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I was a little skeptical this game would live up to the hype. Then some diminished reviews came around and I was already feeling a let down. Where could they go wrong? Was my thoughts. Well that didn't stop me from purchasing this game. After 30 minutes I was blown away. All skepticism was gone and I was in Gamer Heaven.

Let me start off from the beginning. Yes there is a plot twist and it's pretty bizarre. Just think that your watching a Michael Crichton movie and it will make sense. Playing in the Middle East several hundred years ago is a different idea. It's hard to say what you could expect with this concept.

So what makes this game amazing. Lets start off with the landscape. It's brilliant and beautiful...Really majestic. You don't understand the scope of this game until you start playing. The world is surrounded by several small villages and three large cities. The only way to travese this open terrain with a horse. Fortunately they are about as easy to find as a car in todays society.

What also sets this game apart is the ability to do what you want when you want. There is no clock on you and your not stuck going into a mission. Everything is open based. The character is amazingly fun to control you can scale tall buildings and make amazing leaps of faith. Climbing up a building that is several stories and then leaping to certain doom is breathtaking excitement. This is what games should be about.

Beyond that is a mission based game. Similiar to Grand Theft Auto in style. You can accept simple missions like pickpocketing and protecting citizens to the more main based assasin missions. You can battle soldiers if you want as you have many enemies but it's not really advised. Following the assasin missions can be complex and involve several steps that make the story very intresting. Obviously a lot of time was put into making this top notch.

For anyone who likes open based games with large environments then Assassins Creed is for you. From the majestic peaks to the clustered cities. This is trully a next gen experience. The storyline and incentive program will keep you playing for many hours. Definately a worthwhile gameplay experience. If you want something to keep you busy that doesn't involve guns go out and get Assasins Creed.
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on November 19, 2007
First of all let me say, Ubi has laid down the foundation for great things in the future. If this is the direction games are heading, they are going to be amazing in the near future.
Having said that though, I must say that although this game is amazing for the first few hours of play, its repetative nature begins to wear on you after a little bit.
The controls, gameplay and general feel of the game are very good. But completing basically the same missions over and over begins to tarnish this game. It's the same folks that have to be rescued, the same style of fighting, and the same basic solutions to all the missions.
I would recommend renting this game rather than buying, because once you finish the game, I can see where there is no value for playing it again.
The graphics are some of the best I have seen to date, and there are some really neat features that could be used for later games.
As I said before, Ubisoft has really started something wonderful with this game, I just hope they continue to build on this base and really open up the world of gaming. They just seemed to miss the curve, (slightly) with this release.
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on December 10, 2007
This game is gorgeous. When you climb up somewhere and sync...It's just breath taking. The same goes when you come to a city for the first time. The world is truly immersive and huge with everyone reacting to you. And it is a lot of fun to wander around the city just climbing and jumping all you want. But after doing that for a bit, it gets rather boring.

Once you learn the block/parry counter attack, the game is basically holding the right trigger and hitting the X button at the right time to dispatch pretty much all but 10% of your foes. Another 5% are dispatched with assassinations which look really cool. However, it's kinda silly how oblivious people are in this game. I can kill a Templar from behind with guards three feet away and they won't realize it for several seconds, by which time I have taken out at least one ore two more of them. And finally, there are about 5% more enemies that pose some sort of challenge.

Speaking of enemies...I find it annoying that if you gallop your horse too quickly, guards will suddenly yell, "That's him!" and try to kill you. The whole "socially acceptable" actions thing is a cool idea but it's implemented poorly here. It needs a lot more work.

This is the game in short:
1) Go to part of a city by horse
2) Defend a few people to get them on your side
3) Climb buildings for good views
4) Go to meet contact
5) Pickpocket for info, harrass for info, eavesrop for info
6) Kill target
7) Repeat

It's a great idea for a game, and I see possible things that could be great. But frankly, this game gets to be almost more of a hassle than anything else pretty quickly as you're stuck doing the same things over and over just in different places. It's beautiful and the freerunning is fun. But beneath the pretty shell, it just feels empty.
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on November 16, 2007
Echoing the sentiment of other reviewers, I was also concerned about the professional reviews concerning this game, having anticipated it for so long. My fears were eased, however, right after I popped the disk in.

Again, as it's been said here, I really enjoyed the flow of the character and the freedom this game gives you. It's a perfect blend of an open world without leaving you lost to figuring out where to go next.
The learning curve is high, but the game slowly introduces you to new moves within each mission, which are enough to complete them, but leaves room for improvement as you become more proficient.

The story line is good and I didn't mind so much the sci-fi twist about which most are complaining. It's a good break from the intensity of the game and it adds a personal connection to the ancient character through his descendant in the present.

