paragraph contains deep truths that just feel intuitively right. This book is especially effective in showing how our emotions are the key to understanding whether we are on the road to success or failure in manifesting our desires. The exercises are both fun and deeply practical. I particularly like the exercises involving the "Magical Creation Box" and "The Prosperity Game." They make you feel young again -- your imagination is activated and everything suddenly feels possible.

I don't know whether the origin of this book is supernatural, nor do I care. The message is true and the exercises work. Try it for yourself. It will change your life.
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on April 26, 2007
The most important thing that I think everyone should know about this book ( and something that I think more reviewers should mention ), is that it really seems to work! I've had my copy now for about a year and I carry it with me everywhere. When I first read it I was very put off by the idea of all this information coming from a non physical entity being channeled by Ester Hicks and I almost laughed it off completely, but the concept was so inspirational that I decided to give some of the exercises a shot in spite of myself. The events that followed were absolutely unbelieveable. So many coincidences and manifestations have occured that I can't list them all. Let me make it clear that I am a natural skeptic and would not put my faith and trust in anything without considerable concrete proof. But as my list of occurences that can not possibly be coincidences grows, I'd be in denial not to think that there's something to all of this. I do not exagerate when I say my life has become amazingly happy, and I have to give credit where credit is due.
I know it sounds completely implausable and absurd to any rationally minded person reading the book and all of our reviews, so I say to you, don't believe me or anyone else, just get a copy for yourself and really really try it. The more you believe it the faster it works. you really do have to FEEL what it feels like to have what you want and the more you can feel it and believe that it is comming the faster it will. Things and events are now taking weeks instead of months for me. To anyone reading this I would love to hear in your reviews how it has WORKED for you and not just how much you were inspired by the message. To all reading the book, be consistent and patient because IT WORKS!
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on November 18, 2014
Many of us are taught from a young age that our desires are meant to take a backseat to the greater good. I know in my case, I was often discouraged from pursuing my desires because they were "unrealistic" or generally not worth striving for. I found this very discouraging and I felt like I was being limited in my potential. After reading Ask and It Is Given, however, I have a newfound sense of purpose and drive. Through Abraham's teachings, I've been able to unlock a greater sense of purpose. I've realized that my desires are a natural part of being human and that they are worth pursuing no matter what anyone else says. This is a gentle book with truly deep pearls of wisdom. It's split into two sections, one of which beautifully outlines the theories involved in manifesting your desires and one of which provides actionable guides for achieving those desires.

Although I trust my spirituality and consciousness to help me make the right choices, I've also consulted other books, including 27 Quick Life Transformation Tips: Simple & Effective Methods For Making This Your Best Year Ever. This book works in a more "practical" arena than that of Ask and It Is Given. It provides simple, actionable guides to transforming your life in quick fashion. I truly believe that working with Ask and It Is Given led me to this book. Using the 27 Quick Life Transformation Tips, I have been able to achieve more of goals and desires than ever before. My work life, personal life, body, and mind are all working more in unison than ever before. I feel like I am on an unimpeded path to success and I have both of these stellar books to thank.

If you are tired of limiting your desires and not achieving your full potential, then these books are certainly worth your while. I know that I have personally achieved a great deal of success both in my body and my mind. My professional career is taking off and I feel like there is not stopping my progress. It's really all about understanding your desires and acting on them to achieve your goals.
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on November 7, 2005
This is the first time I've ever felt the need to write a review, but this book is so amazing I just had to add my opinion. Over the past couple of decades, I've accumulated a huge library of metaphysical and self-help type books, and this book is by far the best of all of them. I now think that all the other, human, authors had only pieces of the bigger picture - but Abraham has it all. Abraham is a group of channelled non-physical consciousnesses, and as such, they possess a degree of credibility that human writers lack, since they have a broader perspective that is uncontaminated by human cultural baggage and distorted individual belief systems.

This is an extremely positive, uplifting, empowering book. It is free of dogma and all concepts of lack and limitation. The basic message is - life is supposed to be fun, and you can create your life in any way you desire, by changing your emotions and thoughts. It totally lacks the limiting and disempowering ideas that are found in so many books in this genre, and in fact it turns them on their head. So many writers teach silly things like "desire is bad/unspiritual" - in Abraham's view, desire is the basis of the universe, and they encourage the cultivation and joyful fulfilment of desire. Their view of life is radical, joyous and extremely refreshing - they know that we are energy beings enjoying our time in physical bodies, and that the physical world (which is really just a denser level of energy, but still formed by thought) is not something to be endured, while learning hard 'lessons', or proving our worthiness for a better life after death. On the contrary - we are leading edge creators - we are aspects of God (although thankfully they don't use the word 'God' much, recognising that it is too much of a loaded term for many people), and it is through joy, fun and fulfilling our desires that we can create the physical life and experiences that we want, and it is by this process that the universe/Source/God expands and evolves.

The book is divided into 2 parts - the first half focuses on the 'theory', and is very motivational, in addition to clearly explaining the concepts behind deliberate reality creation. The second half is a large and wonderful collection of techniques for putting it all into practice, and creating measurable results in your own life. Everyone will find something of benefit here, regardless of where you are in your life, or your current emotional state.

I've only been working with the Abraham materials for less than 3 months, but I've experienced radical improvement in every area of my life as a direct result. In fact, I now think of my life in terms of 'before' and 'after Abraham', because I really feel, think, behave, manifest and live as a different person now that I've 'raised my vibration'! If you only buy one personal growth book this year, make it this one - it's the first book I've read that I don't have a single bad thing to say about! It won't be good for everyone of course, but if you feel intuitively drawn to this book - buy it! (and then check out their other books & the material on their sites - I just don't have enough positive adjectives to describe how great they are!)
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on December 13, 2005
The Hicks along with Abraham put it all together in this book. Most books (on any given topic, not just abundance) give you ideas and inspiration, but are not easy to figure out how to implement. In other words, many how-to books don't truly show you how-to.

