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on March 14, 2015
My Asolos had less than 200 miles on them when both soles separated from the shoes 2 weeks ago when we did the Gillespie Pass circuit in NZ. This was my newer pair which I brought with me versus the older pair which I had resoled (and had not separated just old and worn). We were very lucky we got over the pass when this happened. We made it from Siberia Hut to the river where we were able to helicopter out. I would have had to wear my Merrill barefoot running shoes (which I used for fording the Makarora River) to go the last 15K or so.

If this had happened as we were climbing the pass it would have been a life threatening situation as this trail is not like your typical WA state groomed path.

Today I got over to the flagship REI store where they refunded me no questions asked - disturbing aspect was when the REI person told me they have seen many Asolos come back with the same problem.
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on June 13, 2007
I just bought a pair of these boots after looking around, reading reviews and then trying on five different brands. Here's what I discovered: as you might imagine, different companies create their shoes using different "lasts" or generic foot shapes. These differ quite a bit, which is somewhat surprising. So, I strongly recommend that you try on many different boots before you buy. For example, I've always bought Vasque boots in the past, because they fit my narrow (B-width) foot pretty well. This time, I tried on some Vasque boots, Montrails, Merrills, Lowas and Asolos. The Asolos fit my foot incredibly well right out of the box. They were/are the most comfortable boot I've ever owned. They are also, evidently, very durable. A friend who used to be a backpacking guide and now works in an outdoor outfitting store told me that she had other friends who had had this particular boot re-soled three times from heavy use and were continuing to use and enjoy them. So, the essence of my review is this: stick with boot companies that have a reputation for high quality, try on several brands of boots and different models of the same brand (I tried on some Cordura and nylon Asolos, too, but wanted a full-leather upper so I got the 520s) to see which brand's foot last mirrors your own foot shape best, and then spend a little more than you had planned to get a boot that will ultimately last longer and save you money, as a result.
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on May 23, 2014
I bought these expensive (for me) boots with high expectations, as in they might last me a lifetime (as I don't do that much hiking).

Unfortunately after about five years, I took them for a spin on pavement and BOTH SOLES IMMEDIATELY DELAMINATED, meaning the heel filler turned to sand. It was a sad trek home with the boot soles loosely flapping against my heels. Fortunately for me this didn't happen on a mountain!

Please note I have taken great care of these boots, always letting them dry naturally in my room and always storing them once dry in the closet.

While I wholeheartedly agree with the five-star reviewers regarding fit and comfort, I don't expect *anyhting* I buy for $300 to turn into an unfixable throw-away item by itself after little use.

Of course if you are a heavy user likely to wear out these boots before the 5-year heal expiry date :-) then these boots might be perfect for you.

Still, as there are many, many other customers with exactly the same complaint about soles delaminating, it would seem there is either a manufacturing problem going on due to low quality raw materials OR the five year heel expiry is a part of a sales-pumping business strategy.

The reason I suspect the latter has to do with why I bout these expensive boots in the first place: Because on my previous hiking boots, a pair of nice Boreal Malis... the heels delaminated as the filler turned to dust!!! Same story to a "T" as with these Asolos, so I decided to move up along the price-point ladder and purchase what seemed to me to be a fancier, better quality item. So much for my strategy...

Disclaimer: Although I haven't bought my Asolos from Amazon, I feel my caveat emptor feedback might be of use to other potential buyers.

Anybody with doubts on my story please feel free to contact me with an email and I will gladly forward you a photo of my delaminated Asolos (and provide you with a photo of the delaminated Boreal Malis for good measure!).
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on January 30, 2010
I am replacing my old Vasque Sundowner boots that I have used for at least my last 4 pairs. The first thing I notice about these ASOLO's is they are more comfortable than my Vasque's. I have owned these ASOLO 520's for about 6 months now and use them as general purpose boots just like the Vasque. Both are great boots, I believe these are even better. Better durability wise and more comfortable. I also like the traction. The Vasque seem to be better in terms of waterproof qualities. Even when the Vasque are worn out they are waterproof... The ASOLO's are good for waterproof qualities, the Vasque are excellent. I now insist on goretex in my boots.
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on June 21, 2015
Comfortable and waterproof, but came apart after 8 years of light use - and I mean light use.

Most years they were only worn once or twice to walk the dog in the snow. They probably saw less than 150 miles of actual trail.

Last week the soles totally disintegrated during a backpacking trip in Vermont. Both of the soles started to come off within about 300 steps of each other, which leads me to believe they just couldn't handle the muddy terrain after 8 years of basically sitting in a closet. We had to end our trip early. A mile hike to the nearest road, and even though we attempted to tie the soles on with all the rope we had, by the end of it the boots were trashed.