The game saves are excellent. For the most part you won't find yourself having to redo several missions in the event that you die. There are plenty of checkpoints throughout the game to keep the game flowing and non-repetitive.

Lastly, the world Ubi has created in this game is simply phenomenal! Hats off to the design team. The amount of detail is just outstanding on each street, building, market, character, and everything else you'll find in this game.

The idea of accomplishing side missions add a greater dimension to the game, but, unfortunately, they get repetitive pretty quickly.
Some of the things you can do are eavesdrop, pickpocket, or save a person from being harassed by the local guards (there are others), but once you get the hang of each one, they're pretty much the same thereafter.

The fight sequences are fun and can be tense enough, but similarly lack a bit of diversity. I hope they get a little more challenging and technical as I acquire new weapons and progress in the game.

Now, to explain the title of my review (this is not a con, just an observation), I was a bit surprised with the main character Altair.
I got a feel from the previews, for some reason, that I would be dealing with a cool and calculated assassin who kills to rid the world in which he lives of evil people (a little theatrical, I know). However, my first impression was of a reckless, spoiled, somewhat-messed-up-in-the-head newbie killer who let his skills go to his head and now is forced to redeem himself.

Overall, I really enjoy playing this game and hope Ubi continues to produce other titles using this engine and creating such wonderful virtual worlds.
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on December 18, 2007
After reading the different reviews, I am submitting mine to give a perspective on the negative opinions. I have completed the game and enjoyed every second of it. My recommendation, buy it. It is a similar to the stealth games, Splinter Cell and Thief, which I enjoyed.

If you play primarily FPS games and your tendency is to play fast and take the shortest path to the end, this game is probably not for you. This game is most enjoyable if it played the way the designer intended, slowly, by experiencing all the quests before the assassination. If fast is your style of gaming it will become repetitive because you are just checking off a mission to get the finish and not enjoying the scope of it all. It is only necessary to complete two investigations before permission is granted for the primary assassination.

What I liked, everything. You can read other reviews about the good stuff so I won't repeat them here. I thought BioShock was a wonder to behold, but this equals it on many levels. Some of my favorites:

- Finishing moves with the assassin's blade during fights.
- Throwing guards off rooftops and listening to the commotion below.
- Killing crusaders in low profile mode
- Knife combos
- Strolling the streets looking for trouble
- A high profile kill in a crowded street

What I disliked. I didn't dislike anything, except for tedium of collecting flags, I just think some things could have executed better. Here they are:

- The overall storyline and the unique story for each assassination are great, but there is little local story or background information for each city. This could have been an opportunity for a lot more depth.
- The 2nd to last end boss(s) fight was a little cliché, but I still enjoyed it.
- The ending could have been tidied up so I actually knew it was the end; so many comments are valid there.
- I wish there were more to do down among the streets so to spend more time there.
- There were some low res textures and character clipping, but I noticed it maybe 5-10 times throughout the whole game. That's a non-issue for me. For every visual flaw there are plenty of visual examples of beauty.
- The fighting was unique and I never got tired of it. There were good variety of moves and weapons. Try fighting with your assassin's blade and watch your counters with that. I prefer the timing method because I'm tired of playing twitch-response games. The best parts were the counter and finishing moves. The camera would frame them as you finished for your viewing pleasure and, yes, sometimes the view would end up behind a post or foliage. This happens when the fight was in a tight space with walls and the camera got irritating at times.
- Knife throwing was clunky. If you are not targeting perfectly the knife would hit something in the way. Targeting can switch to the wrong target when you are under duress and can frustrating.
- The missions before the assassination were enjoyable. The eavesdropping and pickpocket missions are easy and draw you into the game. The intimidations became more difficult as the game went alone when ruffians would join the fray. The mini-assassinations were the best. You had to try different approaches to beat the time limit. The problem I had with all the missions were that they were plotted on your map after climbing a tower and syncing. If they gave you a count or a general area so you would have to go look for these missions and get more engaged in the streets. I thought they were too easy to find. Oblivion did it the best. You had to walk around and talk to people to discover information.
- I wanted a save system. I wanted to try the 9 assassinations with different approaches and see how they worked out. I would actually die on purpose so I could try again.

You have not played a game like this before, ever. This is a stunning game. I never got tired of looking out over the cities from all the different points or fighting. It was total immersion just walking the streets. It felt like a living city with all the people walking around and the sounds that go with it. The smooth physical movements of Altair makes this game better than all others. What I liked best is that I could enjoy watching him in action without concentrating on landing or grabbing perfectly like other games. I would wander around just to create an opportunity to experience them.