This one does. It gives you IMMEDIATELY USABLE and USEFUL INSTRUCTIONS. The last part of the book lists 22 processes that you can use to attract what you want, explaining EXACTLY when to use them, and how. There's something for any situation you may find yourself in.

I would trade ALL of the other manifestation books in my library for just this one. It's that good, that easy, and that useful!
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on October 16, 2005
Some books tend to grow on you the more you think about

them . . . that was certainly the case with ASK AND IT IS GIVEN

by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

A friend told me about it, and I remember that I refrained from

getting a copy because it seemed a bit "out there" for me . . . after

all, it talks about a nonphysical entity named Abraham . . . yet

when I reread the subtitle, LEARNING TO MANIFEST YOUR

DESIRES, I decided that maybe there was something in it

for me--and I'm glad that I did.

Though the first half dragged a bit (and was perhaps a bit

too theoretical for me), the second half came alive with 22

powerful processes designed to help anybody achieve

his or her goals . . . in doing so, the authors contend that

it is "your birthright to live a life filled with everything that

is good," and they show you how to attain that goal.

One approach that I particularly enjoyed says you should

write out a list of Things I will Do Today. Then, on the right

side of a piece of paper, put down Things I Would like Universe to

do. Next select only those things that you absolutely intend

to do today and do them.

There were several other memorable passages; among a few of


There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that

they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it. Whether

it is a material object, a physical state of being, a relationship, a

condition, or a circumstance--at the heart of every desire is the

desire to feel good. And so, the standard of success in life is not

the things or the money--the standard of success is absolutely the

amount of joy you feel.

With only a few seconds of focusing your attention on a subject,

you activate the vibration of that subject within you, and

immediately the Law of Attraction begins to respond to that

activation. The longer you keep your attention focused on

something, the easier it becomes for you to continue upon it

because you are attracting, through the Law of Attraction, other

thoughts or vibrations that are the essence of the thought you

began with.

Every time you appreciate something, every time you praise something,

every time you feel good about something, your are telling the Universe:

"More of this, please." You need never make another verbal statement

of this intent, and if you are mostly in a state of appreciation, all good

things will flow to you.
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on December 12, 2004
If you have been debating over whether you should buy tapes from their web site, or if you should go to their seminar, or if you should get a certain book from Abe-Hicks, and you are not sure whether or not this brand new one will be a wise collection to your self-development/spiritual material, -- just get this particular awesome tome.
You won't have buyer's remorse - you will be delighted to see the nice convenient reference section containing the different techniques that help match your 'frequency', and pitch of thought quality (this is Quantum Physics, not new-age) to the frequency of circumstances you desire in your life.

I didn't think I'd be getting anything different from what I read in New Beginning 2 and their newsletters, but I am blown away over how powerfully inspired I become everytime I pick up the book, to step OUT of my ego's small game of wanting to stay a victim and hoping for something outside of me to change. You are always in charge of your circumstances, and this new book is the perfect tool to help you keep focused on how powerful a creator you are. Manifesting is as simple as allowing the wide pipeline to your Source to keep flowing. I feel like I've taken a quantum leap all of a sudden, toward this Knowing, with this book.
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VINE VOICEon October 14, 2004
This is the first time I have ever read a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the Abraham teachings, and I have to applaud them for bringing humanity such a profound book that will definitely uplift your consciousness and your life. This book is extremely well written, easy to understand and apply, and will surely bring you wonderful results. It shows how we are all connected to Divine Source, at every moment of our lives to co-create, and manifest all we truly desire and deserve. It is truly a must read, and a must share with others. Thank you Esther and Jerry for your wonderful contribution to humanity!

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. author of If God Was Like Man, Stop Being the String Along, and Know Yourself
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on March 20, 2006
Long ago, I read some books by Joseph Murphy about how to manifest. I got some pretty good results, and then again, sometimes not. Murphy explained it pretty much one way. When things didn't work, I thought I hadn't read the books enough.
And then came this book. It lays out the foundations of manifesting from ALL angles. Have you ever struggled to understand something, and then someone says something that "hits you just right"--something that puts it into "your language" so that you understand instantly? This book does that again and again. The tone of the book is spiritual and friendly, and Abraham grows on you. He speaks with complete logic, in a manner which is as direct as it is loving.
Don't overlook the last half of the book--fun exercises which actually get you into the habit of successfully manifesting. As you will read, your ability to manifest what you want has a lot to do with your emotional vibrations--and Abraham gives simple yet effective guidance on that as well.
I sent my mom a copy, and she is loving it and using it to improve her health (she's 85.)
The first time I read "Ask and It Is Given", I had to go slow, digesting one chapter at a time. Now I'm re-reading it without stopping. I learn more with each reading, and merely reading this book makes me feel great!
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on January 11, 2006
A full year after reading this book, and following the "Ask And It Is Given" Formula, the items I placed in my perfect heart shaped box, are coming into reality every day! I asked to create a best selling book to help children succeed in school - and did; I asked to crate a dream team to assist me in helping others become excellent readers and got one; I asked for a specific registered trademark which every attorney said would never happen, and yet, it was granted -- and so much more. This book doesnt' just tell you that the world is wonderful; it truly shows you how to connect with the perfection that is everywhere. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
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