If the damage was noticed soon enough and we weren't so deep in the woods, we could have stopped before they were damaged beyond repair. However, that isn't always an option when you still need to walk after the damage is noticed.

If these boots weren't $300, I would say I got my money's worth. But for 300 bucks... boots should last longer than 200 miles or so.
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on November 23, 2014
Purchased these boots for a Nepal expedition. The boots fit incredibly well (not a single blister in five weeks), super waterproof, and well made–except for the sole. When traversing wet rock, the sole is as slippery as hot buttered ice cubes. Crossing a stream or hiking on wet rock was a traction nightmare. I discovered the flaw early in my trip while ascending a steep set of rain soaked stairs in the city of Kathmandu. My feet shot out from under me and I grabbed the handrail to keep from going down. I thought it was a fluke but testing the boots on the stairs proved their lack of "stickiness" when wet. People around me wearing flip-flops and tennis shoes were running up and down the stairs with no problem. Unfortunately I didn't take the hint, I was leaving on the trek the next day and boots for an American sized foot are incredibly difficult to find in Nepal. So off I went. Trekking poles saved me repeatedly from dangerous falls. As a professional mountain guide with thousands of miles of hiking I have never had my boots slip out from under me. On this trip I felt like I had stepped onto an ice rink. Stepping on flat wet rock, especially if it was angled downhill, was risky. I resorted to setting my hiking poles firmly on slopes to catch me if I started sliding. I still managed to come crashing down six times in a 5 week period of hiking. I've never fallen while hiking before. These boots have a Mercedes body but a Yugo sole. If these boots were a car, there would be a recall notice.
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on March 7, 2010
I purchased a pair of these boots about 3 years ago. I have experienced several other boots aswell (Vasque, Saloman, Scarpa, and others. This boot has far surpased my expectations of what confort should be. They were comfotable from the day I pulled them out of the box. I did not need to break them in at all. Most of the use I have put on these boots have been trecking through snow and wet slush around construction sites. The water proof layer has not failed me once. They keep my feet warm when I am moving cassualy in about 20 degree F. Below that I go to my Sorel boots the Conquest. I have also put some major wear and tear on these boots doing some canyoneering. I wish I had taped the outer leather areas with gorilla tape first but after the trips they have been on they still feel smooth on the leather and look ok. In comparison to the Vasque sundowners these were 100%more comfortable. The sundowners never felt like they actually got broken in. The leather on the sundowners in comparison to the asolos (in about a third of the use I put the asolos through) looked so worn and abused you would assume they would leak straight through. I have a feeling the sole will wear out before the leather wears out on the asolo boot. Just the oposite for the Sundowner. I have never received any blisters with the asolo boots and I wear them days at a time. The longest treck I made with the asolos was about 30 miles in a day.
Over all; these have been the best boot I have ever spent any money on. When I find a deal on these i will buy two pair. By the way the Saslong by Asolo was not as comfortable.
Hope this helps,
Highly recommended, worth every pennie, would pay more if required.
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on August 28, 2014
First, let me say that almost $300 for a pair of boots is a serious investment for me. That having been said, I have purchased 3 pairs of these boots over the last 12 years. The first two failed after 11 years of hard use. Had I cared for them better (pulled out the insoles to let them dry after a hike or work), they would have lasted another 5+ years easily. However, I did not. One pair was used almost exclusively for work. I am a handyman and wear them doing everything from weed-wacking a field to crawling under a house to work on plumbing. The other pair was used only for hiking. I hike in the Sierras. All granite, little dirt.

I have enjoyed great arch support and phenomenal ankle support. In fact, on more than one occasion, these boots saved me from a broken ankle.

Yes, they are expensive. They are worth it. The Gore-Tex liner keeps you dry, the full-grain leather keeps you protected and, for heavy leather boots, they are amazingly comfortable! Fitting true to size, these are, hands down, my favorite boots. I will continue to buy this model as long as it's available.... Every decade or so. Buy with confidence. If they fit your foot shape well, you will love these boots forever. If you don't, and wear a size 13, send me a message and I'll buy them from you! ;-)
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on June 29, 2015
This is about my 8th pair of the asolo 520s. I wear these boots all day ..everyday in the construction industry. They are form fitting, the waterproof goretex is excellent, and the soles are slolid. You could stand on jagged pointy rocks and never know. I spend most of my days on my feet and I never think twice about this purchase to protect my posture and my feet. The photos depict a brand new pair replacing my previous pair worn everyday for 1.5 years.
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on February 6, 2014
After a coupe hundred miles tops, the soles on both boots delaminated. Fortunately I had sandals to finish the hike but I blistered badly before I saw that the boots were self destructing. Overpriced for cheap sneaker construction.
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