The review scores swing wild because this game crosses boundaries in play style. Different players had different expectations and reacted accordingly. I highly recommend the game. I could easily suspend my disbelief and engage in the story and not be disconnected during the game because of any poor design. If you spend time looking for inconsistencies you will find them. If you compare against perfection you are going to find flaws. I forgave them all and played a great game.
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on May 6, 2008
Amazon asks how fun is the game. I say one star.
Amazon asks how is the game overall, I say two stars.


Assassin's Creed was hyped so well that I ran out opening weekend to buy it. I knew nothing about the game, the character, or even the overall purpose. But game reviewing sites said "10 out of 10!!" "A Must-Have for next-gen console owners."

Once again, these commentators have looked the other way in favor of advertising income and industrial "[...] kissing." Assassin's Creed is almost a 100% complete flop.

The opening movies and even the game itself absolutely mesmerizes gamers with a lush, gorgeous 3D environment. Cities are packed with citizens moving about, talking to each other, and interacting with your character. The visuals give this game everything it needs to be a blockbuster movie. Thus the "overall" two stars. However as a game it falls far short of the mark. said that there are "tons of things to do" in the cities of Assassin's Creed. I found two things to do - rescue citizens and climb towers. Both get real old real fast, the latter only remaining interesting by the stunning views provided by sometimes-dizzying heights. The core mission aspects of the game are deplorable - they require you to pickpocket notes from conspirators, or sit on benches to eavesdrop on coversations. Especially frustrating are missions where a fellow member of your creed asks you to make assassinations on his behalf because "my leg hurts," and by the way, "please hurry - I have to go to the market..." Sadly, the game wouldn't let me assassinate THAT guy...

The game hypes that you can make assassinations from cover and immediately blend back into the crowd - your identity and crime never being known. This is true, but only of random killings within the cities. The actual target assassinations are never allowed to go that smoothly. Chaos inevitably assumes, and you're left with a 5 minute run through town trying to lose your pursuers, only to sit on a bench and watch them run by. If law enforcement had ever been this stupid, we'd have burned our own cities to the ground years ago.

Lastly, the game requires you to sit through mind-numbingly boring narratives from other characters - both from the characters you are to assassinate, and your leader who gives you your assignments. You have to sit through these every time, whether you have to repeat a mission, or "go back in time" to earn extra stats, etc. There is no "skip" option. Pair this with the requirement of collecting well over 100 flags scattered all about the map with absolutely no benefit whatsoever except to Xbox 360 owners who can earn achievements from doing so, and you end up with a game that is truely uninspired and flat-out boring.

After a few hours of gameplay, I decided to wrap up the core missions of the game so as to earn the maximum Xbox 360 achievements I could, and then promptly returned the game to get the maximum trade-in value I could.

Assassin's Creed is indeed a must-buy, especially if you really like games that are completely lacking in content, completely without challenge yet persistently frustrating, all wrapped up in a visual masterpiece with a pretty box.

Rent it. You'll reap all of its benefits and be tire of it before Blockbuster even wants it back.
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on November 23, 2007
This was, without a doubt one of the few games I have ever looked forward to. I have been dissapointed before so I kept my expectations realistic. My best line to sum this review up is what another reviewer said "You want to love this game, but you can't."

Really you do. The environment, immersion (when it doesn't switch abruptly),the art direction,the duality, the mission(S) are all beautiful and some things are an experience to have (not to mention a very cool concept). What ultimately matters is gameplay, and beautiful it definitely isn't. I wont go over the story elements as most have gone through them and , by now you would have read many in depth reviews. So I will speak specifically.

The combat system, tricky as it may be is a bit clunky for a game that is repetitive. But it works and rewards you with cool animated kill moves. Let's get one thing straight of the bat. A sandbox game a la GTA this isn't. It badly wants to be one but Ubisoft made an okay game when they could have blown us away. Your missions and quests are very structured and you are free to roam and act like a monkey climbing all sorts of buildings, and there are side quests (also which happen again and again without great variation). No doubt, many would want to do this in an open format game. But it gets repetitive very fast. Not to mention, that if you wander aimlessly looking for something to do or how you want to do it, you will find yourself lost with nothing happening. For the first few hours, this game seems to be better then it is, and then reality sets in.

You are given 9 assasinations, the first one you will be jumping with joy, the 2nd one you will feel you are really getting somewhere, the 3rd one you might feel boredom setting in, the 5th one you will a bit upset cos the game doesn't change, the 6th will begin to look at the clock and imagine the things you could have done with your time not playing video games. If you make it to the 7,8,9 you will wonder why you ever got this game in the first place and question it.

The thing is: this game has zero replay value AND stops being fun a couple of hours in because EVERYTHING is so damn repetitive. BUT this is a game for patient people. If you are ADD, this game isn't going to work for you.

I got through the whole game and I hate saying it , but after a while, it seemed like a chore to finish it. I should have listened to my friend. "Rent first the games you want to buy"

I blew a wad of cash just like that. Don't make the mistake I did. Rent it, make up your mind then. This is basically a next gen platformer, nothing more.
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on November 15, 2007
Wow, was I ever excited about Assassins Creed. Looks amazing, huge worlds to explore, and best of all, you get to kill people. It was going to be like the perfect cross between Oblivion and Splinter Cell. What could possibly go wrong?

Well apparently, a lot. Don't get me wrong. Assassins Creed does look great. The cities are a ton of fun to explore, I love the control system and the combat system. The game just has so much potential, Ive never seen a game so enriched in detail before. They realy did recreate the time period and the cities down to a T. Exploring the world is just a ton of fun. As is running around buildings, jumping, fighting guards, etc.

But Assassins Creed has one HUGE HUGE fault, that totally ruins the game from the very beggining. Before your Assassination you have to do some "research", and find out as much about your target as you can. Great, except this requires NO work at all whatsoever. Random makers will pop up on your map telling you to evesdrop on this person, pickpocket this person, or beat up this person. No ryme or reason as to why. Why am I pickpocketing this random person? Why am I listening in on these people's conversations? How do I know I have to beat this person up? No reasearch involved. No skill involved. No answers. Just random markers. You walk over to them, and hit ONE button. No hiding. No stealth. No skill involved. Think Splinter Cell for Pre-Schoolers.

Its actually laughable sometimes how bad the game is. Evesdropping for example requires you to sit on a bench next to two people and click on them. That's it. One button. Its as simple as goddamn super mario brothers. YOU PUSH ONE BUTTON to pickpocket, eavesdrop, and beat people up FOR HOURS AND HOURS ON END. And its the SAME for ALL 9 Assassinations.

And keep in mind, the research end of this is 75% of the game. And its honestly so simple, so stupid, and so repetitive, it feels like your playing an RPG on Super Nintendo again.

The only possible explanation I can think of is that the development team but a ton of time into creating these cities, and a huge, beautiful world for you to interact with, and were going to get to the actually gameplay last, when Ubisoft forced them to put the game out early for the holiday season. This game HAS to embarass the people that, I'm sure, worked so hard on it.

Its like spending a million dollars on building a beautiful, upscale, elegant restaurant, with every detail being perfect down to the T, then serving burgers and french fries on the menu. It just doesn't make any sense.

Its worth a rent to spend some time just exploring the fantastic world they've created, but it will get old soon, as the game itself is a joke. Its just too bad.
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38 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2007
I've played through the first 2 sections (got the first 2 achievements) and I really love this game so far. I love the fluid motions of Altair and have not really noticed the glitchy, frame rate issues that I've read about on the IGN review. The controls are very responsive and after the tutorial at the beginning I feel I have a pretty good grasp of them. I love running and jumping off building to scare the people below. The voice acting is also excellent. I can't say enough good things about it.
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14 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2007
This is an OK game. It's difficult sometimes, but I always try not to judge games based upon release hype. I have had a 360 for about a year and a half, and usually buy all the major releases, especially if they get positive reviews from users on sites like this (I don't put much stock in "professional" reviewers or game magazines, because they are usually beholden in some way to the publisher).

With all that said, this game is fair. The graphics are, indeed very good. The control scheme is very different, and takes some getting used to. Once you get it down, you can indeed scale big buildings jump across rooftoops and all that. But my two disappointments are:

1. Why is this rated "M"? There's hardly any blood.

2. I dislike any "Freeform" game that frowns on killing innocents. I don't bother them all the time; but I do like knowing I can, if I want to be "evil."

3. I make this complaint in most of my reviews, and I'm going to repeat it here (and in a couple of new reviews I'm planning to write)-with today's modern games, all that technology, advanced programming next gen blah blah yada yada yak yak WHY CANT THERE BE A QUICKSAVE?????? Why do we have to be subjected to "checkpoints" and "autosaves?" It is frustrating as HELL to get almost to the end of a level, get killed and have to start again from the "checkpoint" miles, or an hour back. STOP IT!

So, except for the facts that it's not freeform enough, not gory enough, and has no quicksave, Assasins Creed is fair. I didn't see any glitches, and don't mind the "Bruce Lee Movie" style attacks (e.g. twelve guys attack you, and each wait politely till you kill the guy you're fighting with before they attack), because I'm not so good at combat and would get killed more. I would not recommend buying without renting first.
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